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1.Toxo IgM 0.68 positive-igg 141.6 positive. 2.Toxo IgM 0.70 positive-igg 134.4 positive 3.Toxo IgM 0.79 negative-igg 1513.00 positive avidity70% grey?

12 weeks pregnant. I have immunity to rubella according to my IgG test. My IgM test came back positive. Should i be worried?

12 weeks pregnant.Rubella.. Immune igg. Igm postivetwice. Test again 2 weeks. Ifnegative is there way in knowing i did not have it. Scared for my baby!

20 weeks pregnant and positive for CMV igg and igm. My doctor say I'm protected by antibodies and all is well. Should I be concerned?

2nd day of fever dengue ns1 antigen positive. On eighth day IgM negative but IgG positive and no fever. Had arthritis 20 yrs back. Is this dengue?

4 weeks pregnant..vzv igg antibody test positive? Please help..Very nervous

8 weeks pregnant, CMV test shows positive and high IgG antibodies and negative igm, is it ok for pregnancy?

8 weeks pregnant. Chicken pox results of 3.05 igg. What does this mean?

8 weeks pregnant. Was does a rubella result of 33.6 IgG mean?

A pregnant woman's Rubella IgG result shows 154.14 IU/mL (Positive). But she has not vaccinated rubella. What does it means? Pls explain

After how many weeks after exposure does an HSV 1&2 antibody test turn from IgM to igg?

And how much is the strip method test for toxoplasmosis and IgG and igm?

Antibodies for varicella zoster IgG positive, and varicella IgM negative, means immunity for shingles or just for chicken pox?

Antibody blood test for HSV 1&2: would 10 weeks after exposure be considered an "old" infection that the test would now show as IgG and not igm?

Antibody titers needed for blood when first pregnant?

Are IgM antibodies the same release for chlamydia and hsv? Or are they unique for each infection

AS per lab results my torch panel test is positive with rubella IgG 15.40 Iu/ml and Cmv IgG positive 132 U/ml.As values are higher than normal range ?

Before my wife pregnant. She test IgG IgM toxo result that positive. It's be safe for my baby? Can she infect toxo repeatedly?

Bloodtest results show CMV IgG and IgM positive at five weeks pregnant. Avidity 0.57. What is the chance of the baby becoming infected?

Can an IgG indicate a current infection or does it usually mean the infection is past and now shows immunity? I am IgG pos and IgM neg for toxo

Can i have a healthy n normal child as i am having high rubella igg n cmv i need any treatment? Miscarried before .igm tests of both are -ve

Can i prevent toxo and CMV while pregnant? But I have IgG +

Can rubella IgM be positive in early pregnancy?

Can toxoplasmosis IgG take time to reach positive level after Igm return to normal? I recently had 2 positvie Igm tests now negative but so is Igg.

Can you clarify what rubella really is?

Can you have herpes antibodies within the first 2 weeks after exposure? When is the earliest the antibodies show up?

Can you please explain the test for cardiolipin antibodies and what the numbers for IgG and IgM mean?

Can you tell me more about cytomegalovirus(cmv) positive?

Chances of pregnancy with evecare and cabergoline with treatment of CMV and herpes IgG positive?

Chlamydia trachomatis igg and igm both negative. Should I do any other test or I'm safe !?? Thank you

Cmv IgG positive CMV IgM postive , all CMV infectious disease blood tests are postitive. Liver enzymes slight elevated , what do I have? Cmv is what

Colostrum is a source of immunoglobulins igG igA igM and gamma interferon. So could this affect HIV test? (Faulse negative)? ( or other stds tests?)

Completely asymptomatic but labs hsv-1 IgG is positive IgM is negative. Hsv-2 IgG and IgM are negative. What does this indicate? Do i need antiviral?

Could having a flu or cold when your blood is drawn cause a false positive on a Hepatitis A IgM test? Igg was negative.

Could I have toxo?

Could rubella IgM be positive in early pregnancy?

Did typhidot, initially IgM was positive but now both IgM and IgG are positive..Do I have to worry?

Do hiv antibodies ever disappear?

Do i need a shingles shot if I have IgG antibodies?

Do they test babies for chickenpox with titers?

Does a women having high rubella igg n negative igm antibodies give birth an abnormal child?

Does detected IgG with lamba that is detected in an immunifixation serum blood test have anything to do with being positive for hsv1?

Does toxoplasma IgG infection cause gas?

Dr in TORCH result if in some results igg negative and igm on faint positive or borderline what are the chances increase in igM value after 6 months??

EBV Capsid IGG and EBNA IGG was positive, but IGM index negative. Doc said I had a past recent EBV infection. Is this true? Retest? Still feel sick

Even after typhoid recovery...For how many months are IgM and IgG positive in typhidot?

Had EBV test came back EBV nuc IgG ser qi eia positive and EBV vac IgG eia postive. Ebv capsid IgM eia negative. I'm so tired what do this mean?

Had HSV DNA PCR test with CSF? Negative. Also had HSV 1/2 antibody (IgM), IFA with reflex to Titer, CSF. Negative. Can I still have HSV 1 or 2?

Had typhoid two months ago was treated IgM was positiv..Did typhidot again now IgM n IgG both positive.Cause?

