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After pulpotomy of a tooth is performed, how long does a root canal take?

An endodontic apicoectomy may save a tooth root but it seems so barbaric a procedure even in the hands of an experienced endodontist. Care to comment?

Antibiotics haven't reduced my dental abscess. Can my dentist still perform the root canal treatment?

Anyone know the cost for root canal treatment including crown in malaysia?

Are my only two options root canal or extraction for abscesses molar? And which is safest of these two?

Are pulp capping and root canals the same thing? I've read that pulp capping might be a less painful alternative to a root canal. Are they really the same thing, or do they just have a similar result? .

Are root canals dangerous to your health?

Are there any suggestions for incision and drainage for absess tooth following a failed root canal?

Are there any treatments for a dental fistula instead of a root canal? Answer please!

Can a person smoke after root canal therapy?

Can a root canal be done with a laser?

Can a standard x-ray in a dentists office really show if a fistula tract has healed 2 months following a root canal retreatment?

Can an abscess continue even after a root canal treatment?

Can bacteria spread to your brain from an incomplete root canal procedure?

Can I have root canal surgery while on coumadin (warfarin)?

Can i take care of my 6 root canals and fillings too?

Can orthodontics perform a root canal or should I just go see an endodontic?

Can root canal be done without having pain?

Can root canal treatment be painful?

Can root planing and scaling treatment hurt?

Can there be an alternative to root canal treatment?

Can there be any treatments for a dental fistula instead of a root canal?

Can they use a rubber dam for a root canal?

Can you continue TMJ therapy while having a root canal?

Can you explain common endodontic procedures?

Can you get a filling/root canal with general anaesthetic?

Can you get ARDS during a sloppy dental procedure for two root canals?

Can you get your teeth whiten when you are undergoing treatment for fillings and root canals?

Can you give me an explanation about dental scaling and root planing procedure?

Can you give me some suggestions on infected root canal after the treatment. Alternate to tooth removal?

Can you have dental work done, root canal and fillings, while you are being treated for oral thrush?

Can you perform root canal filling in a multi-visit procedure without use of local anesthesia?

Can you please give me a technical description of root canal therapy?

Can you please tell me how holistic root canal treatment and conventional differ?

Can you tell me about root planing or scaling?

Can you tell me if there are any treatments for a dental fistula instead of a root canal?

Could cysts occur even after a root canal treatment?

Could endodontists prescribe pain pills after a root canal?

Could I have pulp capping done instead of a root canal? I need a root canal performed, but after reading up on pulp capping, i think i'd much prefer having that done. Does a pulp capping perform the same function as a root canal, and could i bring it up t

Could it be absolutely necessary to go for capping after root canal treatment of a tooth?

Could removing a tooth be a better option instead of a root canal?

Could root canal treatments substantially decrease the chance of having endodontic cysts?

Could they need to use a rubber dam for a root canal?

Could you explain what is endodontic treatment required for?

Could you have overdosed with lidocaine while undergoing root canal?

Could you tell me if general practitioner dentists utilize obturation or standard root canal gutta percha more frequently?

Could you tell me what happens during a root canal procedure?

Dental pain after root canal treatment because invasive treatment or infection?

Dentists don't use those rubber dams anymore for root canals?

Difference between endodontic retreatment and apicoectomy?

Do cavities require root canal therapy?

Do endodontists usually treat a periodontal issue like a deep sulcus and no need for a root canal? Or, would they refer out to a periodontist?

Do everyone usually need a crown after a root canal therapy?

Do i need a complete new crown after root canal re-treatment?

Do i need to get a crown after root canal treatment?

Do people ever get a proper root canal treatment without having a crown placed?

Do you know are implants an option only if the initial root canal fails or can you still have implants after a root canal retreatment fails?

Do you think I should avoid a root canal or a crown by doing a laser nerve treatment for my tooth?

Do you think I should get an implant after a failed root canal?

Docs can you explain, is root canal removable/replaceable?

Docs can you explain, is there a cheaper & less invasive process to dental root canals!?

Does a root canal treatment need maintenance?

Does anyone know, after a tooth has root canal treatment done to it, does it discolor in the future?

Does dental health insurance cover emergency root canals?

Does horizontal bone loss around tooth always require root canal treatment?

Does root canal surgery hurt without anesthesia?

Does the pain after a pulpectomy end after the infection is cured or after the root canal procedure?

Does Valium help with root canal procedure?

Expert opinion - should my dentist tell me right away during a cleaning if i would need a root canal?

For what length of time can I leave a glass ionomer cement in my completed root canal treatment?

For what length of time can the tooth that have done root canal treatment last?

Has anyone had an iinexperienced endodontist cause a root canal gone wrong?

Have needed a root canal for a while, but cannot afford it. Help?

Hi, i just want to know if pulpectomy is charged separately from root canal treatment proposal or is included? I thought it was, until yesterday.

Hoping you can tell me, is crown or filling included with your root canal procedure?

Hoping you can tell me, is root canal typically cheaper in price than a tooth crown?

How can I ensure a speedy recovery after a root canal?

How can I relieve pain before a root canal treatment?

How can they fix a dilating aortic root?

How can you relieve pain before a root canal treatment?

How can you tell the difference between a cavity and root canal on an x-ray?

How do I know if I will have be given endodontic sealer?

How do they operate on an av canal?

How does root end surgery differ from a root canal? My dentist says I have a blockage at the tip or my root, and will need to have root end surgery to shave off a small section of root and seal it. Isn't that what a root canal is? .

How many anaesthetic injections would someone need to have a molar root canal carried out?

How much a pulp capping cost ?

How much can a root canal usually cost?

How to calm hypersensitive nerves after an oral surgery with root canal two months out?

How to decide betweeb composite filling instead of root canal?

I am having scaling and root planning with crowns?

I did root canal through the gold crown, permenant fillings were done by dr i did not know. Is root canal final sealing same as regular filling?

I do re-endodontic treatment & there's bleeding from the canals so what should my Dr. Do ?

I had a 2nd root canal performed yesterday after an abcess was diagnosed. Is it normal to still have pus on my gum after the procedure?

I had a tooth root fracture after root canal procedure. My dentist suggested root amputation. Is it my best option? What are the complications?

I had my tooth done with root canal procedures last 2007. Is it true that it should be pulled off after 10 years? How long does a root canal last?

I have a deep filling that is touching a nerve. Are there any alternatives to root canal?

I have done root canal treatment for my teeth , now its again paining after 3 months . What to do now?

I know I have an infection from the retreatment of the root canal but what caused it 3 days after the procedure?

I might have to have a root canal. What is the difference between an Endodontist and an Oral Surgeon?

I need a root canal on my tooth. Do I need consent from my insurence?