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2006 Hep B Vac after Negative result from Shave Thailand early 2006. Blood Trans 2013 3 packs risk for used Blade broke skin at Barber in thailand?

Heb B Antibody Test HBsAb+ after Hairdresser used a used Blade Thailand Hep B Vac in 2006 Result today >1000 GP explained"fully Protected"True?

I got rabies titer test done, what does 4.00 Eu/ml last immunity for? I heard that the protection is 0.50 Eu/ml or greater...

No record of Vac Hep B from2006( I know had 3 shots) GP wanted start a fresh ,Jab in Nov2015 could this distort result for Antibody Test today>1000?

0.6 cd4/cd8 ratio, 40% of T-cells are cd4, HIV/HTLV negative, no reason found. Is this idiopathic cd4 lymphocytopenia? Even if cd4 are 40% no lower?

1-my hbs ag test is negative, 2-iam not vaccinated.3-i tested anti hbs;normal test result is <10, my result is<5, what does it mean ? Why isnt it 0.00 ?

10 HIV tests- 4gen combo and RNA - week 1,3,8,12,17 all neg. Exposure = unprot vaginal (dumb). Can I start living or do i need to test at 6 mons? Thks

10% lymphocytes positive cd20, cd3 cd79a negative for cd10. Results indicate a mixed b and t cell phenotype and thus consistent with reactive nature?

1year post unprotected HIV exposure. 2 false + ELISA 1 w/neg ifa & 1w/ westernblot &naat. Autoimmune disease? Room for concern? Worth investigating?

28y/o..had 3 miscarriage..all doesnt reach viable age..had D&C on last..then TORCH result CMV igG (99.3 positive) what does it mean?

31 yrs old Primi 6 wks gestation with no significant PMH. Rubella IgG 359 & IgM - Reactive (1.97) before 10 days/IgG 347 & IgM - Reactive (1.91) today

35 week of pregnancy, antibody anti-e (1:8).My blood group:ab ccd.Ee(rh pos), father b+.What does it mean?Why should we test the antogen of the father?

4 hsv-2 type-specific IgG tests.1 partner for all. 1st=negative. 2nd test @7mo.=positive 3.3igg. 3rd test @11mo=negative. 4th [email protected] = negative?

55th day CMIA duo result non reactive (0.08).When do the P24 antigens disappear. How reliable is result @ 55 days PE? Further testing required ?

6 weeks pregnancy with crl 4mm no cardiac activity detected and rubella IgG above 200 iu/ml.What would happen?

70 days i.e. 10weeks AbAg p24 combo CMIA test result non reactive (0.08). Is the result conclusive? Further testing required?

7yo daughter has Eos 3700, IgG 580, CD20 (Pan B) 932.  She was tested because she is having recurrent strep.  Does these results point to cancer? 

A year back vdrl was positve and TPHA was 1:640. underwent monocef 1 gm IV for 10 days and then minoz 100 twice a day for 16 days. is it sufficient?

Abbott Architect Ag/Ab negative at the 7th, 10th, 12th, 17th, and 21st week after receiving oral sex... Hiv free? Seeing signs of Lipoatrophy...

After 12 weeks of HCV interferon and riboviron treament i got tested and it shows no response. What next?

Age 49 healthy male. Oct 15 & Mar 16 EBV test comparisons. AB IGG >600 both AB IGM 52.4 74.4 EA IGG 23.4 29.2 NA IGG 51.3 40.5 Any advice, Tx?

Am I infected? HSV 1 & 2GG Type Specific AB test results are 17.10 for HSV 1 & >23.00 for HSV 2. The range is <0.90 Negative & 0.90-1.90 equivocal

Ana titer 1:80 - positive vitamin d - 17 complement, total >60 ch50 any idea what i might have? I am scared that it is cancer.

Anti PLA2R test result = 2 , what is this mean ? And other test are negative like HBsAg , HCV,HIV, C3C = 134 mg/dl. any other test and treatment.

