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Had 2 wisdom teeth removed 6 days ago dont feel in pain at all jusy a lottle discomfort still os this normal also my tongue has turned brown?

Had a crown put on 3 weeks ago, I now have pain from hot or cold and chewing. Why?

Had a root canal 4 yrs ago. still hurts to brush, bad head pressure, sore jaw and sinus feels stuffed. should i extract it?

Had a teeth cleaning and a feeling at the same time on thursday its now sat and numness gone but mouth and jaw hurts still expecially tuching it?

Had a very back tooth pulled last year. Saving for implant. Gums healthy. Wake up everyday and my top row of teeth hurt with weird lose feeling... Why?

Had bottom wisdom teeth extracted about two weeks ago. The places were he stitched looks red.Sides feel like swollen but aren't.Teeth still sensitive?

Had clenching issue some days & nights. Notice I press tongue on bottom front teeth when stressed. Tooth feels pain but not with hot or cold. Cause?

Had ercp & roof of mouth hurts so bad i cannot eat. How do I fix this problem?

Had fillings done on bottom molar and a too one. 4 days later, I have a throbbing in my jaw. I bend down and feel the blood rush, it starts hurting.

Had sour candies 3 days ago and now area around molar is killing me. Tears near there and pain in my ear. Is the candy or something else?

Have a fever and ears are starting to hurt. Teeth are hurting as well?

Have a fractured tooth that is starting to hurt can't see dentist until middle of january, what can I do to try to keep it from getting bad?

Have a loose tooth.Then got a trip&fall on nose.The tooth had pain.My dentist checked it&shook it.Can that make it looser?I feel it's looser/hurt now.

Have a new wisdom tooth coming out. Feels swollen in the region. Makes me want to adjust my mouth to be more comfortable no pain. Is this serious ?

Have been having trouble for over one month , where my tongue keeps touching the lower back of my teeth and gums and keeps doing it involuntarily .

Have stuff on the back of my lower bottom teeth. Haven't been to the dentist in a long time. Bad experiences?

Having teeth pain worried infection but not swelling doesn't hurt to bite down jaw hurts worries get Ludwigs ?

Hello doctor, please help me out...i'm 19 years old and my right canine tooth is loose, it makes me really uncomfortable. i don't know what to do. please give me some advice on what to do.

Hello I been having this bad tooth ache my gums are little swoollen and red but am embarrassed to go to the doctor . I don't know what to do .

Hello I think I may have 20 holes in my theeth, badly yellow theeth constant bad breath My gums are swallow and bleeding yellow tongue, so much pain?

Hello I've had a tooth removed on Sunday and I keep getting this weird horrible taste in my mouth and it keeps throbbing as well and diarrhea?

Hello sir/maam..I have a problem with my teeth..Whenever I have something cold like an icescream, my teeth starts aching badly.Why is this so..?

Hello. My wisdom teeth on both sides have started chipping little by little. And due to that my there back teeth aches. I even use pro-sensitive paste?

Help dental experts! my tooth feels slightly loose suddenly?

Hey i will be going to the dentist soon, but for right now is there anything i can put on my teeth cavity that has a hole to relieve the pain?

Hey there, My bottom wisdom teeth are coming through and causing a lot of pain. I have pain in my jaw and ears as well as my gums. I keep biting my c?

Hey what should I do when my wisdom tooth is coming out.It pains alot?

Hi for the last two weeks i have had bad toothache i had a chipped tooth which i got filled in thinking this was causimg the pain. Im still in alot of pain and now have a big lump on the roof of my mouth what ciuld this be?

Hi i did filling of two tooths and after that im feeling swelling of lips little bit is it normal?

Hi i have a problem when i get a coldsore on my lip.. everytime i get one my lower front teeth are causing me pain.. any reason why?

Hi I have bad pain below my bottom teeth in the gum at the root of the teeth, I have taken paracetamol & rinsed with salt water but still painfull ?

Hi I have toothache for a few days but X-ray didn't show anything. It's now become painful when I touch the tooth and hurts when I drink hot and cold.

Hi, i had a fistula on my gum and it drained by itself. the tooth does not hurt anymore and i feel fine. should i be concerned ?

