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@6mnth dental chkup dentist said xray showed decay around or under crown. Expensive to replace crown. What is a safe time frame to save up and getdone?

10 days ago 3 diff dentists took a ton of intra-oral x-rays for my #29, all in a few hours. Now, a specialist needs a digital extra-oral. Is it safe?

A 3d cone beam scan is fairly thorough for dental implant planning. Would this also show any tooth decay I have when the scan is done?

A 3d CT scan of the jaw shows just enough height and width for dental implant. Does it also show the bones hardness to dds where the implant would go?

Are cephalogram xrays always necessary for orthodontic treatment or will panoramic xray suffice? What is radiation dosage of each type of xray?

Are dental x Rays needed in order for a dentist to make a custom mouth guard?

Are dental x-rays for children safe?

Are dental xrays once in a while are dangerous?

Are teeth x-rays more radiation than children should get?

Bitewing xrays reeeally hurt because I have mandibular tori.. is there an alternative? Should I find a new dentist?

Can a 3D CBCT dental scan be used to easily see any decay around a typical crown's margin or around root canal work that had been done? Diagnostics?

Can a conventional xray determine the depth of a tooth's pocket depth? Physical probing, although needed, has been very uncomfortable.

Can a new dentist be untruthful to you when showing you your dental xrays, saying that you have 10 small cavities, when 6 months ago only had one.

Can dental x-rays cause brain cancer?

Can dental x-rays miss a dental abscess that's causing pain?

Can dental x-rays miss detecting a dental abscess?

Can dental x-rays without precaution cause chromosome deletion to the baby?

Can doctor / dental x-rays go through the X-ray machines at the airport without being damaged?

Can i delay or space out dental xrays without getting fired by my dentist?

Can I have dental xrs in pregnancy? Fullmouth

Can i wear my dental films while getting a chiropractic X-ray i'm getting care from both a chiropractor and a dentist. Everyone wants to xray me all the time! can I wear the old fashioned dental xray films while the chiro images my head and neck region?

Can mouth cancer be diagnose by digital mouth X-ray at the dentist office?

Can MRI contrast cause tooth decay?

Can newly taken digital xrays done at one dentist's office be transferred to and used by another dentist's office?

Can there be anything that can be done about unecessary dental work?

Can there be some way to avoid getting x-rays at the dentist?

Can x-rays from doctor, and dentist cause cancer? Averaging 2 x rays a year, for teeth using film in the mouth.

Can x-rays see through a crown?

Can you request an electronic copy of every dental xray from root canal?

Could dental xrays miss a dental abscess?

Could i require dental work for cancer?

Could surgical steel piercing show on a dental xray?

Could you tell me if plain oral X-ray is sufficient to detect if the upper palate has cracked during the wisdom tooth extraction? If not, which test?

Criteria for need for bitewing radiograph?

Dds#: I have one radiograph showing 3 teeth. Please tell me the steps so that i can show it on this site for dentist's input? Am a patient.

Dental work during pregnancy ok if xrays needed?

Dental x-rays - are they a brain cancer risk?

Dental xray done twice in one day in a child. Is that ok?

Dental xray in june, pet scan in july. Abscessed tooth with still with no pain. Should I have them biopsy while doing a root canal? I have fnhl.

Dental xray on just one tooth needed but they want whole mouth. Why?

Dentists and teeth x-rays; how many x-rays a year are safe?

Dentists compare dental x-Ray radiation with radiation you get everyday. Problem is that dental radiation is concentrated to your head.........

Dentists order teeth x-rays and keep all the fees?

Do 3D Galileo x-rays at Oral Surgeons offices take images of muscle as well as bones?

Do all cavities show up on a dental x-ray?

Do dental panoramic X-rays give a lot of radiation? I had 3 done for TMJ issues with my jaw in different positions. Thx

Do dental x-rays cause mouth cancer?

Do dental X-rays have considerable radiation? I feel every 6 mos they insist on multiple X-rays just bc!

