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1 week ago i had 3 teeth extracted to start implan s. I have been on amoxicillin since but last 4 days I have flu symptoms. Could they be related?

15 wk pregnant.Pain in wisdom teeth.Adviced to take out all 4 wisdom teeth.Wht precautions req in oral surgery for pregnant women ?

15wk pregnant.Pain in 1 wisdom teeth.Dentist advice to take it out.Is it safe to do in pregnancy?wht abt safety of X-rays,anesthesia?Cant it b delayed

19 years old i have a wisdom tooth half out started to be a litle painful last night. im going to cuba next month is it very risky to wait for extract?

2 abscessed teeth pulled 10 days ago but still feels infected and still hurts?

2 days ago i got my wisdom tooth out. To day it start to blead bad it hurts a lot more now can soone tell what it could be please?

2 months since 3 wisdom tooth removals. Dentist suggest I eat anything since 6-7 weeks back. Is it alright to eat fish such as pink salmon with bones?

2 wisdom teeth extracted thursday. Saturday had alvogyl placed in one extraction site. continued to have excessive pain despite also taking pain meds?

2 years ago, I got my wisdom tooth taken out. My dentist took xrays twice&the oral surgeon took another xray.Making it a total of 3. Is this too much?

22 years old and recently had my wisdom teeth removed and on hydrocodone for several days. I just got my period two weeks early. What does this mean?

23 hrs ago, noticed both clots in the 2 extractions I had done on Monday morning were stuck to my neighboring teeth.No pain, so safe to assume I'm ok?

26wk pregnant.Having pain, swelling in gum near a half erupted decayed wisdom tooth, unable to eat.Is it safe to take antibiotics or get tooth extracted?

27 weeks preg. I have a wisdom tooth coming through. Is it ok to get it removed at this stage of preg?

3 teeth extractions today my job wants to know when will I be able to return to work will I be in a lot of pain?

38 weeks pregnant and got my braces tightened yesterday but have an untenable pain in my tooth is it okay to take paracetemol?

5 days post wisdom teeth extraction (pulled 4), woke up today with pain, took OTC Meds and used heat and now I feel fine, can I go into work today?

50 hours passed after wisdom teeth extraction, i feel no pain and there is no bleeding at all.. Is it safe to eat a sandwich now?

6 mo old 4th tooth is coming in. Should i worry about those teeth coming in so early. Should i take extra precaution?

About a fourth of my molar broke off completely. How will it be fixed? I'm terrified of the dentist. I'm pregnant &' scared to the max.

About a week ago I got one wisdom tooth removed and a sinus lift. Im on birth control and my periods late. Is this normal?

Accidentally pulled really hard on one of my teeth while i was flossing, will my tooth be alright?

Advice? I am having wisdom teeth out tomorrow. I took penicillin today twice 6 hours apart. Is that okay?

Afraid to get wisdom teeth pulled?

After a tooth is pulled can you wear a denture and how soon?

After a tooth is pulled is it common for other teeth to start hurting?

After getting a tooth pulled out what should we avoid?

After having a couple of teeth pulled out, the dentist said I can't have no dairy products. How long do I have to wait to b able to have any dairy?

After having a tooth pulled, how long should you keep gauze in for? When can you have yogurt and fluids?

After you get a tooth pulled when can you smoke again?

Am i supposed to pull my stitches out of wisdom tooth socket if they poke out?

Are there things i can do to pull my tooth out without it hurting?

Are there things i can do to pull my tooth out without yanking it?

Are you when you wake up from having teeth pulled?

Badly infected tooth had failed root canal & apicoectomy had it pulled tues novacaine, on doxy since sat, feeling nauseous and dizzy since last night?

Because of the wisdom teeth, I will start taking antibiotics today and will have surgery friday. Is it safe to get a tattoo today on my rib area?

Been having severe toothache since I was 6 month pregnant when I went to the dentist in attempt to get it removed I was told I would need oral surgery?

Bruh i just smoked weed today like a few hits today from two spliffs and im getting my 4 wisdom teeth pulled out under general anesthesia. I'm worried?

Can a wisdom tooth coming though cause tingling sensations. If it does how long will it take to go?

Can getting a baby tooth pulled hurt?

