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Pressure in gums, teeth hurt especially when eating good, lingering pain, gets worse when I eat. Had wisdom teeth out April 1 what could it be?

Puss coming from gums if i press on it on one side teeth are bad weight loss?

Really bad and kinda weird pain after tooth extraction. What could this be?

Recently, my front tooth hurts when drinking anything cold what could it be? and how could i treat it?

Rushing while brushing my teeth and hit the very back of my throat extremely hard. Is this okay?

Seems like my impacted wisdom tooth is making me tired. Help?

Server toothache pain, tooth was filled long time ago and now gums are swollen and tooth pain feels like its from inside tooth and also pregnant.

Should extracted teeth be feeling better after 4 days or its normal for them to be getting more sore?

Should i be worried about a deep filling still hurting at cold/hot temperatures or after i chew gum? It's been a month. I floss daily to help it heal.

So my front tooth is broke and I keep gettingthis like spazzing throbbing sensation that scares me cause of my anxiety I'm sure it's abcessed normal?

Some sections of my gums feel gritty. ?

Sore gums at back left side i have no teeth there feels like tooth ache but no teeth had this for 5days?

Submandibular gland keeps hurting me and has for a while , I have got a cracked wisdom tooth that is getting removed ,could they be causing the pain?

Sudden urge to chew after tooth extraction. Is this weird?

Suddenly my tooth gives me a stab of pain when I bite down but doesn't hurt to the touch. it's an old cavity. not sensitive to cold or hot.

Teeth feel dull in the morning. Is this normal?

Teeth feel weird after flossing for the first time?

Teeth hurt when exercising hard what could this be? What to do when exercising so they don't hurt?

Temp 99.2. 2 right wisdom teeth comin in throat hurts to swallow can only eat soft foods lighheaded headache eyes hurt when rolled round started 7/23?

Terrible pain in my gums where wisdom tooth extracted 2 yrs ago. Red and swollen. Cant chew on that side without horrible pain. What could this be?

The back of my teeth have been overly sensitive lately. What should I do?

The gums behind my two front teeth just started swelling out of nowhere. They hurt, it feels like a massive headache in my gums. what should I do?

The left side of my mouth hurts constantly. Gums bleed when brush, teeth sensitive, I believe I feel the nerves in the pockets. Pain relief? Recommend

The other day I had a strange feeling in my jaw, every since I have pain in one said and I can't put my teeth together, I feel like teeth are to left?

The right side of my gums feel dry. When I rub it, doesn't hurt. But when I used to brush my gums would bleed just a bit but that stopped. ?

The skin from my bottom gums are hurting really bad. I thought it was my retainer but it's not because it still hurts with them on. What should I do?

There is a lump in my neck I have had bad teeth for years but here lately there is not one day that I am not in pain i still have my wisdom teeth but they are not crocked just pressing......In the last couple of days I have began to notice that my entire

There's a smell coming from my back teeth wisdom n they hurt what do I do ?

There's so much pain in my gums, teeth, jaw, and ears. It's so hard to eat. I have random pains all over my body. I'm really worried. What's going on?

There's so much pain in my gums, teeth, jaw, and ears. It's so hard to eat. I have random pains all over my body. What is going on? I'm really worried

They say that teeth move and shift over a period of years, is that why we don't usually feel them moving?

Today I had dental work done and the gums near my tooth r sore and irritated. I feel pain radiating in teeth on that side. Can that also be from gums?

Tongue web piercing is very badly swollen after a year of having it done to the point where i cant talk eat or drink so hurting my ears?? And the swel

Tooth #3 pulled 12/4 now #2 feels weird pressure no pain also have lump (feels bony hurts if pushed on) on gums of #3. Infection or just healing?

Tooth ache hurts really bad when chewing food, what should I do?

Tooth extracted couple of months ago. Now feels like something is in the gum. Bone, maybe? Doesn't hurt, but gum feels wrinkly, weird. Bone fragment?

Tooth feels cold, tingly yet very painful. I am going to the dentist tomorrow to have it checked out, so what will they do?

Tooth hurts real bad it's making jaw and all the way up to my ear hurt is this bad! Also stomach hurts but might be because took a lot of medicine ?

Tooth only hurts when I lay down?

Tooth pulled 1-6 started feeling sick 2 days ago mouth hurts and I have horrible pain behind cheeks all of a sudden not sure if related?

Tooth with small silver filling hurts bad like if nerve was exposed. Sudden sharp pains at random times. Mostly at night. Help can't sleep.

Toothache help please my bottom row last 2 teeth in the back hurts really bad when applied pressure like if i close my mouth or ea. Do you think you can help me

Two teeth/gum on my upper left mouth feel weird. It kind of feels like there is something stuck, however when I chew gum or eat the feeling goes away?

Very bad toothache , unable to get to dentist, pain making me sick and faint?

Was headbutted on mouth by toddler, no pains or aches. Tooth feels completely normal.I heard a tooth will die if it gets trauma, is that true?

Weird taste coming from my tooth, fill iin fell out.No swelling or pain. Just tastes gross. Appointment in a few days. Thanks!

