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I have pain under my right rib, it lasted about 4 days hard to breathe/cough/laugh etc... it was fine for a day so i exercised and now it is worst?

24 weeks pregnant suffering from cough. Every time i cough, i feel like it tears up my tummy and it hurt so bad. What should I do?

28wk pregnant have cough with a cold it burns the left side of my chest and down left arm when i cough deep. Dr said lungs clear.Why does it burn so much?

34 weeks preg. And had the flu for over a week. Coughed a lot and now ribs on right side hurt so much even though i don't cough anymore. What is it?

34weeks pregnant & having really bad pain in my ribs & upper back. It feel like its in my bones when i cough, sneeze, or laugh it hurts really bad! why?

4 days, seriously bad cough, chesty. I drink a lot of water but hasn't helped. When I cough it has a sharp shooting pain in the area of my diaphragm.

6 year old son is coughing a lot and says his heart hurts.. I think his chest is hurting beacause his coughing so much and really hard, should I worry?

About 3; weeks ago i had the flu at that time i told the dr.I was hurting real bad in my face on the right side after 3 weeks still hurting.Green sputum?

Any advice? I have been sick and coughing - could the coughing be the reason to my ribs hurting?

Asthma since I was 2,I have been having a bad cough and sometimes wheezing. And if I cough to much my lower right side will start hurting,what is this?

Bad cough and sinus problems for two weeks now, coughing hard right side of head hurts for a week now from it, should I be worried?

Bad cough that has lasted for months now. My period is late 10days. I have a stuffy and runny nose. Pinching pains in ribs, leg and back. Whats wrong?

Been coughing a lot and today my Chest hurts when i cough..

Bottom of tummy hurts when sneezing, is this normal?

Bubbling sensation when i lay down in my back and chest, I have a cough and a little bit of a cold.I hope its not an air leak! please help?

Can an uncontrolable constant rattling cough hurt my baby while pregnant?

Can i rub Vicks on my chest and back while 15 weeks pregnant?

Can sneezing or coughing make gallblader stones hurt ?

Can too much coughing make my sternum sore?

Cant stop coughing and now my chest hurts?

Chest keeps having cracking sound when i stretch and it hurts when i cough and sneeze. I had it exray but nothing came out.

Chest pain and hurts when I breathe coughing up green stuff?

Chest pain hurts when i breath coughing up greenish yellowish stuff?

Chest started hurting for no reason and has been hurting off and on all day in between breast could it be lungs have had a uri?

Cold, cough, headache, sides hurt when I cough and diaphragm. I feeling really drained... ?

Constant dry sensation in chest that comes and goes. I force coughs to soothe the sensation. Sometimes I get pain in my elbow when I force the coughs.

Contusion on tailbone from fall a week and half ago. Now bad cold, congestion, coughing almost constantly. Tailbone is killing me. What can I do?

Cough and runny nose with phlegm. My left ear has this sound i don't know why, what toi do? I startd to feel pain at he back of my head wen i cough

Cough for 7 days is continually getting worse. She is complaining of her chest hurting and the cough sounds deeper then before but no fever. ?

Cough for months sometimes a little whezzy chest pain for a min. Or so through out the day?

Cough headache for 3 months. I'm fine but if I cough, strain, laugh or bend down, the top of my head hurts. What is this? No sinus infection.

Cough started 4 days ago Steadily getting worse Sharp pains in chest when coughing only hard to breathe when coughing Worse when laying or out in cold?

Coughing up green stuff hurts when I breathe chest pain?

Coughing...Heavy chest...Hurts when i cough...Hard time breathing after coughing. Sharp pain in middle of right arm..When i talk...Feel like I have to?

Could it be bad for someone to hold back a sneeze?

Could your chest hurt after spray painting?

Day 5 of fever, coughing thick green mucus, hurts to cough (chest & ribs). Feel terrible with aches. Can't see my Dr. Will this heal itself?

Due to my asthma and very bad allergies, I have been coughing and now my right side only of my stomach is starting to hurt. What is this??

Ever since 5th grade my chest has hurt really bad and I'm in 7th now and the pain has doubled and It hurts worse when I laugh cough sneeze..... Help?

Every night the right side of my throat hurts its even worst if I cough or burp by morning it stops this has been happening 2 weeks now?

Every time i cough it feels like my head is going to explode and its literally a sharp pain and it only occurs when i cough, what might I have ?

Every time i cough my left side of my head hurts. Why? I'm not coughing hard I have not been sick...

Everytime I cough it burns the area around my heart/between ribs. Can't stop coughing and not sure why it hurts so much. Please help. ?

Everytime i cough my ovaries hurt what does that mean?

Everytime I cough my pelvis hurts, is this abnormal?

Everytime i lay down, i have a coughing fit, it feels like its all in my chest. If i laugh i cough, and i cough up mucas i dont smoke ciggerates?

Feeling very ill heavy chesty cough really tight when coughing ache in my arms when cough also hurts in the back bring up brown spit chest feels tight?

For 3 years i feel like something is in my right nose and i need to force to sneeze to breath with it , i need help?

For 6 months I have had what I think is a cough headache. When I cough, the top of my head hurts bad. When I stop it goes away. What could this be?

For the entire day today, when ever I cough, laugh or sneeze my penis hurts somewhere between the head and the shaft. Any idea the cause?

For the last few weeks, my left breast has been hurting when i inhale. It gets worse when i laugh or cough. I'm worried.

For the last two days my ribs been hurting a lot especially when I cough what could be going on?

