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\ brush my teeth, floss, and have always went to dentist since child aged, now i go and have been told I have pertidontal disease, which upset me no end. It has to be heriditary. Im not perfect but I have always gone to dentist. When i brush my teeth do n

1 & half yr baby has started to get teeth decay bcoz of sweeties. Fluoride toothpaste suggested by dentist but he is swallowing. What to do?

10yr old w/ spd its fight to brush teeth, any unflavored toothpaste, & extra soft brush? It is a sensory problem , he gags from taste of toothpaste.

18 month Old have black spot on molar.can this be cavity?2 days before there was didn't go away with brush.scared of using toothpick.

2 week extract.white thing in my gum socket where my wisdom tooth was. I have tried to wash out with syringe. Not happening? Not sure if it's food.

2 y/o drank OJ and had orange tinged saliva when brushed teeth.can OJ turn saliva orange or could it have been blood?never bled frm brushing before

20 month old suddenly hysterical over teeth brushing?

20 month old suddenly refusing teeth brushing?

20.5 days pregnant. Accidentally swallowed a little Colgate optic white toothpaste while brushing teeth. Can this hurt baby or pregnancy in any way?

3days ago i woke and my gums hurt to chew. Food is going between teeth. I brush and floss regular. Can't eat it is so painful but only when chewing?

3yr old son's lower teeth is yellowish frm bottom,in & out.Brushes twice,washes aftr almost every bottle to paste & water.hlp.

A green liquid had been coming out of my gum since april 2012. My dentist told me just to keep brushing my teeth. I amafraid germs have made resistance. What do I do?

A month ago, I accidentally sprayed the gap between third molar and gum when I was water flossing. Now the wound appears white line, bleeds occasionally and hurts a little when I squeeze the wounded area. Although I've been brushing teeth, water flossing

After brushing teeth, gagged a little, coughed up bright red blood. Have had a cold. I don't believe it's gums. Should I be worry? First time ever.

After i brush my teeth I have a white slim in my mouth, what is it?

After I went to the dentist and got my gums cleaned to get rid of gingivitis, would I have to floss after every meal for a week?

After the dentist cleaned my teeth and gums they feel good after i brush and massage my gums it's a weird feeling and i just want to keep on brushing!

Any advice on teeth brushing to keep me from throwing up?

Any reasons why my teeth feel like chalk after i brush my teeth?

Are there any good ways to get your children to brush? Our eight year old son always "forgets" to brush his teeth. Are there any good techniques to make sure he follows through with this? Do i just have to sit there and watch him? .

Are you suppose to brush before going to the dentist?

Are you supposed to brush a baby's gums even before they have any teeth? Do you start brushing as soon as they're born, or do you wait until they start having teeth? .

Are you supposed to brush your teeth before bed?

Are you supposed to wait to brush your teeth after all meals?

At what age can children start flossing on their own? Our five year old son fights us whenever we try to brush his teeth, and tries to grab the toothbrush to do it on is own. I don't think he does a very good job. Is five too early to let him do this? .

At what age should a child start flossing? Should they start having their teeth flossed as soon as they start having teeth? Or should they wait to floss until they're a certain age? .

At what age should children start flossing and using mouthwash? Our son is almost two and does hot have a lot of teeth yet. When is the best time to start getting him to floss and use mouthwash? .

Ate barbecue on Thursday, still feel like something is between my teeth, have brushed,flossed and rinsed repeatedly, gum is tender ,what can I do?

Been doing it for years i have reflux also but certain times when brush my teeth i gag for 2 min trying not to throw up why?

Best kind of floss to use on a two year old? Is there any kind of floss out there that makes it easier to floss a toddler's teeth? Between my hands, his small mouth and his obvious distaste for the whole process, i'm worried that he's not getting anywhere

Bleeding gums while brushing? What if we never brush.. Primitive humans never did. What happens though?

Bleeding tooth while brushing teeth with baking soda, should I be worried?

Braces annoying and spitting, what to do?

Brushed my teeth. Upon realization, i then washed out my mouth with water. How bad is this considered for me?

Brushed my tounge, with a tooth brush, and i brushed it abit 2 hard. Can that make my tounge swell ? Have no allergies at all. Afraid to die. Anxiety?

Brushing my teeth hurts and make me bleed, what do I do wrong?

Brushing my teeth with pronamel lightly 3 times a day after meals and flossing bc they are sensitive. Am I doing more harm than good? Acid reflux tip?

By accident one of my friends brushed their teeth with clear and clean daily wash, can this damage the teeth?

Can a toothbrush with somewhat hard bristles n with eigh.four each side. rubber spikes I.e gum massagers n crisscross bristles harm enamel or gums???

Can an std or hiv cause plaque build up on teeth? I brush but teeth stop feeling clean around mid day? Could this be a symptom of hiv or an std?

Can brushing your teeth again 5 minutes after first brushing them be harmful? It's because I didnt feel I brushed throughly enough 1st time.

Can excessive cleaning harm my teeth? I brush for 2 min. , use mouth wash and floss before i go to bed? Is this fine?

Can excessive cleaning harm my teeth? I brush for 2 min. I use mouth wash and floss before i go to bed? Is it fine? Thank you

Can human feces contain tetanus spores? If so, if someone's gums bleed while they brush teeth, will feces particles on toothbrush give them tetanus?

Can sperm survive in my mouth for more than 4 hours? Even if i brushed my teeth twice?

Can the dental floss push the food particle farther into the gums until it's no longer possible to get the food particle out unless the gum is lifted?

