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I have a toothache I had it for a couple days and yesterday night my mouth started feel numb can it be from the toothache?

I have a very bad toothache and it's hurting so bad that it spreads to my ear and the side of my face.. And my tooth has a big hole?

I have a weird toothache. When I am not chewing it hurts slightly. When I am chewing it doesn't hurt at all. What does that mean?

I have a wisdom tooth coming in and I'm getting body chills, face feels hot, neck pain and I've been very tired. Could it be because of my tooth?

I have a wisdom tooth coming in that feels raised and sharp edged. It is cutting into my cheek and is getting pretty painful?

I have a wisdom tooth that started to hurt. It got so bad that I had a migraine and felt like a ear ache . Now I have a ball under my jaw that hurts?

I have an abscessed tooth right at the top of my gums. But i keep getting a watery feeling in my mouth, what is this?

I have bad and broken teeth, and i'm in pain and very depressed about it. Any help for me?

I have bad pain in my teeth and jaw. I'm feeling pressure and feels like there is something ozing out. Should i be worried about the ozing. On meds?

I have been having a pain on my four first bottom front teeth/gums. Similar to the pain like when you bite onto a really cold ice cream.

I have been suffering pain in my gums and tongue for a coupe weeks. It really hurts when I eat. My dentist x rayed my teeth but nothing.

I have braces on lower teeth and they hurt when I drink cold drinks and tighten also have a bone coming out of my gums?

I have dentist phobia bad been teeth hurt going to dentist tomorrow what's the chances of them numbing you that it stays numb,or break jaw pulling too?

I have had a bad tooth nerve pain for 1 month. Food gets stuck in gums daily. My dentist couldn't fit me in for an appointment. My molar now fell out and the pain has gone. What do I do now?

I have had a sore jaw line for a week now, at first i thought it was my wisdom tooth getting infected again but that seems fine. Should i see a doc?

I have had braces for a couple months now, and one of my front teeth feels like its going over the other one when I rub my tongue against the back.

I have half à tooth on the top right of my mouth and i get really bad tooth aches i was wondering how to tell if its infected?

I have horrible toothache down neck and up to temple and forehead making eye red. Have fractured teeth from stress. Abcess? good dentist hard to find

I have missing teeth, mostly in the back and on side, bad breath, very hard for me to brush, help, what to do?

I have missing teeth, mostly in the back and on side, bad breath, very hard for me to brush, what to do?

I have my wisdom teeth coming through.. It's only just broken skin a little bit bit i'm in so much pain! what will ease the pain? Home solutions?

I have not yet had my wisdom teeth pulled and in the back bottom left side of my teeth my wisdom tooth has so much swelling that it feels like my gums are growing back over the tooth. also it hurts to eat and now today it feels like I have an ear infectio

I have OSA (use CPAP) & wake up with horrible pain in my top front teeth from tongue pushing hard against them all night. Can this cause root damage?

I have pain in all my teeth since last September. I feel sometime they are moving too or loose. I can't chew anything hard these days since it aggreva?

I have pain in my back teeth and ear, it looks like there is bruising on the very back of my gums what could it mean? (anbesol doesn't really help)

I have pain in my mouth and gum area! really paranoid about this! how do I alleviate my worries?

I have pain in the left wisdom teeth. Little swelling is also seen.. Gums became pale.. Please suggest.. Thank you.. ?

I have pain in the way back underneath my tongue, i try to reach the source but i end up gagging. It's extremely painful to chew, swallow, talk?

I have soar gums they are swollen around back teeth and feel like the are raw it hurts to chew and swallow, and I have no wisdom teeth?

I have swollen glands under jaw and in neck with what feels like a hole where my wisdom tooth should be coming in I can feel a little piece of tooth ?

I have swollen glands under my neck, hurts to swallow, jaw hurts, teeth hurt. Feel like I have been to dentist and had work done. Hurts to eat. ?