Anti-cmv IgG result, my result for it is 362.4 which doctors says normal is under 0.5, in my case is way to bad, what should I do now? Treatmnt, medic

Antistreptolysin o ab of 1266.7 what is wrong with me? Uric acid7.2 (serum), c-reactive protein, quant 12.3 i feel awful!

Asking for a friend. Cd4 1180, 49%. Hiv-1 3203 copies/ml and log units 3.51ml. What does this mean? Friend was diagnosed with HIV 10 years ago.

Ayurvedic treatment effective for hla b27 positive?

B-12 intrinsic antibody blocking test is negative, I eat lots of meat so why is my B-12 low?

Baby born to mom HBV carrier. Soon he received hbig & 1st HBV vaccine and after 2&3 add when boy's 1-6 month and got test. Hbsag - but antihbs 8 miuml?

Blood donor suspected case of hep c 1.Anti HCV value 0.06(cut off 1.00)[forth generation kit] &another anti HCV value 0.869(cut off 0.361)[3rd gen kit?

Blood test for herpes i made one which cames out IgG 1+2 serum 24.25 but it didn't distinguished if it is oral or gentel?

Blood Transfusion 2013 3 packs does this have any change on Antibodies levels in Hep B Vacc from 2006? A Used Cut throat Blade shaveThailand Barber.

Breast cancer survival, treatment over in oct 13. Fever for 3 days, blood test shows all ok except nutraphil 85% lyphocyte 12% azithromycine 500 3 day?

Bro typhoid widal test- paratyphi AHnegative,AOnegative,BHpositive upto 1in 40 DIL ,BO negative,typhi Hpositive & Onegtaive.On antib.Is it bad report?

Brother is african american. P s a 9.2, was 8.5 3 months ago. Negative biopsy for p s a 6. Should biopsy be repeated?

Can + ANA with 1:80 homo & 1:160 centromere pattern be found in healthy people?

Can a full blood count detect hcv? Its been 1 year and 4 months since my ex and i split and he calls me now to tell me he as hcv

Can a non reactive .08 HIV 1&2 CMIA Ag Ab P24 duo result @ 56 days PE turn positive @ 12 weeks? WBC-6000 & lymph % 39. Thanks!

Can a person suffering from typhoid or has widal test positive still do yoga?

Can an e.R. Hospital tell/ test me if i had hiv?

Can HIV meds-combivir and sustiva (efavirenz) affect ones blood sugar levels? Viral load undet., t-cell 800+. Thanks.

Can I get back to my wife sex life? 4 month Roche PCR (-), Abbott Ab/Ag (-) at 3,4,5,6 month. Do I honestly need to pay for another test like PCR?

Can just breast sucking of a prostitute without penetrative sex cause HIV or any std Antibody test negative at 32 and 72 days. WBC count high at 85 da?

Can low lymphocyte count 1477 18% affect a neg HIV Ag/Ab test done after 4 mths.I read on the net abt people with low imunity that need six mths.plz h?

Can rns give false negative result? Trying to get diagnosis. 1st rns showed 12.4% decrement. Trial of mestinon (pyridostigmine) helped breathing. Second rns normal? Musk and 3 achr ab normal. Now to 4th neuro in 1 yr.

Can you have positive CD3 T lymphocytes and CD20 positive B lymphocytes with fever, night sweats and weightloss and still be negative for malignancy?

Cd3 + t cell result 823. Cd4+cd3 t cell 559. Been feeling ill for months and no other abnormal tests. Hiv negative. Are these results too low?

Confused. Nurse of 21 yrs sitting in limbo w lab results. Nondetectable for hep c since 2006. Lab on 5/15 hep c virus an greater than 11.0. Then test ?

Could i have Lyme disease? Not posible its recent. Borrelia Oct 14 IgM = 1.00 (1-1.5 inconclusive), Jan 15 IgM = 1.53 (1.5+pos) IgG = 0.16 (<1.00neg)

Could little increase in floaters in eyes be a sign of a recent of a HIV infection 57 days combo CMIA bloodantibody antigen P24 result negative (0.07)?

