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after extraction never had dark blood covering, just small hole with light blood been 24 hrs after bottom 2cd molar extracted, hole smaller and sunk ?

Have a very painful left jaw right at the back where there wisdom teeth are and every once in a while blood and yellow pus comes out?

I hit my top right incisor in my mouth! It is chipped down the side of my tooth Down close to my gum. No pain. Feel weird.Will I have root canal.

I use my lip and tongue to move my teeth at the bottom, I can't feel the movements but ik they're since they're rubbing on 1 another, is this a prob?

I was stung in the front/top of the head by a yellow jacket 2 days ago and now I have swelling in front of my ear at the top of the jaw.

#3 molar surgically removed 8 days ago. Day 5 I began having increased throbbing. I can see a black spot so I'm assuming clot? Is this normal?

#31 extracted, never saw a blood clot form, instead there is a soft white/brown plug thing sticking out of gums. Pain not bad, what is it???

1 day post op from tonsillectomy, having dry heaves, but no blood. Are the scabs coming off so soon?

1 week after wisdom teeth removal here is still swelling on the bottom left side and today I felt the left 2nd molar wiggling. Is this normal?

1 week since tooth extraction, still severe pain. I'm confident it isn't dry socket, as it isn't the socket that hurts. It's the red area around it ?

1 yr after wisdom teeth extraction I have itchy feeling back there in the holes-am i growing bone?

10 days after lower 1st molar extraction. Dentist said all looked fine yesterday. Today saw a hairline, long red line, inside wall of canyonish wound?

11 days after tooth extraction, clot fell out and bone was exposed; now i see cavity-like marks on it and it mildly hurts. Should i be worried?

11mth old has total of 8teeth in front. Up and dwn. Now upper 1st molar is growing, n it bleeds from biting rubber toothbrush, is it normal?

15 days today since 2nd molar extraction. Rinsing with salt water and the blood clot washed away, very red and sensitive socket, is this dry socket now?

16teeth pulled on 5/20. Take dentures out for 1st time on 5/25. Scared it will pull clots and cause dry socket. Possible?

17 weeks pregnant and have a wisdom tooth that is causing much pain. Is it better to wait or have it removed now?

1month ago,dentist told that ihad 3mm pockets but bone loss was not much to worry about.Inoticed today that 1of top teeth gum seems farther back

1st and 2nd molar removed yesterday. Started rinsing today ,tonight doesn't look like blood clot is in one of extraction sites. Looks whitish grey.

1st wisdom tooth is coming. Little swelling, and no other pain. Sides of tooth is visible but top is covered by gum. Impacted, or growing in normally?

1yr old is teething upper front 4th tooth but not yet cut, swollen gums, biting.Had loose not watery motion 2am &10am, now 6hrs passed, nothing.Normal?

2 back lower teeth with wisdom got pulled 4 days ago.Bled for hours and Seems like a large longhole.Can this fill in on its own?I dont see how it can.

2 cavities. Both lower 2nd molars. No wisdom teeth. No insurance. Do I need to be concerned about shifting if I get them extracted? Need to get fixed.

2 days after a dental cleaning, my son woke up with swelling behind his 2 front left teeth as well as very swollen upper left lip. Now its worse.

2 days after having all top teeth pulled and dentures set, my gums swelling has went down but I woke today to my sinuses swollen considerately?

2 days ago i had a root canal on one of my right upper molars and now I have pain on the left side and ear.. Could it be related or something else?

2 molars and a wisdom taken 2 weeks ago. White clots have fallen away. Is it normal? Sites are just sore from eating and now resemble craters..

2 teeth removed recently they are located top pt of jaw right side. left pt of my jaw lower side. Will I be able to eat regular things moving forward?

2 weeks ago i had a bridge put in the ry top side of my mouth.Prior to doing so my he had to remove some bone. Been having rt eye pain & headaches.

2 weeks since wisdom tooth removal I have developed small clear blister/bubble on gum where tooth was. Is this ok?No pain, even when I touch w/tongue.

2 wisdom teeth(left) removed 3 weeks ago.When brushing teeth,hand slipped,hit the back of cheek,started feeling some numbness in lower jaw.Worrisome?

2 year ago right side mouth teeth started getting very sensitive. Went to dentist 2 times they said nothing is wrong. What is could be going on?

2 years ago I had a upper molar pulled, 3 months later the gum area was sore and when I push on it, smelly puss comes out around the next tooth.

