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i'm getting a root canal next week and my tooth looks healthy and has no signs of decay, i was wondering if it will discolor after the root canal?

1, molar(#14) gold crowned.2, root canalled from hole same teeth. If 1, and 2 successful, if same teeth has crack, will it be gum abcess, teeth pain, .

1.If root canaled tooth nerve is dead, how do I tell if, it reoccurs? 2.If root canaled tooth still feel something, was it unsuccessful, then what..?

2 days ago I had a root extraction. Due to a abscess I had on my gum from a tooth with had broken in my root. when will I heal my face is swollen?

24 yrs old with horrible teeth one of my front teeth are decaying no pain just sensitivity was giving the option to do a root canal need more options?

A month after root canal and crown my pre-molar still hurts. The dentist checked it twice and said the canal looks perfect. Is this just sensitive?

A week ago I had a replacement crown put on tooth that previously had root canal. Tooth still hurts. Is this normal? How long could it hurt?

Advice on a puzzling tooth root canal infection problem?

After a re-treat on a root canal only 3 months old-- will lthe crown be saved?

After getting my braces off, I was told by my dentist that my teeth's roots got shorter. Is there a treatment or cure for root resorption?

After root canal, when would cap (ceranic or metal) for teeth be necessary?

Ali had a tooth removed 3 days ago after the tooth fractured from a root canal. I still have pain in my gums and jaw. Is that normal?

All black tooth under perm. Crown < 3months old,tooth was never painful/discolored,root canal wasn't painfull but placing of crown was.this typical?

All wisdoms out, 2 root canals, and I need braces for bruxism. Can I get braces & get wisdom teeth taken out, & root canals with porcelain w/ braces?

Almost done with a root canal treatment. Just need filling and crown. But bite is off and tooth feels like it has moved/shifted. Is this normal?

Am i going to have terrible gaps in my teeth after having a root canal?

Are root canals done differently on teeth with old cavities? Hows the procedure done? Does the dentist cut my tooth in half or drill a hole? Then what

Are teeth weaker or looser after having a root resection performed? A root of one of my teeth is fractured, and i've been told i'm going to need a root resection. If one of the roots of a tooth is removed, will that tooth then be weaker from that point on

Bad pain in tooth two months after root canal and crown. Will they make me pay again? No insurace now.

Been to dentist in agony with my front tooth, I have an infection on front tooth have to have a root canal they have give me amoxicillin not helping?

Big bump on upper gum. Need a root canal?

Bottom molar with crown and root canal hurts. Dentist wants to pull it out. Good idea?

Bottom wisdom teeth impacted, need filling in almost every tooth, 4 root canals, 5 crowns. No insurance or job. Serious pain. What can I do?

Broke a tooth when I was 8 abscessed when I was 18 had a root canal. After 14 yrs it fell out and had it recemented. now have dull pain. why?

Calcium hydroxide filling instead of root canal in molar tooth, help is this bad?

Can a dentist be certain that a 5 yr old needs a root canal on a rear molar without xrays?

Can a infected root canal swell up your lip?

Can a properly sealed and performed root canaled tooth still present with an infection at the tooth root tip? Hardly ever, sometimes, highly likely?

Can a tooth broken to the gumline with out alot of structure left be saved with a root canal and post/core?

Can a tooth usually be saved if it has an abscess? I have an extremely painful abscessed tooth that i'm going to see my dentist about in two days. I'm really worried that i will lose the tooth, and would rather have a root canal or almost anything else th

Can a vital tooth nerve/pulp be infected? have pulpitis but not sure if will get better or not.

Can clove oil deaden the tooth nerve permanently?

Can everbody please think of another way to fix a tooth, other than a root canal?

Can getting a root canal or cavity hurt?

Can i eat after my root canal and getting tooth fixed procedure?

Can i get braces if i've had a root canal on my incisor?

Can i get my tooth crowned a year and a half after a root canal? Dentist told me he would not do it until my wisdom teeth were out. They're out now.

Can I have an abscessed tooth extracted instead of a root canal? I have an abscessed molar that my dentist wants to do a root canal on. I'd rather just have it pulled. Can I do that? .

Can I have just 1 root taken out of a back tooth and how strong will it be. I've had loads of infections in just the one root and 3 root canals.

Can I put gauze in my mouth after a root canal?

Can infected root canal cause muscle wasting in face?

Can my front tooth be saved from infection?

Can pennicillion v potassium be crushed. I just had a root canal? Can a root canal cause your balance to be off from bottom molar. I have vertigo?

Can root canal treamtnet discolor teeth?

Can the root canal and filling 4 teeth damage recent cervical spine fusion since I need to contort my neck for dentist to reach teeth?

Can trigeminal nerve be damaged by unsuccessful root canal of upper teeth premolar?

Can unsuccessful root canal (tooth still pains) cause damage to trigeminal nerve?

