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 0.9 Positive: > 0.9 The CDC recommends that a positive HCV antibody result be followed up with a HCV Nucleic Acid Amplification test what is this?

"HCV Qnt by PCR Interpretation:not detected (Ref interval:not detected)." Does person with above result have hepatitis C or is infectious to others?

05/05/2016 Siemens Advia Centaur hep C antibody result positive.08/10/2016 Abbott Architect (cmia) hep C antibody result negative.Who is telling truth?

2 repeat negative anti-hcv results, 5 inconclusive anti-hcv results but no symptoms. Do I have hepatitis? Doc referred me to hepatologist, necessary?

A non-reactive HIV test mean?

Advia hep. C antibody +,HCV RNA -. 3 months later Architect hep. C antibody -, HCV RNA -. 2 hep C Ab Verification tests-.Can above person donate blood?

Advia hep.C antibody +, HCV RNA -. 3 months later Architect hep C Ab -, HCV RNA -. 2 Hep C Ab Verification tests -.Is Advia hepC Ab test false positiv

After sgpt/alt test. Dr adviced me to have anti hepa vaccine.what does mean?

ALT/AST little increase ,HbsAg screening +ive and by ELISA its value is16.53.HBVDNA BY PCR is -ive. Now can I be vaccinated ??

Anti HCV antibody test result = negative, what it mean ?

Anti-body test hbcab positive, hbcab(igm) positive, hbeag negative. No alcohol, drink plenty of water with lot of vegetable, can I still go chronic?

Blood test for Hep A AB, total : positive Abnormal is ok ?

Can .o4 hep c test result non-reactive mean that I could have the virus and my body hasn't made enough Antibodies yet?

Can a flu shot cause a false positive HCV antibody screening?

Can chronic hep b with hbeag negative nd persistent ALT hbsag, DNA be called active carrier. Can it be functionally cured to inactive.Infected at 16?

Can hep c cause a false positive for thc?

Can hepatitis a cause me to test positive with mono?

Can I have unprotected sex with my wife who is HBsAG positive.. If I have HBsAG antibody titres more than 500..

Can i transplant kidny with negative HCV RNA (pcr) .And positive HCV anti body. Thanks?

Can someone explain the hepatitis C RNA test?

Can u please interpret what a-ab antigens mean and c-ab antigens mean?

Can you have a negative hep c antibody screen blood test but a positive viral load test?

CMIA 4th gen antibody screening test (not antigen) for hiv 1 & 2 @50 days is 0.15 non reactive.Is antibody screening without antigen accurate @7thweek?

Dengue ns1 antigen is non reactive but dengue igm is positive and igg is negative. what does this mean?

Diagnosed w/ Hep b in June, test results in Dec.(hepB-S-AG -Neg, hepB S AB Qual-Pos,hepBeAG-Neg,HepBe Anti-Pos,HepBCore Anti-Pos. Viral <20. Recovery?

Doc said the 0.04 hep c result could mean it picked up antibodies in my blood antibodies to what? And that result doesn't indicate exposure.

Docs, could a patient be hiv, hepatitis and vdrl positive all at the same time?

Does a negative hep b surface antibody test mean I have no current infection?

Does a positive reactive HCV test with very high sco ratio and slightly elevated ALT most likely mean chronic hcv?

Does the hepatitis C antibody test test for antibodies in all the genotypes?

Dr I have HBsAG positive , hbeag negative and HBV DNA quantification results 3206 iu/ml liv function test are normal range any treatment available?

Elisa hbsag was negative in may 2013 befr my dnc.Now another lab test shows hbsag positive during blood test fr fertility treatmnt.can tis be true?

False positive hepatitis C test, what to do?

False Positive? HIV 1/O/2ABS-index value 1:14, HIV 1/0/2 ABS, QUAL Repeatly reactive. HIV 1 AB &HIV 2 AB NONREACTIVE.. confused.

For what HBSAg spot ELISA test taken ?

Generally, what causes HCV antibody screenings to be false positive? A recent one was "reactive" & I'm not in a risk group. Could it be inaccurate?

