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A positive ANA of 1:80 titer Nucleolar pattern, 36 RF, 22 Sedimentation rate and a 3.0 hsCRP...could this be something?

rheumatoid factor <14 (0-14) Anti-CCp antibody 5- (<5) Antinuclear Antibody Titre HEP2 80-(<80) Antinuclear pattern : speckled low titre antinuclear?

(Biopsy DLE Inconclusive)ds-DNA Normal.Weak Positive ANA,ENA R Positive ANT RNP positive FBC &Urine Ok.Photosen,Rash face&Ears blister fingers... SLE?

+ana 1280. Dsdna 23 iu/ml (<40 is neg), other ENA neg. Not yet tested for histone. Have some symptoms. Is dsdna significant here? Developing sle?

1/80 + ana, dual pattern, speckled, centro mere. High aca centromere. High histone ab, igg. See sxs list. Recommendations? Other blood tests -.

2 positive ANA titres 1:160 speckled. All manual diff tests neg. Is this something to worry about?

2.5yrs ago rnp was 1.0, now 1.7. U1-rnp neg. And all other ENA results. No clinic symptoms. Why is rnp raising?

28/f. Ana pos 1:160, homogeneous diffuse pattern. Many symptoms of SLE. Should i ask for referal to rheumatologist or further testing?

4 tests in 2 years show low titer ANA no symptoms nucloelar ENA negative test now ANA negative so am i now in category of no autoimmmune disease?

4/5 results- test neg scl70, double stranded dna, ssa, ssb, smith rmp sederate, esr&crp norm, electrolyte/white/red blood norm.Again + ANA 1:160 centromer. What additional test to exclude scleroderma/crest?

8 y/o boy positive ANA 1:320, thyroid antibodies, persistent trace proteins in urine for 1 yr. Any suggestions?

A positive ANA 1;640 with all other panels negative ran by rheum dr what could this be? Could it b cancer? Cbc ok. Metabolic ok. Urine ok.

A positive ANA test 1;320 titer, with a speckled pattern... Does it mean I have an autoimmune disease...

Ab titer 1:40 speckled?

Ana + spec pattern titer 1:640. All labs ok. Lupus panel neg. Elevated sed rate. 2 rheum drs dismissed it. Anything else I should do? Cancer?

Ana 1:1280 nucleolar and complement C3 high. What does this mean?

ANA 1:160 homogenous, anti ssDNA 42, normal Rh factor, ESR, anti dsDNA , neg HLA B27. Tests due to severe joint pain- is this indicative of lupus??

Ana 1:160 speckled and cytoplasmic, have hashimotos, what does it mean?

Ana 1:320 , sjogrens sa sb antibody 3, scleroderm a ab 3, jo-1 ab&lt;1.0, extractable nuclear ab rnp 2, extractable nuclear ab sm 2, chronic rash fatigu?

ANA 1:320 Homogenous pattern, positive ssDNA, and chromatin antibodies 60 u/ml. Fatigue and joint pain. Is lupus a possibility?

Ana 1:40 speckled rnp 1.1 all other antibodies negative and all other results normal. Would I have lung involement with these tests?

Ana 1:640 alpha abnormal ana pattern=centromere... 6 months later ana 1:2560 rest same, next test ana 1:3560. went to RA & told no symptoms come bac?

Ana 1:640 double stranded end negative. A.Anything to worry about?

Ana 1:80 speckled, RA 12,70 ui/ml (normal <14ui/ml), C-reactive protein, VDRL negative. I´m female and 35 years old. Could be lupus?

ANA 1:80 speckled, SM, RNP, SCL-70 detected.Leukocyte, urate, alkaline phosphate,creatinine low. Albumin, triglycerides high. Pos HAV, HBV. Rhem. Neg?

Ana 12 profile it came back positive 1:40 speckled cardiolipin IgM 18.6?

Ana and anti ds DNA positive, but no symptom?

ANA by IFA positive 1280 homogeneous and speckled. ANA ELISA negative 0.7. ENA and compliments normal. Confused as to which is most accurate.

Ana direct positive ANA , ifa neg , rnp 2.3, CRP 5.4 ss-b2.7.Diag with lupus connective tissue and sjorgen all at once? Why 2 ANA tests different answ

Ana direct= positive, rnp= 1.9, crp=neg, sedr=neg, rf=neg, sm anti=neg, all other labs neg. Slight fatigue and mild joint aches. What does this mean?