What are some possible reasons that my lower gums hurt when i floss?

What are the symtoms of a dental abscess? I'm unsure if I have one or not. I have pain in my gum and tooth when pressed. There is no constant pain; it's only when the gum is pressed it hurts. What does an abcess feel like?

What can be the reason for me still getting mouth pain or either side or in ears come and go sharp pain wisdom teeth out like a yr ago?

What can cause front teeth to ache and feel like they have moved?

What can I do about a chipped tooth it hurts, its really sensitive, it throbs constantly, it gives me a painful feeling that makes my mouth feel really uncomfortable at times. Its my front left tooth the corners chipped to the gumline. Wich is where the

What can I do if my permanent crowns are sensitive to hot and cold, it hurts really bad! help?

What can I do if my teeth are horrible what should I do?

What can I do to ease tooth pain until I can go to dentist in a few days? Pills barely work, extremely sensitive to hot and cold and sweets

What can I do to get strong jaw line and strong cheek bones?

What can i do to tooth aches, i feel pain. in my molar gum when i take cold or hot food and drinks?

What causes the back of your gums to get so sore? I have had all 4 of my wisdom teeth cut out15 yrs ago. I don't think it is my tmj bc I am not stress

What causes the end part of my gums upper and lower to be painfull makes me harder to eat. Why?

What cna I do if my gums hurt really bad?

What could be causing a sporadic zapping pain in tooth then after a tight feeling in tooth and gum? This usually happens an hour after eating sweets

What could be making my gums hurt behind a back tooth that was hurtin me a wk ago after eating.Tooth stopped hurtin but gums do now i can hardly eat!

What could cause a weird sinking feeling when I chew gum?

What do I do? I have this weird thing between 5th and 6th tooth?

What do you advise if i had a tooth extraction and now i don't feel like my normal self ?

What do you suggest if i'm eating chips then one chip went through my gum a bit beside my front left tooth now it hurts! what should I do?

What do you suggest if my tooth feels weird and sensitive?

What does a bad wisdom tooth look like? I have no pain, i'm just wondering since i see it.

What does bonding on teeth feel like?

What does cracked tooth syndrome feel like? I occasionally have a sharp, shooting pain in one of my right rear molars when i chew. I've looked, and don't see anything that looks like a crack, and don't remember ever hearing or feeling a tooth crack. .

What does dental odontoma feel like? Is it painful?

What exactly does a tooth cavity feel like when you bite on it?

What exactly does it feel like to have teeth removed?

What exactly does it feel like when your wisdom teeth are coming through?

What is a great cold thing to suck for molar teething pain.?

What is it when my tooth hurts bad when I drink anything or breathe ?

What is the reason for my teeth hurting every single time I bite into something cold?

What makes only one of my teeth hurt?

What makes your cheek feel like it's sticking to your teeth? I've also have a rough spot in that same apot with no bleeding or jaw pain.

What should you do when your tooth hurts real bad?

What symptoms of wisdom teeth coming in. Can they hurt when you sleep at night. Can wisdom teeth make you get a sore throat at night sometimes. bye ??

What to do if I am preqnant and my wisdom tooth hurts really bad !!!! please help?

What to do if I had a tooth extraction and now I don't feel like my normal self ?

What to do if I have 8 wisdom teeth coming in and it hurts so bad, is there anything besides orajel to help with the pain?

What to do if I have a cavity on the upper right back tooth that is hurting me bad how do I make it feel better till my dentist appointment?

What to do if I have a sharp tooth that makes me have a lisp?

What to do if I have this before in a few teeth, it is like that for about 3 days and then disappears. What is it?

What to do if I'm getting my left wisdom tooth and it hurts so bad?

What would make your teeth hurt ?

What would make your teeth hurt and ACH?

When bottom tooth hits top tooth it feels like it electrocutes me and my mouth gets watery same thing happens sometimes when saliva hits it to?

When eating an apple I hurt my gum. Now after some hours whenever I slightly touch the tooth where I hurt my gum I get a sharp pain. What could it be?

When i chew a gum on the left side i feel pain in my forehead what could be wrong? Would it go away if i stop chewing gum for a while? Thanks

When i chew gum too long, my ear pops and it hurts. Why does this happen?

When I eat any foods, my fourth tooth to the right hurts. Not all the time, just randomly. The tooth already has a filling. Whats wrong?

When i eat i feel an occasional slight pain in my back tooth with gold crown. Is it due to having a 4 or 5 there?

When I have episodic, localized gum pain when I floss, the floss goes down deeper. I'm supposed to ignore pain & floss as far as it goes down, right?

When I push on my tooth with my finger or my tongue, there is a moderate amount if pressure felt around the gum area. No other teeth feel like this.

When will this pain end? Had filings 14 days ago hurts when i eat something hard sensitive to hot & cold as well. Doesn't hurt when i bite down.

When your wisdom tooth on bottom right comes in would that cause tmj flare up? I have it and now its worse and started when my tooth started coming in

Where my wisdom tooth should be, it feels like my gum is coming away from the tooth. It doesn't hurt but I'm worried.