Hi! When ever I talk or chew it feels like something in my ear moves, or "pops" wisdom tooth is also coming in but this pop thing is new?

How can I find out why my teeth hurts?

How can I get my husbands swollen gum to go down with out going to a dentist it's swollen around his back tooth after he was sick?

How come a cracked tooth hurts sporadically with breathing in air and then it doesn't hurt at all for days?

How fast does swollen gums go back to normal after braces come off?

How I get rid of a bad tooth ache before gpoing to a dentist?

How long will i stay numb after having my wisdom teeth out? I had my wisdom teeth out this morning at 8:30 (it's now 3:00 pm) and still feel a lot of numbness in the back of my mouth. I've never felt numb for this long after going to the dentist. Is somet

Hurts to floss my new white fillings. The sharp pain feels like i'm flossing with foil. Help please?

I aint brushed my teeth all my life and my bottom gum is red and i cant eat on the right side of my mouth I am 16,how can i solve this?

I am about to have my wisdom teeth taken out with only laughing gas. How much pain will I feel will I feel the needle?

I am due for feeling s. Have my teeth spaced out should I still be in pain. And swollen?

I am feeling in my gum swelling after two month tooth filling like a pees size i mean to say that like what is that I have no pain but when i touch.

I am going to be getting 3 wisdom teeth pulled out. Does everyones face swell up like crazy?

I am in agony. My teeth are sensitive and i can't bite down without tooth hurting .. Where do I go?

I ate lots of candy about 7 months ago, ever since I have had sharp pains shoot through my molars; my dentist found no cavities...what is wrong?

I ate popcorn at the movies, six weeks after a wisdom toothextraction. Now, my gum and jaw are swollen and they hurt.It didn't happen until now. What should I do?

I believe i have a cavity. But all my teeth hurt and its really hurting my jaw. I can barely move my mouth. What could this be? And how can i help it

I bite down on food, and the back molar hurts. How come?

I bite down on my teeth in my sleep and now It feels like they pushed up into my gums, which looks bruised. What should I do?

I dont smoke but i do vape. I constantly vape all day long. Here lately my two front teeth have been going numb. Why is it? It started with the right front tooth with pain and theres a line of discoloration along my gums but on my tooth. What's going on?

I feel like i can wiggle a thin piece of my tooth. Is this bad if i keep doing it?

I feel like i'm going to burst from my head. Could the wisdom teeth be causing this?

I feel like i'm teething on one of my molers i don't have wisdome teeth anymore but this has been happening for a week help cons tent pressure on toth?

I feel like my tooth that has a cavity is cracked. Sensitive to food, then it hurts and right above the tooth, in the gums. Not insured, so wht to do?

I feel like pulling all teeth out. I didn't have "naturally sensitive teeth." pain started over 1yr ago. Dentist i saw were of no help. ?

I feel pain for more than 3 days in my teeth?

I feel that my front teeth of both jaws got weak that they move and also feel sensitivity in them. What is it and what should i use?

I feel the new bridge is causing tightness on my gum.Slightly uncomfortable especially when talking.What causes that. Would this go away or gum adjust?

I get a burning blister-y feeling on my tongue, gums and teeth after drinking something cold. It intensifies and slowly goes away. What could that be?

I got a dental cleaning procedure done. Is it normal for your jaw and ear to hurt? My head is hurting like I have a fever pain is worse when look down

I got braces and my mouth hurts anything i chew and temperature wise hot stuff hurts my teeth. What do I eat?

I got my cavities filled today and I still feel a bit of pain every now and then in addition to feeling different in my teeth. Is it normal?

I got my wisdom teeth (both on the right side) out on wednesday and smoked 15 minutes after. Now i'm in pain and my mouth always tastes bitter.

I got my wisdom teeth removed 3 days ago and I feel no pain and everything is beginning to feel normal. When can I eat regular food again?

I had 2 double teeth removed 3 weeks ago now I can feel a sharp piece of tooth come out on the side of my gum is this normal what should I do ?

I had 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed 2 weeks ago. My chin and bottom lip are numb. Chin feels pressure anditches but i can't feel ice cubes. Any options?