ANA done and it was 1:320 finely speckled. The rheum said that the speckled part isn't good indicator of lupus and there is another way to do ANA??

Ana lab results of 8 (1:40-1:80) with homogeneous and speckled pattern. Extreme fatigue and bilateral joint pain. Rf neg.?

ANA level 1:2560 homogeneous. What does this mean?? Cancer?

Ana past 4 x's postitive but low titers 40, 80 and once 160 now negative what's that indicate?

Ana pattern was atypical speckled i know its more indicative of certain immune diseases but which?

ANA pattern was Nucleolar. Can gout or reynauds cause this pattern? Can u be neg & STILL show an Ana pattern? Ana titer was 1:40, Esr of 30.

Ana positive 1:32 speckled pattern negative tier.What does that mean? And could it be related to thyroid nodule in left lower lobe?Homogenous ?

Ana positive 1:640 speckled pattern. Tested negative for lupus . Serum protein ok. Sed rate elevated some. Cold hands & feet . Hair thin ..Up backpain?

Ana positive 1:80 homogeneous pattern & 1:160 centromere pattern...Additional tests needed or just by centromere pattern crest & scleroderma r present?

Ana positive 1.80 speckled pattern/dsdna also positive 36.1/ Ena negative. muscle/joint pain headache/chronic fatigue... likely to be lupus?

Ana positive 1.80 speckled, what does that mean?

ANA positive SSA SSB weekly positive SCL weekly positive RNP SM weekly positive. Any implications? What are the differential diagnosis? WaDoes it mean

Ana positive twice 1:40 speckled and again 1:160 atypical speckled and nucleolar what is the atypical speckled?

Ana positive1.810 with a homogenous pattern what does this mean? What could i have? Few family members have lupus 1 scleroderma

Ana screen positive, ANA titer 320, rash very often on face, nucleolar pattern. Any significance?

Ana test positive only for rnp. Rnp value of 2.5, normal range <1.  what does that mean?

Ana test results 1:320 mean? Speckled homogeneous

Ana titer 1&2 1:160, pos with homogeneous & speckled, ers 29, RA factor 7, aso <100, seg 65.2. Suffer from fatigue, sometimes have pain. Is this lupus?

Ana titer of 1:320, normal ESR and normal c reactive protein. Any ideas which autoimmune this is pointing to?

Ana titer value1:160 for 1and 2 with speckled and homogeneous patterns, RA factor 7, aso less than 100, ESR 29, segs 65.2. Is this lupus?

Ana titer with reflex to ifa of 1:320 and neg for antibody tests what does that mean? Pattern was speckled and homogeneos

ANA w reflex positive A direct 5 ; RNP antibodies 3.2 H. All other labs normal/negative. Rheumatologist says it's nothing, should I worry?

Ana was nucleolar ENA negative c3c and 4 low no symptoms does nucleolar always mean scleroderma I have no symptoms?

Ana went from 1:80 spck to negative, VHS went from 50 to 10mm in 1week. Negative anti-dsDNA, Antibodies to Ro/SS-A and La/SS-B, RNP and SM. Lupus?

ANF Titre 1:160; ANF Nuclear Pattern Speckled; Other tests on PM/SLE/SLE etc are all negative. What does it mean? thx

Anti centromere b antibodies mine were 0.2 out of 0.0-0.9. My rnp was 1.8 out 0.0-0.9. Should i be concerned that I have mctd? The rest of ANA normal

Anti nuclear ab titer 1:40 ANA pattern speckled?

Antinuclear ab: positive, speckled; titer to follow. Ana titer: 1:40 anti-dna (sle): < 4 iu/ml is this a positive blood test for sle?

Antinuclear body titer value: anti nuclear anti body pattern: speckled / titer: 80 (0 to 200) what means 80 (0 to 200) is a positive test?

Apparently anti ccp should be less than 5 mine is 5 my ESR is 25 all other tests are negitive rf, cro, ANA what does this mean?

Are antinuclear ab and thyroperoxidase ab related?

Aso result is 600 and ESR is 28...What does it mean?

