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My wisdom tooth and molar were stuck together and now growing in causing one to grow on the side of my gums. Will they have to be surgically fixed?

12 year molars coming at 18 acting like wisdoms/painful. Dentist wants to pull 2 baby teeth instead of 12 year molars?

12 year molars coming in at 18 acting like wisdom teeth/painful. Dentist wants to pull my two baby first molars and put me in braces.

27 Yr old. Back upper molar pulled. No wisdom teeth so no tooth behind it. Cant afford impant. Depressed. Options? Chances of shifting/facial changes?

2nd molars on top loose after wisdom teeth extraction? Are they going to fall out? also I grind my teeth at night to prevent Molar falling out????????

33 y.O. Friend was told his tooth ache comes from a pressure from adjacent impacted molar.Why would it start now since the molar is supposedly static?

40 yr old female with a vsd murmur. Trying to concieve and also need to remove 9 teeth. Should i remove the teeth first or close the hole in my heart?

6 yearold baby upper teeth cavity no problem what is the treatment?

7 month old exhibiting typical signs of new teeth coming. He already has bottom 2 front teeth. How many nights in a row is it ok to give baby tylenol (acetaminophen)?

7mos baby. Lip tie. Gap between teeth. Weight increase very well. Do u recommend frenectomy? Will it go away when he growup? How long will it hurt?

Adult canine teeth pain out of the blue. No cavities either, any ideas anybody?

Adult tooth coming in behind baby tooth, should I be concerned?

Adult tooth growing back in at the bottom?

Anyone here a dentist! please reply me.My daughter has a wobbly cuspid teeth.(it may have been grown)what shall I do if it's grown.

Are lower incisor teeth supposed to be the same height as canine teeth. The dentist shaved mine down and i think i lost a little more due to enamelwear.

Are premolars supposed to fall out or is it permanent already??

Are space maintainers removed as soon as the permanent tooth starts erupting? Our son needs to have a space maintainer put in after having a baby tooth knocked out, and i'd like to know at what point they are generally removed. .

Are space maintainers suppose to make the new teeth that grow in look like they are decayed?

Are the 2 year old's molars in the back supposed to fall out later?

Are there any signs that natural tooth can regrow in coming 10 to 15 years?

Aside from possibly making teeth crooked, do wisdom teeth usually DAMAGE the roots of the other teeth?(assuming they aren't growing in correctly.)

At what age do the roots of the human teeth turn "hard"?

At what age do your wisdom teeth supposed to start and stop growing?

At what age does a baby grow teeth in the back of his mouth?

At what age will a boys front top teeth stop growing?

At which age will my son start losing teeth?

Baby got first two teeth @6mos. Now 9 1/2 mos no more teeth....I thought by now there would have been more, any idea how long between getting teeth?

Baby had the 2 bottom teeth at 8 months.... Now she's 11 months old and still only these 2 are out... Heard that they might have to open the gums?

Baby teeth coming in wrong while teething? Our son seems to have an extra canine tooth coming in, almost in the same spot as his other one. Should we see the dentist and have this pulled? I'm worried that it will create problems for him later once his adu

Baby teeth spacing problems? As our daughter's baby teeth come in, it seems to me that they are very crowded and close together. Can we tell now if this is going to be a problem, or will that change as she grows? .

Baby tooth growing in sideways? Our two year old has a tooth that seems to be growing in almost sideways. Should we make a special trip to the dentist for this? Will the adult tooth grow in the same way, and could this tooth need to be pulled? .

Can a baby tooth be pulled early if it is looking infected?

Can a broken tooth grow back?

Can a dentist tell if 1 of your tooth lost its position & is pushed farther back? Could this happen with very very small bone loss?

Can a permanent tooth come in while a baby tooth is still in place? I've noticed what looks like another tooth coming in behind one of the baby teeth in the front of our daughter's mouth. Is this possible? Is this something i need to call my dentist about

Can another adult tooth grow in place of an old one?

Can getting my (upper right back molar) extracted change my face structure permanently? If so, is it enough for most people to notice?

Can getting wisdom teeth pulled out change my face shape?

Can having a baby tooth knocked out affect a permanent tooth? While on vacation, our son trip and knocked out one of his front baby teeth. We were quite a ways away from any dentist, and were not able to get there in time for the dentist to do anything. H

Can molar teeth grow when you are in your late twenties?

Can my teeth grow back after 14 years old?

Can new teeth be grown?

Can recessed gums ever grow back at all?

Can teeth grow back at age 30?

Can two baby teeth come in in the same socket? Our son's left eyetooth is coming in, and it kind of looks to me like two teeth are coming in at the same time in one socket. Is this at all possible? . .

Can wisdom teeth grow back or would it be bone. There are sharp edge thats grown since removal of teeth under skin ?

Can you please tell me some good ways to get stem cells isolated and removed from wisdom teeth?

