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!antigens, antibodies, dna/rna sequences, toxins, proteins. Other ways to detect pathogens not already mentioned?-depends on the pathogen i assume..?

ABO Type&Screen, does "negative" antibodies mean NO antibodies at all or no UNexpected antibodies for the reported blood type?

Anti microsomal antibody is -191 and anti thyroglobulin antibody is-236.1 iu/ml what does it mean , suggest medicines?

Antibodies and antigens usually attach to the cells? Any and every infectious disease and or pathogen get created into a antibody an antigen? Explain

Anticardiolipin antibodies--what are they and effects of pregnancy?

Are antigens and t-cells related?

Are the antibodies produced by hrig and rabies vaccine the kind that call white blood cells, or do they neutralize the virus by themselves?

Are there any functional immunoglobulin subclasses assay available anywhere?

Atrial fibrillation, hashimotos, gluten sensitivity and autoantibodies for parietal cells + ATPase and Asialoganglioside autoantibodies. What is prob?

Booster antigen can be neuterlized by antibody produced against previous vaccine, true?

Can capsids of extracellular viruses be probed with antibody after permeabalization with tritonx 100? Help please?

Can having type 1 diabetes affect a body or saliva antibody test for hiv?

Can intoxication inhibit antibody formation in response to the gardasil vaccine if its only one night of drinking?

Can lactoferrin from bovine colostrum be given to my 11 year old ?

Can p24 components of HIV 4th generation test cross react with HIV2 or it is specifically for HIV1?

Can someone have antibodies to nicotine and be allergic to it?

Can vaccinations administered before immunoglobulin test affect outcome specifically for immunoglobulin m levels?

Can we sensitize splenocytes directly using IgE antibodies and culturing them in vitro?

Can we sensitize splenocytes directly using IgE antibodies?

Can you explain the use of mammalian cell/tissue culture in pre-clinical testing of drugs?

Can you get cancer from monoclonal antibodies?

Can you tell me about peptide design for hiv-aids, cancer and other any diseases?

Can you tell me how are antibodies in your body made?

Can you tell me how HIV become resistant to an analogs action of substituting for its respective nucleoside in dna?

Can you tell me how HIV stimulate b cells to produce antibodies?

Can you tell me how kovac reagent react with indole ring?

Can you tell me how pcna exactly work as a clamp (during DNA replication)?

Can you tell me in which case does the recipient start making antibodies to the specific disease?

Cdc HIVtestingAlgorithmRecommendationFinal doc, pge11, suggest HIV antibody r antigen r viral load detect by day 50 for diag. then y some docs disagre

Chickenpox antibody screening; how often in your life do you need that?

Could an IgA deficiency prevent my body from making antibodies?

Could antinuclear antibody be caused by tetenus shot?

Could you please describe the process of making monoclonal antibodies and what is their purpose?

Do blood group antigens have the same level of immunogenicity?

Do body always produce HIV antibodies withen 3 month?

Do inactivated rabies vaccines elicit cell mediated immunity(t-cells) aside from just antibody production?

Doc doesn't care about my high anti ds DNA , why?

Does a monoclonal antibody reactive with the o139 antigen of e.Coli would cross react with v.Cholera o139?

Does anyone have any info on immunoperoxidase?

Does anyone know if using any drugs will cause elevated antinuclear antibodies?

Does architecture HIV combo check for hiv2 group A and B antibodies?

Does everyone have antiphospholipid antibodies?

Does fasting for a month slow down HIV antibody production ?

Does the DNA/RNA store antigen/antibody information? or is this only on the outside of the cell (exterior)?

Eliminating wheat products in diet will reduce my thyroid antibodies?will thyroid cells will regrow after attacked by antibodies?

For the pathologists, if antibodies in my blood produce a perinuclear staining pattern on human pituitary cells of donor, could this indicate that I have anti-cytokeratin antibodies, as in vasculitis?

Hello.I need some information about the drugs that are monoclonal antibodies and their mechanisms..

