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2 fillings done 6 days replaced and one new. My gum is swollen and looks like I have pus/abscess developing rapidly. Pain upon chewing...??

During cleaning, dentist hit the gum around wise tooth and it got bleeding and seperated from tooth. It is still painful and separated. Any help?

.I need a dentist to fix a tooth that got broke at the gum linecan it be fixed?

1&1/2 rears ago i had a cap put on my has bothered me ever since, the dentist sent me to an oral surgeon can't do anything because cement is to close to nerve, I can't afford another doc.

1month tooth pain on chewing crunchyfood after cavity filin .4 days ago dr put temporary filin bt still painful.How long 2 wait 2 see if d pain wil go?

2nd bone graft and wisdom extr, 7th 2 wisdom extr, 10th moved, 14th filing and crown, 23rd permanent crown. When can I start take multivitamin?

3 deep fillings replaced with composite.Day 1 a lot of pain.Day 2 was okay.Day 3 hurting all day after going out in cold weather. Should I be worried?

3 of my teeth got hurt after I bit a piece of rock.1 tooth is already lose(gum problm).My dentist shook it many times.Will that make the tooth loser?

3 yr old had dental surgery this am 4 crowns, 4 fillings. Has 103 fever now. Dentist said call back in 2 hours. What should I do? Worried mom

4 days ago i did rct on infected& coronal leakage teeth 11.Filled temp cotton pellet & cavit. Perm filling & bu appt in 8 days. Any risk of infection?

48 hrs ago had temp crowns for front teeth due to tooth decay under old ones and replace a rod. Now fever and ear pain with temp crowns on. Advice?

4yo had a silver crown put on back molar. Did not need pulpotomy. Around cap is white & he is in pain. He also bit his cheek when numb & now swollen.

5 weeks ago I had a filling done and it was unbearable to eat or chew. So I went back to my dentist after those weeks and he replaced it. After 3 days?

5 year old had cavity filled. Did not have to do pulpotomy, just put on a silver crown. Now his cheek is swelling. Should i be worried?

6 year old has wobbly permanent tooth after shark baby tooth fell out. He's had no injuries to the permanent tooth but is slightly wobbly. Worried?

67 yo male had rct few wks ago #20, sched for crown lengthening 4/29, finances tight, approx how long can I delay with temp crown, no chew that tooth?

90 extraction of loose solo upper back molar with decay under crown today. How to keep area clean? Brush, peroxyl, what? Dmd asst didn't say what to do

A 5 month toddler fell and broke his tooth. The pulp got exposed and scarred. Could he get an abscess?

A dds took #14 xray, nothing wrong, but a bit fish. Has been uncomfortable 10 months after crowned+root canaled.No pain, good bite, what next?

A filling for a small cavity keeps falling out. This is the 5th time i will have to get it fixed in 1 1/2 years. Should i find a new dentist?

A piece of my molar fell off today and i probably have a cavity. What should I do while waiting for the appointment?

A small part of my tooth broke but there is no pain. Can I wait to get it fixed?

A temporary crown fell off a molar i had a root canal on, it looks like my tooth fell out! :( why does it look like i don't have any tooth left?

After the procedure of fitting a crown can you feel it on your teeth when the pain goes?

All my molars feel traumatized. Front teeth used to be longer before chill and tooth bonding. Could it be that when it was longer separated molarsmore?

All my teeth are breaking and decaying and i'm told they are beyond repair. Will need to have them pulled and get false ones?

Allergies (?) after a dental visit w/ extreme fat lip & blisters on gums, roof of mouth(front tooth cap cemented) - topical novicane only & cement us

Am 8weeks preg.. Hv developed cavity in one of my tooth. Is it safe to visit dentist at this time...

Are there any general hints you may need root canal or extraction? Teeth aren't cracked yet but turning yellowish grey and minor crack. Going on mon.

Are there any natural ways to blunten sharp bits of tooth without visiting the dentist?

Are you obligated to pay for a tooth being extracted, when the dentist left part of the tooth in your gums. The dentist i visited left a piece of jagged egde tooth in my gums and I have been suffering from headaches every since. What can I do about it?

Are your cheeks supposed to swell up when you get a tooth implant?

Asked to bond a crooked front tooth . Dentist did X-ray first (inconclusive). So she tested it (had no feeling to cold). No decay, pain or trauma to tooth. Does this always indicate a dead tooth?

