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All of my teeth are rotting and gums are bleeding, how can I get a healthy mouth again?

Brush my teeth twice a day for at least two minutes a time but my gums are sore and bleed when brushing, is this gingivitus?

Brushed teeth and spitting blood that's not from gums. Does this mean a cavity?

Brushing gums cause little cuts?

Brushing up in the morning and i tend to get bleeding gums. Why is that?

Can any doc tell me what's the best way to prevent my gums from receding? I have my tongue pierced as well?

Can brushing too hard cause receding gums?

Can flossing be the cause of gum bleeding?

Can flossing be the reason why my gums are receeding?

Can gingivitis cause bleeding gums? When i brush my teeth, and sometimes even if i just put pressure on my upper gums with my tongue, they bleed. What could be causing this? .

Can I still floss my teeth if I have bleeding gums?

Can too much mouth wash cause gums to bleed?

Can you tell me how I could stop my gums from bleeding when I dental floss?

Could flossing too hard pushing gums down temporarily?

Could retainers make your gums bleed?

Could use expert help with why my gums bleed when i brush my teeth?

Could you answer if it is bad if my gums bleed when i brush my teeth?

Could you explain why do my gums bleed when i brush my teeth?

Could you have gingivitis if your gums don't bleed when you brush and floss?

Do I have periodontitis? My gums are red and puffy, only bleed sometimes when I floss and my gums are loose around my teeth. My bottom front especialy

Does brushing too hard lead to receding gums?

Every time i brush my gums bleed, need some help with this?

Every time i brush my teeth my gums bleed there a bit puffy too. Is there anything i can use to remove this?

Every time i brush my teeth my gums bleed, is it serious?

Gums are bleeding when i brush my teeth and floss. How do I stop this?

Gums below all my teeth are bleeding.Why? What should I do?

Gums bleed when i brush every time. How to stop this?

Gums bleeding from floss threader, should I be concerned?

Gums bleeding while brushing teeth, should I be concerned?

Gums slightly bleeding when i already floss and brush teeth regular, what to do?

Hello doctor, I am new to flossing and my gums bleed, will it stop after a while?

Help please? What is the first thing to do when you gums bleed when you brush your teeth?

Help! my gums are slightly bleeding when i already floss and brush teeth regular?

Hi when I brush my teeth sometimes I'm seeing blood somewhere so what do I do for that is it normal to bleed when brushing your teeth sometimes.?

Hi, I am 23 and i keep brushing my teeth twice a day. But my gum line always bleeds. This has lasted for more than one year. What should I do?

How can I brush down to my gum line if enamel eroding?

How can I prevent gums from receding further?

How can I prevent my gums from bleeding everytime i brush my teeth?

How can I prevent my gums from receding?

How can I stop my gums from receding?

How come my gums bleed with braces?

How do you brush more with gingivitis when your gums already bleed if brushed more?

How is flossing good for gum deasie?

I bleed in my mouth from brushing my teeth why is that?

I brush my teeth so hard and my gums start bleeding. I can't stop myself. Help?

I brush my teeth twice a day for at least two minutes a time. My gums are really sore and bleed when brushing, could this be gingivitis?

I cut my gum with floss. What should I do?

I floss regularly and floss many times throughout the day out if habit. Could this be bad for my teeth and gums though, although my gums never bleed.

I have bleeding while brushing teeth, should I be concerned?

I have braces. Gums bleed and hurt when flossing. I know u need to floss, but i can't even do it without the floss getting stuck or hurting?

I have recently started to floss but my gums bleed. Is that normal for first time flossing?

I like brushing my teeth until my gums bleed?.Help please?

I like to brush my gums until they bleed, how to stop?

I need help about some mildly bleeding gums when I brush?

I notice that after a dental cleaning and more brushing, my gums still bleed but less so, is that how the process works?

I was having a filling and after my dentist said that my gums were bleeding a lot. Why is that?

I was just brushing my teeth and some of my gums started to bleed. I haven't brushed my teeth for a long time , is that the reason ?

I'm trying to brush my teeth three times a day but my gums are bleeding. Why is that?

If I keep flossing will that stop my gum deasie and my gums from recding?

If my gums don't bleed anymore when brushing/flossing, are my teeth healthier?

In the morning I found that I bleed from my gums. I was not brushing my teeth.what is the problem doctor?

Is bleeding while flossing and brushing teeth a bad thing?

Is it common for gums to bleed while flossing?

Is it normal to bleed during aggressive teeth cleaning and to have sores in your gum and mouth 3 days afterwards?

Is it normal to bleed from my gums while im flossing my teeth?

Is lukemia patient gums bleed any time or just brush time?

Is the brand gum a good toothbrush for gum disease or not? Why?

Is there a reason it bleeds between my teeth when i brush sometimes?

My braces are making my gums bleed. Is this normal?

My gum bleeds anytime i brush my teeth.Went to the dentist and my teeth was cleaned of plaque but it still bleeds. Any solutions?

My gum gets swollen and bleeds when i brush my teeth sometimes. Why is that?

My gums always bleed in between my teeth what is this?

My gums are bleeding excessively with even the slightest gum sucking,floss or brushing, What do I do to stop the bleeding?

My gums are puffy and bleed when brushing my teeth. Is this a serious condition?

My gums are receding from over brushing. Is there any way I can fix it without a gum graft?

My gums are receding, in one part of my mouth but i don't feel pain when i brush. My gums don't bleed much, when i floss, or anything. What do I do?

My gums bleed after flossing. Should I continue to floss even if I keep bleeding?

My gums bleed after i brush my teeth. How can I prevent this in the future?

My gums bleed every single time i brush my teeth. It has been doing that for years. I'm 19 years old. Is that bad? What should I do?

My gums bleed every time i brush my teeth even though I have been flossing. What do you think I should do?

My gums bleed every time i brush, what causes bleeding gums and what can I do?

My gums bleed everytime i brush and floss, help?

My gums bleed when i brush my teeth sometimes. What does this mean?

My gums bleed when i brush my teeth sometimes. What should I do?

my gums bleed when I don't floss in a while and then I floss. Is this normal

My gums get bleed wen i toothbrush?

My gums have been really itchy for about 4 days. I have always been really good with cleaning my teeth and I don't know how to stop it?

My gums might be receding. Is there any way to stop this?

My gums were bleeding a lot while i was brushing my teeth, could that mean im pregnant?

My son is not in the habit of brushing his teeth i think he has gingivitis when he brushed today since he bled from his gums. is gingivitis curable?

My teeth bleeding.. Some times .. Eating , brushing time.. For few months .... Please help me ...My gum sweling some times ...

My teeth really hurt and bleed when i brush them?

My toungue bleeds a lot when I brush been two months now?

Please help! will my gums reduce swelling with brushing and flossing?

Please tell me if I should brush my infected gum even if it bleeds?

Please tell me if you can stop receding gums by brushing & flossing more?

Should gums bleed when first dental flossing?

Should you brush bleeding gums or leave them alone?

Started brushing twice a day and flossing at night for 3 nights now. Gums are still bleeding after brushing and flossing?How else to treat gum disease

Teath bleeding while brushing or cleaning mouth with water?