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I'm 31 weeks pregnant. CMV IgG is 77iu, the reference range >1.0 is positive. CMV IgM is 1.52iu, positive also. How much the incidence of congen.CMV?

I'm 31 weeks pregnant. CMV. IgG is 77 iu, the reference range >1.0 is positive. CMV IgM is 1.52 iu, positive also. Do I need antivirus treatment ?

(hsv) 1+2 antibodies panel, IgG & igm, serum - results of IgG is 12.60(high)& IgM is 0.90 also hiv1/2& p24 combo test- non reactive , please help, ?

19 wks preg.CMV IGG reactive(>500) & CMV IGM nonreactive(0.248).anomaly scan show echogenic intra cardiac focus & echogenic choroid plexus. is it ok?

19month old, lab work Celicax AB profile, HX of diarrhea, all negative but t-Transglutaminase (tTG) IgG. 7 weak positive, what does this mean?

2 months ago i had ^ IgM results for h.Pylori, Lyme & HSV + strep b. Now after taking doxy & amox i still have strep, ^ IgM but no igg. Any ideas?

2 y.o has reoccuring infections and is always ill, shes failure to thrive. Labs show IgM 40mg/dl, IgA is 372mg/dl & igG is, 962mg/dl.Interpretations?

2 years ago i had lyme ab screen mildly elevevated but western blot all non reactive. Now im testing pos for igm 23 and igm 41. What does this mean?

2.8 oligoclonal bands IgG in CSF. Zero serum bands in CSF. Why does Mayo Clinic standards require 4 oligoclonal IGg CSF for MS diagnosis?

4/3/14 IgG HSV 1 4.37 6/6/14 IgG 0.18 an IgM titers have more than tripled? from 340 to 1:160?

64M,iga 161 (82-453) igg 669(751-1560 igm 29(43-279) no symptoms, do nothing, do you agree?

After 4/ 5 months is herpes IgM completely gone and IgG there?

After mono infection IgG stays + and IgM declines. But why would my IgG be 5.14 and IgM be 0.69 when in august IgG was 3.44 and IgM was 0.55. Curious?

After mosquito bites 2-3 weeks ago, I just had a test for West Nile Virus. IGG was negative (<1.30) and IGM was equivocal (0.99). What does that mean?

Alkaline Phosphatase 129 / C-Reactive Protein 13.2 / Ebv Nuclear Antigen Ab & Ebv Ab Vca, Igg >600 / Dr. says no worries but should I be concerned?

Am I herpes negative or positive? HSV 2, IgG result is 1/80 (Ref Range Negative is < 1/40), HSV I, IgG result is 1/80 (Ref Range Negative is < 1/40).

Anti thyroglobulin 14.4 u/ml threshold 115. Are these normal results?

Based on these test results, is it possible I currently have mono? EBV NA IGG: + / 4.2 EBV VCA IGG: + / 5.7 EBV VCA IGM: - / 0.2 EBV EA IGG: - / 0.5

Beta-2 glycoprotein i ab, IgM 48 high. What does this mean?

Blood test results say herpes ab type 1 iGg: 0.10 and herpes type 2 igg: 0.23 if I'm negative why aren't the numbers 0 why are they 0.10 and 0.23?

C reactive protein 22.02mg/dl.IgG blot positive IgM -ve.neutrophils 75.6%ESR this normal.having fever abdominal pain.not responding antibiotic?

Can a high IgM (189 mg/dL) be due to recent flu vaccine?

Can ciprofloxacin interfere with results of a igg, IgA and IgM candida blood test?

Can coming down with a cold around the time of an ttg IgA test screw up the test results?. My results were IgA =78 and igg= 94 . Positive for Celiacs.

Can LGV Chlamydia be detected by the Quest lab antibody test that checks for L2 igM igA igG for C. Trachamatis. Is this accur. For LGV at 5 months. ?

Can long term itp 10 years cause IgM mgus.Last 18 months have had alternating one time illdefined IgM kappa , next time polyclonal IgM norm IgM at 2.9?

Can seborrheic dermatitis cause a positive tissue transglutaminase IgA antibody, low level?

Can silent celiac be present if IgA and IgG are <2 (negative)? And causing neuropathy, w/high b12.

Can you have cvid if your IgG is 1320mg/dl? Iga is slightly low, Igm is 111.

Can you have hashimotos but th1 th2 immunity is balanced? My tpo is high but immunity test shows normal

Can you help me understand this result? Hsv-2 (Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2) Igg Ab, Serum ABNORMAL Herpes II Ab.(IgG): >8.0 ai

Can you please explain the following results HSV1 IgM Screen NegativeHSV2 Igm Screen NegativeHSV1 IgG Type Spec 14.14HSV2 IgG Type Spec 0.14?

Candida antibody IgM high 1.2. Candida antibody IgG high 1.9. Candida antibody IgA high 1.5. What does this mean? Yeast overgrowth?

