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Is a dry hacking cough commonly associated with a low thyroid condition?

Leukocyte Count is 13400. having cold and cough. i smoke. also from past two days i am experiencing digestion problem after dinner mainly. ?

10mth old treated for ear infection 8 days ago. Worsening productive cough causing sleep interruptions, loss of appetite, gags but hydrated. Advice?

11 month old fever of 102.5, very runny nose, and slight cough, also not sleeping well. Should I take him to see a doctor or can I treat this at home?

13 month old son, sweat test 56. Only has breathing issues, no other symptoms of CF and does not taste salty. Any hope that he could be negative?

17 yr old male, minor throat tightness, with some phlegm. Occasional coughing better after eating. Caused by pollen or what else? Is it a concern?

1year old has a temperature and a wheezy cough. He also has a dry rash one side of his face ?

2yr o w/ uncontrolled asthma (rectifying) has been randomly experiencing hives and considerable swelling cause unkn. Could this be linked to asthma?

38yr old b/f. Itchy all over at night, night sweats, persistent dry cough no help with inhalers had lung biopsy diagnosis with asthma lotio no help with itchy?

4 months I've been experiencing what I think is posterior nosebleeds. appears to be coming from deep within & it can get into my throat. Problem?

49 year old with serious nasal congestion, really bad when lying down. Have had this problem for a while?

77 year old woman, type 2 diabetes, tickle in throat leading to vomiting daily?

After exposure to black mold, my eyes burn, and have several respiratory problems, and a headache for about 3 wks. Now. What's happening to me?

Allergic reaction to beconase (beclomethasone)? Burning sensation in lungs, throat feels puffy. Was supposed to be for sinus inflammation.

Allergies from something is causing my sinuses to produce mucus which runs down my throat and irritates my asthma. I'm having trouble breathing.

Allergies or sinus issues is causing excess mucus to build up and form on my lungs which is aggravating my asthma very badly. It won't go away...

Almost every time there is a a big flux in weather it becomes hard to breath. Is there allergies or asthma related and is there anything I can do?

An abscess tooth untreated for many years can cause bodily infections, but can it cause asthma-like symptoms (excessive mucus, airway constriction) ?

Any idea what causes thick mucus in my throat causing me to clear my throat constantly iv'e had this problem since my teens i'm now 63?

Are nasal problems (stuffy nose, sensitive nose, etc) a symptom of early (acute) HIV?

Are swollen eyelids related to the cold/flu or nasal cavity infections? Or menstrual cycles? 24+ hours of swollen non-itchy non-red eyelid, what do?

Are there any other reasons for congestion in newborns besides reflux? Oh, in the absence of cold symptoms.

Are there any your conditions similar to hyperacusis that are caused by sinus blockage of some sort and would make me sensitive to white noise?

Back (mostly) and chest been itching for over 1 week and also had allergy medicine?

Been a few years, constantly clearing throat. Prob not pnd because it's usually relieved when lying down. Worse w/ cold temps, indoors, exercise.?

Bleeding through mouth and nose for a while. It stopped now. Examining the throat with torch revealed a tear , which may be caused by the cough?

Bloody mucus in morning. No headaches. No esophagus bleeding. No stomach body/ antrum bleeding. No congestion. Dry winter weather or sinusitis?

Breathing problems 3 months after pneumonia. The symptoms are overinflated lungs, excess clear mucus, bloodshot eyes, fatigue, weight loss, back pain.

Burning feeling in lungs. Not sick, but not 100% History of allergies and colds. Could this be asthma, infection or inflammation?

Can chronic cattarrh and throat mucus be caused my food intolerance?

Can a person be allergic to black tea? would symptoms show as feeling like theres dust particles in mouth, eyes, throat and mildly itching skin.

Can allergic rhinitis cause a tingly feeling in your chest and a dry cough? And how do you get rid of this. And can it effect your lungs and etc

Can any of the following cause esophagus inflammation/burning-? Throat clearing, stress or colder weather/foods.