2.5 weeks since wisdom tooth removal. Stitches out, healing well, no pain. OK to have foods like Pizza, etc, as long as I keep debris away from area?

20 years old.. I got a tooth in the back of my mouth and I get jaw pains sometimes how is wisdom teeth removed will I feel it during ir after.Help?

21 year old son with left chin and lip numbness five days after wisdom tooth pulled. What to do. How long will this last. He can feel his jaw?

24 hour ago I had my wisdom teeth cut out. My left stitches just came out help I'm freaking out?

24 weeks pregnant and i'm having extreme jaw pain in the back of my mouth where joints are between the top and bottom set of teeth, what could this be?

25 y.o.One wisdom tooth partially erupted since 2010.somedays the gum around and above this tooth suddenly starts bleeding for a while.why?

27 days after 5 fillings wisdom tooth removal i still hurt from my throat to my ear my face hurts when i touch it 9 teeth in the lower jaw take turns ?

2day i went to dentist to make white filling after that pain appear when biting I backed to him he said high spot and did it/ But pain still?

2days after molar extraction and I'm getting a yellowish film over extraction site. Is this normal I have no pain.

2days after tooth extraction, the socket had yellowish slough on top, I cleaned with povidone and normal saline and it goes off. I found a small empty hole there. Now, I'm suffering neck pain when swallow but no fever/sorethroat.What should I do next?

3 days after wisdom teeth extraction, bottom left of my mouth still very swollen. Normal?

3 months post op sliding genioplasty, wiped toothpaste from below lip but accidentally wiped the chin really hard could I have moved it back?

3 week old lower 2 wisdom teeth extract Impacted site bleed a little today when salt water rinse?Tooth next 2 extract site hurting when bite down 2day

3 weeks ago i had a wisdom tooth and the tooth next to it removed it was fine now my mouth is hurting again is this normal?

3 weeks ago my 3 yr old was told she had no cavities went back today and now there's a cavity but wont fill cause of her age. What can I do to help?

3 weeks post wisdom teeth surgery. Dull and achy pain on left bottom side of face and a lot of swelling. Could this be dry socket or an infection?

3 wks ago hit face into locker. Docs say everything alright. Noticed brace wire was bent. Teeth shift. Tips/help?

35 yr female have a 2-3mm bony eruption on right side of hard palate just behind third molar which pains on pressing.Tonsilectomy at 13yrs.What is it?

3rd day after wisdom tooth extraction bad smell & taste from the place stitches are, mostly the side. Also lightly brown saliva. Should I be alarmed?

4 days after getting 5 fillings on right side my face hurts from cheek bone down throat from front teeth to ear and hard to swallow or talk?

4 days after wisdom tooth op I have a slimy mouth & white/yellow tongue. Did 3 days antibiotics already just in case. Chance of infection? Or normal?

4 days ago i had a tooth extract. I was bleeding yesterday night again. I woke up with a bloody mess. Is it normal?

4 days ago i had my top left wisdom removed & now the cheek is numb and warm to the touch but it doesn't hurt very much. Also can't feel heat on cheek?

4 days post tooth extraction, skin pulled up from stitch in one spot. Do I need to get it redone?

4 months before i feel pain in lower back gum in left side. Dentist done a cleaning and prescribe antibiotics. Frm now i hv a hard gum bt no pain..?

4 teeth near where i got one of my wisdom teeth out are getting loose. Is this normal or should I get it checked?

4 weeks ago i got my palatal expander put on. In the past few days, i've started to grind my teeth at night. Why is this?

4 wisd. teeth removed 1 week ago - new pea-size hard lump on lower left inner cheek near site, no pain just discomfort + more swelling on that side?

4 wisdom teeth extracted and having nose bleeds 2 days later. Are they related? Should i be worried?

4 wisdom teeth removed 7 days ago am I clear of dry socket? I have no harsh pain just achy. Dissolve Stitches are also in still what should I do?

4 wisdom teeth taken out and one extraction sight is still bleeding a little bit and its been over 27 hours later. It's causing pain. Normal or not?

48 hrs after wisdom extraction and having pain in the sides and front of my neck. The entire length of neck is sore to move and touch. Abnormal?

4dys after wisdom teeth extraction. I see no blood clots n don't have dry socket. Only canker sores and stiff jaw. Could it be ok for me to smoke?