Can we brush teeth 3 times a day: morning afternoon night? Is it safe?

Can you brush your teeth too much? I brush for about 5 minutes twice a day. Is this bad? I brush my gums down on top and up on bottom so I do it right

Can you get leukemia from sharing a tooth brush?

Can you give me advice! I accidentally bit my toothbrush and it pricked gums under two teeth :(((?

Can you please look at pics in file I wash my face and brush teeth from same sink this stuff was and still is covered in. What is it? Worried for kids

Can you tell me about orthodontic thing to make your tongue stop touching or pushing on your teeth?

Can you tell me about using vodka as mouthwash, twice everyday. And brush and floss only if food gets stuck b/w teeth.What do you think?

Can you tell me docs, is brushing your teeth hard bad for them?

Can you tell me docs, is it bad that i bleed everytime i brush my teeth?

Can you tell me if i brush my teeth for an hour will they be white?

Can you tell me if i start brushing my teeth daily again, will they become white?

Can you tell me, are contigo water bottles bad for the teeth?

Cant really get the plaque off my tongue by brushing it. Would a tongue scraper help with this?

Could m. Catarrhalis bacteria entered my system when I got teeth cleaning. Felt like dentist was greasing my gums as he cleaned w this abbrasivedevice?

Could oral b vitality electric tooth brush get wet?

Could you explain why do your teeth feel weak if you don't brush?

Could you explain why does my mouth feel dirtier when i brush my teeth more?

Couple places on my teeth where it connects to the gum bleed when I wipe my teeth with napkin. I don't brush my teeth for many years. What I do?

Dds: what should I do to practice oral hygiene between sugared snacks during the day? Brush once in a.M. & pm. Floss at nite.

Dental question. Every time i brush my teeth i get a mouth full of blood. Soft head, mint tp w fluride,what can i do?

Dental: Yesterday, hygienist said I can use bristle go-betweens on all front bottom teeth. Does she mean this takes the place of flossing?

Dentist dismisses that our child's teeth get plaque quickly despite brushing. There is orange build-up on tops of teeth within hours of brushing. Why?

Do I have to brush teeth even after only drinking whatever kind of fluids? My point is, i didn't chew anything, so can't i just mouthwash and be done?

Do I have to wait for 30 minutes before i floss/brush after eating?

Do you have to brush your teeth twice a day even if you only eat once a day? assuming i brush after i eat and not when i wake up

Do you have to brush your tongue also?

Do you need to brush the inside sides of your mouth? im talking about the cheeks. i brush my teeth/gums with soft toothbrush 3x a day.

Do you recommend a special mouthwash to keep clean and white my teeth? Thanks

Do you think I should brush and floss immediately after eating or wait awhile?

Do you think I should brush my teeth when i first wake up or after breakfast?

Docs can you explain, is it too late to start brushing my teeth again if it's been years?

Does baby toothpaste with xylitol n no fluoride safe to swallow everyday? I brush her teeth everyday and she still cant rinse her mouth (20mos old).

Does my mouthwash leave a slimy film on my teeth?

Dr. I got tarter on back side of my teeth.. Please suggest some clinical toothpaste..

Due to not brushing teeth when younger I have yellow teeth, i brush regular now but they never change colour what can I do , i can't afford to spend alot?

During a teeth cleaning, what is that substance that the dentist put on? It's like grainy. Toxic if swallowed?

Even after I brush my teeth (colgatevtoothpaste, colgate brush and listerine afterwards)my breath gets stinky fast, what might I have?

Every morning i wake up and do brush i get cough yellow semi liquid which i need to spit out many times. It happens immediately after i brush my teeth?

Every time when i wake up i found little blood in my mouth i brush my teeth twice a day what is the solution, what to do?

Fells vomitish while brushing my teeth in mornings.Also have vomitted many times.What is my problem?

Flossing don't seem to get all the bits out in my teeth. Now what?

For 3 years i use dirty white spot mirror to floss with inhale/exhale toward mirror. can it cause gum recession or less effective invisalign treatment?

For 8months i use a dirty mirror which has white spots to floss while on invisalign. can this cause invisalign treatment less effective, gum recession?

Given demineralization and ph levels in my mouth, should I wait one hour after eating to then brush my teeth?

Gums bleed when I brush my teeth & hurt when I apply pressure. I floss and use mouth wash. Can I do something myself or do I need to see the dentist?

Gums swollen inbetween teeth, and bleeding when I brush and eat crunchy , but there's no pain?

Had a tooth pulled today. Instructions say do not rinse for 24 hours, but brush normally. How do I brush but not rinse? Toothpaste?

Had filling done on two teeth (between each other). Food keeps getting stuck between teeth now and its hard to floss. What can I do about this?

Have had yellow tongue for a month, brush teeth everyday&tongue. Dentist appt is next month. How can I stop it myself? Its coming more frequently now

Haven't brushed my teeth in a while. I tend to notice that my gums bleed almost everytime i floss! what does this mean?

Having toungh infections often, is it my sleeping, gastric or other problem? I brush, mouthwash regularly.

Hello 26 male i brushed my teet under my tongue 2 days later sore that has been for 9 days not going away not changing causes?

Hello doctor, I had one pack of sugarless Trident gum (14 sticks). My stomach upsetting me with bathrm visits,can it?

Hello I have bleeding gums i went to hygienist but they were bleeding more i rinsed with salt listerin brush my teeth twice nothing helps please advic?