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Had a tooth extraction and bone graft 3 weeks ago. Yesterday noted swelling and pain. No redness or oozing from site. Possible food irritation?

i am 8 days post from impacted wisdom tooth extraction i still have pain at a 5/10 still having to use the oxycodone n ice packs is this normal ?

: "i have severe pain on my left temple. My dentist said a small piece of bone was left from surgery to remove a wisdom tooth... : "i have severe pain on my left temple. My dentist said a small piece of bone was left from surgery to remove a wisdom tooth.

#14 tooth implant w/bone graft procedure 8/13/13. Still have achy intermittent pain. Dds says XR & area looks ok. How long does pain last after implan?

1 month ago, I had 3 wisdom tooth extractions. Doc said 1 required more bone removal. That side still aches along w/ freq. headaches. Is this normal?

1 week since wisdom extraction,no pain or discomfort,everything is healing fine but I have an off bite & noticed left second molar shift.Is this ok?

11 days ago 2 teeth removed and bone graph. Face swelling gone but graft area swollen no pain-sore from swelling - I go to emerg? or call DDS Monday?

16 wk pregnant. Have cavity in lower wisdom teeth.Pain gone with antibiotics. Is it still advisable to extract the tooth now?

1wk after 16 teeth pulled. Still have extreme pain around 1 of remaining teeth, in lower jaw. Looks like receeding gum, not like that before surgery.

2 months ago my last molar removed (i have no wisdomtooth there) now the tooth above that is aching especially with pressure.will i lose it?:(

2yrs wisdom tooth pain, removed 4wks ago, still in extreme pain, x-ray normal no infection, little dry socket not over gum, still in this much pain?

3 days ago 4 teeth pulled for braces. Bone coming through at one site. Ulcer on gum above another site. Uncomfortable! Normal? No pain until yesterday

3 months post op le fort I, was flossing hooked the floss around upper teeth and pulled to remove plaque but it got stuck so pulled quite hard, could I have pulled the maxilla down?

3 week post wisdom removal, can chewing foods with bone near that area damage the jaw?

3 week post wisdom removal. Generally is it okay to brush hard, waterpik, eat anything and touch the surgical site?

3 weeks since bone graft and 3 wisdom extractions. Can we go to sauna and spa?

3 wks status post wisdom tooth extraction and several procedures. Still experiencing focused pain on left bottom of jaw radiates into gums and face.

3mm roottip left 4 yrs ago after extraction of infected #19 Pain now, can't find any infection in area. Does infection always show on CBCT & xray?

3yrs of pain cheek bone large, impacted wisdom tooth and cyst taken out, lump on cheek as gone pain little better, was told pain was in my ed, neglet?

4 days ago I had 20 teeth pulled and lower gum carved for dentures. Now have heart flutters and jaw joint pain. Is that normal? No previous health pro

4 days ago i had wisdom tooth extraction Now my half tongue tingling & numb + swollen My doc give medi Neurobion forte & Dexona 5mg plz suggest?

4 weeks since left upper wisdom removal and another upper molar removal plus bone graft. Is it adequate time to start chewing solid foods like nuts?

5 days ago I did wisdom teeth extraction my half tongue is swollen , numb,and trigly & feels like burning.. Is it signed of nerves damage or heal ??

5.5 months post op double jaw surgery was drunk and pushed upper jaw with tongue using all my force quite a few times, could it have moved at all?

6days ago had 2lower right molar extracted+bone graft done. Was put on antibiotics, painkilck, am swollen in neck is that odd?Was a diff extraction

8 days post-op simple wisdom tooth extraction. Sutures are out. Small hole left behind. How long on average for it to close? I've read it heals from the bottom up so to expel foreign matter.

9 days post all 4 wisdom teeth extraction. No pain/no infection. Can i start eating more normal food (not mush)? I do have fairly large holes.

A molar was pulled 2 years ago. Bone material would not hold in socket since a wall(s) broke. Is a 3D cbct needed to see is sinus augmentation needed?

After a lower molar tooth extraction surgery w/ bone graft & stitches, when can I go back to a physical job moving tables & chairs & doing stairs?

