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wisdom tooths through Earace headace red throat had for 11days had tests not back yet.under tounge presure is it serious at dentist tomoz I hate them?

17yrs old - behind my 5th tooth(counting from right side front tooth) on the gum, for 1wk or so I have what feels like a deep cut or canker sore?

2 days ago brushed my teeth and strangely some came out and i swallowed them, i feel sick and side hurts can you get appendicitis from it?

3 days ago I bad tooth pain& all my gums have gone white , now I have chills sweats no appetite throbbing jaw feel sick fast heart white line in cheek?

3 days ago i had my lower horizontal wisdom tooth extraction Since now my half tongue is feels numb and swollen I hv feeling of trickling on tongue ?

3 days ago since my lower left wisdom tooth has been extracted, its still swollen at still cant open my mouth wide, what should i do? Hard to eat

3 yrs ago 4 wisdom teeth were removed. Since then I get a metallic taste in that area with puffy cheeks. It's random but annoying. Allergies(on meds)?

3rd molar coming in, cheek tissue in back was swollen, chewed at it, it went away, now my bite feels off. All 4 2nd molars feel weird when bite down. ?

4 (?) Days sense tooth extraction and now all the rest of my teeth feel like they're screeming at me. Is this normal? If so why?

6 days ago I had a wisdom tooth pulled. Today my neck is tight and the base of my head hurts very badly. Extraction seems to be healing nicely.

A couple days ago my gums under my tongue became very swollen and are making my teeth hurt, nothing I seem to do helps and I'm pregnant I don't know if that might be a cause but I need to know how to get rid of it? If you could please help for this pain h

About 2 weeks ago i had dental work on my upper two front teeth but now my bottom teeth are hurting throbes a lot especially with cold drinks or food?

About 4 hours ago i bit my tongue really hard while chewing gum. my ear began to hurt on a pain scale of 8/10. i still have an earache, why?

Achinr teeth they feel lose what's the cause? I haven't been to the dentist in a while

After a deep cleaning, it feels like I have no gums between my bottom front teeth. Is this normal nd why?

After getting a filling, i'm feeling pain in my other teeth. Is this normal and what can I do?

All four of my back teeth are hurting when i bite down, what could be going on?

Anything i can do to stop the ache from a chipped tooth? I have a chipped front tooth from an accident this weekend, and there's been a constant but not terrible ache for the last couple days. Is there anything i can do to make this go away before i see m

Are there any ways to numb extreme pain caused by wisdom teeth? It's unbearable to eat, drink, swallow at all and even talk and nothing seems to help.

Are wisdom teeth post to hurt your cheeks? Can they make it hard to sleep at night? Can pain to away and come back? Can it be hard to eat hard food???

At night my teeth just seem to hurt im wide awake and not grinding my teeth at all. they just seem to throb some times. or if i bite down sharp pain ?

At night my teeth just seem to hurt, biting down on things causes pain and discomfort, it only happens at night while im in bed what is wrong?

At the bottom of my gums the pain is like a really bad throbbing pain, i brush my teeth 2 times a day and they are sensitive but what is this?

Back tooth has been throbbing for 2 days. Not sensitive to hot or cold. Could it be from food getting lodged and irritated from digging with floss?

Bad tooth left lj :beside that my gum is white + raised. I have a sore ear +nerves irritated. Is this from - bad tooth or wisdom t tryin to come throu?

Bottom right molar and gums hurt a lot. Is it infected? Can i wait until monday? Food often gets lodged between my two bottom right molars. Wisdom tooth gone, but between these two teeth there is a crach and food likes it there. I have to floss constantly

Broken tooth no pain now the last tooth on the bottom left side of my mouth is broken looks like in half to the gum it doesn't hurt now but it did would it be better to just remove it or fix it i don't care either way i've never in my 25 years of life bee

Brushed teeth 2 days ago. Some tooth brush bristles fell out, i swallowed. Now i feel sick and can't eat. Some pain on right side.