Celiac disease? Biopsy needed?Endomysial AB IGA Negative,Gliadin AB IGA High=16, Anti-Gliadin IGG A B High=22, t-transglutanimaze IGG Normal 1.7, t-transglutanimaze igA Normal 3.1, IGA Normal 186

CMV Antibody IgG value 63. Will this affect the HIV window period? What does the value indicate? Thanks!

Cmv igG ab came at 0.76 (high) and HSV I IgG at 33.50 (high) everything else normal. Is this bad? Do I have HIV even tho I tested negative for it.

Cmv test shows that non reactive in IgM , reactive in IgG 128.4 can l know which organ infected and how to treat , my WBC is 3 from 6 months til now?

Confused by results bc had mono 15 yr ago.. Epstein barr VCA ab (igm) < or = 0.90 epstein virus VCA ab (igg) 3.51 epstein virus (ebna) ab (igg) >5.

Could an IgA of 4.3 be high? Linked to sinusitis?

Could leaky gut syndrome cause a western blot band 41 to be positive ?

Could use your help docs! my dengue IgM test came as positive. But my platelets is 5 lakh, what does it signifiy?

Could you explain lab results of my 15th month baby /RUBEOLA TEST/- IgG/text/ - Reactive,IgG/index/ -110.6 IU/ml /IgM/text/-Nonreactive,IgM/Index/0,2?

Could you tell me if elevated gliadin (deanimated) antibodies IgG and IgA mean zi have a gluten sensitivity?

Could you tell me why my hepatitis C ab, IgM read reactive a and the signal to cut off is 28.70 m <1.00 mean?

CSF IgG is 2.6, CSF Albumin is 28, CFS IgG/Albumin Ratio is 9%. Could this indicate MS or Lyme Disease if clinically the symptoms fit?

Cyclic citrullinated peptide ab IgG test result was 6 what does that mean?

Daughter has reoccuring infections and is always ill, is failure to thrive. Labs show IgM 40mg/dl, IgA is 372mg/dl & igG is, 962mg/dl.Interpretations?

Do they do confirmation test when"The signal to cutoff ratio for hep c antibody is 0.03", with "Anti-HCV Signal Cutoff ratios: less than 1.0 negative"?

Do you rule out aps if anticardiolipin antibody and beta 2 glycoprotein (both IgG and igm) are often elevated but in borderline and weakly positive range?

Do you think I should still be tested for HIV even if my immunoglobulin levels are normal?

Does a borderline positive ttg exist-my daughter is 7 and her ttg is 23. We are in canada where the ttg range is under 20.?

Does a Hepatitis A Total Antibody test look for IgM antibodies or IgG antibodies? Or does it look for both? Does it differentiate between the two on the results?

Does a HHV-6 Antibody IgG antibody level of 45 with low WBC (3.0) indicate a possible active infection, or simply that I've had HHV-6 before?

Does anticardiolipin IgM (115ug/l) x 3 have any significance when it is rasied on its own? LA Positive but beta glycoprotein & other antibodies neg

Does positive saccharomyces cerevisiae IgG mean crohns?

Does prior radiation therapy cause IgG and lamba spike in bloodwork.

Does raised immunoglobulin m (igm) mean I have some disease?

Does ringworm mean my immunity is low?

Does strong and weak immune system and antibodies can show a different result for the HSV 1&2 and chlamydia? Girl (+) hsv2 IgG & chlmdia igg, boy (-)

Does VCA IgG value 77.1 u/ml and EBV IgM value less than 10 shows current Epstein Barr Virus infection?

Dr said i had mono this summer. Igg was 4.44 which still showed high. Early IgM was o.28 and nuclear was 8.43. By aug my IgG IgM increased ?

Dr toxoplsmosis igg was negtve and igm was borderline(value 1.5) the result will raise later or will be same?After 6 months the infection will raise??

During reactivation, HSV IgM goes +ve but whether HSV IgG level goes down or high or stays the same value ie IgG value produced during primaryinfection?

During reactivation, IgM +ve but whether IgG level goes down or stays the same value ie IgG value produced during primary infection or goes higher.

EB VCA IGM < 36 (0-35.9 range), EB EA IGG < 9 (0-8.9 range), EB VCA IGG 300 (0-17.9 range), EB NUC AGAB IGG 454 (0.0-17.9 range). last 2 too high?

Eba igg+, igm -, vca igg+, ea-d igg +. Oncologist.confident with reactived mono. Ct scan cleaned. Still having symtpons 2 months later. Concerned?

Ebv ab VCA IgG <8 & EBV nucleaer antign ab IgG 4.2.High. Extreme fatigue, uri, temp. Is elevation due to mono 35 yrs ago or reactivation of virus?

EBV ab vca, igg level 157 and ebv nuclear antigen ab, igg is 208. Normal 0-17.9. What does this mean.

