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I had a sore throat about two weeks ago & now I have mucus along with a dry itchy cough. What could it be?

I had throat constriction, coughing and stuffy nose with sore tonsils. Everything is gone but now I have an itch in my throat and cant stop coughing?

10 year old daughter has a lot of phlem in her throat and has been clearing her throat nonstop for over a month now but it is not sore just annoying to?

2 months ago started with intense cough (with gagging and choking). Now have sore throat/ears on and off and exhaustion. Mild cough now. Pertussis?

2 yr old bumps with cough, what should I do?

4 days with a cough, flem in the throat, constantly clearing throat and nose. sometimes when breathing out , only when forced , I wheeze , what to do?

A month after sinusitis and bronchitis, my nose and throat are still irritated and I have a dry cough. There is no phlegm. ?

Bad strep throat and chest congestion, help?

Bad throat for 4 months..Is this allergy or something else?

Been having cough runny nose & cough is worse at night my buggers r kinda green throat sore is this bronchitis or uri? No fever or chills very scared

Been sick for a month. Started with sore throat, then runny nose, then a cough. Now it turned into hoarse coughs. Why is it taking a long time to heal?

Can a dry cough be from an inflamed throat?

Can a viral upper respiratory cold cause throat tightness?

Can amoxicillin cause you to have a cough ? I keep having this tickle in my throat and it's never happened before and it's a dry cough

Can being sick with a cough cause a lump in throat?

Can dehydration cause throat tickle and cough?

Can feel something in my throat when i swallow hay fever?

Can having allergies cause a sore throat and cough?

Can the weather make you sick such as give you a sore throat or cough ?

Can throat irritation from e-cig cause a cold?

Can tickly allergies in throat hurt me?

Can your tonsils make you cough a lot?

Chest congestion sore throat hard to breathe?

Chest congestion sore throat hard to breathe. What is wrong?

Chest pressure, non productive cough only, irritation tickles chest, no wheeze, white mucus if any, no sore throat or runny nose... bet it's viral. Ca?

Chronic sore throat and phlegm, what condition is it ?

Clear thick phlegm in throat. No cough or flu symptoms. Just stuffy nose and tired. Upper abdominal is sore.

Cough and sore throat for a week throat hurts when eating drinking yawning coughed up blood in muscus two days ago what is this?

Cough 5+ days, constant cloudy/yellow phlegm lodged in throat-occasionally cough up. Sore throat, No fever, Dry nose, No smell/taste & Cracking Voice?

Cough for 5 weeks with phlegm. No fever. Achy and get chills. Itchy throat and ears. Chest hurts. What could this be?

Cough since December and notice discomfort in throat for over a week but at night?

Cough, gurggling/labored breathing,coughing up green mucus,started 5/11 with runny nose,sore throat,fever 2 days later,on levoquin+albuterol 5days?

Cough, sore throat and an itchy feeling in my chest?

Cough/phlegm for 2-3 months ; throat slightly sore when coughing recently ; bronchitis ? respiratory infection ? ; Any help greatly appreciated :)

Coughing and runny nose after meals, lasts for around twenty minutes afterwards with a tickle in the throat and need to cough to relieve?

Coughing and sore throat for 5+ days. What can I take for this?

Coughing nonstop. No other symptons. Throat is red and only sour after coughing. What do I have and what can I do?

Coughing up blood sore throat?

Coughing up thick mucus with sore throat , if feels like my throat is closing and I have no fever chills or aches. What could this be?

Coughing up yellow mucus (& hoarse voice, chesty cough, achy lump in throat, nausea, fatigue &fever). Is it a chest infection? What's wrong?

Coughing with metallic taste, tightness in throat, burning in throat, wheezing that stops with clearing throat all after intense cardio. Idea? Thanks

Coughing, abdominal pain, sore throat ,runny nose, tiredness, ?

Coughing, sneezing, sore throat, hoarse voice, dry cough, bad headache, wake up at night coughing and can't fall back asleep and 99.1-99.4 fever?

Coughing, stuffy nose, sore throat, hoarse voice, dry cough, bad headache, wake up at night coughing, low-grade fever, nausea, can't sleep?

Could you help me my throat hurts and I have a chronic cough?

Croupy cough (no sore throat) no phlem coming up I hear gurgling ?

Day 3 now of runny nose, cough, sore throat, fever, and a hives like rash on arms/chest. nothing seems to be helping. What could this be?

Do I have strep throat if I ran a low fever, have deep coughing, have runny nose, have red bumps at the back of my throat, and have throat pain?

Do i need antibiotics have head cold now in chest coughing and laryngitis ?

Do you have to have a sore throat to have epiglottitis? I have shortness of breath and pain on the side of my throat and running nose and sneezing.

Do you take your child to the doctors for every sniffle and cough because it might be strep throat?

Doctor's opinion? My throat and coughs and my voice still sounds funny. Is this allergies or a cold?

Does a runny nose, sore throat, and cough with sputum/phlegm sound like COPD or more likely just a common cold? I seem to get sick every couple months

Does strep throat cause bad breath?

Does the flu or cold cause dark yellow phlegm and chest congestion plus hoarseness, sore throat, and stuffy nose?