Can asthma symptoms and allergies produce a low grade fever together?My son has been complaining of chest discomfort even after using his inhaler.

Can black mold exposure be causing my chronic fatigue and a tight band like feeling around my head?

Can colds always involve nose problems?

Can constant overbreathing from chronic hyperventilation syndrome cause excess mucus to form on my lungs? I don't know if the mucus is from allergies.

Can coughing, sneezing or long-term constant sniffing due to sinus drainage and habit cause optic nerve damage in glaucoma?

Can excessive dry coughing or nose bowing cause pleuritis? I have no idea how I got it. How can I treat this if I don't know the causes.

Can hyperacidity cause like irritation or numbness (dunno what exact word to use) in the nasal and below the jaws? been having it for 2-3 weeks

Can my vocal chords stay constantly swollen from severe allergies?

Can nerve related problems around nasal area cause irritation, dryness and congestion in lining of the nose? And please advice what may be the cure

Can not sleep with ear buds in due to it bothering my ears and making them sore. I have hypersensitivitycope with the snoring? Any help appreciated!

Can oral Pseudoephedrine help with non-acid reflux and main symptom of thick and excessive mucus in throat? Helps me but wrong diagnosis perhaps?

Can pleurisy be caused by post nasal drip, sleeping wrong or carrying something heavy? I haven't been sick but was diagnosed with pleurisy.

Can severe heartburn cause sneezing and itchy lips and itchy throats and how can I cure severe heartburn naturally and avoid it in the future?

Can sinus or nose problem cause symptoms similar to chronic bronchitis? Excessive mucus n unable to breathe deeply?

Can stress/too cold environment/dust from aircon/fatigue could possibly irritate my throat and cause sore throat? Plss doctors response!

Can teens develop hayfever? I've been suffering from itchy nose/throat and constantly sneezing when I'm out near a field. Also I'm more tired..

Can untreated tough flu with inflammation of the bronchi and tough sneezing worsen moderate pulmonary hypertension? And it causing me bad headache

Can we feel when mucus drainage occurs from allergies or does it happen silently?I checked up for chest congestion,doc said drainage from allergies.

Child has 5th disease rash for 2 weeks, now has major runny nose/congestion as of last night. Is it related to his 5th disease or something else?

Chronic cough causing body spasm from pain bile taste stuffy nose. Cough is a dry bark?

Chronic intermittent dry cough with (and perhaps due to) itchiness of trachea. Whose area is this - ENT or respirology/pulmonology?

Chronic sinusitis, now flaring thanks to a cold. Temp 99.7, post-nasal drip sore throat. Must use antibios or not? History of C-Diff makes me nervous.

Chronic throat clearing for almost 2 years, could it be lung neoplasm?Could that linger without getting worse for that long? Never occur during sleep!

Congestion & clear drainage been flushing w/apple cider vinegar(to clear sinus)no fever, some dizziness(present prior to vinegar)when moving/bending?

Constant blocked nose, postnasal drip and short of breath after light excercise and sometimes when sitting, also suffer from anxiety. What could it be?

Continuos suffering from tonsil pain and running nose, accompanied with cough since several months, tried all meds! no change, please help?

Cough 2-3weeks now headache bloodshot irritated eyes nausea chest pain fatigue.doc said try antihistamine 1st but idt it's allergic reaction.whst isit?

Could a possible allergy to cough medicine be causing toothache/mouth and throat problems?

Could a sore throat and mild chest tightening be linked to having eaten bread mold over a week ago?

Could a stevia allergy cause only GI distress upon consumption but no other symptoms such as wheezing, tingling in mouth, etc.?

Could an itchy neck be a symptom of asthma in children?

Could dust cause sudden bad dry cough for about 5 mins? with no other symptoms. or could this be due to something else? Thanks

Could pressure in the forehead be caused from allergies even with no runny nose? Also I have anxiety issues, could that make it worse?

Could respiratory problems due to GEARD be characterized by yellowish mucus abundant and persistent?

