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16mth old has decalcification marks according to dentist on top-central incisors, can this lead to tooth decay? If so, can I prevent it?

A few adults maybe have one missing natural tooth. Can bruxism, in the lack of periodontal disease, cause severe gum recession?

A few of my teeth have begun to loosen, due to gum recession. Is there any real danger of them falling out, or can they be saved?

After I removed my braces, I noticed that my bracketed teeth have become extremely sensitive. I am thinking either the enamel wore down in those teeth or my gums receded and the roots have become exposed. Can eitherof those problems be corrected fully?

Are there any ways to reverse root resorption?

Are weak teeth genetic?

Baby bottle tooth decay and pulling all teeth? My sister and brother-in-law have taken on a two year old that they want to adopt. They took her to the dentist, and the dentist said that she has severe tooth decay in almost all of her teeth, and wants to h

Besides dental decay, what could cause your teeth to turn black?

Broken teeth at the gumline can it cause health problems on the body as same side ?

Can a child who suffers from weak enamel on permanent molars due to antibiotics get braces?

Can amalgams in teeth cause myelodysplastic syndrome???

Can anyone tell me is tooth/enamel demineralization bad ?

Can asthma medicines contribute to tooth decay?

Can bone still erode even after teeth fall out and periodontal disease is over?

Can chantix cause tooth loss..Is this true?

Can clenching teeth too much lead to future loss of teeth?

Can deep tooth decay lead to death if gone untreated?

Can food build up on back of tongue lead to discolored teeth?

Can grinding teeth lead to tooth loosening?

Can having no teeth or not having some teeth affect your breathing?

Can it be that a few major cavities and tooth decay cause exhaustion..?

Can lead fillings in your teeth make you sick?

Can MS cause your teeth to become brittle & break off also very prone to decay?

Can poisions from a rotten tooth cause arthritis?

Can saliva be acidic? I think my saliva is acidic and is eroding my tooth enamel, what can I do to prevent this from causing even more damage?

Can saliva cause some enamel loss?

Can someone's teeth be saved if they have a high amount of calculus on their teeth?

Can teeth fall out after facial trauma?

Can teeth implants result in loss of taste and numbness to the tongue?

Can the metal of the dentist tools damage your teeth?

Can the parotid saliva duct suffer damage from multiple tooth extractions?

Can the way you chew contribute to neck stiffness and soreness? Maybe stress from not damaging tooth and tooth bonding

Can there be methods for preserving/ healing tooth enamel from further acid erosion?

Can tomoxiphen cause tooth loss?

Can tooth cavities treated or prevented by oneself after started?

Can tooth decay be caused by aspartame and acesulfame k?

Can tooth loss be caused by chantix?

Can two different dental fillings touching cause excessive salivation?

Can using sensodyne tarter control cause weakening in teeth? I have an unexplainable chipped tooth. Or could lack of nutrients have something to dowit

Can using too much act with flouride damage teeth? I am worried that my teeth enamel is thinning, how can I prevent this?

Can Xanax (alprazolam) erode teeth? Can Xanax (alprazolam) also cause teeth enamel to flake off and become thin?

Can you be born with thin teeth enamel? Any way to reverse it?

Can you give me an example of 0.3cmx 0.3cmx0.3 cm?

Can you tell me exactly when is it too late to do something about tooth decay?

Can you tell me how to stop my tooth decay and the bacterial smell that is occurring?

Can you tell me if i swim every day will it damage my teeth?

Can you tell me if there are any products for a temporary home tooth decay repair?

Can you tell me if tooth enamel didn't come back then wouldn't people whomale, and my dentist says my enamel looks like an 80 yeara rinse and quit grinding my teeth?

Can your enamel grow back once its worn out from sugar and plaque?

Can your enamel wear thin on teeth due to grinding on a invisalign type of retainer.I already have thin tooth enamel due to severe grinding&clenching?

Can your sinuses or teeth cause havoc all over your body?

Could tetracyclines cause tooth discoloration in adults?

Could a decaying tooth lead to deafness if untreated ?

Could applying gum paint leads to demineralization of teeth?

Could diet pills dehydrate your body and lead to tooth decay?

Could diet pills dehydrate your body causing dry mouth. Which can sluff off gums and lead to tooth decay?

Could excess iron levels be causing my tooth decay?

Could it be true, tooth decay can cause brain cancer?

Could milk help repair tooth enamel?

Could propranolol hydrochloride weaken enamel and causes teeth loss?

Could there be a hereditary factor to tooth decay ?

Could you possibly restore tooth enamel?

Dentin pentrating into enamel, what to do?

Dentist said I have thin teeth. Said i may be born with it. I was never bulimic. What other causes? Any way 2 protect teeth? Sign of week skeletn?

Did sodium flouride reduced the presence of cavities for most people?

Do all cavities have to be treated in a 6.9 yrs old kid? Can superficial cavities be left untreated as these teeth will be replaced by perm teeth? Thx

Do fluoride treatments help fix weak tooth enamel? I've been told I have weak tooth enamel. Is that something that can be fixed with fluoride at home, or would I have to go into the dentist for special treatments? .

Do iron supplements cause tooth decay?

Do you know how strong are tooth build ups/caps?

Doc, how many times, in maximum, can I have scaling for my teeth per year? Is it true that scaling may erode the enamel of my teeth? Thank you.

Does calcium hydroxide (in vital pulpotomy) increase the life span of the treated tooth?

Does cavity on tooth make gum irritation also? Can it be detected any parts of teeth? Can it be fixed easily on any parts of teeth?

Does cocaine make tooth chip?

Does fluoride in drinking water have any other effect on your teeth besides preventing tooth decay?

Does gum recession lead to edentulism?

Does methadone rot your teeth?

Does missing tooth can make one's chin shorter. Does bone loss of only one molar tooth also alter facial structure?

Does most or at least half of the adult population have gum recession as a result of natural aging into their eighties?

Does plaque shrink teeth when it erodes the enamel, will teeth become smaller because of plaque? Can your teeth wear away without the telltale signs of cavities and discolouration?

Does saccharine affect the teeth and gum?

During shedding what tome it takes for permenant central incisor to be exposed to the oral cavity or appear in it ?

Flattening of molars? Due to bite change? Occlusal surfaces mismatching?

For how long have dentists known that lead ingestion causes caries/cavities?

Had pneumococcal bacteremia, told likely from sinuses but how do i know if my cracked tooth and build up of plaque wasn't the real cause?

Have had 2 temporary crowns, and dentist advised me I can chew on the tooth. That it may cause sensitivity but no damage. Is this true?

Help please? What is the best treatment for tooth enamel loss?

Help plz! Can propranolol hydrochloride weaken enamel and causes teeth loss?

Hereditary discoloration of teeth, is this possible?

Hi docs, will your teeth really just fall out of your mouth due to osteoradionecroses?

Hi! does psychological derived teeth clenching only occur at night? Or could clenching in my case may be due to something else?

How can presence of hydrogen fluoride in air damage teeth and bones?

How can acid erosion on teeth be fixed?

How can I address the fact that I have fragile teeth?

How can I prevent a wobbly permanent tooth from falling out?

How can I prevent or minimize gingival recession before it's occured?

How can I stop tooth decay from bulimia nervosa?

How can my tooth's abnormal eruption be fixed?

How can the appearance of acid erosion on teeth be fixed?

How can you detect blood poisoning from abscessed teeth?

How can you detect blood poisoning from abscessed teeth?