Got tested after 45 days, my results HIV-1&2 Antibodies-Non reactive.HIV-P24 Antigen-Non reactive.HIV DNA PCR-Not detected.Am I clear?please advice.

Haemotology report: HBsAG result:negative .Am i infected with HBV infection.

Hbsag negative at 6 months, hbv igm negative at 5 months and anti-hcv negative at 4.5 months are conclusive? Ps: alt + AST are normal at 5 months

Hbv +ve,My pcr hbv dna quantitative is 198,HBeAg -ve, Anti-HBe +ve, Anti-HBc IgM -ve, can you please explain the results& proposed treatment ?

Hbv DNA result, should I be scared?

Hbv DNA viral load result: 451.35 iu/ml (1895.67 copies/ml) HBsAG 4.441 and antihbs 0.10. What does this mean? Thank you!

Hbv present in dna. What should I do now?

Hbvdna levels down from 3520 iu to 1700 in 1 year.Normal alt, hbeag negative.Will i clear the virus?

HCV AK(Antibody) test result negative 25 days after possible exposure with normal AST/ALT liver enzyme values, means something?

HCVantibody screen is reactive with a low signal to cutoff ratio.2 con.HCV RNA PCR tests 2 months apart are not detected or negative.Does one has hepC

Hello doctor, assume, a man has lgv and test only c.Trachomatis IgG or c.Trachomatis pcr, should result come positive for chlamydia?

Hello these are my lab results got yesterday after tested positive for HBsAG 1 week back.Hbe ag neg, anti hbe ag positive & HBV DNA quant 570. ?

Hello, I took test for Hep A ( Hepatitis A ABS, TOTAL ). Result says REACTIVE . That means I have hep A ?! So why my doctor said its normal ?

Hello, I want to ask if i need a vaccine for hepatisis B if my Anti HBS is positive and hbs ag is negative, or do i need other tests too?

Help, m, 57 in suspense, qualitative HCV PCR result after three days, hep c antibody at 14 (cut off of 1). Alt, serum albumin, protein, CBC all normal.

Hep B surface Ab - positive, Hep BE antigen - positive, Viral DNA 2000 IU. Acute Hep B DX. Tests don't match the serology timeline? Am I in recovery?

Hep b surface ab results - my doc says a positive might not always stay positive?

Hep B Virus (HBV) DNA Qualitative (Detection) - COBAS TaqMan , Hep C RNA Detection by Taqman detection will be conclusive on 47 days? Any retest need?

Hep b, HCV ab and HCV PCR all negative 2 years post exposure but elevated gpt, got, GGT recently, i just want to keep ruling out viral hepatitis, could i ?

Hep c anti body 14 with cutoff of 1, but qualitative HCV RNA PCR says no RNA material detected. In notes says single test not enough . My alt, cbc, ok

Hep c antibody rest reactive, qualitative RNA PCR says no RNA material found. Do i need further tests or i can relax that I have cleared. ?

Hep C indeterminate result after 6+ months, 2 negative results, and inconclusive ones before that. Doc will not do pcr test. Do I Have hep c?

Hep C indeterminate result before 6+ months, 2 negative result within 6 months, 1 indeterminate last week. Doc will not do pcr test. Do I Have hep c?

Hep C non reactive result, then indeterminate, then non-reactive. I have no symptoms but may have been exposed. Results from last week are negative. Do I have the virus?

Hep-c test =positive and anti HCV antibody test result = negative what it mean ? And is it require to take HBV vaccination?

Hepatitis a antigen antibody test result, how to interpret it?

Hepatitis c (HCV) antibody is reactive. The hepatitis C Recombinant Immunoblat Assay(riba) confirmation test is non reactive.Is antibody false positiv

Hepatitis C (HCV) Antibody result is reactive.Hepatitis C Virus Antibody Verification test result is non reacitve. Is antibody result false positive?

Hepatitis c RNA test results - a negative means you have no disease?

Hepatitis profile test results for antibodies?