Can you tell me how much time does it take for your upper canine teeth to come in?

Can you tell me if you pull out your baby teeth will it make your permanent teeth grow through faster?

Can your permanent teeth come after your baby teeth or is there another teeth like for teenagers?

Can your permanent teeth fall out when you're 13?

Could it be possible that molars have shifted into different heights. I'm not feeling a complete uniform seal all around.Pre molars seem to barely tou?

Could my teeth move back after taking twin blocks off?

Could use your help docs! my child is pulling her tooth out herself and she got it out on one end, the other end is attached to her gum?

Could you explain why don't my wisdom teeth hurt me when they grow in like others?

Curious as to how much do wisdom teeth hurt when growing?

Curious as to why are my canine teeth grown high in my gums. Please help?

Daughter recently got a baby canine tooth pulled. the baby tooth was predicted to come in within three months and still no tooth. What should i do?

Daughter turned 4 in April. Lost 1st tooth in Aug now another one is loose. Is this normal? Should she loose teeth so early. She grinds teeth at night

Daughters bottom tooth fell out, new tooth growing in the back not middle like should, tooth next to it hasnt fallen off but tooth is growing In back?

Dds's only: what are the major reasons why adults tend to loose back teeth earlier in life than front teeth?

Desperately want my canines to resemble my lateral incisors, but my dentist keeps saying i need to wait another year, why?

Do receding gums grow back? What can you do to make them grow back on one tooth. Trying to preserve my teeth. The canine tooth is receding sensitive.

Do teeth really equal bones growing out of your mouth?

Do untreated baby teeth cavities affect the new teeth coming in?

Doctor im 18yrs old and my third molar teeth is paining too much what could be the cause for it?..

Does early puberty have anything to do with when your wisdom teeth come in?

Does gum disease cause gums to grow over molars? It seems like my gums are growing over my rear-most molars. What causes that, and what can I do to stop it? .

Does it matter that my baby's side teeth came out first?

Does it mean my son has a defiency is he 1 years old with no teeth erupted?

Does pulling out baby teeth really make permanent teeth grow faster?

Does the appearence of wisdom teeth signal that you will stop growing?

Extra large baby teeth? A couple of the baby teeth that have erupted in our son's mouth seem too big to me. Is this something to be worried about? Should we see the dentist before the next scheduled visit? .

Front teeth not in regular line for my 10 month baby what to do for the same will this become normal?

Got a permanent tooth extracted and never got an impact so the teeth close by are falling into that place. Well invisalign correct this?

Gum receding in children, do they grow back to normal over time?

Half of my back tooth is grey yet i haven't had my wisdom teeth yet. Any explanation?

Happy new year healthtap team...My 14 months baby girl's lower teeth are in front of her upper teeth. Is there a possibility that it goes d other way?

Have a gap in my front teeth getting worse as I get older. Dentist has told me since my teeth are naturally wide and short fixing it could look weird?

Hello sir im 20 years old i lost my premolar .will it grown now .or should i take any treatment?

Hello, my daughter's tooth stopped growing half way. I think it is been two months she is 8. This teeth is next one to the front tooth. How much wait?

Hey doc ,, I have problem with coming outnew molar teeth ?

Hi can missing all back molars of teeth cause digestive problems i chew them swallow?

Hi doctors, my daughter is 11 and has lost a permanent tooth. Can she get one right now?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is a odontoma and a supernumerary bud?

Hi my daughter is 6 years old, she'll be 7 October.Her lower left canine cuspid tooth is trying to fall out. Is this normal? It's going to fall out.

Hi, my 18 month old daughter fell sticking an incisor in the gum and bone. What should I do? Remove it or leave it? Grow the permanent tooth? Thanks

Hi..Im a 19 year old girl..My upper incisors are about to fall at my age. Its not even decayed..What are the possible causes for this?

Hole above canine teeth keeps getting bigger, what to do?

How can I set right a highly erupted canine tooth?

How can sharks constantly have new teeth growing but humans can't?

How can you know the difference between pericoronitis and just your teeth growing in?

How come I have a tooth growing behind my baby tooth?

How do you start cleaning a baby's tooth? I know that I should start brushing her teeth as soon as the first tooth comes in, but she has only one tooth that is just partly in. Should i start now, or wait until it comes in all the way. What is the best pro

How far would the roots of a wisdom tooth grow in a 27 y/o person? At what point does the roots stop growing?

How long does it take a baby's tooth to fully cut through? I can see the top of my 6 months old middle incisors tooth coming in.

How long does it takes for the 2 front top teeth to come in after losing the baby ones?

How long does teething generally last before a tooth visibly comes in?

How long will the upper front tooth take to grow after a child looses his baby teeth?

How many separate/connected bony buccal walls surround molar tooth #2? Wisdom tooth missing since childhood. Thank-you.