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I got a blood test for Hepatitis B antigen & antibodies. I was on my period during the blood testing and was wondering if it will affect my results.

34 weeks pregnant.AST=33,ALT=52; Hep A positive; Hep B and Hep C negative. will my baby get infected? what will be complications in pregnancy?

4 mnths ago I had a blood Exposure. took Hep C acute ab at 3months and Hep B core Ab Igm and HIV 4th gen at 4 months post all neg.Can I move on?

After 5months of complete hepatitis a&b vaccine i went to check my blood its has 265miu/mL but now after 9months i check my blood only 13miu/mL. Why?

After a blood transfusion, and you end up with hepatitis c, is it possible to still have it even if you don't show symptoms after 22 years?

After last dose of Solvaldi/Riba treatment for Hep C, when should one get their first blood test done?

Age: 24 Place: Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have been carrying Hepatitis B for 4 years. 3 is there any hope for me to make HBV positive to negative?

All blood work was normal but hep c was positive. Can I still have liver cancer?

ALT 65, Hep B, C Negative with other Liver test normal. Doc advised Syrup Silliver. What disease i have? Doc did not tell me & directed not to worry

ALT 66 with other Liver tests normal & Hep B & C negative after being on Iberet Folic for a month. What it may be?

Alt was elevated, so got tested for hep. Will i need to test again for hep after a certain period of time or would that test alone be conclusive?

Any advice? I have just found out I have got hepatitis b, how long can you have it in your system (body) before it shows up in a test?

Are hepatitis b and c tests accurate after 10 days of possible exposure?

Are the HIV and hepatitis C tests accurate?

Been taking baraclude (entecavir) for 4months for hep b. I have now tested pos for the antibodies. Dr says that means i'm clearing the virus. Is that true?

Blood tested and I am not immune to Hepatitis B. Does that also mean that I don't have Hepatitis B or is that a different test?

Blood work came back abnormal on liver . retook test to check for hepatitis a b c. No hepatitis. I don't feel sick is abnormal blood work normal?

Can a coinfection of hep c and HIV delay window period for both.I'm negativ at 19 weeks for HIV and negative 13 weeks hep a,b,and c.ars like symptoms?

Can a Hepatitis B test tell whether the antibodies detected are just from the virus' vaccine, or if they're also from an actual Hep B infection?

Can a hepatitis test by my doctor show any kind of hep, including alcoholic hep?

Can a person get completely cured of hepatitis b once his viral load is constantly negative and his HBsAG and hbeag is negative?

Can chronic lyme disease cause your blood test to be post for hep c?

Can hep c cause a failed drug test?

Can I be on the eligible blood donation list after a false positive test for hepatitis c?

Can i get a kidney if HCV positive?

Can I test neg to hep b virus n test positive to hep b antigen? And why

Can someone tell me how long will it take to show hepatitis C rna?

Can the doctor find out if one has a hepatitis virus through a blood test?

Can u get a "false"positive twice for hep c when getting your blood tested?

Can you get proctitis from C. diff, and what PCR testing should be done on Toxin A or B or both?

Can you mask hepatitis b so it wont show up in blood tests?

Can you tell me how long can you have hepatitis b in your body before it shows up in a test?

Can you tell me how the cortisone affects on virus c test result?

Can you tell me if i'm getting tested for hepatitis c/antibodies does it also test for thc?

Can your titers for hepatitis b change from negative to positive right after the shot?

Could hepatitis b positive ever become hapatitis b negative?

Could you tell me what are doctors testing for when they do a hepatitis b test?

Do hep A, B, C delay antibody development during window period, or what might cause it to develop slow?

Do I need to be tested for hepatitis if back from india?

Doc, I am a hepa b positive.. Is there a chance of curring it? Is there a drug for it?

Doctor recent my blood test shows positive for hepatitis b surface antigen is this can be treated completely please reply?

Doctor suggest me semen test for c/s including MIC values.Is this test can able to find c,trachomatis infection?

Doctors, what are the chances of a false positive for hepatitis b?

Does a routine blood test check for HIV and hepatitis?

Does hepatites a, b, c could be detected in sgpt blood test ?

Does the hepatitis C test turn positive as soon as you catch the disease?

Every year tested neg.For hep c.. Is it possible that you can have it and it does not come up on blood work?

Exactly when did bloodbanks start screening blood for hepatitis b?

Exactly when did bloodbanks start screening blood for hepatitis c?