Currently 8 weeks pregnant with Toxsoplasma values IGG 90 (Positive) and IGM 1.54 (positive). Had an history of toxoplasma @ 2008, should we continue?

Dad had colon cancer stage 2 at 63. I'm 44. Just took pinnacle biolab 2nd gen fit test with negative result. Need colonoscopy?

Dad's oncologist ordered tests before starting chemo and radiation next month but showed reactive to hepatitis A Ab total will this cause problems?

Dear Doctor, My wife just did blood testing about the Anti Corp Anti HBs and the result is Positive. SO is it good or bad news?

Dear doctors, i want to know the relation between HIV and the ESR ratio.Differece between ESR ratio in a common man and HIV affeced man?

Diagnosed with hep c and had interferon treatment in 2001.I became undetectable until 2012 it came back.2013 test says nonreactive.How?

Do CRP and ESR test become elevated if someone has HIV ? Or do they indicate if someone has HIV (after 8 months of incident)? Thanks in advance :)

Do I have Sjögren? Results: SSA(Ro) 5.67U/ml, SSB(La) 4.10U/ml (Ref. <4.00 negative, 4.00-6.00 gray zone, >6.00 positive). Dry mouth, anxiety 5 months

Do vaccines interfere with the results of tst?

Doc told me i was postive for chlamydia at the ratiosof 1.32 can u help me of what the meaing of that?

Doctors I found that my ex have hbv chronic and she is infectious i did a titer it says 65ui/ml antibody i got 3 shots when i was kid we makeout only?

Does abbot architect for HIV combo check for all groups hiv1 - N, O, P, M and all subtypes of M also hiv2 A, B antibodies? If not, what it doesn't check. Thanks

Does cobas taqman v 2 for HIV 1 RNA check for all groups N, O, P, M and all subtypes of M. If not, what it doesn't check. Please answer, Thanks?

Does hep b titer tell if you were previously infected? Vaccinated as child. Result showed 11miu/ml. 10miu is min. Is mine low & should I be concerned?

Does taking penicillin injection or other type of injection affect HIV syphilis hav HCV test result?

Dr Im 13 weeks preg, did torch test only toxoplasmosis igm is on border line. Result is 1. Border line .5 to 1, will it affect my baby? Igg was neg...

Dr.HHH,U told me my HIV results are 100% conclusive.09 AbAg b/w 6&12week all neg & [email protected] neg).eye floaters increasing daybyday.i haveActive CMV ?

Dr.Martin raff, so i don't need any treatment for qft positive now, right? My TSH 4.69, medicine for decreasing TSH to pregnant wil make TB reactive?

DrHHH.Eyefloaters,handtremors,mildneedlepinnumbness.recent CMV. 09Ab/Ag HIV1&2 all neg bw [email protected] I need to [email protected]?

Febrile test resulted in paraA 1:80 paraB 1:80. Typh o 1:320 typhH 1:320 r.hudlesson 1:160 weill felix 1:80, typhoid fever and what else is wrong?

Few drs. Say that it can take 4-6wk for HSV antibodies to appear in blood. One says it can take up to 24mos for "aged and mature" antibodies. Meaning?

Gave blood twice a year or so apart both times tested + for T. Cruzi antibodies. Is this cause for concern furthest south I have been is Florida.

Got a panel test on liver done. The only thing that was slightly out of range was ALT at 64 on a scale of 0-44. I did just finish a round of Truvada (emtricitabine and tenofovir) and Isentress and Flagyl. Thoughts? All other metrics were in line.

Got my blood test my sgot/alt is 47 and ats/sgot is 34 and Anti-HCV(EIA/MEIA method) is reactive..what does mean should i be concerned?

Had 2nd dose of hep B 4-5 years ago. Titer is above cov value, but not too high. Do i need to repeat the series, or just have 3rd dose? Help! Thanks!