Hi just wondeting what lymphocyte surface markers -lsm1 are?

HIV 1&2 antibody production can get delayed by factors like immunity, medications, other diseases, treatments etc..Same is applicable to P24 antigens?

How antibody kill an antigen?

How are antibodies and interferons different?

How can antibodies be used to detect human chorionic gonadotropin?

How can HIV stimulate b cells to produce antibodies?

How can you tell if a newborn with blood group o has antibodies for both a and b antigen?

How come some people produce antiphospholipid antibodies ?

How could PCR (polymerase chain reaction) be used to diagnose diseases?

How could polymerase chain reaction detect bacteria and viruses?

How do the t lymphocyte and b lymphocyte work together to enhance immunity?

How does anti DNA antibody come from lupus?

How does bordetella pertussis affect peptide hormone response?

How does HIV first infect the body on a molecular level?

How does secretory IgA (immunoglobulin a) prevent infection?

How does the t lymphocyte and b lymphocyte work together to enhance your immunity?

How fast can you create antibodies?

How is recombinant DNA be to develop a vaccine?

How long does the cytotoxic t cell response induced by rabies vaccine last in the host?

How many different ways can a pathogen be detected? Is 1 way better then another for all pathogens? Example: antibody-antigen-dna/rna-proteins..?

How many have been found to be immune to hiv?

How many types of pcr(polymerase chain reaction) available?

How many types of pcr(polymerase chain reaction) is available?

How much time does it take for antibodies to toxoplasmosis form?

How much time to develop antibodies after exposure to Rh antigen d?

How small is the so called "small" risk of acquiring something bad from hepatitis b immune globulin (hbig) used as HBV pep (blood-derived product)?

How to measure anti-dna antibody using farr assay?

Hsv early antibodies can appear in few weeks. "aged and mature" antibodies can take up to 24 months what does "aged/mature" antibodies mean exactly?

I am Rh positive i was told that my body developed antibodies? What does this mean?

I am Rh positive i was told that my body developed antibodies. What does this mean?

I developed antibodies in my blood. Why?

I had a positive lupus antibody and was told I would need lifelong warfarin. Is this safe?

I have antibodies in my blood I'm O+ labs can't identify my antibodies I'm 31 weeks this is my 3rd Pregnancy can anyone explain docs have no idea why!

I have time of antibody developement after exposure to Rh antigen d, how can I treat this?

I read that there are nmda-like receptors in the epidermis. Would the anti-nmda ab test show antibodies to receptors in skin?

I was told from my allergist that my body is not making enough antibodies. Something about titers and TTV23? He is prescribing me a refrigerated vac

I was wondering is anti-theophylline antibody monoclonal or polyclonal preparation and why?

I'm curious of where crucell antibodies come from?

If i've already had a disease and will I have the necessary antibodies to fight it again?

If the rabies antibody titre is >0.5 iu/ml which is considered protective, is it enough to protect any amount of rabies viral load entering the body?

If we used identification by API, why do we now need serotyping?

If you made a customized microarray with no limitations-How would you rule out all known Pathogens. DNA,Proteins,Antibodies/Antigens. What else?

If you were to help someone out who was in a bind would it be a boomer?

Ige=5, tryptase=3, histamine release=16% and histamine and ana=negative on blood work, are these normal? An does it clear me for a mast cell disease?

In an antibody response which type of antibodies are first produced.?

In what ways are antibodies released in the human immune response?

Internist said, Im in the immunotolerant phase hepB, should I go through immunoactive phase or directly to Non replicative phase? Do i need treatment?

Is a CD19 antigen result of 9% in lymphocyte phenotyping not too low? If so, what can be the cause?

Is erythroblastosis fetalis is an example of autoimmunity or isoimmunity?

Is immune globulin antibodies a injection or iv?

Is it possible that our body creates antibodies against hepatitis?

Is it true that Intravenous Immunoglobulin or IVIG can also cure Human Papillomavirus? (HPV)

Is it weird to develop the human leukocyte antigen naturally?