Could rhinoplasty help resolve chronic dry throat? No cold usually, I think the way I breathe is causing the throat drynes since Dr. Says I'm not sick

Could this blockage in my throat be weed related?

Could using cocaine be causing my burning throat?

Couldn't sleep good this week. If it, s not due to bad allergys, what could it be due to?

Daily face/neck/upper chest flushing & hot flashes for 1yr. 3-4 nights sweats/week for 3 months. No diarrhea or wheezing. Carcinoid syndrome likely?

Debilitating fatigue,sore throat,lightheaded,facial swelling, headaches,swollen glands,allergic asthma. Yr-round (worse w allrgy season & pollution)?

Diagnosed with chronic urticaria, frequent severe nose bleeds, petechiae, flushing chest and face, cold intolerance, mild ibs, could these be relate?

Dirt taste in mouth, trouble sleeping, headache, post nasal drip, eye pain for a year. Was getting better, but starts again along with cold weather?

Does cobblestone appearance in througt is sign of allergy?

Does HIV ars symptoms appear at 6 weeks and at the 7th week do people have genital ulcers. I had a runny congested nose with other ars symptoms?

Does resting when mildly ill shorten the illness? (conversely, does working extend the time with symptoms)? It seems I can always force myself to work when I have allergy symptoms, head cold, sinus infection, etc. But does it pay?

Does sleeping in the cold cause chest inflammation? If so how can you treat it?

Dry throat worse at night because of poor diabetes control. Is there any remedy?

Due to a postnasal discharge I suffer from irritating trachea which in turn makes me constant coughing. What should I do?

Due to B12 lower level ..Can it effect symptoms like blocked nose ..?

During the past week I have suffered from itchy irritated skin,and symptoms referring to hay fever such as the sneezing,sore eyes etc..can you help me?

Ear issues:earache, itchy, drip sound when laying, liquid spouting out during sleep, infections, must dry after bathing or severe pain, suggestions?38yrold

Every time I get a cold my body continues to produce excessive mucus/phlegm for WEEKS after I'm over it. Why does this always happen?

Experiencing sore throat for 2 weeks now, i've tried many home remedies, but it's not going, what can I do? Is it related to my graves' disease?

Exposed to dust&mold have cough congestion yellow/brown phlegm also partial hearing loss in ear over a week not clearing up is it time to see doctor?

Feeling dryness in throat since one week. May i know the reason for it? Would you suggest me any medicine for it?

Flaky, dry but oily skin around mouth, is there correlation between upper airway resistance syndrome (stricture in hypopharynx) and this? Po breathin?

For the last 6 mnths i have a really dry cough and have gel like balls that come up with the cough, usually worse in the morning but occurs thru out ?

Frequent cold sores (over 4 in about 60 days) , could there be an underlying issue causing these ?

Good evening, I have cough specially after food i feel itching sensation in my larynx but the symptoms relived by antihistamines . What's the problem?

Granddaughter has ongoing constant severe skin itching with sores scars and constant sniffing. Parents not taking symptoms seriously. Help!

Guava juice in particular caused me a very irritating tingling cough as a child, however this has stopped. I wonder why?

Had a thyroidecomy last may due to graves at the time i had a feeling of something in my throat and it eventually went away now I have it occasionally. I do have allegies, runny nose and use flonase?

Have chronic sinusitis with trapped cavities. Recently got what I believe is a cold, yellow green snot, cough, nausea and extreme fatigue where the past two days after only working 4hr shifts I'm needing a nap, is this potentially related ?

Have had bad breath for years, not dry mouth, often have seasonal allergies and post-nasal drip. Could that be causing bad breath? How to treat?

Have had chronic inflammation in throat for 6 months. What blood tests would you recommend to find out what is causing this? Not reflux or post n drp

Have have synus problem since 5 years. I come across this problem, whenever I have fever or cough. How to get rid of synus?

Have you ever seen a relationship between clearing sinus passages and hot flashes? In my case one precedes the other.