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A 6-y child,  his teeth is in good state and no dental you suugest to  pit and fissure sealing on molars in order to prevent tooth decay?

Any difference between fluorosis and demineralization?

Any ideas about how to explain to kids how to prevent dental caries?

Any relationship between dental caries and stress?

Are dental caries common at 23 ??how common are they?? After fill

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Can a tooth decay cause medical problems in your?

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Can there be some cure for dental caries without removing the affected teeth?

Can u get dental caries from french-kissing?

Can you get dental caries because of french-kissing?

Can you tell me about dental fluorosis and if you do?

Can you tell me how i can reverse dental fluorosis and general sodium fluorosis?

Can you tell me how i can reverse dental fluorosis?

Could dental caries be reversed without any help of dental treatment?

Could dental caries really cause death in severe cases?

Could I have a scientific explanation for how teeth decays. Any help?

Could mild dental fluorosis be removed?

Could you explain why do I have cavities and poor enamel?

Could you have dental fluorosis and if you do?

Dental experts! what is the effect of brushing without toothpaste on dental health?

Dental experts! what toothpastes/dental products strengthen tooth enamel?

Dental professionals - how can you tell difference between hypoplasia and fluorosis?

Dental recommended mouthwashes?

Dental: Making sure of communication. Do I ask a dentist for a "fluoride treatment" or "fluoride varnish" to decrease teeth sensitivity?

Describe the biology of dental caries, because I brush and floss well, and still got a cavity?

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Do they do fluoride therapy in pediatric odontics?

Do they do fluoride therapy in pedodontics?

Do vegans suffer from dental caries?

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Does fluoride cause delayed tooth eruption or anything else?

Does fluoride produce fluorapatite crystals to help prevent dental caries?

Does the resident flora of the mouth cause dental caries?

Fluoride therapy in pedodontics, can you tell me about this?

Fluoride therapy in pedodontics?

Fluoride-induced dental fluorosis is called "ash-teeth." why does this happen?

Has anyone ever had fluorosis? What are causes?

Hello docs, is demineralisation/decalcification reversable?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is a good holistic dental hygiene routine, especially for those with gum disease or tooth decay?

How are plaque, calculus and dental caries different?

How are social class and dental caries related?

How can fluoride improve dental health?

How can I have dental cavity treatment by laser technology?

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How can I protect my teeth from cavities please guide me and suggest me a good toothpaste?

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How common is dental fluorosis?

How could humans treat cavities before modern dentistry?

How could you explain the mechanism responsible for the formation of dental caries by resident microorganisms?

How do dental plaque and tartar differ?

How do dmfs, dmft and deft dental caries index differ from one another?

How do I eliminate dental plaque, what to do?

How do I know if I have fluorosis?

How do I slow down the progress of dental caries with remineralization?

How do I treat and prevent further dental decay in my back teeth?

How do you differentiate between denatl fluorosis, caries?

How do you explain the mechanism responsible for the formation of dental caries by resident microorganisms?

How do you help presumed dental plaque?

How effective are fluoride injections (Aquafresh) for treating a cavity?

How effective is fluoride (Biotene) for treating a cavity?

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How to prevent and treat dental caries of children?

How to stop toddler's tooth decay without any dental works?

How to tell the difference between fluorosis and demineralization?

How would you explain the mechanism responsible for the formation of dental caries?

I have dental fluorosis and was wondering what do I do?

I know there's a difference between dental erosion and caries. But can a bulimic have caries without erosion?

I think I have fluorosis. How can I tell for sure?

I want to know what do I tell my dentist if i don't want any fluoride related treatments ever again?

I was just wondering how and why does dental plaque form on human teeth?

I'm wondering what is the difference between plaque, calculus and dental caries?

In the classification of dental caries, what class is the caries located on the middle third of anterior teeth?

Interested to know how do dental caries cause maxillary sinusitis?

Is bareminerals a good foundation?

Is dental caries lifestyle or lifecycle problem?

Is fluoride good for your teeth? There are documented facts to show fluoride if harmful to your teeth. Can you verify this? Thanks!

Is fluoride necessary in a toothpaste containing xylitol (emphasis here on controlling decay at margin crown edges)?

Is fluoride necessary to have good teeth?

Is fluoride necessary to have good teeth? Why do some dentists not recommend the supplements?

Is it generally no issue if I have decay/caries on a baby tooth?

Is it true that fluoride is really good for your teeth?

Is it wrong to ask my dentist about diet to prevent caries?

Is manitol work just as well as xylitol in preventing tooth decay?