Can unsuccessful root canal of the upper right pre-molar tooth cause trigeminal neuralgia?

Can you be allergic to root canal and cavity fillings? What symptoms would you experience?

Can you describe pulpotomy and pulpectomy in primrary and permanant teeth?

Can you extract your tooth when the root is still swollen?

Can you tell me if a tooth has already had a root canal, will it hurt when pulled?

Can you tell me is the root of my tooth coming through the gum?

Can you tell me what to do if i had a root canal and now i need to get a crown. What's this whole crown process?

Cause of nerve pain flossing around a root canaled/temp tooth? Have no infection/fracture. Never had pain prior to the crown/root canal procedures.

Cavity under crown, root canal done twice! how do I stop my mouth from swelling?

Could a cracked root canal tooth cause swollen lymph nodes? Had root canal 5 years ago, pain when chewing.

Could getting root canal on abscessed tooth hurt?

Could you explain why did my dentisit place a crown and tell me that i may have to have a root canal in the future?

Could you tell me what happens if i get a root canal but no crown?

Could you tell me what happens when you do a root canal and don't put the crown on?

Crowned tooth pain/possible missed 4 canal from root canal 2 years ago i had a root canal and a crown. When i finally settled on my current dentist (for insurance network reasons) i had a root canal and crown. The first 2 dentists said i had a 4th root so

Curious as to how much will it hurt to get a tooth pulled out or a root canal?

Dds #: how likely is it that a tooth furcation (1-3 mm) caused a gum abscess? Root tip is not compromised.

Dental root canal numbness - what procedure can determine the cause of five teeth being numb four days after an upper first molar that calcified.

Dental: I'd think that a fractured tooth root may hurt a little?

Dentist didn't give me antibiotic before or after my root was pulled. Is this normal?

Dentist left 2 pieces of file in my tooth during a root canal.. Now i'm in extreme pain?

Dentist says I have large cavity. Need pulp cap and filling. Decay is close to nerve but not on it. I am nervous about this procedure. Any advice?

Dentist told think about getting a root canal on a tooth, 8 months later, I have a purplish surrounding the tooth (gum) but no pain from biting, idea?

Dentist won't extract my 2nd molar tooth bec I have sinus approximation.She insist on root canal.But i dont have budget.Is extraction not possible?

Do i bother with my root canalled teeth or have implants?

Do I have to get a crown after a root canal? My dentist is recommending it, but i can’t afford both the root canal and the crown right now. Is there any other way to protect the tooth from damage?

Do i need to get a root canal for a delayed tooth?

Do root canals affect your jaws or lips?

Do root canals usually hurt very much?

Do you think it's a good idea to get a root canal and crown to fix a crooked tooth?

Do your gums have to be cut into and everything else for a root canal?

Docs can you explain, is root canal treatment possible for half broken molar due to caries?

Doctor im 18 yrs old i have got pulpitis so the dentist told that i need to undergo root canal..will they place a crown ?

Does a cheek swell up after a root canal?

Does a dental crown need to be replaced when an endodontist removes or treats the tooth root's abscess? Or, is the work done via the gum tissue only?

Does getting a root canal involve getting a dental filling?

Does heat sensitivity mean I need a root canal?

Does sprained tooth syndrome or Peridontal ligament strain need a root canal?

Does tooth heat sensitivity mean you need a root canal?

Does your tooth turn gray after a root canal?

Done root canal on molar. Doc found n cleaned only 2 canals. Can't find 3rd. No toothache. Gum inflamed. Doc said will close up. Is this acceptable?

Done root canal on molar. No toothache.Tooth no pain when bite. Gum feels inflamed. Been 3 weeks. Doc no idea what's wrong. ?

During a crown prep, I believe the dentist drilled too deep and compromised the pulp. Now he says I need a root canal. Your thoughts, please. ?

During a teeth cleaning the nurse cut my gum. The next day my tooth was infected. No cavity or problem with tooth. Now a root canal? What happened?

Effect of root canals on bone structure. I have 5 root canals. And my face structure kind of changed. I'm a 20 male.

Endodontic Apicoectomy: Is it possible for the dentist to drill all the way down and through the tip of the root to avoid slicing into an inch of gum?

Endodontist said I have a perforated root. What does this mean ?

Explain the cause of inflammation of gums around a fronttooth crown. I did not have a root canal and there is nopain.

Filling caused root canal and crown - dentist at fault?

For root canaled & crowned molar teeth, if infected , it will be sore, wouldnt it? If no pain is existing while eating, can you say successful rct?

Gum swollen after root canal. Is this normal and how do I get the swelling down?

Had a root canal and a crown 4 weeks ago on a top back molar. Now tooth is sensitive to only hot liquids and food. Can it go away on its own?

Had a root canal done 24 hours ago and just had a pocket of puss burst on gum line right below tooth???