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hi docter ,i have A1B NEGATIVE Blood group my boy friend has A1B positive blood group can we marry?

A Rh positive blood type?

Am a rhd negative and baby is rhd positive blood group. What blood group is the dad if baby is o positive and mum is o negative?

An rh-positive baby is suffering from erythroblastosis fetalis. Why would an exchange transfusion be performed?

Anything you can tell me about Rh negative blood type?

Are you ab negative or o negative to be universal donor ?

At 27 weeks pregnancy i had a blood test for rhesus c. They found cold antibodies. They say this can do no harm to my baby, but what does it mean for me?

Baby is Rh factor positive. Is that good?

Both my son and i share the same blood type, a rhesus negative. Is all a rhesus negative blood the same or are there different sub-groups?

Can a blood group a positive mother and a blood group b positive father give birth to an o positive child?

Can a child have a negative blood type if both of her parents are o positve?

Can a couple who both have o negative blood type have a child that has o positive blood?

Can a father with a o positive and a mother with a ab positive make a kid with a a1 positive blood type?

Can a father with ab positive and a mother with ab negative have a b positive baby?

Can a O negative blood group father and a A positive mother have healthy children. Does the mother require any shots during pregnancy ?

Can an HIV positive child be born to an HIV negative mother, such as if the mother's test was wrong?

Can an o positive mom and o negative dad have a b positive child?

Can being Rh negative affect my current pregnancy?

Can i work out who's the father of my baby without doing DNA test?

Can O positive AS marry a B AS?

Can parents of blood group o positive give birth to an as positive baby? And if this happened, what could be the potential causes?

Can parents of blood groups o positive and b positive respectively give birth to an a positive baby?

Can parents with O positive and B negative blood have a child with B positive blood?

Can RH positive blood type and RH negative blood type have anything to do with a miscarriage?

Can rho gam affect or altere the results of a (toxo) blood test two days later? Can a blood test affect or altere rho gam efficieny?

Can someone have o positive blood with a Rh negative factor if they had a lot of transfusions?

Can two parents with positive blood types have a negative blood type baby?

Cann oncofetal antigens be found in the mothers blood serum when she is pregnant? Then returning to normal after?

Could RH neg mother carry RH pos father's baby to term? With shot given and 2 miscarriages? What's the possibility?

Could you tell me if premee baby is o positive and need, blood , does it have to be CMV negative?

Do all negative blood types automatically have a negative Rh factor? (if you neg on one are u neg on other)

Do I need anti-d injection if both parents are rhesus negative?

Docs, could a man of blood group o positive marry a woman of blood group o negative?

Docs, could a o positive mother and an o negative father have a child that is Rh negative?

Does a positive blood test for Down syndrome mean my baby will be born with it?

Does the baby get anemic if it is neg or pos with the Rh factor?

Does the mom suffer any effects of ABO incompatibility?

Father has o positive blood mother has o positive rhfactor blood child was born with b positive blood how can this be?

Father has type A pos mother has O pos child has B pos is this possible?

Had a Rhogam in injection in January. In March (9 weeks later) I had INDIRECT ANTIGLOBULIN TEST and tested positive. Is this because of the rhogam?

Heard that a lot of spaniards have Rh negative. Why?

Hello sir, my blood group b positive my boy friend blood group a1b negative can we marry?

Hi doctor hope that you are doing well. I have ab positive blood group and my girlfriend has ab negative blood type can we marry?

Hi doctors !what is Rh disease is good or bad for a man to be Rh b negative , what is antigens ?

How can you treat ABO incompatibility if you want to do a home birth?

How common is having blood incompatibility during birth?

How do doctors determine transfusion reactions, ABO compatibility, Rh incompatibility?

How do you know for sure if a fetus is Rh sensitized?

How healthy are children from a rhesus positive mothers and rhesus negative fathers?

How successful is rhogam for ABO incompatibility?

I am 0 positive and my husband is A negative what will our baby's blood group be?

I am A rhesus negative blood type and my newborn is rhesus positive. Does that mean that the father of my baby must be a positive blood type?

I am b positive and my wife is o negetive, what be ours baby's blood?

I am O but not sure if positive or negative, my father is O & my Mother was AB-?