Heath question about hsv-1 or hsv-2 IgG antibody detecteion, who to ask?

Hello sir/madam , my wife's TSH level is 6 . And she is also poitive with cmv igg,hsv igg and rubella igg. What to do?

Hi doctor i'm 21 year old, i did my igG antibodies test for measles,mumps and rubella but results were -ve, should i consider taking MMR vaccine?

Hi doctor, My wife is 3 month pregnant. Her HSV 1 IGG and HSV 1 IGM is positive & HSV 2 IGG is positive and HSV 2 IGM is negative. Plz advice. ?

Hi Dr. My wife is about 10 weeks pregnent, her test result of Rubella IgG antibody is 16.8 IU/ml. Please tell me that what it shows?

Hi I have rubella igg 500 and igm 1.73 and CMv igg 250 is there any treatment I already had 2abortions beacause of it?

Hi my measles IgG antibody -ve(57.35IU/L),mumps IgG antibody -ve(2.72 RU/ml),rubella IgG antibody -ve(<10 IU/ml)what should i do?can i get vaccinated?

Hi my rubella igg result is 0.3 is that positive or not?

Hi sir, I have rubella IgG -2.7 and rubella igm-0.36, I have problem for pregnancy time?

Hi....i got report that my rubella IgG @125.00...i am worried is this is a sign of rubella virus to my baby?

High IgG antibodies but negative igm. What does this mean?

How come my rubella IgG is negative but i know that i had taken my rubella vaccine?

How could someone get one IgG titer for a couple of immunizations?

How deadly is rubella IgM virus for a 26 weeks pregnancy?

How do I interpret my lab results for my varicella and rubella titres?

How do I interpret my lab results for my varicella titer and rubella titre?

How do you have a successful pregnancy with anticardiolipin antibody?

How do you tell from giardia antigen test if your infection is current. The dr. did an IGG, but not IGM or IGA? IGM was positive.

How early can HSV antibody be produced?

How is it possible to have been vaccinated (and boosters) and bld test indicates NO antibodies for any vaccines...?

How long after varicella zoster vaccine can you be tested via IgG antibodies in titers for immunity ?

How long do Hepatitis A IGM antibodies last after exposure/Infection?

How long does it take for IgM herpes antibodies to disappear?

How long will a rubella IgM test stay positive for? I have an immunity according to the IgG test. However im pregnant and the IgM test was positive.

How much time can dengue IgM test be positive, m I still sick with dengue IgM positive?

How soon do antibodies change from IgM to igg?

Hsv 1/2 antibody blood tests -- would this blood test always test IgG and igm? Hsv 2 negative -- i assume for both IgG and igm?

I am immuno-compromised and was given shingles vacccine. Recurrent shingles 9 months now and PHN.VZV IGG& IGM positive 4.21 titer?

I 'm pregnant in 37 week .in lab cmv igg is 76 and cmv Igm is in normal rang. Is it dangerious ? What time do I sick to cmv viruse ?

I am 12 weeks having twin pregnancy, having test of rubella Igg, result is 112.1.. what does it mean? Is it a normal value?or should i worried

I am 28 year old female ... m married and miscarriage because of rubella IgG ... and now reports showed that m having herpes simplex type 2 IgM 2.50?

I am 35 weeks pregnant and has Rubella IgM positive (1.31) and Toxoplasma Gondii IgG positive (151.62). Is my baby at any risk?

I am 7 weeks pregnant. I had an elevated (above normal for my hospital's lab) rubella titer. What does this mean for me? I have had the MMR vaccine.

I am 8 weeks pregnant and my igg antitoxoplasma level is 6 ui/ml (doubt range). And my anti rubella igg is 13 ui/ml (doubt) virus antibody ribella igm is 0.17 (negative). Do i have health risk for my baby? Is there posdibility of birth defect or misscarri

I am not pregnant anat my rubella IgG is positive 110.1 iu/ml is it ok or not?

I am pregnant and I had a Rubella IgG ab by eia screening that came up 1.46. What does this mean? Thanks

I am tested positive for rubella german, should I have an abortion?

I done a torch test i come to know that toxoplasma igg=1.70, toxoplasma igm=0.08, rubella igg=17.80, rubella igm=0.50, cytomegalovirus igg=250.00, cyt?

I got >350 iu antibody rubella igg. Does it mean I have to take vaccination?

I got tested for rubella antibodies for routine ob:so what is it?

I got tested to see if I was immune to Measles mumps and rubella and results: measles and rubella reactive. Mumps non reactive. What does that mean?

I had a rubella IgG test which was a 5, after that i had an r-vac vaccine, now the IgG count is 181.6. Is this good?

I had CMV antibody IgG blood test, is there a seperate test for igm?

I had rubella IgM positive, i want to know what is the treatment for that?

I have below range IgM, would it be a good idea to have my IgG titers done?

I have blood test for rubella antibody IgG serum and results is 47.60 what does it means?

I have blood test for rubella antibody IgG serum and results is 47.60 what does this means?

I have CMV IgG + is this mean i don't have to worry about my future pregnancy?

I have CMV IgM negative and IgG positive. Am I contagious to other people or to my partner? thank you!

I HAVE EBV IgG +ve .. what to do ?

I have high toxoplasma igg. Can I have baby?