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Can an infection from an abscessed tooth spread elsewhere in the body? I have an appointment to deal with an abscessed tooth in a week, but am worried that the infection could spread in that amount of time. Do I have anything to be worried about? .

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Dds #: what could be the least invasive way a dentist could take care of my gum (periodontic) abscess? I know that antibiotics is not a cure at all.

Dds: can a person have an infection in their gum that is not considered a periodontic abscess or tooth abscess? Abscesses seem to lead to extractions.

Decay at tooth margin causing an abscess. Dentist wants to decrease infection with antibiotic before possible root canal retreatment. Good idea?

Dental abscess and eating, please answer quickly? I have a dental abscess that's currently draining on it's own. I know i need to go to the dentist, but can I eat like this? I don't want to get a worse infection, but my teeth don't hurt, the gum is just s

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