Can getting a tooth pulled hurt?

Can getting wisdom teeth pulled hurt more than shingles?

Can having wisdom teeth pulled hurt even if you're an anesthesia?

Can i donate plasma 5 days after getting 1 tooth pulled which didnt bleed much?

Can i drink beer 55 hours after having top two wisdom teeth pulled? (i'm not prescribed any pain meds)

Can i get my front tooth pulled and replaced because they are so yellow?

Can i get my wisdom teeth pulled during the 9th week of pregnancy?

Can i get pain meds after getting my 4 front teeth pulled for a partial denture?

Can I get teeth pulled while pregnant?

Can I go snowboarding 72 hours after #18 tooth extraction?

Can I have a beer straight after the dentist?

Can I kiss someone 4 days after my wisdom tooth was pulled out?

Can i play baseball a week after getting two wisdom teeth pulled and a dry socket in one of them?

Can I play basketball on the same day I got my wisdom teeth taken out?

Can i pull my own tooth molar is coming out

Can I smoke after my tooth was pulled out?

Can I start amoxicillin for a broken molar as a precaution while waiting to see the surgeon?

Can it hurt getting my tooth pulled out even with the numbing shot?

Can it hurt having a tooth pulled out?

Can it hurt to get a baby tooth pulled out if its not loose?

Can it hurt to get a baby tooth pulled out?

Can it hurt to get baby teeth pulled?

Can it hurt to have your teeth pulled out by the dentist?

Can smoking after tooth extraction cause oral cancer? I just got an extraction last night then start to smoke after an hour (they didnt warn me)

Can the rest of your teeth hurt after wisdom tooth pulled?

Can you advise me if having two teeth pulled and might get braces?

Can you die if a gum abscess pops!! I have 2!! Dentist is Monday! Having to wait till then as I have no money till then! Someone told me I can die!

Can you get a dry socket a week after wisdom teeth were pulled?

Can you get a hematoma after having a wisdom tooth pulled?

Can you get dry socket 10 days after getting back lower molar pulled?

Can you have sex after having a tooth pulled?

Can you let me know how many shots do you get when you get a tooth pulled?

Can you please tell me if i will be knocked unconscious for getting teeth pulled out?

Can you please tell me if i will expect more pain after wisdom teeth removal because i take birth control?

Can you say if it could it hurt when the dentist takes my molars out?

Can you take clindamycin 300mg 3 daily (21) and Benadryl (diphenhydramine) i recently had my wisdom teeth removed but my lips are extremely swollen and nothing helps?

Can you tell me about dry socket from getting their wisdom teeth pulled?

Can you tell me exactly when is it safe to use dip pouches after getting wisdom teeth pulled?

Can you tell me how can getting a tooth pulled feel during and after?

Can you tell me how can it feel after getting your teeth pulled out..?

Can you tell me how is the experience of getting wisdom teeth pulled out?

Can you tell me how to get 4 teeth extracted, will it hurt?

Can you tell me if i could still take my birth control pills after getting a wisdom tooth extracted?

Can you tell me in the morning. it is now thursday morning and around 50 hours since I got them removed. how long do I have to worry about getting a dry socket?

Can you tell me, how bad does getting wisdom teeth pulled hurt?

Can. I smoke after72 hr after having teeth pulled?

Car accident last night and now I feel foggy with mild nausea. I'm sch to get wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow with iv sedation, will that still be ok?

Could a 4 year old get her tooth pulled out?

Could everybody get their wisdom teeth pulled?

Could getting your wisdom teeth out hurt?

Could having your wisdom teeth pulled hurt?

Could i go see a midnight movie the same day as getting my wisdom teeth pulled?

Could I still take my birth control pills after getting a wisdom tooth extracted?

Could it hurt to get your wisdom teeth pulled out?

Could it hurt to pull down impacted teeth?

Could it hurt when a dentist pulls out a tooth?

Could you tell me what happens if i don't get my wisdom teeth pulled?

Could you tell me what happens to gingivitis when you have your teeth pulled?

Could you tell me what hurts more getting spaces or getting teeth pulled?

Could you tell me what would happen if you accidentally ate before getting your wisdom teeth taken out?

Dental experts! what will the recovery after getting one wisdom tooth pulled be like?