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2nd bone graft and wisdom extr, 7th 2 wisdom extr, 10th moved, 14th filing and crown, 23rd permanent crown. Lost all will power, what to do?

A cerec crown would not result in overlaping margins (decay prone), in most cases? Can you guess that i'll be switching my dentist?

A molar is a larger tooth than a typical lower front tooth. Does a dental implant, abutment and crown cost near the same for both situations?

A restorative general dentist will place an abutment and screw retained crown on 2 teeth. If implant is properly aligned, is it a difficult procedure?

A root canal is necessary on a tooth next to one that is holding a bridge of 6 teeth. Both teeth on either side of the bridge have to be extracted and implants will be put in. What do I do first?

About how long can a person expect a fixed bridge connected to a canine with one pontic to last before a replacement may be necessary?

Adult friend went to Costa Rica having 2 front teeth extracted. Temporary implants installed. Are temps ever used when there is enough remaining bone?

After #20 rct, to gain an additional 2-3 ml for the crown, which is generally better, a crown lengthening or orthodontic forced eruption? Thanks.

After a crown lengthening procedure how long until my gums are well healed?

After a rct, to gain an additional 2-3 ml for the crown, which is generally better, a crown lengthening or orthodontic forced eruption? Thanks.

After gum disease and a denture can you have teeth replaced as implants?

After gum disease and a denture, can you have two teeth replaced as implants?

After gum disease and getting a denture can you have two teeth replaced as implants as well?

After placing a permanent porcelain metal crown my gums hurt so bad I cannot bite anything.this was not the case with temporary crown. Will it pass?

After preparing my teeth for a crown ,at te dentist, I had fever, he said I don't need antibiotic, how correct is that?

All solid zirconium that support span of 4 unit bridge covering teeth 11 to 14 broke after 10 weeks. Previous porc bridge also broken. Causes/options?

Any healthcare tip for my fixed bridge? It has been for 3 years now.

Any time estimations between molar tooth pulled (bone graft added) and my use of a RPD to fill in smile line space? Implants in future #13, 14.

Are dental implants the way to go if you need several teeth replaced? I am going to need three molars on the top and four other bottom teeth replaced. Are dental implants the best way to do this? .

Are dentures required after removing many teeth?

Are periodontists supposed to do the crown lengthening and a general the restorative?

Are some dental crowns, fillings, or braces a problem with MRI machines?

Are there any post care insturctions after permanent zirconia crown?

Are there bridges that can be placed in the mouth to replace loose teeth that do not have to be taken out by the patient?

Besides a snap-on smile partial arch, what can temporary fill in missing teeth 13 to 15 as I prepare for dental implants? For aesthetics not function.

Bleeding under temporary crown, what can I do for this?

Braces or implant to replace missing couldine?

Brand new dental bonding chipped. How can I get this replaced?

Brand new dental bonding chipped. Where can I get it replaced?

Broken crown, dentist out of town, can I use a temporary dental repair kit? My dental crown broke into two pieces this morning, and no one's answering at my dentist for some reason. I saw this temporary dental repair kit thing at the drug store. Are those

But 7 of my front teeth are missing and i would like implants, can this be possible?

Can a bridge be used if only one tooth abuts the missing tooth? I had my 3 consecutive teeth including my left upper front tooth knocked out. My right front tooth already has a crown. I know that a bridge could be used to replace the upper front tooth if

Can a crown be fitted without an injection gums?

Can a dental bridge be fixed without spending a lot of money?

Can a dentist break an implant stud when removing the crown?

Can a dentist do an onlay for a cavity close to or at the gum line(not below) with out crown lengthening ? . Roots are fine though.

Can a dentist increase the size of my tooth or give me a fake one?

Can a missing lower front tooth be bone grafted (built up) for an implant when there is only a few millimeters of space to work in?

Can a permanent crowned tooth be used to attach a fixed implant permanent bridge with one pontic attached in between?

Can a prosthodontist take the place of a general dentist when a patient is beyond the need for fillings but has crowns, 2 unit nesbit and recession?

Can a pulpectomy be performed from the side of a tooth instead of drilling through the crown?

Can adults have dental sealants applied? I know that dental sealants are usually applied on the 6 and 12 year molars, but i never had that done. I have some deep grooves in two of my molars that are just about impossible for me clean. Could I have sealant

Can an ill-fitting 3 unit fixed bridge of 2 years shift an abutted tooth to cause deeper pocketing or was the tooth's pocket maybe there before?

Can bone grafting be done next to my real tooth to make it stronger?

Can constant dental filling replacements result in tooth removal?

Can dental implants be installed at any time after a tooth is pulled? I have a tooth that is going to have to be pulled, but i don't have insurance or the money to have a dental implant put in anytime soon. Is there any damage that can be done if i'm unab

Can dental implants or bridges reverse the change of facial due to missing teeth?

Can I get a extraction on tooth #18 during invisalign without interrupting my treatment or shifting my teeth after my treatment?