4th day.Had bottom wisdom and moler in front of tthatpulled.My dentist said theirs some infection.Is it ok to swish a bit of peroxide and warm water?

5 day of wisdom teeth removal and right side of face is still swollen is this normal.

5 days after wisdom tooth removal, ripped the stitches yesterday and now have severe pain in bottom right area what could this be?

5 days ago removed two impacted wisdom teeth. Left side is healing great, while the right has a swollen lymph node on the jaw. Slight throbbing :( ?

5 days post extraction. Slight throbbing in my other teeth. Clot does not look like it is there dark brown and whitish up there. Is this dry socket?

5 days post op of 2 lower wisdom teeth removal. Right side completly healed but left has brown stuff On top and attached to cheek. Heavy pain in left.

5dys after 4wisdom teeth extracted. Have bad canker sore by extraction site. And 2 not so bad ones. What can I do about to get rid of them?

5y son had a moving tooth for a while.Now fell but new one seems to go in wrong direction, probably because resistance of 1st one?.Will it change now?

5yr old complaining about a week that both sides of mouth hurt, I don't see anything. Could it be his molars?

6dys after 4wisdom teeth extracted. Bottom molars are extremely sore. Is this normal?

6months ago I had double jaw surgery.I've noticed my front tooth is gray. My insurance is on hold til Sept.Should I seek assistance asap or can I wait?

7 days ago all my top teeth pulled with the stitches started falling out. I saw a big hole with a white spot in it a dry socket?

7 days post tooth extr. no pain but bad smell and if I bite on gauze there is a brownish smelly discharge left behind. Root tip left in too. Normal?

7 year old daughter has lost all 4 top incisors. Has been months and don't seem to be coming in yet. Is this normal?

8 days after a very difficult tooth extraction of a lower molar my blood clot came out while rinsing. What should I do? The pain hasn't got much worse

8 days after wisdomteeth extraction, cleaned sockets with syringe& booger-looking thing came out of the right side-I can see a black hole now-what do?

8 days ago I had my lower right wisdom tooth extracted. I still have gum and jaw pain plus I saw white stuff in the hole. Is this normal?

8days after wisdomteeth extraction-right side tastes salty but I see no blood, just a black hole. It aches a lot, the prescribed painkillers dont help?

9 days old 2 lower wisdom teeth removed. One side bleed a tiny amount where stitches are. These are showing no sign of dissolving. Told 7 - 10 days?

96 hours (4 days) out from a lower molar extraction. Should i still be concerned about getting dry socket?

9mnth old baby teeth cut through last montg his irritable again this month and has bronchitis could his top teeth be cutting through waking a lot nite?

A capped bicuspid & a filled cuspid both hurt. The stumpy molar behind them lost its cap weeks ago (no pain). How do I get Doc to fix the pain first?

A car door hit my upper lip & i got a fat lip. Should i worry about my upper central incisor? The tooth isn't sore & it doesn't hurt to eat or chew.

A corner of my wisdom tooth broke today. Its still attached to my gums. I can move it around a little and it does not hurt. What should I do? No money

A few days ago i hit my front tooth against a fork by accident. Now it feels tender, almost like a dull throbbing pain. Gums are swollen too. ?

A filled tooth of mine broke 6months ago it doesn't hurt no real signs of an assessed tooth going to the denist isnt possible due to severe agoraphobia?

A fowl smell is coming from my bottom wisdom tooth. Why? It does not hurt, should I still get it extracted? I'm worried as I'm going on holiday soon!

A large filling came out of my last tooth on the left side of my upper jaw, what to do?

A piece of my upper right second molar chipped from an arealateral to a pre-existing cavity. It is painful and I have a headache on my right side. The dentist is closed. Help.

A temp crown put on tooth 30 on Oct 28. Tooth throbbed for a few hrs today. Now line of pain under chin down right front of neck into upper chest.

A very painful mouth ulcer inside my left cheek has led to swelling and pain in my lower left jaw. It hurts to talk, eat, even sleep. Is this normal?

A week ago I got all four of my wisdom teeth out, and today I drank some orange juice and the lower two started to hurt , is that a dry socket ?

A week ago I got wisdom teeth removed; today I was cleaning out my sockets with the syringe my surgeon gave me, and spit out blood. Is this a problem?

About 22 hours ago I had a lower molar pulled (#30), this morning I've noticed that the blood clot looks smaller and there is some white/yellowish stuff around the inside of the extraction. I heard this could be granulation tissue, but would it form this