Burning lump where jaw meets ear. Ear pain wisdom tooth has been trying to come in for years. Looks like a bone is trying to come up?

Can a bad bad tooth cause, trouble urinating.. Weight loss and a lot of back pain. Been in mouth for three yrs its black one side, big lump high gum?

Can a cavity cause throat agitation which makes throat feel inflammed tooth dosent hurt but half of it is gone n blackened can't afford dentist?

Can a dentist prevent a tooth that feels like it could crack anytime if bittenn down too hard?

Can a filling be loose a few weeks after you get it? I got a new filling at the dentist three weeks ago, and it just feels kind of "loose". I don't really know how else to describe it. I don't feel any pain or sensitivity, and am wondering if I am just im

Can a sinus infection make your teeth hurt like ice cream does?

Can a tooth filling sharp edge which caused tongue injury be a likey reason for pain every time i swallow something small/spit and every time i yawn?

Can a tooth infection cause an infection anywhere else on the body cu i had teeth extracted yesterday and i feel my lungs relieved and i feel like a chest cold is coming on its weird?

Can a tooth start hurting from a lot of stress?

Can an abscessed tooth cause your entire mouth to hurt? I have an abscessed tooth that i think is causing my whole mouth to hurt. It seems like the pain has spread to some other teeth and my gums. Is this possible, or am i imagining things? I have an appo

Can bad teeth make my ear hurt?

Can cavities make your neck hurt?

Can chewing food where theres no teeth make your top and bottom gums ache like tooth ache but no teeth had to eat on one side because of a tooth out?

Can eating alot of hard chips cause jaw pain?

Can gingavitis hurt like a cavity or know somethimes my pain moves side to side i was told at ER my gums were swollen going to denist today?

Can hand leg neck and teeth tremors be from a issue going on in the mouth? I don't have teeth pain but do get random bleeding gums.

Can loss of tooth enamel lead to TMJ and also lead to neck and upper back pain? I feel like i need more enamel after the dentist ground it away to make them look even.

Can septoplasty make all of your teeth ache and feel strange.Both upper and lower teeth.

Can sinus or tooth pain make your tongue kinda numb?

Can the pain from kidney stones make you light headed? And what kind of pain do u get from wisdom teeth cuz my jaw and cheeks kill? Heart tests good

Can tooth pain make you sick?

Can vomiting bile hurt your teeth?

Can wisdom teeth cause Ice Pick headaches? I my wisdom teeth are coming in wrong. I keep getting sharp pains above my right ear.

Can wisdom teeth make you have a headache and cheeks hurt at once? And thanks for helping with my question

Can you get dry and painful throat from a tooth pain ( wisdom tooth ) upon eating on it ? Can it get serious like spread to the brain

Can you get headaches from wisdom teeth when you wake up in the mornings? And thanks for helping

Can your gums around a tooth become swollen if you eat something sharp, like chips, if it pokes you there?

Can your tooth pain make your ear hurt I have a tooth pain I feel something sharp in it I feel like either a tooth or wisdom tooth is sharp. ?

Chipped my tooth a year ago and now it is hurting like crazy please help?

Cold sore making teeth hurt, help?

Could clenching my teeth be making my right ear hurt every morning?

Could crowded teeth make you feel pressure in your face?

Could you explain why do my teeth feel like they're throbbing all the time?

Could you explain why do my teeth hurt after exercising?

Could you explain why do my teeth hurt so bad after getting dental work?

Could you explain why do my teeth hurt when I have chocolate?

Cut the roof of my mouth @gumline near molar few days ago. Today i feel hot but maintain 97.0-97.9 temp. In a lot of pain and restless. Suggestions?

Dental x-rays look fine but molars hurt when i chew. One in particular (a crown) is pretty sensitive but both sides hurt...Why?

Dentist did fillings yesterday and some last week to...but a couple teeth are very sensitive to cold even the fan blowing makes it throb why?