Can I have my teeth filed down? My two front teeth are longer than any other teeth. I'd like them to be filed down to match the other teeth. Can I have this done by a dentist?

Can I have some tips needed on dental implant crowns?

Can I wait to get a dental implant or will teeth move if bruxism?

Can implanted dentures be counted as permanent teeth?

Can my bridge be damaged if a root treatment is to be performed the dentist wants to drill through the bridge as I have an abcess front teeth?

Can orthodontics be an alternative of getting a fake tooth?

Can others besids a dentist do cleaning, filling, root canal, make crowns and bridges, implants?

Can ridge augmentation help repair my smile? I've finally had a lot of needed dental work to replace missing teeth with bridges and implants, but the areas of the gum where i was missing teeth still look kind of strange. If i understand it right, ridge au

Can supernumerary teeth be treated easy?

Can the LANAP procedure affect my crowns?

Can the last two molar tooth together be removed and replaced? - Bottom right. They are crowned and haven't seen dentist yet.

Can the newer all ceramic type tooth crowns be used in all areas of the mouth, including back molar teeth?

Can there be any treatment for my missing teeths?

Can you get a bridge remade from original one if the anchor tooth is pulled?

Can you get a tracheal intubation with crowned teeth?

Can you get a veneer placed over just 1 tooth? My front bottom tooth is slightly chipped and bonding keeps falling off. Is 1 veneer a good option then

Can you have a dental bridge in the lower jaw first molar when there's bone loss in the gap of missing tooth?

Can you have MRI with temporary dental crown?

Can you tell me about an under developed dental arch?

Can you tell me about dental bridge- maryland sticky bridge?

Can you tell me are dental bridges noticeable?

Can you tell me docs, is it a problem that my new crown does not contact the opposing teeth at all?

Can you tell me how could foreskin restoration work if there are no new nerves?

Can you tell me how many dental implants are possible for multiple teeth decay ?

Can you tell me if i could get a dental bridge repaired ?

Can you tell me what you suggest if the dentist removes your gold capped teeth, should they be returned to you?

Can you tell me, are dental bridges noticeable?

Could a fixed chipped tooth be sensitive for the rest of your life?

Could i choose which tooth to extract for braces?

Could it be a good idea to have a side-by-side premolar and molar done at separate visits for dental implant placement to reduce patient anxiety?

Could my dental implants be causing my low grade fever and migratory body aches? I have dental implants which were put in in 2008. One of the crowns recently failed twice so the oral surgeon replaced one of the crowns and laser etched my gums. A week la

Could my teeth be reconstructed after being altered for a bridge?

Could teeth shift even though you have a maryland bridge or not?

Cracks in tooth.I need crown.Have recession at base-not interested in gum graft. Dr. says he can make crown go down to cover expsd root.Safe for root?

Crown lengthening, build-up. Can i get a temporary crown on the same day ?

Curious as to why are my dental implants not holding down my bottom teeth?

Dds: do you make a removable partial denture for #2 when it is the last tooth? Big buccal side defect so:no implant. Wisdom tooth removed 25 yrs ago.

Dear dentists: is it advisable to place the implant same time while extracting broken tooth # 26 or wait. Cons or pros of doing that. Thanks?

Dental bridge i had a 3 unit front dental bridge inserted a few months back. It did not fit correctly and the dentist had to file 2 bottom teeth and then the back of one of the crowns of the bridge taking off all the porcelain. He then filed a little of

Dental bridge infection? I have had a dental bridge for 11 years, and in the last year it has become infected on and off in the gum around the bridge. At my last visit to the dentist they said i would need teeth on either side of the bridge removed due to

Dental Implant: Can a dentist build up bone in preparation for a later implant without sectioning off the 1 pontic in perm. bridge in an upper arch?

Dental implants will be done for 2 side-by-side missing teeth. Can the adjacent teeth shift out of place since cannot wear removable denture anymore?

Dental Implants: How can it be that a cbct shows enough vertical, width and strength of bone when teeth pulled years ago? Am told I can do implant.(?)

Dental post can be used to support tooth before crowning. How does it work?

Dental work i just had some adjustments made by the dentist to my porcelain fused to metal bridge in making it fit. I think the dentist filed down some of the metal on two of the crowns. Is that possible? If so, is that unhealthy in swallowing dust pa

Dental: Is a cantilever fixed bridge ever a good idea to have?

Dental: Is there a temporary denture (need it) for all 3 furthest back molars for 3 months until bone graft hardens in preparation for 3 implants?

Dentist to section off permanent pontic 13 that is in my smile line. To add bone graft for later implant. Can a 1 unit nesbit fill space in mean time?

Did root canal on infected/ abcessed tooth inside 15 years old 4 units bridge. Do you replace with another bridge, do implant, or keep old bridge .?

Do crowns always need crown lengthening? I'm going to need two crowns, the first i've ever had, and was told that i'm going to need crown lengthening, which sounds really painful. Is this a common thing with crowns? .

Do dental implants for a molar come in different lengths and thickness? Or, is it one size fits all?

Do I have to be put to sleep for a crown lengthening procedure?