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2 failed implants in under 3 years & 4 fillings need redone. Should I have dental review for prior dental work/dentist?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth but is there fake bone with it?

A friend told me that his dental implant abuttment was directionally adjustable. Is this really available on the market?

Approximately, what would it cost for basic dental implant( in texas) on teeth# 12 and 13 if( bone is good and no need for soft tissue grafting).

Are all hip implants metal?

Are bone grafts common with dental implants? I'm in need of a dental implant, and have been told by the oral surgeon that first they'll need to perform a bone graft on my jaw. I was shocked that i would need that. Is this common with implants, or is my ja

Are dental bridges and implants comfortable? Do they work properly?

Are dental bridges and implants comfortable? How do they work?

Are dental implants a cause for kidney cancer?

Are dental implants always  painfull?

Are dental implants and bone grafts safe?

Are dental implants good or bad what should I do?

Are dental implants only for missing teeth?

Are dents after implant removal normal?

Are dents after implant removal permanent?

Are dentures or teeth implants better? What is the difference in cost? Does insurance cover implants the same as dentures?

Are implants as comfortable as real teeth?

Are mini implants a good alternative to regular ones? I was advised by my dentist that i need 2 implants. Due to cost and time issues i want to know if mini implants are a good alternative. I am 66 yrs old. My dentist also wants me to have a cone beam

Are same day tooth extraction and implant placement done in the u.S.?

Aredental bridges so inferior to implants?

At what point in the dental implant process do I find out if I will need a stock abutment or a much more expensive custom abutment?

Bone removal comes from where, if you need some before dental implants?

Cadaver implants are they safe ?

Can a fixed implant bridge have 1 pontic?

Can a partal denture be claped on to implants how long do implants last?

Can anyone give me pros and cons on cochlear implants?

Can anyone have dental implants?

Can bone grafting particle material be placed into the jawbone where there is a failed dental implant? Or, is a worthless material for this purpose?

Can dental implants help to correct tmj?

Can getting dentures, implants help TMJ ?

Can i be on isotretinoin while having a dental implant?

Can i still get an implant for my missing tooth? I had a tooth (#6) extracted about a year ago, and was just wondering if it was too late to have an implant placed there in it's place? What other options do I have? And about how much will an implant cos

Can i wear my partial after dental implant are uncovered?

Can instant dental implant require an extraction?

Can it be that a Strauman dental implant can osseointegrate in 2 months time, as opposed, to a different manufacturer at 3 months?

Can only dentists buy the parts to an implant?

Can the implant snap?

Can you explain an endodontic endosseous implant?

Can you explain what are tooth replacement options besides implants flippers or dentures?

Can you get a dental implant if you have osteoporosis?

Can you get an infection from dental implants?

Can you get dental implants on nhs and why do they cost so much?

Can you give me suggestions needed on dental implant crowns?

Can you have an apicoectomy with a chin implant?

Can you please list the most common benefits to having a cochlear implant?

Can you tell me about post rct and dental implant complication pls help me?

Can you tell me how much do gluteal implants cost?

Can you tell me if i could have dental implants done on the nhs?

Can you tell me what happens during dental implant surgery?

Cochlear implants: why are they bad?

Cost of bone grafting and dental implants?

Cost of dental impants, bone grafts?

Could dental implant treat muscle atrophy?

Could I still get a dental implant if I have a chin implant?

Could you explain why does my dental implant hurt?

Could you tell me what are dental implants?

Deep dental injections: Why do I have to be numbed up after an implant healing cap is removed for an abutment placement?

Dental crown in 1 day with Cerec system. Implant crown takes how many days (vs. weeks) if there is an on premise dental lab?

Dental experts! what type of metal is used in dental implant?

Dental experts! what types of metals are used in dental implants?

Dental implants any other options, what to do?

Dental implants questions to be answered?

Dental implants took 4 months (no graft needed) to osseointegrate and I will have to wait 2.5 extra months for the implant crown. Is this unusual?

Dental Implants: Can this be a traumatic experience to the patient? This vs. a bridge?

Do dental implants have any effect on our health?

Do dental implants last forever?

Do dental implants work?

Do dentists have a more positive review of dentures or implants?

Do i need to worry about my dental implants if I have thrush?

Do I pay $10,000 for two dental implants when I enter the dentists office or when visit ends ? If he cannot place because needs to bone graft, then?

Do lens implants last forever?

Do you need any antibiotics after a dental implant?

Does instant dental implant also require an extraction?

Does the dental implant manufacturer need to be the same as the manufacturer for the implant crown when it is finally placed? Or, does it not matter?

For # 11 can you place the dental implant at same location of tooth after extracting it or do you need to place implant diffident location. Why. ?

For molar #11, what are the conditions which the implant can't be placed at same site of extraction. ?

General restorative dentist asked me to ask dental implant surgery dentist for a Strau---n implant vs. a Bio---i implant. What could be the reason?

Help docs! i had 2 dental implant done in my front-upper jaw. Is this normal for bone-grafted dental implant?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is an osteotome sinus lift for dental implant?

HIOSSEN implants. VS Noble for Dental implant on # 12 & # 13 which is better to use. HIOSSEN implants review. Have any used those.

How are dental implants purchased by dds- as set system pkg implant abutment, crown all same manufacturer or a la cart from diff sources to meet need.

How are dental implants removed? is the patient given anesthesia like for the placing of the implant or only numbed?

How can I get funding for cochlear implants?

How dangerous for my health to have 4 dental implants and 3 bone grafting? And what is the best from the best implants today ? Thank you

How do dentists decide when to do an implant?

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How do I tell if i need a crown lenghtening or implant?

How do I tell if I need a dental implant?

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How long after dental implant until i can have oral sex?

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How much are dental inplants i need 4?

How much bone do you need for dental implants?

How much do bone graphs for dental implants cost after insurance?

How much do dental impants and bone grafts cost?

How much does a single dental implant replacing a molar cost?

How much is a molar inplant?