I am o negative, and my husband is o positive. What will be our baby's blood type?

I am o positive. My husband is ab negative, how can this affect baby?

I am Rh negative husb. is Rh positive,i had undeveloping pregnancy 7week,after miscarry i didnt have Rh antibodies,is Rh or thrombophil cause of loss?

I am Rh positive i was told that my body developed antibodies? What will happen after that?

I am rh- and my boy friend is rh- so will my babys indirect Coombs test came back positive?

I have been having recurrent miscarriages.I tested weakly positive for lupus anticoagulant. Can I have a successful pregnancy on baby aspirin?

I have cyst nd my gyni says that i have negative rh factor and my husband has positive rh factor so does this rh factor effects on conceiving?

I urgently need help regarding some blood test results of my girlfriend. ABO blood group test value- O rh o(d) factor- positive. pls help?

I want to know how do you know a baby is yours by blood type like if your mines was o negative and the female is a positive does it make a o positive baby

I`m pregnant, have rh-positive blood type and Coombs test is positive. It`s my second pregnancy, in first i had negative coombs. Will my baby be ok?

I'm 29 weeks pregnant w/ my 3rd and have the RH factor. At 28 weeks blood was drawn and they said it showed negative antibodies, what does that mean?

I'm rh negative with antibodies and want another baby. My blood type is O negative and so is my husbands. Will I be able to have a successful pregnanc?

If a baby is HIV positive and got it from the dad of the baby will the mum be HIV positive as well?

If a fetus has an Rh negative mother and an Rh positive father, will a miscarriage occur?

If an rh-positive baby is suffering from erythroblastosis fetalis. An exchange transfusion is performed, why?

If an rh+ baby needs a blood transfusion, can he accept blood from both rh+ and rh- people?

If I was rh-sensitized during a pregnancy can I still be a blood donor?

If I am a negative blood type, can I receive o positive?

If I am pregnant and have a negative Rh factor and my child has a positive factor. What does it mean for us?

If I develop Rh isoimmunization, how will it be treated?

If I have Rh negative, could my baby be Rh negative?

If mom is RH neg and dad is B pos, what should the offspring blood type be?

If mother has type o positive blood and newborn has a positive can it cause a crossover causing hemolysis or jaundice?

If mother is o positive and baby is a or b postive, how many will test postive for direct Coombs at birth? My Son did but didn't have jaundice.

If mothers blood group is rhs O neg and baby blood group is O positive what would the fathers blood group be?

If my ABO group is A and my RH group is positive does that mean my blood type is A positive?

If my blood group us O positive what blood group is my parents?

If my blood type is o positive and my husband is o negative can we have a baby that is o positive blood types?

If my parents have a and o positive blood types. Is it possible for me to be ab negative?

If the baby's father is Rh negative, should he get rhogam?

If the father of an unborn child is Rh negative what does that affect?

If you don't know the babys father, how do you check the Rh factor of the baby when you are Rh negative?

If you have a Rh negative father and Rh positive mother, is the unborn child at risk? Can it complicate the pregnancy?

If you have an RH negative blood type, it's not your first pregnancy are you more likely to miscarry?

If your blood type was always o- but the du was positive and you received a blood transfusion of o positive blood, what actually are you: o negative or o positive?

Im Rh negative and the baby's father is Rh positive so what do we do?

Is it common to have RH 0 Du Kell +? Should I be worried?

Is it more common for people to be Rh positive or Rh negative?

Is it ok for a b-positive blood type person to marry a rhesus negative person?

Is it possible for 2 parents to be rh-positive and have a rh-negative child? I know my grandmother was rh-negative, but no one else since, for 3 generations now. I am o positive, but my child was rh-negative. We so desperatly want and or need answers. We

Is it possible for an a negative blood father and a b positive mother to have an o negative child?

Is it possible for an rh-neg baby to become sensitized at birth and build up antibodies if the baby's mom has rh-positive blood?

Is it possible to have an HIV negative baby if the mother is positive?

Is it possible to have both parents with o positive bloodtype, but their child have o negative blood type?

Is it possible to have child with Rh negative blood if both parents have blood Rh positive?

Is it safe for a woman with B positive blood to marry a man with O positive blood?