Had an intercourse with an escort before 5.5 month..After 165 days I had Anti Hiv1/2+p24antigen reault was negative.tell me am I fre..

Had hep c results today 1million to 1ml blood stage 1 don't understand the situation am I sick have this 20yrs?

Had HPV gardisil vaccines in 2011, 2012, & 2014. But 2 weeks ago, got tested NEG for HPV 16 & 18 but POS for 31,33,35,39,45,51,52,56,58,59,66,68. How?

Hcv RNA levels: jun2013= 1'749'327 iu/ml, sep2013 (07 weeks with peginterferon & ribavirin)= not detected. Should we keep on the therapy? Manythanks.

Healthy 27 YO, AA Fem. +RF 30 (1-14) ALT 12 AST 10 ALP 45. CBC Norm. Neg. HBsag, HIV, Syphillis, MCTD. ANA. No drugs/transfusions. Hep C possibility?

Hello doctor I have done my full body check up recently.My hav IgG test shows reactive 11.02. And hbsab hepatitis b is also reactive 41.01. Any worry?

Hello doctor, I did a test for antibody HIV+ antigen p24 and i got 0.25 as a result, the test mentioned that (0.9<- negative) (1>- positive) (0.9-1 barderline) Kindly tell me is my test is negative or not?

Hello doctor, I did a test for antibody HIV+ antigen p24 and i got 0.25 as a result, the test mentioned that (0.9<- negative) (1>=- positive) (0.9-1 b?

Hello doctor, i had a vdrl test and it came out weak reactive..does this mean i stil have syphilis? and what drug do u sugest, i am using doxycycline

Hello Dr. I went for Gamca medical test for Saudi Arabia;in report is VDRL weakly reactive but when i check other hospital report is negative.Help me?

Hello, my son tested positive for hep c antibody. The only reason he was even tested was because we were considering the use of Xeljanz, an RA drug, for his auto immune alopecia universalis. He s 16. No drugs or sex. No transfusions done. He was retested

Hello, my son tested positive for hep c antibody. The only reason he was even tested was because we were considering the use of Xeljanz, an RA drug, for his auto immune alopecia universalis. He was retested yesterday and they are doing something called RN

Hello.I asked about being anti hcv positive but pcr not detected will my baby have hcv. I was answered no. I was wondering, do i have to HAVE a csec?

Herpes simplex serum test please interpret type 1nd2 igm: 9.9u/ml type1nd2 igg: 5.2u/ml (am i positive or negative ) thanks?

Hetero-sex 55yr male. Had a 1-niter 8 mths ago with a woman. another gal did oral on me. 10 test STD 6 weeks after. Neg but HSV1& HSV 2. 1.07 Equiv?

Hi i'm not pregnant.But i want to have a baby. Clinical test shows that my rubella lgg = 70.8 and rubella lgm=2.66. Can i go for pregnancy?

Hi acrdg to who pdf online the window period for crf01_ae (subtype e)is ovr an year can one take cmia test conclusive at 8 months pst xposr in thailand?

Hi Doc, I'm healthy individual (HIV neg, and other diseases neg), but my RPR & FTA have just come back reactive with titre 1:64. Prognosis?

Hi Doc, I'm healthy individual (HIV- and no diseases), but my RPR&FTA have just come back reactive with titre 1:64. What treatments, how long to cure?

Hi doctor im pregnant 27 week but my hb65% aktiferrin capsul is good for me pleas help me?

Hi doctor, my son has been tested postive for pencillium notatum with count 7.96 kUL. He is 11 years old an asthmatic since the age of 2.5?

Hi doctors, i just want to ask if i can apply for a fiance visa in us if im an HBV possitive?Is it required for a k1 visa to have a test for hbv?

Hi I am 18 an just got tested for huntington's disease. Can someone please explain what ( allele 1: w/ 31 cag and allele 2: w/ 15 cag repeats means?

Hi I have a reactive hepatitis b and the result was 7134 ECLIA method.. What does it mean by 7134 and what is the substandard of the value? Is it 7134