For the past couple of weeks I have been having severe chest pains. It hurts when i laugh/cough/breathe deeply and when i touch for the past couple of weeks I have been having severe chest pains. It hurts when i laugh/cough/breathe deeply and when i touch

For the past six months, nearly whenever i blow my nose, cough, or sneeze, i can feel a sharp pain in my lower abdomen/reproductive area. Any ideas?

For what reason does my stomach hurt when i cough and walk?

Getting over cold still have a cough Its a deep cough sometimes My chest has been hurting, especially when I move (sit to stand) how can I alleviate?

Got a mild concussion 7 days ago. Now have a cold with a cough. Cough isn't horrible but uncomfy for head. Worried cough will hurt head more?

Had cough 8wk now like phlegm stick in throat but my abdomen/ribs are really sore/aching bad ??

Had Csection 7&10 years ago. For last few days every time I cough I get a deep pain under the scar. So bad I have to apply pressure before coughing ?

Had terrible cough few weeks ago. Coughed so badly I threw up . Worst cough ever. Now left side of ribs hurt x 1 week. Ice helps a bit. Muscular?

Have a cold and stomach muscles extremely hurt when i cough, why?

Have bronchitis and my back/ribs really hurt.Not from coughing since I haven't coughed much.Are my lungs swollen?

Have this on & off cough for long time, 3 days ago i cough really hard & feel pain on my left side of chest, i feel pain now everytime i cough.

Having pain on top of head when I cough, sneeze, bend over or laugh. Sinus xray is normal. No stuffiness or cold present. What could this be?

Head pressure when coughing, laughing, sneezing, bending and passing wind?

Headache, drained, cold and a cough when I cough my sides and diaphragm hurt. feeling really bloated and my stomachs hurts felt sick yesterday all day?

Hello i have been sick for a few days bad coughs getting better but now with every cough my right shoulder stings and it shoots down to my finger tips?

Hello, Why do we sneeze Thanks?

Hello, I've been coughing for a few days now but my throat does not hurt nor do I have any type of mucous. I feel it on my lower chest. Please advise?

Hello, its embarrassing, but i was sick for about 2 weeks with a vicious cough, i have a bump on the inner anus to the right side. Hurts when i cough?

Hi i am 32 weeks pregnant and every time i breath heavy cough or sneeze my chest hurts around my rib area on the front and back what can this be?

Hi i have a bad taste at the back of my throat everytime I cough and it hurts my chest to?

Hi my boy is coughing badly it is in his throat and not his chest for 2 months constantly he had penisilien and steriods and still he is coughing bad?

Hi when I lay on my left side I start to cough mucus and I have a stinging burning feeling when I've coughed.chest X-ray clear too??

Hi. I have a very heavy cough and a bad flu. I sneeze and cough at the same time. My left nostril and right ear is blocked. Breathing is hard please help? experiencing chest pains when i caugh and some times the left part hurt for a couple of minutes...and i have a caugh and some white mucus come?

How can I get over this constant need to sneeze?

How come coughs and colds always go straight to my chest?

How come my stomach hurts when I cough?

How come when i cough a lot my back starts to hurt? But it only hurts when i cough for long period of time. Should i be worried?

How to treat coughing with a painful pop in chest?

Hubby rubbed my back tonight and pressed between shoulder blade and spine which gave me tickle in the throat and a cough fit. Should i worry?

Hurts to swallow kinda hard to breath coughing sneezing body ack hard hurts eye hurt one eye hurts my doctor can't see me until nov 1?

Husband has had a cold n cough 4 weeks n now the left hand side underneath the rib cage is swollen. Has had pneumonia before. What can it be?

I accidently inhaled strong bleach and now I have a really sore cough and it hurts my chest and feels like it's burning ?

I am 2 months pregnant.I have had a bad cold for 3 days.My chest hurts when i cough or blow my nose.What can it be?Should i go to the er?

I am 38 weeks pregnant and have a horrible cough and wheezing. I have coughed so much my abdomen hurts. I almost double over while coughing.

I am getting over my cold. But i still have this bad cough. Hurts my lower back and side, coughing up.Blood, and mucus stuck in my chest. Earache too ?

I am having bad pain on left side when I cough or sneeze. It's been like this for a little over a month. What is this and do I need to see a doctor?

I am still having bad chest pain, coughING up mucus and now but body hurts terribly, I have a fever of 101 and I'm very weak. ?

I can't seem to sneeze , this only happened earlier. Like I have To sneeze again but it isn't coming. What are ways I could get myself to sneeze? Inot holding the sneeze in , nose feels itchy

I can't sneeze everytine I try to sneeze it gets right to it then it goes away is that serious?

I can't stop coughing. My chest hurts. I've been sick for over a week ?

I coughed a lot yesterday, and now my side is hurting when i breath in. I have some prednose because of pluerisy in past. Please advise?

I coughed due to cold/flu symptoms. I coughed real hard now right side of rib area hurts when cough. What should do?

I cracked a rib coughing almost a year ago and occasinally it hurts almost as bad as when i first did it. Should i be concerned?

I fell two days ago I am 36 and on my left side I have been in pain when I cough it hurts. I got allergies so if I blow my nose I get a sharp pain?

I get head pains whenever I cough or bend ?

I got headache. It'd been for about two days. the pain got sharp and intense when I cough or sneeze?

I got punched really hard in my upper stomach and it knocked the wind out of me for a few seconds. Today its sore when i cough or laugh is this normal?