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A tooth is sensitive to hot and cold. The dentist can find no reason for it, what to do?

Almost 2 months after a tooth filling I have sensitivity only when i bite crunchy things no pain at all, is it normal?

Any dentists' recommendations on toothpaste for sensitive teeth?

Any reason why are my teeth always sensitive to sweets/candy?

Any reason why are my teeth sensitive to certain sugary things?

Are sensitive gums caused by aging?

Are sensitive teeth more prone to cavities than unsensitive ones?

Are side-fillings recommended for tooth sensitivity? Have sensitive area and dentist says he can do side-fillings.Says there is no decay, though...

Can a dental filling cause your teeth to feel sensitive afterwards?

Can a filling cause the tooth to become sensitive to cold and hot foods/drinks?

Can any doc explain why are my teeth sensitive to certain sugary things?

Can any doc tell me what's the best enamel repair toothpaste also for sensitivity?

Can any doc tell me what's the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth?

Can biting into a stone hard bread crust cause tooth sensitivity and slight afterache to liquid only in one tooth? Does sensodyne help?

Can dental sealants cause problems like tooth sensitivity ?

Can dental sealants stop sensitivity?

Can gum chewing give you a headache so bad that it becomes light sensitive?

Can i put anything on teeth or gums that are sensitive and am in some pain?

Can I use ginger for teeth sensitivity?

Can i use sensitive toothpaste if do not have sensitive gums/tooth?

Can my tooth brush make my teeth sensitive?

Can my toothpaste make my teeth sensitive? If so, why is that?

Can sensitivity toothpaste work if you have had a filling?

Can sensodyne help with sore teeth?

Can teeth clenching at night cause teeth sensitivity to hot and coldness around the gum line or just the biting surfaces?

Can you advise for annoying tooth sensitivity?

Can you give me help for sensitive teeth, please help!?

Can you please tell me if i will ever be rid of sensitive teeth?

Can you recommend a super soft tooth brush for sensitive teeth?

Can you tell me what to do about sensitive tooth. Electric pain.?

Can your gums teeth and gums become highly sensitive when using penicillin?

Cold sensitivity after tooth extraction ok?

Could a fluoride varnish (concentrated form) be applied by a dentist to decrease dentin hypersensitvity and sensitive teeth due to gum recession?

Could I have bad teeth that are sensitive?

Could sensitive toothpaste work to cover exposed dentin and reduce pain?

Dental onlay very sensitive to cold, not to hot, what to do?

Dental: Besides gum grafting and using sensitive type toothpaste could composite resin placed on teeth decrease its sensitivity?

Do fillings for cavities transmit heat or cold and make your teeth sensitive to temperature?

Do I have a cavity if there is sensitivity and discoloration?

Do i just have sensative teeth or is it a cavitie?

Docs can you explain, is there anything that can be done for extremely sensitive teeth?

Docs can you explain, is there such a thing as gentle, yet effective whitening for sensitive teeth?

Does having sensitive gums mean I have unhealthy gums or just need a softer toothbrush?

Does oral herpes cause teeth sensitivity?

Does sensodyne toothapste work well?

Does zoom whitening cause more tooth sensitivity than other kinds? My friend had it done and loved the results. But he said his teeth were very sensitive for a long time after. Is that common? I already have sensitive teeth, so is it safe for me? .

Experiencing tooth sensitivity a week after I had two fillings replaced. Is this normal or am I experiencing this sensitivity due to my receding gums?

Filling a month ago, sensitive to cold only. dentist said that is ok if not sensitive to hot also. does that sound right?

Had tooth sensitivity sometimes especially after eating, had a filling today and 8 hours later still have the same sensitivity why?

Have heat sensitivity and have a cavity and a dentist appt. Anything i can do?

Help I have got sensitive teeth. How can I make them more durable?

Hi docs, would a desensitizing toothpaste help reduce sensitivity caused by a filling?

How can I alleviate tooth sensitivity?

How can I get help for my sensitive gums?

How can I prevent sensitivity to cold in my teeth?

How can I soothe a sensitive tooth?

How can I whiten extremely sensitive teeth?

How can you tell the difference from loose teeth and sensitive teeth?

How did any of you treat sensitive teeth?

How do I care for sensitive gums?

How do I decrease tooth sensitivity?

How do I prevent this tooth sensitive to crunchy foods?

How do I treat peeling/sensitive gums?

How long should the sensitivty last after filling?It's been three days still my teeth r really sensitive.n does drilling destroy d enamel completely?

How normal would it be for my teeth to become sensitive after having tooth exposure surgery?

How should I relieve sensitive gums?

How to reduce teeth sensitivity, what to do?

How to remove tooth sensitivity?

I am having problems with receding gums and tooth sensitivity. What non-abrasive toothpaste should I use?

I got a inlay in one of my tooth and it has a slight high bite and there is sensitivity when I chew there. What does the sensitivity mean?

I have a tooth that is sensitive to heat, cold and air. Dentist said there was nothing wrong in the x-rays. What could it be?

I have extremely sensitive painful gums and the dentist prescribed toothpaste but its not helping?

I have had an increasingly sensitive tooth. Is this a cavity?

I have hypersensitive teeth. What can I do?

I have tooth sensitivity to hot and cold foods. What could a dentist do for it?

I need some help please! why is my tooth sensitive and bleeding gums only around that tooth?

I was just eating kumquats and now my teeth are sensitive to touch. What do I do?

I'm having tooth sensitivity.What should I do?

I'm wondering why are my teeth so sensitive?

I've got gum inflammation, dentin with no enamel teeth, sensitivity, sharp pains. what toothpaste and mouthwash would you recommend for me to use. ?

If your teeth are sensitive to heat or cold, is that a sign of having cavities?

Is a tooth that is sensitive to hot temperatures dying or decayed?

Is anbesol effective in relieving sensitive gums and teeth?

Is having sensitive teeth the same thing as having weak teeth?

Is it normal for my tooth filling to still be sensitive after a year?

Is it normal for my tooth to be sensitive to pressure after crown?

Is it normal to have sensitivity after a filling?

Is it possible to have cold sensitivity on a crown?

Is there a toothpaste out there that treats/repairs gum recession and teeth sensitivity to cold?

Is there a way to fix sensitive gums?

Is there a way to treat super sensitive gums?

Is there anything i can do to make my teeth less sensitive?

Is there one brand of toothpaste that is better than another for sensitive teeth?

My bonded teeth are very sensitive. What to do so they won't feel the sensitivity anymore?

My false tooth is sensitive to sugar and cold.. What can I do?

My front teeth are sensitive help is there anything i can do!?

My teeth are overly sensitive to heat and cold. What can I do?

My teeth are sensitive to cold and air. Are there cavities?

My teeth are so sensitive it hurts to eat. I have no fillings or known cavities. What do I do?

My teeth are still sensitive 2 months after getting fillings, should I seek help?