Barq's root beer bad for teeth?

Bleeding after fillings? I had a filling done a few days ago, and since then i've noticed blood when i brush. I've never had this happen before. Could it somehow be related to the filling? Should i go back to my dentist? .

Bottom left tooth is chipped & keeps digging into my tongue. Have an appointment at the dentist tomorrow what will they likely do? Nervous. Thanks.

Can a broken tooth be glued back together by a dentist?

Can a chipped baby tooth later affect how a permanent tooth comes in? Our four year old daughter tripped and fell, chipping a front tooth pretty badly. She has a dentist appointment in two days, but we're concerned that this might later cause problems for

Can a crown go over half a tooth? I've had a tooth crack in half, and would like to have it capped with a crown, if at all possible. Is that something that can be done? .

Can a loose and infected molar be saved without extracting it? I have a painful molar that seems like it has become kind of loose. Is there any way it can still be saved without having to pull it? .

Can a tooth abcess spread to your brain? what teeth can make it happen nd how common is it?

Can a white spot that showed on jaw during a dental X-ray be caused by doing a RC? Doing a biopsy to make sure but it is on jaw under the RC tooth

Can an avulsed tooth be saved? I recently had a tooth knocked out while playing basketball, and was told that if i had tried with put the tooth back into the socket within five minutes, there is a chance i might have been able to save the tooth. Is this t

Can an avulsed tooth that has not been completely knocked out of its socket be saved? My husband had his left front tooth knocked most of the way out, and we got to the dentist as soon as we could, where the tooth was reomved. I'm wondering if we had gott

Can any dentist explain if we normally get cavities in the hole where the crown is going?

Can anything happen if i don't replace a missing tooth with a dental implant? I've lost a tooth midway on the lower left side of my jaw, and my dentist recommended i get a dental implant. Nothing about this missing tooth bothers me, but I am concerned tha

Can blood build-up in broken tooth cause a bad toothache?

Can bruxism destroy a crown put in by my dentist recently?

Can hemisections be done on children? Our toddler has a problem with a fused tooth, and our dentist said he'll need a hemisection. I thought this was only done when a root of a tooth had died. .

Can i get teeth pulled even if got filling i filling it cause bad breathed an it not from sinus drainage?

Can i mess up my dental implant with my tongue? I got a dental implant for the first time a little over a week ago, and i'm having a really hard time not touching it or probing at it with my tongue. Since it's such a new implant, i'm wondering if i can lo

Can poor dental work cause bruxism? My friend swears it can. I just started grinding my teeth recently, and this friend says it might be because of the filling i got a few months ago. He says he got bruxism after a filling was too high on his tooth and it

Can they fix a broken tooth &' cavities whilr you're pregnant?

Can tooth extraction at an early age (16 year old lost two molars, could not afford RCT) lead to ptsd? She's sad and scared to go back

Can white composite fillings cause jaw/face pain?

Can you tell me about got a sinus lift for dental implants and how that go?

Can you tell me what kind of anesthesia is used when pulling a badly broken abcessed tooth?

Can your face break out because you have a rotten tooth?

Causes of 1 year old crown pain?? No swelling or bump or bad odor or liquid coming out of it... It's a ceramic crown! X Rays show no infection...

Cavity in my molar hurts really bad...I want some home remedies to cure it...I do not want filling to be done....Please advise something thanks?

Child age 7.5 lost first molar. It is flat with no roots, but did have a filling. Is this normal? I'm concerned the roots broke off?

Chipped tooth yesterday, can't get into dentist for a few weeks due to it being a medicade dentist hurts no matter what I eat, what do I do?

Cold sensitivity in tooth all of a sudden. No insurance. Can it wait?

Could a busted tooth tighten back up?

Could it be bad if i don't get a tooth crown replaced immediately?

Could use your help docs! my first molar tooth fell out what should I do ?

Could you have crowns fitted on very heavily filled back teeth. I am approx 65 years old and am not sure what to do?

Cracked tooth syndrome? At my last visit to the dentist, she told me I have cracked tooth syndrome and have tiny cracks in several of my teeth. I go back in 10 days for this, and i'd like to know what caused it, or if there's anything i can do to stop it.