Dentist tried to pull tooth out, wouldnt budge. 2 wk later stabbing pain in gum behind the tooth! Looks normal. Xray shows normal. Any ideas why hurts?

Did a feeling on my tooth yesterday , tooth is aching and very sensitive , can't eat on my tooth and can't sleep?

Dizzy, tired, and headache after a tooth numb at the dentist. When will this go away?

Does food stuck in the hole of a bottom wisdom tooth cause awful pain?

Does this sound like cracked tooth syndrome? When i bite or chew hard things, it hurts in the left rear of my mouth and my dentist couldn't find anything on the x-ray. He said there was no cavity, and i can't figure out any other reason it would hurt. .

Dull ache in back top two teeth and slight swelling. Already had wisdom teeth out and everything was clear at my last checkup.Anything to worry about?

Ear started to hurt a bit. Then tooth on same side started to hurt. Could ear be from tooth. Tooth be from ear?

Earlobes feel uncomfortable 8g to 6g, what to do?

Early I felt that my wisdom tooth is going back into my gums. What should I do?

Every time I brush my teeth my mouth feels like it's on fire it's been like this for 1 week now what could it be?

Every time I Chew my food, my jaw slowly makes it harder for me to continue. No pain but a tender spot behind my earlobe ?

Every time I chew on my back first molars on each side it's bad pain. What is it It's only when I chew. Dental X-ray came back ok

Face muscles around mouth and jaw are always sore and uncomfortable. Teeth feel like not resting together right, always feel clenched. Gums sore.

Feel pain in upper crowned teeth whenever I chew.

Feeling some weird pressure in teeth on biting after permanent filling.

Feels like another tooth or the root of my tooth is trying to break through my gum. Big bump, feels like tooth, and hurts when i touch it. Whatis this?

Feels like something stuck on side of throat and painful if i touch/swallow/. Post wisdom tooth extractions. (See last question) Can it be abcess?

Feels like there is thumping in my ear, what could be causimg that. My wisdom teeth are growing in could that be it?

Firm swell next to my wisdom tooth. Causes a sore-like pain along my jaw, making it difficult to eat, talk, sneeze and yawn. No pus and it's not white

Following a real bad toothache, came this lump that feels really big but I can't see it. It's under my tongue in the same spot I had the toothache. It's hurts really bad. Can you tell me what that is?

For over 2 weeks now my gums and teeth have been hurting. It hurts up into my ear and gives me headaches. Gums are white now. Whats going on with me?

For past 2 months i get vomoitting sensation while brushing my tooth early morning and lasts for 25 to 30 srconds?

For years its felt like something stuck between teeth in the gum. Dentist flossed and just pushed it down further. Can Xray see if something there?

Fully erupted bottom wisdom tooth doesn't hurt but it feels strange, like a pressure by my ear. What is it? Scared to have it pulled by dds

Fully erupted wisdom tooth feels weird. No pain, just weird. I was curious so wiggled it with my hands bit its very hard. Should I worry?

Getting stomach aches after chewing gum, what is wrong?

Got 2 teeth extracted, numbness is going away, and i'm feeling the pain, how to ease it?

Got headbutted in mouth by toddler. My tooth does not hurt at all. Will my tooth still die? It is not wiggly, in pain, or react any different to cold

Got my wisdom teet removed 4+ yrs ago, now my bottom right side is irritating me. Feels like i'm teething and sore. What is this, who should I see/do?

Got my wisdom teeth out 2 weeks ago, nothing hurt much until the last few days my ears have been hurting especially if smile much , is this normal?

Got teeth fillings (6) 6 days. every since i have headache and teeth hurt the whole day. Headache is on one side of head and wakes me up at night. Why?

Got wisdom teeth out 3-4 months ago. I feel like the 2 top ones are seeping-acidic taste- so have constant bad breath. Is this normal? Suggestions?

Gums at bottom middle is hurting for a week now. From brushing to hard. I never had the pain last this long.Should I be concerned? Tylenol not helping