After dental implant surgery and my inferior alveolar nerve injured... I'ts been about 3 1\2 months and i'm starting to get some of the feeling back, ?

After having veneers done on my front teeth, i still have a lot of pain and discomfort. Will this eventually go away?

After wisdom extraction how fragile does the jaw become? 1 week post op, I pressed hard against jaw with hands, to see jawline. Can that damage?

All 4 wisdom teeth removed today under general anaesthetic. Bottom lip, chin & right side of tongue numb. Op finished at 9.30am. How long till normal?

All things being so-called equal, whom may be best at doing an upper molar sinus lift--prosthodontist, periodontist or oral surgeon?

Any advice? I have just got braces on for my upper tooth and how do I prevent ulcers?

Any medications 4 burning and pain in tongue from lingual nerve damage after impacted wisdom tooth surgery? it's been 4 months now. do steroids work?

Any medications for lingual nerve damage? I have got burning and pain in tongue for 4 months and 2 weeks (since my impacted wisdom tooth surgery)

Any risk from dental extraction & implant on front tooth # 26 with regard to nerves in the jaw. How likely dental nerve injuries.

Anything besides eating soft foods that can be done for tmj after wisdom teeth removal? It has been 2 months of pain& that's the only suggestion I got

Anywhey of getting good jaw line without surgery?

Are major complications rare after 72 hours in cases of molar extractions? Post op visit reported a good looking site, pink gums, good clot, pain min.

Are there any herbs or medication to help heal tongue paresthesia from wisdom tooth removal after 3 months of symptoms?

Are there any medications or treatment for lingual nerve damage from wisdom tooth extraction? I've got burning sensation and pain in my tongue and gum

Are there any medications/herbs/supplements that help heal lingual nerve damage from wisdom tooth extraction? I suffer from burning and pain in tongue

Are there any problems caused by a tooth extraction? I need to have a tooth pulled, but don't have the money to have anything else done. If i just leave the tooth pulled, without any other implants or work, could the empty space cause problems for my jaw?

Are there medications 4 burning & pain in tongue from lingual nerve damage after impacted wisdom tooth extraction?dovitamin B12 and omega3 heal nerve

Are there stages of nerve recovery after damage caused by lower wisdom tooth removal?

Are thereany medications for trigeminal sensory pain in left side face/head after horizontally-impacted wisdom tooth extraction & lingual nerve damage?

At endodontist appt had Ct 9300 of tooth 1, 2 and wisdom would part of my parotid gland be seen with this ?

Avn invade the upper&lower jaw bones (onj), out of 28 once healthy teeth 5 remain, 9 was extracted the rest came out on their own when will it end?

Back gum line of mouth has been very painful at times. Dental xray reveal may be a fx to molar so referred to endo. Could a fx molar cause gum pain?

Can a dental bone graft get rejected or infected, if put on top an extraction, pain after 11 days, on clindamycin day 5 but not going away.

Can a hurting tooth cause your lip to go numb? If so will pulling the tooth fix the problem. Or will it take time after till it heals & recovers

Can a periodontist usually determine whether there is a need for an upper molar area sinus lift?

Can an abscess return in the same place one was located before a tooth was extracted to remove it?

Can galileo x-ray 3d spot any minor damage to jaw near wisdom removal? Also can it spot any damage to chin?

Can i expect to have some minor pain and discomfort from time to time after a tooth extracted and buccal wall compromised? It has been 2 months now.

Can I go back to work and fly on a plane after a tooth extraction?

Can i masturbate 4 days after removal of wisdom teeth? not sure if i have a dry socket, right side pains a bit occasionally.. still have the stitches

Can oral surgeon x ray show if there is any damage to wisdom extraction sites and if the bone graft is going well? Going for second opion to surgeon.

Can periapical xrays show location of the lingual nerve in relation to the lower wisdom teeth? Are they ever used in planning wisdom tooth extraction?

Can sinus infection as the result of bad wisdom tooth removal job/ fracture cause spine infection? Is there barrier between spinal fluid and sinus?

Can the bone fragments that got into the sinus cavity during upper tooth extraction (& doc didn't tell you) lodge in the brain if you blew your nose?

Can the extraction of an upper back molar tooth without bone grafting that resulted in a sinus droop commonly lead to a TMJ disorder?