Crown prep still hurts after 6 weeks. Desperate for relief. Willing to get a root canal if there's a small chance it will help. I had a crown prep done 6 weeks ago. For a week afterwards, i felt a sharp pain when biting down on food and an ever-present d

Crown was hurting, dr decided to remove wisdom tooth 2 wks later crown hurting again, now he wants to do cleanign before analysing crown?

Crowned, root canalled through crown. sensitive 8 months so far. Rd.-ray show, one of tip of gutta p. show bit inflamed. By grinding crown, will it ok?

Cusp on upper molar broke off below gum; two-thirds of tooth remain. What are the chances I will get an abscess or other gum infection?

Daughter baby tooth extracted due to sensitivity (dr said new tooth pushing it causing it) But she says it is still sensitive. causes?

DD has bubble in gum above loose tooth.would pulling the tooth make this go away or could it be infection? No cavities as of check up 3 months ago.

Dds: 3 weeks ago i had my molar extracted. Now, i'm unusually afraid of returning for a perio cleaning and exam this week. Any advice to this adult?

Dead tooth, broke off just below the gums: front top, near center. Chipped 2 weeks back. Was gray w/ no pain, no blood, no filling, no injury:hlp pls?

Decay btwn 14 and 15... btwn surface fillings n gum, So advice is extract 2 , implant 1. Today, dentist w 3-D finds 'hole' above 13. Is RC necessary?

Dental hygienist dropped my crown on the floor and then took it to the back to clean. Should I have asked for a new one? Does this happen?

Dental Question: I had a tooth that chipped badly and was supposed to get a crown.Had it fixed.Doc said I almost lost it.Is it worth it to get a crown?

Dental visit 2 months ago, was told Had 3mm pockets&bone loss was certainly not much to worry about but i feel one of my tooth is pushed farther back?

Dentist broke my good tooth while doing another procedure. What to do?

Dentist didn't put a temp crown on said just don't eat on that side and gums still hurt but there healing is that safe? Tooth be here in 10 days

Dentist only: sharp pain runs up back of front tooth less than 1 sec. At a time for 2 days but not often. Use night guard. Checkup xrays dec. Perfect. Not loose. No gum prob. Xrays good. Root exposed?

Dentist put some grey "plaster" on my molars. What does this mean for me?

Dentist recently recommended "crowns" for 2 teeth. What happens if I avoid the crowns? Can teeth possibly get stronger? He said they could break off!

Dentist said X-ray looked ok.Still bit itchy. It is crowned, root canalled. Can it itchy by being too tight on metal crown, if so what can it be done?

Dentist took old filling, she told me save tooth but then cavity beyond gum swollen and put temporary filling. What is going to happen?

DENTIST: Saw dentist today for 18 xrays, cleaning, exam. All good. Later noticed a tiny sliver type area missing front of lateral incisor. CONCERN?

Dentists routinely extract teeth. About how many millimeters of jawbone are left til a dentist wants to take it out? Or, a tooth remains solid til?

Did i develop cracked tooth syndromee from grinding my teeth? I've had some pain in my rear right molars for a while now, but nothing ever shows up on x-rays. I also grind my teeth and night, and am wondering if i could have developed cracked tooth syndro

Did whitening to teeth. Teeth had a crack and roots are showing previously. She's in pain and sensitivity. How long will it last? Painkillers plz?

Didn't put on a temp crown he said tooth will be ok just don't eat on it no new crown will be in two weeks had done today looks scary and gums puffy?

Do dental, screw implants hurt? Im getting one soon cuz of a missing tooth i was born with, so no extraction. How do they numb you/put you to sleep?

Do you get a shot when making a tooth crown?

Docs can you explain, is the side of my tooth supposed to turn grey after getting a filling?

Does filling cavities impact d jaw n jaw placement in anyway?? like when the teeth are cut and drilled and all.. I had three of them..

Does having sensitive teeth means you've got weak teeth?

Does letting a cracked tooth go too long always end up with a root canal? I've had a cracked tooth for a while now, but didn't go to the dentist because I didn't have insurance and wouldn't have been able to afford the cost. Now it kind of hurts a little.

Explain a bite adjustment of a new crown, as in how's it done? Also, can they do a root canal on a brand new crown? So much pain, yet he wants to wait

Filling broke on upper tooth opp where lower filling repair done 3 weeks ago. Had gone back bc of sensitivity and unable to floss lower. Dds didn't c!?