Hepatitisb titre drawn last week , results reactive greater than 9.99 .Had Hep series done over a decade ago. Should I repeat series again?

Hi Doctor, I did blood testing of Liver. the result are Anitibody anti HBe or Aniticorp anti HBe : Reaction Positive & Antigene HBe Reaction Negative.

Hi drs.My blood test for CMV DNA assay results-not detected, what does this mean., ?I hve hepatitis b.

Hi please help, hepb surface antigen positive, hep b surface antigen confirmatory negative, antibody negative and anti core negative.What does it mean?

How can you be negative for anti-TPO antibodies if they are detected, even if they are in the normal range? Does anyone have a value of 0 for these?

How did it happened to have a hepatitis b postive non reactive result?

How do you read the results of a hepatitis C ab test?

How much time after virus b exposiure to be detected by hbc ab test?

How often do false-positive results show up on hepatitis C tests?

I did a blood test, HBS-Ab is 364& it said under 9 is negative,and HBS-Ag is negative,I took just one shot hepatitis vaccine 9years ago,Am I positive?

I Had a blood test & everything negative except the hep c ab w/refl to hcv rna, qn, pcr signal to cutoff the result is <1.00 what does that mean?

I had a hepatitis C ab test and I don't know how to read the results?

I had a titers test done & on the hep b surface ab it says reactive nr, what does that mean?

I had my laboratory test and my anti-hbs result is positive..Does it mean that I have a hepa b?

I had the tests done because of a mild fatty liver.Plz interpret my results: anti HCV ab test = non- reactive & HBsAG (chimiluminescence)= negative?

I had the tests done because of a mild fatty liver.Plz interpret my results: anti HCV ab test : non- reactive? Hbsag (chimiluminescence): negative?

I had the tests done because of a mild fatty liver.Plz interpret my results: anti HCV ab test = non- reactive & HBsAG (chimiluminescence)= negative?

I have a "positive abnormal" hep a ab, total result. Do I have it & what should I do?

I have a positive antibody but a negative HCV RNA virus c genotype 4 after one year same result i didn't take any medication before or now ?

I have all the symptoms of HIV but i tested (-) for it… my dr tested me for hepatitis b, dsdna, and ld. I had a positive ANA 1.80. Any other tests?

I have an AST of 21 and and ALT of 84. Should I be concerned? I test negative for hepatitis.

I have HBsAG postive and HBV DNA is 1926 iu/ml, hbeag negative , anti hbe reactive..From 6 months..What is my future?

I have positive result for hbs ab and negative for hbc ab total. Do i need to make any more test to assure negative virus b ?

I just got my result on HBV VIRAL LOAD and is 40 iu/ml HBV DNA LOAD is 233cp/ml. what does this mean. Thank you.

I take a hepatitis profile test and the result is nonreactive. What does it mean?

I tested neg HCV ab, neg rna"quantitative"pcr 2 times, 6 months apart after exposure, do I still need the"qualitative"cus iam diagnosed with fatty liver?

I tested negative for hep b antigen after 100 days french kiss exposure and positive for antibody 70 QN due vaccination baby is it conclusive thanks?

I took a HCV RNA test. My doctor said that the virus is not replicating. Does this mean i'm cured or it's hibernating?

I was tested for HCV and the doctor said I was positive, then retested me that day called me back in three days later and said this one undetectable?

I'm a hept b carrier. Recent blood test shows hbe ag reactive. What does it mean?

I'm hebs ag negative with a high anti hbs antibody from vaccination. This week's test was reported as hebs ag detected with anti hbs antibody of 513 miu/ml. Lft normal....Scared....Lab error?

Iam negative hiv, hep a, b and c after 2 years post exposure, but i found out I have a low lymphocyte count, could my reults be false negative ?

Im hbsag positive, HBV DNA not detected,Eliza values0.040 non reactive what does it means?

Immunochromatography rapid antibody test negative @42 days.Blood serum CMIA screening [email protected] days(7th week) is 0.15 non reactive. Results conclusive?