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Lip numbness from bad hurting tooth. Will I get feeling back after extraction or will it take time. If feels tingly at times?

Lump above a rotten tooth. I can move it around with my tongue and it hurts to chew. What could it be?

Molar extracted over 2 weeks ago, pain still in socket feels like fluid moving around when I bend down Was on antibiotics. What could this be?

Mom gets sudden pain in her jaw area but cant exactly locate it, she cant eat or drink or touch her teeth?? She says it kind of from her gums? Thanks

My dentist told me that i got two wisdom teeth on top. They are hurting more at night than day why is that. I can't think of any idea's. I go back? ?

My upper right tooth (before wisdome tooth ) hurts when i drink hot or cold fluids ?

My 11 month old has started grinding his top and bottom teeth quite hard. Is this common? Can he damage his teeth? How to get him to stop?

My 2 front teeth feel like they have moved but dentist says they are fine ?

My 2 teeth hurts, but I don't see any tooth decay or anything. I think the problem is the bottom has become really sharp and it's messing with the top?

My 7 month old has 3 teeth 2 on bottm 1 coming in on top. She bites when I breastfeed.. and I also noticed her grinding her teeth..advice ASAP please!

My back molar is growing in the back of my mouth, the gum around it hurts like heck! Is this normal? Or is it a sign of wisdom teeth?

My back tooth feels "itchy"?? I feel the need to grind them. Possibilities??

My back top teeth hurt should I go see a dentist?

My both upper wisdom teeth have started breaking and it hurts a lot while i chew or have something cold to drink. Plz help?

My boyfriend gums have been hurting really bad he has glossed and brushed his teeth he says the pain goes up to his ear?

My boyfriend is having pain in his gum toward the back of his mouth. This has been happening for two days. It's hard to chew.

My daughter has a chip in her tooth. Could swallowing it hurt her?

My dentist added two fillings on two of my teeth. Not it feels like its a small bump but kinda hurts.. Should i tell the dentist?

My dentist keeps on telling me that my right wisdom tooth needs to be removed and i don't feel it coming out. Why don't i feel it?

My dentist seems to think my bruxism is what is causing my teeth to hurt so badly that i can only eat on one side, do you think it is possible?

My dentist wants to put me on gas when I have my tooth pulled out, but i'm scared the needle will still hurt while i get numbed, will i feel anything?

My dr removed and replaced loose bracket. I felt so much pressure and pain. Dr said it's normal to feel pain coz teeth are still moving. Is that true?

My front and left bottom gums are aching bad, mostly between my teeth. It feels like my gums and teeth are hurting there. What is wrong with them?

My front teeth are crooked, they have been aching/ feeling uncomfortable recently. I'm over 18 so I can't get braces is there anything I can do?

My front teeth have been hurting for 4 days now. I have no insurance so i can't see a dentist. It hurts when i lay down no matter how i lay. It's pain?

My front tooth has been feeling sensitive to cold drinks is there anything I can do? Don't see a cavity there.

My front tooth is sensitive and sends a sharp pain when in contact with other teeth. Also, the gums above it feel numb and feels like it's an air sac?

My front tooth keeps like feeling like it has a heartbeat or something almost like s mucsel spasm what is that? It dosent hurt the tooth is broken

My gum and teeth hurts really bad whenever I bite down. What is happening?

My gum is quite sore when I eat..I think I may have cut it when I floss ed it has bend hurting for about 2 days?

My gum is really sore at the back of my mouth,it feels like a tooth is trying to come through could this be a wisdom tooth im 41 not had 1 through yet?

My gum papilla has a numb tingling feeling all day but looks normal. No pain besides the tightness gum feeling. So worry. Is it a tooth root problem?

My gums and teeth really hurt. Pretty sure it's infected and it hurts to eat. Is it because of strep or something entirely different?

My gums and/or teeth bottom left side have been hurting when i drink or eat something cold. I want to know why?

My gums are diminishing and i feel hot and cold to my teeth?

My gums are starting to swell an i cant go to to a dentist for about ten days what should I do?

My gums feel swollen near my wisdom tooth should i get them taken out even though the pain is bearable?

My gums in the back feel like they're throbbing and feel better when I put pressure on the gums, what could this be?

My hard palate hurts. I hurt my upper lip and gums and was told i wouldn't see nerve damage until around now, if it was to happen. My teeth are fine.?

My jaw and face hurts after filling. How long will this last?

My jaw feels like it's going to lock at any moment. It's been 2 days since I've had my wisdom teeth removed. Is this normal? What should I do about it

My jaw feels sore on both sides. Has been this way for 2-3 wks. It feels like when you've been chewing a lot of gum. Help?

My jaws hurt when i chew hard food and gum is it because I have a bad tooth in my mouth why my ear and neck hurt more on that right side please?

My left wisdom tooth is coming out and it hurts so bad, what to do?

My lft ear hurts, gum is swollen, my body feels jittery, restless. I think it may b my final wisdom tooth coming in. How can I ease all this ickyness ?

My low gums are hurting bad.what can it be from?

My lower front teeth is aching for the last 3 days now. It happens hours after eating sweets and they are splitting. should i go to a dental clinic?

My lower teeth feel like they are shifting. What are probable causes?