I had 7 top teeth removed 7 days ago..Ive been in real bad pain off an on since.Dr says it not a dry socket..My whole mouth hurts an to my ear..Help?

I had a back molar extracted 6 days ago. It seems where the injection sites for novacaine is leaking a bad taste and my cheeks hurt pretty bad still?

I had a root canal last summer. Now that tooth is causing pain. It hurts to breathe air in through my mouth, eat from that side, or drink. I thought since the roots were gone, it could not hurt. What could be wrong?

I had a tonsillectomy 8 days ago. I had pain in my ear & jaw. Is the scab forming? When will it come off? When it come off can I eat normal foods?

I had a tooth extracted and no pain although my gums hurt or are sensitive with the other teeth next to it. To pass food hurts sometimes. suggestions?

I had a tooth extracted Two and a half weeks ago the area is swollen and painful and now I feel really sick I have cramps and pain all over and a feve?

I had a tooth extraction on #31 about 2 weeks ago. My gums are starting to hurt on the side where the extraction is. It also feels inflammed. Normal?

I had a tooth pulled a deep rooted one and can still fill t he effects of it it dosent hurt but it still is kind of has a swollen feeling?

I had all my teeth pulled why does it hurt up by my nose? Had all teeth pulled on 22nd of march and it hurts so bad all up by my nose and jaw line , please help

I had all my upper teeth pulled. When can I stop worrying about infection?

I had DQ icecream for Valentines Day and the left side my last tooth before my wisdom tooth my gum hurts and my tooth looks like its been pushed down?

I had my 4 wisdom teeth pulled soon after 8 am this morning and it is now 4:10 pm and my lower lip and tongue are still numb. Is this normal?

I had my bottom molar pulled 4 days ago I am in extreme pain and i can see my jaw bone i also have a bad smell of rot and my meds make me sick.

I had my bottom wisdom teeth taken out last week thursday (4 days ago). This morning i woke up with a "strained" (not sore) throat feeling - normal?

I had my tonsils taken out october 2nd. It is a good recovery but my throat still feels strange especially when i brush my teeth. Is this normal?

I had my tooth pulled its been a few weeks and i'm starting to feel a sharp thing in my gums, what is it?

I had my wisdom teeth out April 1 but still get pain especially when eating. Sometimes I have to stop eating it hurts so bad. Is this normal?

I had my wisdom teeth removed 3 days ago, thougt the pain has subsided there is a horrible almost unbearable taste in my mouth, should i be worried? H

I had teeth extracted about a month ago, they were cut out, now I have something coming threw my gum that is sharp and hurts, what can help this pain?

I had two teeth pulled a week ago. Is it normal for me to still be in pain ? It is still throbbing a little bit and it is very sore.

I have a 10 month old crown on my front tooth & its suddenly hurting me very badly. I can barely eat due to pain when biting. What can cause this pain?

I have a bad tooth ache when I eat something hard , what does it mean?

I have a bad toothache and i bit my gum twice from the back left side. I is hurting very badly and there are no dentists available on a weekend , updated_at = now() where i stay. What should I do?

I have a bony exostosis above my canine tooth. It doesn't hurt but I can feel it, like a little pressure. Normal?

I have a bruised look on the top of my mouth. My wisdom teeth are coming through so I'm in a bit of pain. Do I need any treatment?

I have a canker sore right on my gum under my tooth it hurts so bad and it's hurting my tooth should I see a dr if it doesn't get better?

I have a lump under the jaw, my ear kind of hurts, and the gums of the two teeth on the same side is white. I don't know what is going on with me, i'm scared.

I have a pain in my lower, back jaw.. Cavity or wisdom teeth? For a few days it never goes away. I heard that cavities only hurt when you eat, is that true?

I have a piece of gum that is extended over my very back tooth i can get under it with my tongue and move it up and down and it hurts. Irritated!

I have a sore throat and my jaw hurts and my head hurts. I also had a bad toothache a week ago. Do i need a dentist or doctor?

I have a terrible teeth ache. It's like the mouth is tearing apart. What can I do before seeing doctor next week?