Ebv capsid ab IgG 1:580. Positive ccp antibody igg, sed rate, high RDW and mpv on cbc.Liiver alt, AST elevated. Any ideas?

EBV early antigen Ab, IgG <9; EBV Eb, VcA, IgG >600; EBV nuclear antigen Ab IgG 108. Diagnossed with CAEBV infection. Does this sound right to you?

Ebv IgM 1.3 IgG 1.5 ea 0.2 na 0.2. Dr states acute/new infection but i was told i had mono as a teen?

EBV IGM neg, EBV AB IGG 2.93, EBV EBNA 2.91. WBC high 11.2, Dr. said I had mono. Absolute Neutrophiles 10237, A. Lymphcates 795, A Monocytes 146.

Ebv nuc ant igg=157/early ag igg=12.7/ebv VCA igg=112/ebv VCA igm=10.6. What does this mean? I am having pain left side? Spleen?

Ebv panel. Ebv nuc antigen igg=157, early ag igg=12.7, EBV VCA igg=112, EBV VCA igm=10.6. Please explain. Concerned about spleen. Symp=fatigue/fog?

Ebv virus blood work shows IgG over 8.0?

Ebv/ab IgG 366.0(0-21.9), ebv/ab nuclear 599.9(0-21.9), ebv/ab IgM 10.0(0-43.9), ebv/ab early 5.0(0-10.9). What does it mean? Anything to concern?

Ebvab VCA IgM <36 (range 0-35.9), ebvearly antigenab IgG 37 (0-8.9), ebvab VCA IgG >600 (0-17.9), EBV nuclearantigenab IgG 409 (0-17.9) mono? No mono?

Elevated EBV ab VCA IgG <8 and EBV nucleaer antigen ab IgG test 4.2. & anti-dna(ss)igg ab qn ( 119)& c react protien(5.6) what are implications?

Epstein-barr tst rslts - what do they mean? Ref rng <0.91, VCA ab in rng, VCA ab IgG 4.46 out +, nucl ag (ebna)(igg) >5.00 +, cyto ab (igg) 3.91 +

For how long is CMV contagious? I have CMV IgM 86.50 IgG 60.5 but i no longer have fever. Also, can it erupt again in the future?

From LabCorp HSV 1 IgG type spec <0.91 HSV 2 IgG type spec 14.20 Meaning? Is 14.20 bad/high? Should I retest? No outbreak so far.

H.Pylori ab (igg) negative mean?

Had EBV reactivation in Nov, now IGM is - but IGG early antigen is high 42.4 (0-8.9). read this means EBV still active. What are possibilities?

Had torch test on march, toxoplms igg -ve and Igm was on borderline, now 16 weeks preg, do the borderline value can increase or will remain same for??

Has anyone had a high titer for anti-nuclear antibodies test and then had it drop back to normal and rise again?

Have a mutation for immune deficiency (CVID2/IGAD2) associated with TACI. Normal IgA, IgM & IgG but long history of severe infections. How to test it?

Have IgG and IgM for CMV but PCR not detected. Pos rmsf IgM neg igg. Bands in CSF mri/white matter foci. Many symptoms possible ms.. No real answers?

Hbsag & hav IgM (elisa)= +, hev igm, leptospiral igm, anti HCV & hb core IgM (elisa)=-, sgot & sgpt were 2332, 4874 initially.Now 52.9 & 186.1 my status?

Hello doc .my husband is dengue igg positive and negative for igm and ns1 ...theory state that igg has a recent onset and will persist for life?

Hello doctor, could an elevated IgA at 646 and IgM at 278 be an allergy to food, etc?

Hello, I need help understanding the results of my measles-immunity-blood-test. On the result sheet it is indicated that the normal value for both igm and igg is <9. My igg value is 24.7, which I presume means that I have immunity to measles . My igm val

Hello. My rubella igg is 416 and lgm is 0.3. Please help me what it means. Thanks a lot.

Help with blood results: EBV VCA IgG >8.0, EBV IgM neg. CMV antibody IgG 38, EBV NA antibody >8.0. Can it explain my body aches? Why or why not?

Hematol are historic bloods relervant?My IgM was always in normal range, then dropped below normal after h1n1 vaccination, never recovered low IgM =?

Hepa patient with IgG shows what?

Hepatitis b surface antibody result was 3.00. What can this mean if the reference value is 10.0-2000.0 miu?

Herpes 2 IgG lab result read 177.40 and herpes 2 IgM lab result read 0.18, how should I interpret this?

Hi I am male 48 u have high liver enzymes high igg and positive Ana twice igg 2126 a month after 2161?

Hi there, please help me the best you can to explain why my lab test for hsvigg/igm came back without a numerical scale. Says i'm + for hsv2 igg?

Hi, I just had my first known HSV outbreak which was Type 2 by PCR My IgM was 1.14 and my IgG was 3.68. Is this a newly acquired issue or an old ?