My molar teeth hurts when i chew. Doesn't matter if it's hot or cold. Any ideas?

My mom's having a kind of tickling sensation in her front row of teeth.What could be the reason for this?

My mouth pain is in the back upper at the very back my gums are swollen and stays in on spot. I feel like I have to always chew. Is this a wisdom toot?

My question is that my ear is paining me very much and also if am eating and brushing my teeth i also got pain in my ear. Please what's the cause of it?

My spacer for my bottom teeth hurt like crazy. Is there something i can do to stop this pain?

My teeth aches a bit, how do I prevent tooth ache through my day-to-day activities?

My teeth are fine but my gums hurt. What's causing this?

My teeth are weak. And paining?

My teeth feel funny after root canal and funny chemical taste in my mouth, is this normal?

My teeth feel sore all the time. What should I do?

My teeth has been hurting, i been trying to eat with the pain, but its been really hurting, what I do is chew on the side of my my teeth has been hurting, i been trying to eat with the pain, but its been really hurting, what I do is chew on the side of my

My teeth hurt REALLY bad at night.had xrays everything looks fine.sinuses also are fine.I also wear a mouth only hurts on top teeth.any idea?

My teeth were extracted over a yr ago and I have spots on gum where it feels like a very bad tooth pain if I touch it?

My throat and ears have been hurting, both are extremely rare .Could this possibly have anything to do with my wisdom teeth coming in?

My tongue feels real irritated,,,i have loose tooth,broncitis?

My tongue feels sore towards the back left it hurts to eat drink also my jaw hurts and teeth feel sensitive what causes this?

My tooth chiped and i swollowd it will it couse a problem in my stomach?

My tooth hurts and I feel a ball in my gums that hurts when I put pressure on it ?

My tooth hurts, because I have lost a temporary filling. It is causing teeth pain. It feels like, when you drink something cold. Is it dangerous?

My tooth is hurting and making me nauseous and it is hurting on just one side of my face?

My tooth is killing me i cant sleep becuse i am in so much pain?

My tooth was aching when i woke up but after about 10 minutes of being awake my tooth seemed fine. What could it have been?

My tooth/jaw aches when i chew/bite. What does this sound like?

My top right wisdom tooth looks like it's growing in sideways, I've been to the dentist for a filling in it but he dismissed it and now it's painful! ?

My wisdom teeth are coming in and it's painful it feels like there's a cut in my mouth where the tooth is, what should I do to ease the pain some?

My wisdom teeth does this weird thing where they peek through my gums, but then go back into my gums. What does that mean? Can i still get them pulled

My wisdom teeth have been growing for months but a few days ago they've started to hurt. The aching isn't too bad but i'm concerned - is this normal?

My wisdom teeth hurts a lot i can't eat very well and then im sad and i just want too cry i take Advil (ibuprofen) but still hurts?

My wisdom tooth is coming in and it feels overly good. I have to keep pulling it down.. Why is this?

My wisdom tooth is growing. The gum hurts a little. Under my jaw I can feel a node being a little swolen and it hurts a little. Is this normal?

Need docs help! I am getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, what does it feel like?

Need expert help. I am sick and my gums hurt. Why?

Need help docs! my 2 front teeth ache when i breathe in or drink something cold?

No fever. Facial bone pain, headache. Bad taste. Tender teeth and gums, bleeds when brushing. No redness. Feel pressure in cheeckbones turn head.

No room on upper gums for wisdom teeth but allot of pain on both sides after gum ends and a taste of blood could they still be coming with no gum free?

Noticed receding gums on lower teeth, and have a tingling/sensitive feeling constantly? What could it be?

One half of my 4th wisdom tooth is ready out and the rest of it is coming in what can I do for the pain or keep it from hurting when i eat?

One of my molars hurt everytime i eat. What could be wrong with it?

One of my teeth feels sensitive when I apply pressure. The cheek area around that region aches a little when I move my mouth, like a muscle sprain.

One tooth that was hypersensitive to cold, from yestersday has no feeling at all.Feels like there is an absess and hurts under the tooth when i press.

Only @ night time. My back teeth, mostly bottom. Also jaw & ears hurt very bad. Can't lay down .Causes tremendous pain. Orajel causes white spots?

Only symptom is my back teeth hurts a bit while i eat. Will my dentist realise i've been smoking?

Pain and pressure in the back of the head sometimes it moves from one side to another i also have an impacted wisdom tooth and also taking, clonazepam and propalonol,for anxiety, when I touch the back of my head bones it hurts a bit it's bad?

Pain in tooth comes and goes when i grind or not?

Painfull gums at back no teeth there dentist say they look healthy had extraction week ago opposit side had a bit of infectioncould it be that?

Part of gum on upper left side of mouth feels warm and more moist, more than my other gums. When I eat/warm salt water/ brush teeth the feeling goes.

Please advise if it's normal to feel like you have a toothache after you got a filling?

Please explain why does bad teeth up top make bottom ones hurt?

Please help! tooth hurts when i chew on its side?

Please tell me what does dental odontoma feel like?

Please tell me what will tooth extraction feel like?

Please tell me, could a broken rotting tooth cause numbness in the mouth and upset stomach?