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11 yr old with underbite. Also his lateral upper incisor is erupting behind the front upper teeth which have a gap. Expander+headgear says ortho..??

15-yr old, with braces, missing 1 canine. dentist says implant at 18. Ortho-D says move molars 1&2 forward & get implant where M2 is now, at 18. Ortho says better to have own teeth up front and that there's not full space for canine. IDK what to do?

A patient with 4 maxillary anterior teeth missing and anterior crossbite wants an RPD. Opinions?

After braces, why does it still look like my daughter has an overjet when she talks, but when she bites it is only a 2 mm overjet? Can that be fixed?

Are my bottom retainers supposed to be this tight? I still have space above my teeth?

Are there any other safe ways to close gaps without braces or invisalign?

Are there some effective ways to close multiple gaps without braces?

At what point is a large edentulous space between 2 teeth too large for an implant?

Before I see the dentist again, can a 2-3 mm space between two (solid in place) lower front teeth be bonded to prevent shifting later on?

Braces, pre-molars extracted, gap closed, is it possible to put dental implants in the old gap if needed?

Can a persons bite shift after bone grafting on front teeth?

Can a small overbite adjust by itself, without braces?

Can any doc tell me what's the average size for human canine teeth?

Can bonding fix my diastema in my two front teeth?

Can bonding help close small gaps in front teeth?

Can braces add space to your teeth or do they just bring them together?

Can braces alone fix gaps in my teeth even if my teeth are really tiny?

Can docs explain what does the orthodontist mean by "space maintainer"?

Can I get braces to close small gaps on the side of my teeth?

Can I have braces if I have missing 2 teeth in upper front?

Can i still have braces if I have missing 2 teeth in upper front?

Can invisalign be used for retreatment of protruding lower jaw. The 1st lower premolar needs to be extracted and the space filled. Class 3 bite. ?

Can my gap close with a frenectomy then braces?

Can my orthodontist put a wire at the back of my pontic so it won't move as much ? The pontic is currently attached to a orthodontic wire to a bracket

Can removing a molar help straighten my crowded lower teeth?

Can the palatal expander affect my front tooth or my teeth?

Can veneers be put on crowded teeth? I have very crowded teeth and some of them overlap a tiny bit. Would i still be able to have veneers but on them? .

Can veneers ne placed if the canines are very worn?

Can you explain how do they remove a space maintainer?

Can you have invisalign when you have a moderate overbite and gaps in you top teeth?

Can you have invisalign when you have a overbite and gaps in you top teeth?

Can you have porcelain veneers on your lower teeth if you have an overbite? I'd really like to get porcelain veneers for both my upper and lower teeth, but I have a bit of any overbite. Will that cause any problems for veneers for on my front lower teeth?

Can you tell me about bonding to close small gap in front teeth?

Can you tell me about the average size for human canine teeth?

Can you tell me if i could fix space from a missing tooth with rubber band to bring them closer?

Canine and lateral incisor transposition, what is this?

Cavity between my two front teeth and caused a small gap how can it be fixed?

Could braces close the gap of 1 missing front top tooth?

Could dental bands be used to close small gaps in teeth?

Could having a gap between your teeth cause a lisp?

Could i close a gap without braces?

Could i get braces for a small gap and small overbite ?

Could you tell me what is the name of the fetish for tooth gaps and/or missing teeth?

Craze lines on front teeth from braces removal, how can this be fixed?

Crooked lateral incisor teeth, what to do?

Crowded teeth pushing lateral incisors backwards.. What should I do?

Dentist wants to move my front gap (2 or 3 ml) in 10 weeks is this safe in terms of root resorbtion?

Do braces close gaps between teeth or just straighten them?

Do i need to fix my overbite? I'm an adult who never had braces, has straight teeth and an overbite. My overbite isn't huge i don't think, but my upper teeth do cover my lower teeth when my mouth is closed. I've read that overbites can cause problems late

Do our teeth shift during teenage years? My bottom incisors were completley straight when I was 14, but are now slightly crooked. No orthodontics.

Do space maintainers hurt?

Do wisdom teeth close gaps?

Do you know are both my lateral incisors teeth suppose to look alike?

Do you think i'll need braces? Some of my teeth are not fully straight and they have big gaps between them so do I need them.

Does a space maintainer cause pain?

Does diastema (gaps in teeth) come back after braces are removed?

Doesextracting 1 bicuspid tooth (premolar) for an overbite cause negative effects?

Gap in front teeth after braces. Is it too late to fix?

Gap in front teeth- tooth bonding can fix it?

Had a cavity on my lateral incisor and so 1/3 of the medial surface was filed down and then bonded. The bonding keeps chipping. Can I request a veneer?

Had my braces removed, but there's a tiny space where my premolar tooth was removed, would retainers close them?

Had two implants placed on lateral incisors and the gums around canines are now receding, it has been 6 weeks. what can I do and is it normal?

Have you ever had to place two bonded retainers on the inside top teeth. Im thinking I need to request this of my orthodontist.

He is 11 years old. His teeth are a bit crooked and they are small. He has gaps. Pretty big in between. What is the best solution? Would braces help?

Hello! I have an underbite but only in front. I can make contact with my upper front teeth. Can this be corrected with braces?

Help i had a debridement 3 days ago and now between my two front bottom teeth I have a gap where my gum use to be. Is this normal?

Hi docs, would invisalign close my medium gap?

Hi I have spaces in my teeth is that affecting me to have an improper bite.

Hi I've never had braces before but I just got a retainer a week ago & my gap in between my two front teeth is getting bigger is this normal?

Hi. I have braces on the upper teeth. But few months later those gaps between my teeth (space problem) built up extra gums in the middle right there?

Hi..i have one question.....can the size of front teeth can be reduced ?

Horizontally impacted secondary canine, what to do?

How are gaps in the teeth caused after removal of braces?

How are holes in teeth fixed?

How are maxillary and mandibular incisors different?

How are space between teeth fixed before braces on? I read a small procedure my orthodontist said years ago he will fix space before putting braces on

How can a bite be corrected when teeth are missing?

How can a mall mouth and overbite be fixed?

How can I align the height of my small teeth with the height of the other teeth? Can braces do that?

How can I fix gap in front two teeth and jaw pain?

How can I prevent a gap between my teeth from re-opening?

How can I remove space between the front teeth , and how much the fees for that?

How do braces close spaces?

How do dentists do removal of lateral incisor teeth?

How do I fix the gap in between my front teeth?

How do you fix cavities on front teeth?

How is worn bottom teeth repaired?

How long could it take to close a diastema gap with just top braces?

How long could it take to close a diastema gap with only top braces?

How long does a hawley take to fix a gap? Gap formed even with perm retainers bonded to both teeth. Mould for hawleys done before gap was formed.

How long does it take to close the gap after having 2 upper premolar teeth extracted? I also have braces?

How long is an underbite correction with braces(elastics)? My lower teeth are just on top of my front teeth (so there is no gap in between, very mild)

How many millimeters of a front natural tooth's surfaces is removed to then add bonding to close a narrow gap?

How many millimeters of space between front teeth would there be for a dentist to look into closing the gap?

How much would veneers cost to close a gap in front?

How much would veneers cost to close a gap in teeth?

How often does Invisalign intrude molars leaving a patient with a bite wherein the anterior teeth absorb all of the bite and the back teeth separated?

How to close the gap between my two front teeth?

How to closing font teeth gap with bonding?

How to decrease front teeth gap without braces?