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Why are my wisdom teeth hurt more at night then day. And the pain go away for a few mouths and come back again in a few months ? bye just want to know

Why are there teeth coming in at the back of my mouth?

Why do holes in my teeth hurt when sugar goes into them?

Why do I feel like i'm chewing rocks when i'm eating any hardish foods? I just want to not have to think hard about chewing. Got a tooth bonding front

Why do I feel like squeezing brows and grinding my teeth together?

Why do I feel only my back teeth touching and they don't even feel grooved into another. Also jaw joint is sore?

Why do I get chest pain whenever i chew gum?

Why do I get radiating pain/dull ache/nerve pain from my teeth when eating hot or cold, spicy food or even just being outside I have two crowns, one that always bothers me as its always sore and slightly inflammed. My dentist said i need to get my gums cu

Why do II feel like my gums in my back tooth is coming out? It hurts when II chew it looks like its peeling off.

Why do my bottom teeth hurt after working out? It's been several hours after and they still hurt!

Why do my bottom teeth hurt so bad? What could be the problem?

Why do my gums feel odd and throb after I run?

Why do my gums hurt during pms?

Why do my Moler teeth hurt so bad?

Why do my teeth and jaws hurt so bad when my sinuses act up? Is there anything I can do to prevent it?

Why do my teeth feel cold after going to the dentist?

Why do my teeth feel like they shifted?

Why do my teeth hurt when I breathe in?

Why do my teethhurt when i wake in the moring i close my teeth together the top and the bottom teeth touch and they hurt real bad it has been going on for about a month thankyou

Why do teeth hurt when its about to rain?

Why do the tips of my teeth hurt when im hungover?

Why does it feel one i can crack the roots of my teeth when i chew? Feel bite has changed because teeth feel more they are moving. Lot of backcontac

Why does it sound like my jaw is breaking when I bite down on an old crown? Not loose/feels ok.

Why does my back teeth hurt sometimes (last tooth on both sides), when I eat tough meat, usually during days when I have had about 4 hours of sleep?

Why does my bottom tooth tickle?

Why does my new filling hurt? I got a new filling last week, and starting about three days ago i noticed a constant dull ache coming from that tooth. It didn't feel like this when the cavity was there, and i've never experienced something like this with o

Why does my teeth feel so sensitive ? (sometimes when they are cold too) before and after i brush them . And a little sore

Why does my teeth hurt after getting a grill?

Why does my teeth hurt before getting a headache?

Why does picking at my gums hurt, but at the same time sort of feeling good? And is this bad for my teeth?

Why does the left side of my mouth still hurt after seeing a dentist and being on antibiotics for a month? cant see dentist cause they keep cancelling

Why is it that my teeth hurt and are so sensative all the time?

Why is it whenever i take a drag of my cigarette my bottom front teeth and gums tingle, why?

Why when i touch paper and other materials do I get a chill down my spine and my teeth hurt?

Wi feel weak and tired like run down. Also I have white gums around the tooth. Is this just teething?

Wisdom teeth extraction a week ago. Feeling is back. My tongue did get bruised but now theres a big lump and also stings badly when using toothpaste?

Wisdom teeth extraction. Just recently the back left spot aches and is sensitive. Is this normal? I got my wisdom teeth out in december and it is now april so i find the pain strange. It doesn't seem like the my molar is digging into the gum but the spot

Wisdom teeth removed 7 days ago Most of pain has been gone but my tongue is very swollen tingling & numb & feels like its doent fit in my mouth. Help?

Wisdom tooth extration, 3 days later and feels like I have a tooth ache. Can see a white ball looking thing inside. Not sure if its food wont come out?

Wisdom tooth is infected , seeing people later have bad breath can I chew gum on the other side or will the gum make things worse ?

Wisdom tooth ripping through gum. Hurts pretty bad. Feeling a little sick. And swollen lymph node behind right ear. Should i go to my dentist asap?

Wisdom tooth top right not in place feels like in my cheekbone could this be a cause for my dizzy spells aside from the anxiety it really hurts! ?

Wisdoms teeth site hurts and is sore 3 months after they were taken out... I can barely chew because it gets so tiresome. Please help?

Would it be common to feel like their is a lump in your throat after having 4 wisdom teeth pulled?