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Had a root canal done about two months ago, now i feel a lump on my gum , same area ..what could it be?

1 week ago, had tooth extraction&bone graft for root fracture. Took zpac before&after. Still THROBBING from area to ear but no other symptoms? Normal?

1st part root canal 1 week ago. is it normal to have lingering pain after putting pressure on tooth? dont want to pay for rest of it if this is result

1st part root canal, nerve removal 2 weeks ago. lingering discomfort when put pressure on tooth.. Concerned will long is normal? pull tooth?

2 root canals. 2 days after i got an infection and chin felt somewhat numb. I have feeling if i apply heat or pain stimulus. When will it go away?

2 weeks ago had a root canal retreatment & there was a fistula tract. I don't see the tract now but the gum feels tender when I use a water flosser..?

24 hours after root canal procedure on infected upper molar tooth still feel minor irritation burning top of throat near the 2% lidocaine injection. ?

3 weeks ago had a nerve removal in third molar. Doc put some medication to kill nerve.Worried why tooth is still hurting when biting and hot drinks?

3 yrs ago had a filling. I think Dr. dug in too deep to fill it. Had sensitivity for 1 yr. Now I feel sharp needle pain. Sign of future root canal?

3wks ago, root canal, dr said no infectn was present. had perm crown placed. still having pressure-pain, feels achey when touched by tongue. advice?

4 fillings 1 RCT on wis tooth. Jaw/teeth pain 3 wks. Sharp pain from cold air/liquid. Take ibuprofen and still a throbbing tingling. Root canal needed?

A tooth ache(in a tooth that had a root canal 2 years ago.) I had 2 X-Rays, I was put on Amoxcil 250+metronedazle for 5 days with paracetamol. But it is still painful?

A week ago I received a filling of a lower molar which had a 50/50 shot of needing a root canal. I have not had any pain; however, over the past two days my throat has been bothering me. Should I be worried about infection even without any tooth pain?

About 6 mnths ago one molar cracked and formed a hole..painless at first not when it reacts to cold my entire left side throbs..cavity or root canal?

After a root canal procedure, is it common to feel discomfort or pain in the gums a week out?

After a root canal&crown, I am experiencing pain (on/off)and sensitivity to hot & cold. Will I need an extraction now?Dentist is also out for 6 days.

After having root canal and a cap, I still have slight swelling and pain in mouth?

After having root canal more than a week ago, I still feel minor swelling in the face. Overall, I feel so much better. Is the swell time common?

After initial root canal treatment for molar i still feel some dull pain and itchiness. Should i ask the dentist for antibiotics or is this normal.

After root canal on canine tooth #11, iam curious to know what are the symptoms/how it feels if the drill touches or drills into the sinus cavity floor?

After root canal operation, is there a big possibility that the affected teeth might lead to discoloration (yellow or black). ?

Allograft used on a few bottom front teeth needed to be redone. Nerve endings very painful. Does the palate have as many sensitive nerve endings?

Attention dentists! what might cause numbness to continue days after a root couldal procedure?

Bitter medicine placed in tooth after root canal will not fade even post-crown. Have altered sense of taste/smell. What's in it, will it go away?

Bottom tooth #26 has electric shock pain and possible tooth #26. Went to 4 specialists and one said I have cracked teeth. Will RCT take away the pain?

Broken tooth after root canal. The area is swollen and throbbing. I'm unable to see the dentist until late this week. What can I do to ease pain?

Can you get a roothcanal on a slight loose tooth no pain so far ?

Can a root canal cause infection in your neck arm and breast?

Can an exposed nerve (broken tooth) cause swelling around the area and lips? Temporary treatments until seen by dentist please?

Can an unfinished root canal cause a jaw infection? It doesn't hurt, just feels odd when i touch the swollen bone? Not sure if it's bone.

Can crown experience random pressure (flare-up feeling of movement) after root canal re treatment?