Father is at the hospital.. Doctor said it's not hepatitis a, b or c.. But until now it's getting worse..everyday he is having a blood test.. :(?

got negative HEP C RNA test (lower limit 15 IU/mL) Oct 16 after year inconclusive antibody results. Treatment, further testing or follow up needed?

Had 4 units of blood transfused during c hyst. Never checked again for hep or hiv. Should I now?

Had an encounter with someone unknown HIV/HEP c, briefly made out for 2 seconds, 2 n 6 week tests negative. should i still be worried? i have anxiety?

Had Hep A when small. Would that delay seroconversion? Negative 4gen and PCR HIV at 5 months, including Hep B, and C and other STDs. No more testing?

HBSAG & Hep B E Ab is mean to say that after 3 shots it will not affect me and my baby right??

HC worker. 1992 Hep B vac, 2004 titer & booster. 2012 labs hep B neg. Labs done last wk; now told that Hep B test is positive?? How can this be?

Hello , can Anti HAV IgG be possitive in blood test, if i have passed C hepatit ? or this has been real A hepatit ?

Hello Doctors, i recently performed Hepatitis B surface antibody test and the results came out "reactive", is it something to worry about that?

Hello I am mahmoud libya suffering from epidemic hepatitis "b" and i can send you the test results. Can you help me.

Hello, I went to my doctor today to receive my Hep B AB Titer results and it was negative, non-reactive. What exactly does this mean? Should i worry?

Hello, I have lot of C hep symptoms. I toll analysis on HCV RNS one, two, three and 4 months after expose. All HCV RNS negative. Why are the symptoms?

Help please? I want to know what are the chances in a false positive for hepatitis b?

Hep c tested yesterday for routine matters. Came back + low levels detected possible false +. Did viral load and repeat hep c ab twice both neg. ?

Hep c tested yesterday for routine matters. Came back + low levels detected possible false +. Did viral load and repeat hep c ab twice both neg. help?

Hepatitis b blood test non conclusive..What does that mean?

Hepatitis b blood test shows both anti-hbs (i was vaccinated 13 years ago) and hbsag. Does that mean i was recently exposed or that I am chronic?

Hi, Does 55 ALT test mean you have Hepatitis? Thank you,

Hi, i am 27 years old (male). I had hep b in 2003. I had symptoms like jaundice and got admitted into a hospital. After doing hbs-ag and other tests ?

Hi, Can recent hepatitis A,B vaccinations result in elevated ALT, AST? A month previous received negative result for HepABC in prep for the vaccines.

Hi, im wondering if you get checked for hepatitis b and it's clear does that mean you don't have hepatitis c? or do you need a seperate test? Kind Reg

Hoping you can tell me, is hep b test standard procedure when you are checked after having been sexually assaulted?

How accurate are antibody tests for Hep. A B and C?

How accurate is the blood test for hepatitis a, b and c?

How can I detect I am having hepatitis onset?

How can I make the test for hepatitis C -ve so that I can work in sex trade?

How come I am negative for hep c after treatment?

How common is sexual transmission of hepatitis C?Had RNA test with lower limit of 15IU/ml, negative, never did drugs only sex w/multiple partners.

How do doctors test for hepatitis d and b?

How do I get testing for hepatitis b?

How do they test for the different strains of hep b?

How do you get tested for HIV and hep c? Is this through blood work only or can u have it done with a pap test?

How does HCV relate to pregnancy?

How likely u will catch hep b from kissing and you are immune and your titer above 10 and when it's a good time to test for antigen conclusive? 3month

How long does hep c antibodies take to be made? Is a test accurate at almost 5 months?

How long for a retest for hepatitis a, b, c , syphillis , hiv? Thanks

How long is it supposed to it take for hepatitis b antigen to become detectable in one's blood?

How long would it take from the time of transmission for the detection of hepatitus c in testing?

How much of blood can cause someone an infection? Ex hep c?

How much time after possible infection does hepatitis b or c show up in a blood test?

How much time can you have hepatitis b in your body before it shows up in a test?

How much time will it take to show hepatitis C rna?

How often do plasma centers check for hepatitis b immunoglobulin?

How precise is the blood test for hepatitis b and c?

How rare is B Negative?

How safe is a titre test for hepatitis b for a 12 months old?

How should I consult with about my hepatitis b test result?

How soon after exposure to hep a, b, c would antibodies show up in blood? 3 months, 6 months...?

How soon after exposure to hep a, b, c would it show up in blood?

How soon after exposure to hepatitis a, b, c does it take for it to show up in blood?

How soon after hep c exposure can you be tested?