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A friend said he had some dental work done by a dmd not a dds. What does a dmd do?

A well known dentist specialised in cosmetic dentistry vs an orthodontist specialist. Who will be better for invisalign? Both r elite premium provider

Anyone had fissure sealants at the dentist?

Anyone had fissure sealants at the dentist? How much?

Are cosmetic and esthetic dentistry the same? Or are there any other factors to consider before going under.

Are dentists considered doctors? What kind of schooling do they get?

Are dmds doctors?

Are the mouthguards on the internet as good as the one from the dentist?

Are there specialists that do dental work for diabetics?

Are there ways to compare the price of dental procedures without going to every dentist in town?

Aside from a dentist, who else is a member of the dental health-care team?

At what age do most dentists retire?

Can a dds supervise someone who is not a orthodontist to do orthodontics on patients?

Can a dentist take a weekend class and then do dental implants?

Can a dentist work without establishing an office first?

Can a general dentist do the job of a periodontist. In wich cases is not recommended?

Can a general dentist give me periodontal treatment or do I start with a specialist?

Can a lisp be because of a dental issue?

Can an implant be done by a general dentist or a periodontist?

Can anybody other than a dentist perform a tooth extraction?

Can dentists practice general dentistry while pursuing a specialty like orthodontics?

Can general practitioners help with gum recession?

Can I go to school for dental assistant and work for orthodontics?

Can i request a copy of my dental records from my old dentist if i want to go to a new one?

Can I see a dental hygienest without seeing dentist?

Can you get dental work done at a school for dental assistants and technicians?

Can you please give me a technical description of sleep dentistry?

Can you tell me about general dental anatomy?

Can you tell me are orthodontists trained to spot cavities?

Can you tell me good/ well known cosmetic dentists in thailand?

Can you tell me how I could connect knowledge from the anatomy to being a dental hygienist?

Can you tell me what "dmd pllc" next to your dentist's name stand for?

Can you tell me when it comes to dentists and orthodontists, do they have different scopes of practice?

College, and the main differences between a degree in dentistry and orthodontics?

Cosmetic dentistry and esthetic dentistry arent they the same?

Could a dds (general dentist) do crown lengthening, or should I seek a specialist?

Could my voice be altered by dental operations from a periodontist?

Dds only: does the lanap protocol have anything to do with treating a gum abscess?

Dds/dmd: is there any value to j.E. Phillips (dds) blotting technique when brushing my teeth? I'd like all the opinions i can have.

Dds/dmd: who would have the most experience in rebuilding a buccal wall for a molar---periodontist or oral surgeon or prosthodontist? Need to act now.

Dental #: i had a 2nd opinion on a dentists poor work. Now, how do I reapproach the original dds for re-treatment? Very concerned he will not retreat.

Dental experts! what is the difference between a doctor of dental surgery (dds) and doctor of dental medicine (dmd)?

Dental implant. What type of dentists should I see (prosthodontist or periodontist), what to do?

Dental problem needs treatment but no insurance. Is there any dentist here? Want to know about crumbling crown.

Dental professionals: question about conical teeth roots, what to do?

Dental treatment in 2nd trimester, is that okay?

Dental: Is it likely that an experienced general dentist be as skilled as a prosthodontist in making a flexible partial denture (RPD)?

Dental: The hygienist said that a sulcus is different from a pocket. In layman's terms, how are they different?

Dentist claims he did alveoplasty, how can I tell?

Dentist ortodontist periodontist endodontics what's the difference?

Dentures. Find a dentist.

Differences between a general dental assistant and an orthodontic assistant?

Differences between an orthodontist and a periodontist?

Differences between pediatric dentistry and dentistry?

Do dentists really make the most mistakes out of all health professions?

Do I have to inform the dds/hygienist that I am pregnant?

Do some dentist lie to a patient about cavities and unesscary dental work? I know there are a lot of great dentist out there, but some, i worry about.

Do you have any suggestions on improving my dental health and smile?

Do you have to consult your dentist before getting dental cosmetic procedures?

Do you need your dentist to refer you to see a periodontist ?

Doctor, I just want to research about is there any effect from the extraction of premolar that can cause TMD?And I need reference from books,any help?

Does a dentist need to refer you to a hygienist or do you book an appointment to see a hygienist?

Does anybody know of any dentists in Asia who will do teeth cosmetic treatment of good quality?

Does anyone know of a good holistic dentist?

Does anyone know the ada dental guidelines of tooth contouring and reshaping?

Find a local dentist near zip code 37129?

Having a squable, is there such a code between dentists not to steal another dentists assistant?

Hello doctor, my scription title is about the extraction of premolar that cause TMD, but I need more reference, do you have any about it? thanks doc

Help, what type of dentist specializes in tooth implants?

Herbst vs Extraction I have two very different opinions from orthodontists. One suggests extraction of 5 and 13. The other suggests no extraction and Herbst. Help!

Holistic dentist extracted my root canals & my health & symptoms improved dramatically. why are doctors & dentists so uneducated on this!?

How are cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic different?

How are dds and dentist different?

How bad does malocclusion need to be for my dentist to refer me to an orthodontist?

How can a dentist treat gingival recession in ortho case ?

How can I easily find a dentist who is familiar with using a neuromodulator to lessen teeth grinding (current dentist does not know)?

How can I persuade my dentist to give me nhs braces ?

How can I prepare myself for my dental appointment?

How come dentists now have to preform dental work on childrens baby teeth?

How do a dds and a dmd differ?

How do a orthodontics, endodontics and periodontics dentist differ?

How do I ask a dentist, successfully, for a way to arrange more modest payments for extensive dental work?

How do I become a general dentist?

How do I find a doctor for gingivoplasty?

How do I find a periodontist that offers lanap-periolase treatment for gum disease in the philippines/asia?

How do I find what's the difference between a dentist & a periodontist?

How do I tell my dentist to give me an appointment to the orthodontist ?

How does a general dentist differ from a registered dental hygienist?

How does a pediatric dentist differ from an adult dentist?

How i can be a good dentist especially that I am a first year student in dental surgery ? I need advice ..

How much do dental retainers cost in charlotte nc?

How much is a tooth extraction if you don't have insurance? I desperately need one tooth to be extracted, but don't have any insurance, and don't have a lot of money. Can anyone give me some idea of what i can expect to pay for an extraction? .

How much will it cost? How much could a periodontist evaluation can cost? My dentist sent me to a periodontist to evaluate me because of bone loss on my lower gum and i don't have any insurance i'm paying my braces cash so i was wondering how much can it

How much would scaling & root planing cost and should it be done by a periodontist instead of a general dentist?

How to be trained in cosmetic dentistry?

How to become a dentist / orthodontist?

How to know if i need to take chemistry in school if i want to be a dentist?

How will i be able to tell if a dentist is qualified to do a good job with dental implants? And if they are not, what are the risks?

I am a single mom of 4 and I am in desperate need of dental work.. I have 1 tooth missing and am ashamed! i need a cheap and affordable dentist canada?

I am switching my general dds and periodontist now. Should i 1st see a new general dds for crowns, etc. Or should the periodontist do his work first?