Can myofacial dental pain/throbbing post root canal be due to old spinal injury? Q. Having more dental work done now. Will happen with fillings?

Can myofacial tooth pain/throbbing post root canal show up elsewhere? Scarey to have more dental work done now. Will it happen again?

Can pain felt in one tooth be provoked by another tooth?

Can upper wisdom extraction lead to increased exposure and lasting irritation/inflammation of root/nerve of adjacent tooth? if so, any remedy?

Can you tell me about signs and symptoms for a root canal. So I am confused about this. How can my tooth nerve be dead if i didn't even feel anything?

Can you tell me about tooth nerve pain remedy/cures!?

Can you tell me docs, is getting root canal painful please answer my question?

Cold test on tooth, recently filled, hurt a lot, but nothing else indicates a problem. Do I need a root canal, or could it be something else?

Composite filling week later pressure pain. Went back, stated high filling, filed down-antibiotics to be safe, now mild cheek swelling less pain?

Could i go back to work right after a root canal?

Could a infected nerve in your tooth cause heart palpitations. I will be getting a root canal sometime this week.

Could I go back to work right after a root canal?

Could my permanent crown be causing pain between the gums and aching in my jaw? Is a nerve pinched? Root canal went well.. The bite is not too high.

Could residual bacteria from a root canal cause ear pain?

Could this be a sign that i might need a root canal? Within the past few weeks one of my bottom molars has developed real sensitivity to hot and cold. There isn't any constant pain, or any different sensations beyond that sensitivity. I've never experienc

Cramp like tooth pain to hot foods.light tapping causes ache. xrays shows nothing. Endo say root canal not necessary. am uncomfortable, what next?

Dead nerve tooth tooth broke off to gum line in back how can I treat the infection I have no pain in tooth?

Dentist said my mom endured "fifth nerve". It happened after my mom done tooth patch. Its been a week and she really in pain. Is it really 5th nerve?

Dentist said my root canal wouldnt hurt and it did. Will i still feel pain in my gums and stuff?

Difficult opening mouth and severe jaw pain 2 weeks after root canal. What can be causing this?

Do dentists usually give you laughing gas for a root canal? What's it like?

Do tooth fractures always show in a 3d xray?Ive had intense pain in a RCT tooth 5 times in past week that lasts hours.Endo and dentist don't know why

Do x-rays always detect the need for a root canal? Severe pain. Lower right crowned back molar & sensitive gum line on right side. X-rays perfect.

Does big root canals cause bloody noses or headaches?

Does the pain stop immediately after a root canal?

Does the second visit to having a root canal filled require numbing or is it painful afterwards?

Electric shock pain in silver filling, should I be concerned?

Every tooth that gets worked on. Ends up being a root canal. Due to hyper sensitivity. Why do I prevent hyper sensative nerves ?

Excruciating pain on entire right side of face centering around a tooth i had a root canal on 6 months ago. Is it more than just an infection?

Excruciating throbbing toothache 3 days.had root canal yrs ago.xray/CT scan normal.inflamed gums around that tooth.can't bite on it.what can it be?

Exposed nerves in tooth, how do I stop the pain?

Extra root canal filling inside the sinus sever pain and swilling?

Extreme pain by my old root canal. Should i be worried?

Fat cheeked after hard root canal. How many does it take for swelling to go away?

Feel bone shard from pulled wisdom tooth.have touch and go root next to it and am concerned bone sliver which hurts is further inflaming pulp.what do?

Finally did Transforaminal Root Block for my back L4,L5/ L5,S1 today. Dr said I'll feel better & pain will fade away soon. Is this permanent? Really??

Following a root canal is it normal to have a little bubble by the tooth and hot/cold w tenderness, what to do?

Four days after my root canal and wisdom tooth removal, I have cold and clammy hands/feet, feel general fatigue, and have heavy legs. Are they related?

Front tooth changed colour and I couldn't feel anything with it .during root canal I stooped it because I felt the drill , the doctor said it's not d?