Dry cough for 4 days with sore throat, hoarse voice. No fever. Nausea at times and discomfort in stomach just below sternum.

Dry cough with crackling in the throat with ear infections on both ears. I've coughed so much my rib cage hurts so bad. Dr gave me antibiotics & cough?

Dry cough with tickle in back of throat for 3 weeks now. Any advice for treating this?

Dry unproductive cough. Sore throat. Thick feeling in the back of throat. Insomnia. Happened for a week. What could it be?

Every time i breath in and out why do u cough?.....its been happening for a week now....... And why a i getting sick ,runny nose, sore throat,

Excessively itchy ears nose and throat with a dry gagging cough cough triggered by normal breathing ?

Fever cough sore throat bad taste in mouth?

Flem in my throat and when i cough nothing comes up?

Flu very sore throat chesty cough bring up green mucous chest hurts when I cough don't now what to take for it because I have acid reflux really bad ?

For 2 weeks had sore throat, coughing, runny nose. Cough is bad at night. Dr gave me hyrdrocodone. Took it and still coughing. Can it be bronchitis?

For a week I have had a fever, sore throat, coughing, and sometimes cough up green?

For almosr 2 weeks I have been very tired and sore throat and on and off again fever coughing and now bad chest congestion and diarreah?

Hacking cough with yellow phlegm for 5 days, progressive worse with pressure in face and fullness in ears. Throat sore runny nose. Just a cold?

Had a cold 3 weeks ago. No more coughing however. I still have mucus in the back of my throat and my throat is getting sore again.No fevers no chills?

Had a cold 10 days: sneezing, scratch throat, cough, congestion. Started to feel better then throat hurts, very swollen, and fever last night. Why?

Had a cold with green mucus an soar throat. Now I have a tickle in my throat an a cough every minute. What is it?

Had a persistent cough fever and snuffles now sore throat ?

Had a sore throat for 2 days then today just have a dry cough. could this be viral pneumonia? I'm healthy & 17

Had a sore throat so took amoxicillin & Zyrtec (cetirizine). Sore throat gone, but mucus tickles my throat when sleep and I cough. No mucus comes out. What to do?

Had a throat infection.Now developed a cough?

Had sex 12 days ago. Coughing a lot for about 4 days now. No soar throat. Just the cold stuff dripping on my throat. Do i might have hiv?

Had sore throat for 2 days now I have cough for 2 days that hurts my chest. Could this be pneumonia? I don't know if its a cold or what. No fever.

Have a cold, started in nose, than throat now chest. Stuffy nose, productive cough, laryngitis. Is this bronchitis? When do you need to go to the Dr?

Have a cough. Throat hurts at night & early morning only. 1 side of throat hurts when I cough hard. No phlegm or mucus when I cough anymore. Cold or ?

Have a sore throat and chest cough and lately have been coughing so much i've been throwing up yellow phlegm....What do I need to do to feel better?

Have had a cough now for 3 and a half weeks - mainly dry, but sometimes with phlegm. Severe sore throat at night. Should I be concerned?

Have head congestion cough and no voice do I need antibiotics ?

Have serve sore throat congestion fever can't breath. Been on antibotic for a month why am i sick?

Have sore throat for a week now and coughing badly without mucus for 4 nights at night. Have my second bottles of cough mixture and throat spray ?

Having a lot of mucus in throat. I've had a cough for almost 3 weeks now. Whenever I cough, it's this itching feeling in the back of my throat. Why?

Head cold last sunday. Stuffy/runny nose gone, sore throat gone, but still have non productive cough sounds like smoker's cough(i don't smoke). Help?

Head hurts only when I cough or clear my throat. Is this normal?

Hello, I've had a sore throat and cough for about three days now but this morning I woke up with the pain only in my left tonsil. I'm still coughing?

Hello, I have dry cough , itchy throat and gagging cough. No sickness or aches or fever. Had the cough for 2 months now. Once in a while hoarse voice?

Hello, i'm having dry gagging cough and itchy throat. Sometimes hoarse voice. 2 months no fever or aches . Please help?

Hello. Im a healthcare worker. Istarted with sinus congestion then a fever. Two day later a cough sore throat. Now productive with a rash.

Hello. I have a scratchy throat with no other symptoms such as cough, fever, etc. Could this be allergies or sinus problems?

Hi doc, I have cough and when i coughing my throught is very painfull, can you help me doc?

Hi, I have a croaky voice, almost gone but no sore throat. have a cold, tight chest and the odd headache also? Any ideas what it could be please?

Hi, I have been feeling unwell for the last 4 days. on/off fever, cough with thick and yellow phlegm, runny nose, hoarse voice and sore throat with difficulty swallowing.

Hi, I've had a sore throat about a week ago, my sore throat is now gone I have very dry coughs and whenever I take a deep breath I cough too help pls?

Hi, if there is heaviness in my chest and i'm coughing a lot with a sore throat, what could this be?

Hi. it started with sore throat and feeling feverish. no cough and colds. then the day after i started coughing. should i take antibiotics now?

How bad is pharyngitis with bronchitis?

How can I get ride of my scratchy raspy voice and my chest congestion and bad cough of 3 months?