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A question about tooth discoloration? Is the amount of stain on teeth from tea same as amount on porcelain cup?

After drinking diet coke my teeth really hurt is it the coke or just sensitive teeth?

After teeth whitening is it safe for you to drink vodka mixed with lemonade or something clear?

Are baking soda and coffee effective as hair removal?

Are squash drinks really that bad for my teeth?

As a child I did get too much fluoride, leaving me with white spots on my teeth. Will whitening my teeth work? I don't drink tea, wine or coffee.

Bad teeth colour from fizzy drinks and lck of brushing. Is there any way to reverse these effects?

Baking soda and lemon bad for teeth?

Between pineapples and diet sode, what does more damage to your teeth?

Brown spots on back of teeth for few months now. I don't drink tea/coffee/coke. Wear clear retainer nightly, brush/floss daily. No pain. Help?

Brush twice a day and also floss. Do not smoke. Rarely drink coffee, but teeth are still yellowing. What to do?

Brushing teeth with baking powder makes it white. Is this true?

Can acid reflux cause white little spots on teeth enamel? I am 34 years old, with great oral hygiene, and do not drink sodas. How can I stop this?

Can an apple brown someone's teeth instead of whiten them?

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Can drinking a lot rot your teeth.?

Can drinking green tea damage/discolour your teeth over time?

Can drinking hawthorne tea cause tooth decay?

Can drinking soda after using teeth whitening products cause gum recession? i drink soda right after i use it or sometimes a hour later

Can eating a banana peel damage enamel?

Can food cause stained teeth? I don't drink coffee or smoke, but still think I have fairly stained teeth. Are there any types of food that cause stained teeth more than others? Maybe it's my diet. .

Can I drink alcohol in moderation with a fixed dental brace or will it stain my teeth? Specifically thinking of gin and slimline tonic or wine.

Can i drink coffee after getting a composite filling?

Can I have a cup of tea after getting my teeth prepared for bleaching?

Can vitamin d help to reduce your sweet tooth?

Can you drink wine after you get your tooth filled?

Can you tell me what to do if i brushed my teeth after drinking soda?

Coffee grounds and baking soda get rid of hair?

Could coffee make your teeth more yellow?

Could coffee really stain your teeth?

Could eating lemons as a child cause acid erosion on my teeth?

Could fluoride in drinking water prevent tooth decay?

Could I still drink (in moderation) fizzy drinks after a dental sealant was applied to molars?

Could use your help docs! my dentist told me to stop drinking drinks because of my enamel. Should i buy it?

Do any healthy teas not cause teeth staining?

Do coffe grounds and baking soda really remove hair?

Do coffee and baking soda for hair removal work?

Do coffee grounds and baking soda remove hair and if so, how long for?

Do pure green tea help heal gums and teeth?

Do sugar based drinks really cause tooth decay over time ?

Docs can you explain, is it true that bananas can whiten your teeth?

Doctors, what are the benefits of chewing coca leaf?

Does bicarbinate soda work for white teeth?

Does brush my teeth with baking soda make my BP high?

Does carbonated soda hurt my teeth?

Does chiccory or chocolate stain teeth i know tea, coffee, red wine and blueberries stain teeth. What else. I had teeth bleached and want to keep white

Does coffee cause cavities ?

Does coffee or pulling teeths stunt height ? Cause i drink coffee and i had 4 teeth pull out.

Does coffee with baking soda really reduce hair growth?

Does coffee, soda and all other carbonated drinks weakens the enamel of my teeth and if so should I have these drinks through moderation?

Does coke really disolve teeth?

Does drinking a cup of coffee a day make your teeth yellow? How much is too much?

Does drinking diet coke, water wear down tooth enamel?

Does drinking soda water discolor or weaken teeth?

Does green tea stain my teeth?

Does liquid sweetner is harmful for teeth or solid sweetner harmful for teeth?

Does pepsi max have any ingredients that are harmful for your teeth?

Does putting baking soda and strawberry on teeth to make them whiter work or does it harm the teeth?

Does raspberry leaf tea stain teeth?

Does soda permanently stain your teeth?

Does sweets cookies are also harmful for teeth?

Does tea or coffee good for teeth health?

Does too much coffee affects strength and color of teeth?

Does wine gum, chips and chocolate cause pimples?

Hello docs, i need to whiten my teeth fast and safely. I did hear about strawberries and baking soda remedy, but does that work?

How can I drink sodas like diet coke without staining my teeth?

How can I fix my discolored teeth from cigarettes, coffee?

How can I keep coffee from staining my teeth?

How can I make sure my teeth don't have stains on them once I get my braces off? I drink a lot of coffee

How can I prevent tooth decay if I drink soda and chai latte?

How can I remove dark stains from teeth from soda and tabbaco?

How can I whiten my yellow-brown teeth if I was eating too much acidic fruit that wore away enamel?

How can tea , coffee or tobacco is harmful for teeths?

How can you prevent teeth discoloration from coffee?

How do prevent yellow teeth from daily coffee?

How does drinking pop amd coffee whiten you teeth? Does it really?

How does sugar rot your teeth?

How is tea, coffee , tobbacco are harmful for teeth?

How long will porcelain veneers stay clean and unstained? I drink coffee and tea daily and red wine often. Will the veneers stain faster than my real teeth? Can they be cleaned if they do stain (like real teeth can)?

How much contribution does this have on formation of cavities?: not brushing teeth one night after drinking coke

How to clean stained dentures? I drink a lot of coffee, and it has stained my dentures. Soaking with cleaning tablets didn't work completely. Is there something else i can try? .

How to get nicotine and coffee stains off dentures?

How will drinking fluoride help my teeth?

I brush my teeth twice a day & rinse with mouthwash. I drink soda & eat candy sometimes. Will this cause white spots?

I don't drink coffee, tea and /or wine, neither do I smoke. I do have very mild fluorosis, is it possible to whiten my naturally yellow teeth?

I don't smoke and i only have tea or coffee every once in a while. My teeth are turning yellow. Help?

I drink a lot of coffee daily but can this cause my teeth to yellow ?

I drink a lot of fruit juice a day and my dentist has warned this isnt great for tooth enamel. What can I do to protect my teeth?

I drink a lot of soda, i brush my teeth everyday, could this still be bad for my teeth?

I drink around 3 cans of cola a day! what would this do to my teeth?

I drink brick tea daily. Will i get fluorosis?

I drink starbucks coffee everyday. Will this cause my teeth to go yellow?

I drink tea. How do I get the dark stuff off my teeth or prevent yellowing from it?

I drink tons of water. What could be causing tooth discoloration other than coffee?

I floss & brush every day, don't drink tea coffee cola etc, but have brown stains IN BETWEEN my teeth! (The 8 in the front) how can I get rid of this?