Can the Inferior Alveolar nerve be damaged from a tooth #18 extraction and cause constant pain? Thanks

Can the nerves that may be damaged in wisdom teeth removal control movement of facial structures?

Can u see if upper wisdom tooth rotated to palate without taking a new xray? Dentist didn't. Xray is from aug was straight doubting his judgement.

Can wisdom teeth pain affect face structure?

Can you have a sickle cell crisis in a tooth? My dentist states she does not see the cause of my pain in my lower back tooth on the right side.

Can you suggest a home remedy can I use to lower my blood pressure to have a wisdom tooth removed?

Can you tell me about numbness a week after dental surgery, should I be concerned?

Cancerous cyst removed with wisdom tooth 10 years ago, 5 years later TMJ had deteriorated on the same side. Would these issues be related? Im only 25.

Cavities in lower left & right 2nd molars. Extraction is cheaper for me. Is it necessary to replace them? Worried about supra eruption and shifting.

Coming up to 72 hours post lower wisdom tooth extraction and the pain is intense. Has been so for the full 3 days. Is this normal?

Could a cyst with an impacted wisdom tooth (upper) ly on nerves and give nerve pain.Thankyou?

Could my impacted top wisdoms tooth which has just cut through a couple of days ago be causing vertigo for the past week?

Could oral sutures usualy cause discomfort?

Could some 1 explain the actuall work carried out taking upper impacted wisdom tooth and cyst out. Thank's x?

Could wisdom teeth surgery have damaged my sinus? I had a sinus infection for six months afterwards and reoccurring problems ever since.

Dear doc I am 22 yr old male. I extracted one of my tooth due to pain.Now I feel pain in the very next tooth. It physically appears normal ?

Deep lesion in mouth on d cheek near the molar... Very excruciating pain... Can't eat or speak properly...

Dental implant 1-2-15Tens like pain was from ear to chin. Now chin only. Is it time for surgery or can I wait a few months? Does increasing vitamin B helps nerves. Implant is close, not touching nerve

Dental implant 9 months ago - pain when I eat on that tooth. As long as I don't chew on that side - no pain. Dentist thinks gum infection?

Dentist left part of tooth behind, is this classed as negligence? What should I do?

Dentist said wisdom teeth must come out, but I can do ea side in separate appts. How long should I wait for one side to heal b4 having other side done?

Dentist says nerve damage may have been done during wisdom tooth extraction half of tongue is numb, but is starting to tingle is this a good sign?

Dentist tried to remove the tooth nerve a month ago.Pain did not subside and now he says tooth needs mummification; placed a medicine., What is this?

Dentist yesterday AM for filling. Still hurts to open mouth & red/pain at the injection site of the local anesth. Is this normal, & for how long?

Do I have an infection in my wisdom tooth spot? I got my bottom wisdom teeth taken out about a month ago and my cheek/jaw is swollen again (kinda look chipmunky)- there was some extra pulling and drilling during the operation on that side and it's been a

Does Alpha Lipioc acid treat burning and pain in tongue from lingual nerve damage after impacted wisdom tooth surgery?

Does damaged lingual nerve from impacted wisdom tooth surgery heal itself as time goes on? I suffer pain &burning in tongue for 4 months.

Does minor tooth abrasions have to be treated or left alone?

Does removing the nerve from the tooth create bad breath?

Dull gum pain between #29 - 30. Xrays show no decay, minimal pocket , no bone loss. No bleeding or swelling. Contact is good but feels like food stuck?

Exposed bone lingual area # 31 post tooth extraction resulting in chronic pain?

Extracted my bottom left wisdom tooth. It has been a week and still experience pain on the extracted area and my ear. Missed antibiotics for 4 days.

Extraction site for first lower molar two weeks post op...No pain, etc., but sensitive to cold. Is this normal?

Face swollen up - upper right molar tooth surgical extraction. How many days until it gets back to normal? What can I do to help besides taking meds?

Feeling poorly through [email protected] wisdom tooth swollen cheek @pain in palate have to wait 4 sugery, or can I speed things up, what can I do?

Fillings on front teeth 03/12/15, local anesthetic, severe pain around nose.