Do i really need to get dental x-rays as scheduled. I'm concerned about the potential risks.

Do people ever pick up radio waves through dental fillings?

Do you think I'll need dental exam for getting implants?

Docs can you explain, is it required by virginia law to have an X-ray done before a tooth filling?

Does a dental panoramic X-ray show the positioning of the mandibular nerve in the lower jaw for implant planning?

Does a dentist know through a regular digital dental X-ray that a person needs a sinus lift or is there a more reliable image method?

Does cavity spread one teeth to another? Do dentist charge to send digital X-ray to different dentist which was taken in his/her office, in same city?

Does Sure Smile Braces Require traditional Dental X Rays or just Ora Scanner?

Expert opinion - should oral cancer be detected in a dental exam?

Galileo 3d imaging - would this type of X-ray be able to show if I have floss trapped under my all ceramic crown? It's definitely not retraction cord.

Have 2 missing teeth LL quadrant. Is it really necessary to get a full mouth cbct at a high cost of $800?

Hello, my dentist wants me to take a panoramic xray of my jaw, reagrding my wisdom teeth, are there any alternatives such as MRI? Thanks in advance.

How bad is the radiation when taking xrays at a dental clinic when your pregnant?

How big is the film used for a dental x-ray?

How can I obtain a X-ray record from my dentist?

How can you tell if you have a cavity on a x ray, and can dental x rays cause shadows on a tooth, if it is not done right?

How come safety important when operating a dental xray equipment?

How common is it to have a dental transillumination test?

How do they decide bone age on a hand x-ray?

How do we determine whether a bitewing radiograph is needed?

How many dental x-rays can I take in a year before the radiation adds up?

How many dental xrays per year, for routine checks, is ok for a child?

How many X-ray have to be taken during orthodontic treatment?

How much do 360 degree panoramic dental x-rays cost?

How much do dental x-rays cost for a child?

How much does a dental X-ray typically cost?

How much dose hand X-ray cost?

How much radation does one get from head CT vs dental cbct?

How often do dentists need panoramic dental x-rays?

How often would a dental xray be needed?

How often would someone need to have a dental transillumination test?

How safe are dental x-rays if I am pregnant?

How safe is it getting a digital dental xray on a machine?

How will dental procedures, such as X-rays, affect Boston Scientific defibrillators?

How would know if my child needs dental x-rays?

How would one prepare for a dental transillumination test?

I am 21 weeks pregnant and recently got my dental X-ray done for a root canal. I wore a lead shield. Am i still at risk from getting that x-ray?

I am 4 and 1/2 months pregnant and think I have a cavity. Could I have an X-ray and or lidocaine?

I am doctor .. How i can save mynself from rays ?

I am now due for a full mouth series x-rays. My dentist seems to have 20 year old equipment. Does not matter, right? Digitalized x-rays all the same?

I had a dental xray and two fillings done about a week or two after ovulation and I just found out I'm pregnant. Could there be any damage to fetus??

I have 3 cavities but in order for me to get them filled I need x rays. Is there any other option? I had way too much X-ray exposure this year.

I have to go under 12 x-rays in consecutive months for a thesis on horizontal impacted teeth. Are 12 no. Of x-rays dangerous.Can they cause cancer.

I just had 18 dental xrays during my check up. Is this normal and can this cause problems?

I need to know how do you identify someone by dental records?

I took full mouth x-ray, refused to email it to my new dentist but i could personally pick it up. What's the max amount can it charged for each copy?

I want to undergo braces for my teeth. Is it ok if i will have it be done in the philippines because it's cheap there but i work in dubai. Please help?

I was wondering is it necessary for a dentist to give a patient dental xrays once a year?

I when for a skull X-ray because I fell. Was that necessary?

I'm wondering what is the dark area on my dental x-ray?

If dental x rays are aimed at your teeth. Why don't they cover the rest of your head? Do they purposely want your brain to be blasted with radiation?

If the dentist offers dental xrays every 6 months, is that too often?