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After i brushed my tongue today, i had a metallic taste in my mouth with lots of pain. Did i get fluoride inside my tongue?

Any advice? I have bleeding in my jaws, near to front teeths my mouth smells also. Do you know any best mouthwash liquid ?

Any ideas on why i'm always chewing on things or putting things in my mouth?

Are there any benefits of swishing milk around in your mouth?

Are there good treatments for cuts in the mouth that won't interefere with my mouthguard?

Are there other mouth conditions that cause halitosis?

Been feeling sensitive in upper mouth area around teeth when i drink water. I had cavities filled there months ago. Any cause?

Been feeling that I have sand in my mouth (saliva) no matter how much I brush my teeth/gargle. Why? It's been more than a month now.

Best treatment for meth mouth?

Brush my tongue in the morning and at night i have tryed salt and peroxide I still have a white tongue even when my mouth isn't dry???

Burning mouth and TMJ. Mouth opening problem bad breath sores in mouth?

Can a 7 week old be teething this soon? When I clean her mouth she "bites" me and she's spitting saliva.

Can a dry mouth cause cavities?

Can a I use a mouth wash for a bleeding tooth decay?

Can braces cutting the inside of your cheeks and mouth cause oral ulcer?

Can breathing though mouth damage teeth?

Can cellulitis from having spacers in your mouth?

Can chewing the skin on the inside of your mouth and cheeks and smoking cause mouth cancer?

Can crest mouth wash cause mouth pain?

Can fluoride be absorbed through the inside of the mouth?

Can going to the dentist cause a rash around the mouth?

Can i rinse my mouth with chlorhexidine if i think my wisdom teeth are infected?

Can I rinse my mouth with clorox to help fight gum disease?

Can leaving numerous upper broken teeth in gum affect the sinuses and roof of mouth.?

Can mouth/ teeth X-ray cause lesion/ soreness in the mouth floor?

Can mouthwash such as listerine make ulcers in the mouth worse?

Can my mouth guard have caused my gengivitis?

Can not brushing teeth cause mouth ulcers?

Can orajel work only in your mouth?

Can poor dental hygiene cause bile taste in mouth?

Can she have muck mouth or what?

Can sleeping with your mouth open cause whiteness in your mouth and on the back of your throat an dryness in your mouth a lot ? Thanks.

Can the salty taste on tip of tongue be from constantly l licking my bottom gums?

Can using a mouth guard hurt or affect the mouth or teeth in any way?

Can you breathe with a rubber dam in your mouth?

Can you chew gum with a healing lip ring? Is it okay if i rinse my mouth after?

Can you get exposed to thrush from doing mouth to mouth resuscitation?

Can you get Gonorrhea in your mouth/throat from not properly brushing your teeth?

Can you get swelling on gums, tongue, roof of mouth, and lips from Oral Allergy Syndrome?

Can you have a abortion at 3 mouths?

Can you rinse your mouth with witch hazel for a mouth abcess?

Can you tell me docs, is it bad to have gum dry up in your mouth and throat?

Can you tell me if these mouth guards are too big to fit inside of a normal mouth guard case?

Chemical taste after rool canal an its burning my tongue is it normal or should i call the dentist?

Corners of my mouth are cracked will ascorbic acid help?

Could a plastic retainer be causing cavities to form in my mouth?

Could any one use braces wax for sores in mouth from dentures?

Could fluoride be absorbed through the skin inside the mouth?

Could mouth breathing cause gingivitis?

Could your gum come apart from your mouth?

Day after teeth scaling what mouth wash is best to use with swollen gums?

Dental experts! what would happen if i drank mouth wash?

Do i need to boil a mouth guard before i wear it?

Do you give mouth to mouth to a person with asthma ?

Docs can you explain, is listerine bad for your mouth?

Doctor, my mouth always bleed when i brush my teeth, this situation have a long time, and appear cyst sometimes. What's problems in my mouth?

Doctors, what are those plastic pieces dentists put in your mouth to spread out your gums and see into your mouth?

Does brushing our teeth also lower the number of 'healthy' bacteria in our mouths?

Does chewing the skin on the inside of your mouth and cheeks and smoking cause mouth cancer?

Does doing cpr require that you do mouth to mouth?

Does swishing your saliva around your mouth help prevent cavities?

Every time i brush my teeth or use mouthwash my mouth and lips get dry. What could be the problem?

Fluoride in mouth after cleaning (bleeding mouth) can it cause an infection?

Gum hurts after sucking inside mouth, what to do?

Gum irritation from mouth wash, what to do?

Have had to keep sucking excess saliva recently. My lips press against teeth/gums when I do this, will this cause teeth to shift?

Having really dry mouth I have to excessively chew food to swallow & sometimes have to drink it down with water. My tongue sticks to roof of mouth?

Hello, I have been having itching in my mouth and on my lips for two days now. I don't know what the cause is...toothpaste, mouthwash?

Hello! I wonder... i haven't brushed my teeth for 3 months or 4 months, this can lead to sore throat?

Help dental experts! my tooth fell out and know I have an awful taste in mouth is this normal?

Help doctors! what're the tissues that compose the mouth?

Help please! when should I replace my mouth guard?

Hi. I've been having a problem with my mouth... My Uvula has been touching my tongue how can I stop that quickly?

Hi.on the roof of my mouth i have a rough patch on each side just below my teeth(the teeth that grow out on vampires)what could be the cause?

How can I relieve sore mouth from orthodontist?

How can I keep my mouth guard from falling out? Almost every morning i find my mouth guard in my bed instead of in my mouth. It's not protecting my teeth much that way! any ideas on how i can keep it in my mouth all night? .

How can mouth sores on ur gums form?

How can you treat deep cuts in mouth from braces?

How could i cope with my teeth cutting the inside of my mouth?

How could i tell if I have meth mouth?

How could mouth to mouth resuscitation keep people alive?

How do dentists get around people with small mouths?

How do I know if i need a night mouth guard?

How does biting down onto something like mouth guard help with pain?

How much time do you have to keep the thing the orthodontist puts in your mouth to stop your tongue from touching or pushing on your teeth?

How often should I gloss my teeth?

How to clean mouth thoroughly after lots of food refluxing?

How to cope with my teeth cutting the inside of my mouth?

How to fix mouth rot?

How to get the fluoride taste out of my mouth?

How to keep a fresh breath without gum/mouth wash?

How to keep teeth healthy if I get dry mouth?

How to prevent clenching teeth at night that leads to a sore mouth?

How will the dentist clamp my mouth open for dental work?

I always have mouth ulcer on my tongue, i always brush my teeth 2x in the morning. What can be the cause of these mouth ulcers on my tongue?

I am a mouth breather at night while i sleep.Can my mouth breathing at night be causing my tooth enamel erosion and if it is, what can I do to stop it?

I brush my teeth 2 times a day but still my mouth is smelly with throat balls .Please tell me what to do?

I get puffy gums from mouth breathing, how can I stop this habit?

I got my tooth pulled out4 days ago is it okay for me to rinse my mouth out with mouthwash?

I got my wisdom teeth out almost 5 days ago and i'm still a little sore/mouth tastes funny. Could it be dry socket?