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Any "anti-aging techniques" for teeth health? ? Is it possible to keep our teeth healthy?

Are there any pills that make your teeth fall out?

Are there pills for making my teeth fall out?

At what age do people start to lose their teeth?

Can a crown last forever with great care and caution with what you eat?

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Can my false teeth allow me to eat anything I want?

Can quitting smoking make your teeth whiter and healthier?

Can removing hardered tartar make teeth fall out?

Can rotten teeth cause acne I have a friend who believes that?

Can shingles cause you to lose teeth?

Can there be not better ways to help the poor with their teeth besides water fluoridation?

Can throwing up once a week ruin your teeth?

Can u still keep teeth for life if u have gum deaise?

Can you explain what are the chances of losing your jaw to chew?

Can you lose teeth because of hiv?

Can you lose your teeth because of aids?

Can you please explain why your teeth feel lose after you floss?

Can you tell me how could i repair boneloss on teeth. Im determined to get my teeth healthy again.?

Can you tell me if i could modify my teeth as shark's?

Cocaine can make teeth fall out?

Cos I have gum deaise it don't mean i will lose my teeth dose it?

Could good teeth/bad teeth run in a family?

Could hair loss and teeth chipping have anything to do with eating gluten?

Could it be healthy to play soccer after getting my wisdom teeth out?

Could milk strengthen teeth a lot?

Could smoking discolor a person's invisalign?

Could you explain when using bulimia to lose weight, does brushing your teeth stop them from rotting?

Could you explain why does crystal meth make your teeth fall out?

Decided to brush my teeth every day: morning & night and also after every meal. Will doing this improve anything?

Dental experts! what is your best tip for healthy teeth?

Dentist said i had bone loss. Does this mean I could be losing teeth young? Can lack of flossing or crowded teeth be the cause. How to prevent it?

Do porcelain veneers make it more difficult to chew food?

Do those who have dental florosis tend to sleep longer?

Do we need to do any special hygiene things when our daughter loses her baby teeth? I don't remember my mom doing anything different when i lost teeth, but i'm wondering if there's anything we should be doing to keep the the areas where she loses teeth cl

Do we really need to brush teeth daily? Seems odd that our body would need external chemicals aapplied daily to teeth... Just curious.

Do you know if there are good ways to help the poor with their teeth besides water fluoridation?

Doctors can you tell me how often should I chew gum to lose weight on my face?

Does brushing before you eat provide any extra defense against plaque or anything like that?

Does it pay off to get regular teeth cleaning even if I eat healthy?

Does mold cheese hurt my teeth and does it have influence on my general health?

Does smoking make your teeth shift?

Does the health of your gums affect how fast your teeth will move with braces?

Dose scabies rune and decay ur teeth?

Foods for people without teeth?

Had gastric bypass in 2005 and teeth keep breaking i now have 5 broken teeth and they even break on soft foods am taking vitamins regularly?

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes bad breath in a child with healthy teeth?

How can I maintain and keep my front teeth veneers white?

How can I get strong and healthy teeths?

How can I have stronger and healthier teeth ?

How can I keep my gums and teeth healthy?

How can I keep my own teeth all my life?

How can i, naturally, strengthen my gums?

How can some one know is his or her teeth are healthy?

How can you whiten and keep my teeth healthy on a day to day basis?

How do I know if my gums are healthy?

How do I maintain white teeth with minimal effort?

How do maintain my white teeth for a long time?

How do the teeth help keep the body healthy?

How is it that people have naturally nice teeth?

How long after having sealant in your tooth can you eat?

How long can you keep tartar in teeth and still get it off?

How long do you have to be bulimic for a dentist or doctor to notice? I've never had a cavity yet was bulimic for 4 years.

How long should I wait after eating acidic foods to brush my teeth? I am going to the state science fair soon, and many of my judges from the school and district levels have asked me how long they should wait to brush their teeth after eating acidic food

How long should we spend brushing our child's teeth? Our son only has 13 teeth at the moment, and i'm not sure what the right amount of time is that I should spend cleaning them. Should we spend the same amount of time as if he had a full set of teeth?

How quickly would you lose your teeth if you never brushed?

How to cope with loosing 20 of my teeth at 24 years old?

How to fix bad/unhealthy teeth?

How to keep my gums and teeth healthy?

How to keep my teeths white using healthy methods (Not damaging my teeths) ?

How to keep your teeth and gums healthy? Is it important to keep your teeth and gums healthy?

How unhealthy are sick teeth on the rest of the body?

I am 16 years old and I have had great dental hygiene my whole life. My permanent teeth feel loose. Are my teeth goingto fall out?

I f i smoke unfiltered, what will happen to my teeth & braces?

I have lost a lot of enamel in my teeth so i want to get caps or veneers. How do I choose which to get?

I just had dental brace. I heard people who have dental brace will easily to lose the teeth when they are old. Is it true or not?

I just had wisdom teeth taken out. When can I start eating healthy again?

I really need some answers! why am i obsessed with my teeth ?

I should stay away from tobacco, I know. Will that prevent my teeth from becoming stained?

I want to know about teeth health?

I was wondering is it healthy for someone to brush their teeth this much?

I wish to eat lemons how can I protect teeth enamel?

I'm curious as to which is better for the health of the tooth and gum, regular braces or invisalign?

I'm going everything i can for my gum deasie will i lose my teeth?

Im going to a very important event and i need my teeth to be white, are there any ways to whiten teeth temporarily? just 1 day event

Is diet when it comes to healthy teeth & gums imporant?

Is fluoride necessary to keep healthy teeth?

Is it actually true that cutting back on sugar will help preserve genetically bad teeth?

Is it better to brush your teeth before or after you eat?

Is it normal that the gap in my teeth is increasing wt shl I do to keep them strong?

Is it really important to floss? I am a vegetarian and never get food particles stuck between my teeth. Also, i live in a small town and our only supermarket doesn't even sell dental floss.

Is it safe to eat after losing a temporary crown?

Is it true that after you eat a meal, you have to wait a little while before you brush yout teeth, because your enamel wears off quicker?

Is it true that dentures can permanently ruin your ability to taste food?

Is it true that if your teeth are healthy so is your heart?

Is there a natural way to make my tooth enamel stronger other than taking fluoride supplements?

Is there a way to check dental decay in people living with/consuming hard water?