Been having joint and muscle pain for over 2 years. Ana test came back positive, titer 1.8, pattern was positive. Lupus?

Biopsy DLE Inconclusive Weak Positive ANA,ds-DNA Normal ENA R Positive ANT RNP positive CBC Good (3 clinical)Photosen Rash Ears 250 Hair loss day DLE?

Blood tests showed high antibodies to: ana, ssdna, sm, rnp/sm, ssa(ro), ssb(la), scl-70, centromere. Is this likely lupus or a different automimmune?

Blood work done by accident. No symptoms. High ANA and Anti Centromere antibody. What does this mean?

Blood work: chronic low lymphocytes and monocytes, high ch50, pos ssa and ssb, pos. Ana. Meaning?

C reactive protein 0.81h Ana screen, IFA positive Ana pattern homogeneous Ana titter 1:80H What's wrong with me ?

Can hemoglobin electrophoresis detect lupus?

Can a MCTD diagnosis always change? I tested positive for ANA and Rnp

Can a person have mixed connective tissue disease with a positive ANA and low positive rnp levels?

Can a positive ANA (going up for years, now 1/640) be insignificant if other autoimmune markers are negative?

Can ANA be fakse positive even if tested 3 times in 1 1/2 years and still came up nucleolar no symptoms but ibs?

Can celiac disease cause a positive ANA with a centromere pattern 1:160 n homogeneous pattern 1:80?

Can Diltiazem cause a lupus titer of 1:320? I also have positive ana and homogeneous pattern. All other blood test were normal.

Can hashimotos cause a positive ana? My tpo is high right now and I have a positive ana. When i was diagnosed i also had high tpo but was ANA negative

Can I have Lupus if my ANA is positive, tired is 1:320 homogeneous diffuse, but ENA panel is negative. I do have some s/s?

Can I still donate blood if I have positive ANA with >1:1000 titre?

Can mold exposure cause a positive ANA of both speckled and nucleolar?

Can someone explain blood work: antinuclear ANA a ltd 40 1:40?

Can spongiotic dermatitis cause a weakly positive ana?

Can sun exposure for 15 - 20 minutes cause ANA to be positive ? And what about dsdna test does it show ANA positive too?

Can you explain what the following blood tests will show? anti ena id, dna ab ds+conf bld, ccp antibody igg, ana blood

Can you have lupus with completely normal bloodwork? ANA, ENA neg, Complement levels normal, CBC normal. ESR of 2 and normal CRP

Can you have osteoarthritis and even lupus with a low CRP and sed rate? I've tested positive for anticardiolipin antibodies.

Can you please explain ENA. Negative anti-CCP antibody 5 (<5) positive RF <14(0-14) antinuclear 80 (<80) a low titre is present?

Can you still have lupus if you have a negative ANA and normal sed rate?

Can you tell me what can ANA positive & rnp 1.1 mean?

Cardiolipin ab what does it mean?

Cardiolipin antibodies IgM and urine protein 72mg/l ? Ana negative.

Causes to results ? hsCRP=9.4; ANA Positive (speckled); Low ESR; ENA Negative; dsDNA Negative; ssDNA Ab IgG - PENDING. Big Toes &, wrists pain

Could a positive ANA 1;640 be a sign of cancer speckled pattern?

Could a positive ANA speckled 1:640 be from upper middle back pain? Lupus panel negative

Could celiac disease cause ANA positive 1:640 spec pattern and elevated sed. Lupus neg.. Serum protein normal ?

Could fibromalagia cause ANA positive? 1:640 speckled and sed rate elevated? Lupus panel negative

Could someone have lupus with homogeneous ANA 1:320 but elevated complement 3 and 4?

CRP 1.4, LYMPHOCYTES 18, SSB 2.7 POS, ANA NEG AND SSA NEG. Each time another blood test something else shows up positive. What could be going on?

DLE Biopsy Inconclusive Weak Positive ANA, ds-DNA Normal ENA R Positive ANT RNP positive .FBC &Urine Ok Photosen Rash face &Ears fingers consider SLE?

Do any of these lab reports mean anything: ANA 1:16?

Do I have lupus? Ana screen came back as positive/abnormal. Ana titers are 1:320. Dna test came back as normal. My mchc is low and so are my iron stor