Got a cracked tooth that needs to come out but can't afford it yet an had tingling, throbbing an numbness in my gums, what is it an is it serious?

Got root canal and crown. I noticed some tingling or irritation. What might be the issue and what should I do?

Gum around root canal treated tooth feels tender, not firm. Been 1 month+.Dentist said not inflamed, but there's a discomfort there. Tooth problem?

Had 1st half of root canal, due for 2nd half next week. Have a pea sized node swollen under jawline, on side of infected tooth. It this from rt canal?

Had 1st part of root canal done. Left root tips in for next visit. On z pack. Tooth still hurts if I chew on that side. Is this normal? Tooth #31

Had 1st part root canal. that night got episodes intense spontaneous pain-like nerve pain. how/why can this happen if nerve removed?now tooth aches.

Had 2nd part of root canal done. Getting chills temp99.3. Could I have sepsis without my face swelling from tooth? I've been on z pack

Had a root canal 3weeks ago and still have very minor throbbing in the tooth. The sensitivity to the hot/cold is gone though. Is this normal?

Had a root canal a few years ago, general dentist found a nerve root left, very small infection, should I be concerned?

Had a root canal a year ago but the tooth hurts again the same as it was before - constant, especially at night but stops for a bit with cold water?

Had a root canal in a bicuspid, to be crowned. Recently the tooth and that side of my jaw feeling tired, sign of infection?

Had a root canal in my lower jaw first molar no complaints unroll today. I feel a lot of pain in the restored tooth. Is this normal?

Had a root canal treatment a month ago and the radiating sharp pain in the jaw has still not gone away.. I was told that its because of white filling?

Had a root canal. After finishing antibiotic am experiencing headaches from the top of my head to base of skull. 800 IB alleviates pain but returns?

Had a severe toothache In tooth that was filled 2 years ago. Went to dentist and wanted to do a root canal but could not find anything wrong in x Ray.

Had a tooth top that was fractured four 4yrs extracted last wk the roots wer causing infection al that time now havin root taken out 4yrs in pain grrr?

Had abcess from bottom up spread to bone & up roots on either side. Had main one extracted & root cnals . But 1 was never finished(crown)can it spread?

Had cheek swelling & bad tooth #11 infection. Weeks later, i did root canal.Symptoms i look for if infection speeded to the face or the bone in the jaw?

Had first part of root canal done two days ago is it normal to be in pain and tooth hurts to touch or touch teeth feels so bruised bad pain no swel?

Had first part of root canal done. The side of the tooth still hurts. Will this be taken care of at next visit or is there something else wrong?

Had gum infection around lower left molar.Treated it with macropen for 8 days.No root infection showed in x-ray.But now i feel a jaw pain. What is it?

Had root canai 25 years ago there is whole above tooth some pain i think i have gum disease what to do thank you?

Had root canal 2 weeks ago. I go back this week to finish. My balance has been off, my ears feel clogged and sinuses hurt.could it be from root canal?

Had root canal 7 days ago pain subsides completely durring the day but wake up at night with severe ear and tooth pain ?

Had root canal done (#7) 5days ago. No problem or pain till now. Sharp pain when I tap, apply pressure or accidently touches another tooth. Is this no?

Had root canal for pain in tooth, possible abscess. Have taken penicellen and Flagyl , pain came back, headaches, gummy eyes, dizziness low energy ?

Had root canal intervention three days ago. Today i noticed that the tooth still hurts when i brush it or drink too hot or cold. Is this normal?

Had root canal late march, gums still sore. went back to root canal doctor early June, he gave more antibiotic, still sore, to sore to get crown?

Had root canal small bump on gum looks pulse like is that normal do I need more antibotics before getting crown i don't want tooth pulled no pain are?

Had root canal that pierced my sinus unbeknownst to my dds.When he flushed w/sodium solution, severeburning in sinuses, eye, severeswellg, blackeyes.Help!