I have this bad habit of licking the back of my teeth, I do it so much my tongue becomes sensitive and numb? Why can't i stop? What's causing this?

I have this bloody taste in my mouth coming from my incoming wisdom tooth. Ketchup burns the gum on dat side. Avoiding eating on left side. Lil pain?

I have TMJ can that affect my whole mouth? My teeth hurt sometimes in the frunt of my mouth. What can I do to help it not to hurt so much?

I have very terrible receeding gums on my lower front 5 or so teeth. It is so bad now that I am in serious danger of one or two of my teeth coming ou?

I have wisdom teeth growing in. And they're growing in alright. But they hurt so bad and I'm biting on my cheeks. I don't want them removed. What can I do to stop the pain. ?

I just ate a lemon and my front teeth really hurt. What can I do to stop the pain?

I just got my lower wisdom tooth extracted 2 days ago, & I really have a trouble swallowing and I think my tongue is also hurt. Is this normal?

I just had a back tooth extracted why do I feel so sick now?

I just had my wisdom teeth pulled. I'm taking pain relievers. My head hurts on and off all day now. It feels like it's swelling for a moment then stop?

I m getting wisdom tooth in my upper right jaw. I feel like chewing something with that part of jaw always like gum, is it ok to do that?

I m having bad wisdom tooth pain can't speak..can't Eat anything just liquids..face n neck hurt..couldn't get to my dentist... What to do now??

I notice that I have something sharp poking me and when i swallow it rubs against my tongue. Since wisdom tooth was pulled last week. Help?

I opened my mouth and now its hurting below my cheek on my jaw bone. It kinda feels like my back molar is loose?

I wake up in the morning and feel a real pain in my teeth. What could it be?

I was in a car accident and I cut the side of my tongue. Is there something I can put on it to numb the pain? It brushes against my teeth and hurts

I was knocked in the mouth and i feel like my front tooth is lose, also theres slight pain. Will i lose my tooth ?

I was sitting on the couch and all of a sudden my mouth had blood in it from my gums/teeth? What is this?

I went to the dentist to have 3 fillings done about a week ago now my whole mouth hurts horribly bad mainly my cheeks and jaw what could be causing it?

I went to the ER for an abscessed tooth; they told me that they couldn't help me. My throat, ears, neck, and head hurt and i can't eat. I have no money. What should I do?

I'm 16 my tooth feels like it moves every time i bite my teeth, is this bad?

I'm 19 weeks with terrible back pain. I have lortabs from last september for getting wisdom teeth cut out. Will it hurt my baby to take one?

I'm a little worried. When i get my wisdom teeth out, and am on anesthesia, will i say weird or bad things?

I'm feeling a wiggle in my teeth this morning i just had a dental checkup yesterday.

I'm feeling pain when i'm touching my molar. It's not loose but could it be a cavity?

I'm getting deep pain at times from sore teeth and/or gums on bottom. I saw my dentist who said it's not coming from teeth,but did not do thorough exam. Some ringing in ears. No fever.

I'm getting laughing gas for my wisdom teeth then the iv. Im worried it will hurt. Will it?

I'm having my left lower wisdom tooth coming out & I'm unable to open my mouth like earlier.Is this bad? Why does this happen?

I'm not sure if I have an overbite. My top teeth cover a little more than half of my bottom teeth. Also, I sometimes get jaw pain where it feels like my jaw muscles are being over stretched. Is this something I should maybe see and orthodontist about?

I'm seven-teen years old and my dentist told me that i had wisdom teeth two only on top a year a go. I only get night pain and sometimes hard to eat ?

I'm wondering what does it feel like when your wisdom teeth are growing in?

I've been having achyness in my jaw, its like I have been chewing gum all day and I havent, I have also had dizziness do this have anyrhinf to do with?

I've got a wisdom tooth coming in and it hurts really bad to bite down/swallow. What can I do to help the pain?

I've had a bad headache across my forehead, ear and neck pain and what feels like a tooth ache for about 8 weeks. I went to the doctor and he gave me antibiotics that didn't work. I went to a dentist and she said there's nothing wrong with my teeth but do

I've had my wisdom teeth out for about 55 hours and they don't hurt much but I've had a weird taste in my mouth sometimes, don't know if it's normal?

I've had on and off pain in one tooth for years. It will hurt when I put pressure or bite on it, and then it will go away and return months later.

If my tooth feels sensitive when I brush it and my tooth hurts when I bite into something hard like an apple, do I have a cavity?

If my two wisdom teeth are aching, swollen, throbbing, my ear and throat are hurting, and I get my teeth pull tomorrow, and i'm allergic to antibiotic ?

If your teeth rotten can it make your tongue hurt and ear hurt really bad and you can't eat?

Im in a bad spot i need tooth pulled and have no money for dentist im in a lot of pain cant sleep only walk around house what can i do?

Inside of ear hurts when move tongue around after eating (when clearing teeth of food) + sometimes during. Jaw and teeth do not hurt. What can I do?

Is 29 too late to have your widsom teeth extracted? I recently went to the dentist for some dull pain in the back of my mouth. My dentist said it looks like I should have my wisdom teeth out, but they have never caused me any problems before. Can they cau

Is a hot or cold pack better for a tooth ache. I just got my tooth filled and it is aching a lil bit.

Is getting your wisdom teeth out similar to getting your tonsils out in terms of pain?

Is it normal for a ten year old to get pain when teeth are coming in?

Is it normal for someone's teeth to hurt after they wake up?

Is it normal for the back of the gum to start hurting?

Is it normal for the other teeth near the extraction site to feel 'funny' or kind of numb afterwards?

Is it normal for the side of my neck to be sore after a molar extraction? Its been 3 days already. Its just a thumping annoying feeling.

Is it normal that i feel pains always because my tooth at the last end is growing? It's very painful and i find it hard to even chew

Is it normal to have a tooth that hurts or feels loose at 18?

Is it normal to have your teeth ache when you have heart burn?

Is it possible that incoming wisdom teeth make your bite feel wierd?

Is it possible that tooth pain can make it look other teeth are hurting too?

Is it weird if my two year old still doesn't have molars?

Is Ludwigs common really worried cause i have jaw pain feels like teeth hurt but family dr said she thought its was from cleanching ?

Is this toothache or gum disease .left side of gum line hurts when I stick my tongue between back 2 molars feel just in that little spot and eat?

It hurts a bit by my jaw where my tooth is, lower molar and stuff is coming out if my cracked tooth. I spit it out. Maybe pus. What should I do?

Its been 10 days since ive had impacted wisdom teeth removed. The molars on one side are suddenly excrutiatingly sensitive to cold, and throb.

Its been 5 days since i had my lower right wisdom tooth extracted and 30min. Ago i taste something bad in my mouth is that normal?

Iv had a mild toothache for a few days but today my gum is swollen & if i touch it i get like a shooting pain up into my tooth any advice?

Just got all four wisdom teeth pulled. Feeling nauseated and have a bad headache. Whats the cause?

Just had temp crown put on. Seems like a lot more pain ( not gums) than expected. Normal? If so howling should it last?

Just recently having my second wisdom tooth come through and am feeling quite il hot tired and shaky can wisdom teeth make you ill should I be worried?

Just the last 2 days when I eat my jaw and cheeks hurt! But mostly my cheeks hurt while eating! What's wrong with me?

Just want to ask why i feel chill/shiver after the dentist remove my tooth. What's the problem?thanks

Last molar tooth just became sensitive but i feel no pain. What could be wrong?

Last night i had an awful pain in my right cheek, today it's completely numb.Sinus issues?Wisdom teeth?I've had a cold, also i can move all face muscles

Last tooth hurts but not my wisdom(i think)but it been giving headaches,it hurts my jaw.When I put my teeth on top of each other it hurts,what is it?

Left molar bothers me when i eat yet there is no cavity? Whats wrong?