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A person should brush and floss teeth after each of the 3 major meals of the day and after each snack in between?

Along with brushing, flossing, and mouthwash what else prevents caries?

Are proxi-brushes good for my oral health?

Are there any good ways to prevent cavities when i forget to brush at night?

Are you supposed to floss or brush first or does it really matter? Also how many times a day should you floss?

Besides brushing and flossing what is the best thing one can do for good oral health?

Best order for brushing and flossing? I floss first, then brush, then use mouth wash. Is that the best order to do these things in? .

Best soft tooth brush on the market is which one?

Best way to take care of rotten teeth? (on top of brushing, flossing, rinsing)

Brush before or after breakfast? brush or floss after every snack necessary if you are prone to cavity?

Brush/floss daily what causes the enamal to come off teeth at the gum area, could certain diseases/disorders cause this or what causes it, an what 2 do?

Can a dentist cause you to get gum recession with a teeth cleaning or using too much force on teeth or gums in a teeth cleaning? or use something else

Can cleaning my teeth make them more vulnerable to acids?

Can flossing make your teeth separate over time?

Can flossing make your teeth whiter?

Can flossing recess or harm the gums at all?

Can Gingivitis be treated at home through properly taking care of your teeth (brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day)?

Can HIV cause plaque and tartar build up on teeth?

Can I catch aids if I don't brush my teeth?

Can mouthwash affect my dental retainers?

Can my nickel/silver allergy be the cause of my gums swelling around my braces, despite how often I brush my teeth/floss?

Can peroxide mouth rinses remove plaque or prevent gum disease?

Can swishing hydrogen peroxide in your mouth, spitting it out and then brushing your teeth routinely, whiten your teeth?

Can the gum grow back after teeth has been cleaned of plaque and tartar?

Can there be really no supposed time interval for brushing your teeth?

Can you avoid stained teeth if you brush often?

Can you brush your teeth, use mouthwash and then chew a vitamin c?

Can you give me some tips for oral hygiene with braces?

Can you please tell me why it'sbad to brush your teeth with soap?

Can you safely remove tartar from your teeth without visiting a dentist?

Can you tell me docs, is brushing your teeth with bar soap actually good?

Can you tell me docs, is flossing neccessary everyday to keep away cavities?

Can you tell me how i could get into the habit of brushing my teeth?

Can you tell me how I could promote dental floss over string?

Can you tell me how to stop being lazy to brush my teeth?

Can you tell me if flossing is so important, why don't all non-flossers have diseased teeth?

Can you tell me if i could get teeth clean or gum clean when I have ceramic braces?

Can you tell me is getting teeth cleaned from a dentist harmful?

Can you tell me what is the best way to keep your teeth clean?

Could brushing a lot make your teeth as clean as the last time you.?

Could brushing a lot make your teeth as clean as when you get your teeth cleaning done?

Could brushing your teeth every 6 hours be beneficial?

Could fluoride rinse really prevent tartar buildup?

Could i reverse gum recession by better flossing?

Could my son still get tooth decay even if i brush his teeth regularly?

Could my son still get tooth decay even if I brush his teeth regulary?

Could not flossing for only a week cause a lot of damage?

Could the dentist remove tartar?

Could you get cavities by not brushing your teeth for a month?

Could you tell me the best way to clean your teeth at home?

Could you tell me what's the best place to store a tooth brush?

Dds: a sulcabrush can clean 2-4mm into a gum pocket. If I am very careful, will it still lead to more recession i already have? Just bought the brush.

Dental: The chlorhexidine oral rinse that I'm told to use after my gum graft caused a brownish film on my teeth. Brushing does not take it off. Now?

Dental: What is the best way to clean teeth after lunch time and before dinner when there is no toothbrush available (just had perio cleaning today)?

Dentist put a coating of fluoride on my teeth. What is this for?

Do i really need to get my teeth cleaned every six months? I've read that there's not any proof it really helps me avoid cavities or tooth decay.

Do I use dental floss before brushing my teeth or the opposite?

Do you have to brush carefully when you have a filling?

Do you have to brush your teeth after a dental cleaning before you eat? or can you eat right away after a dental cleaning? is it clean?

Docs can you explain, is there a really easy way to floss?

Docs can you explain, is there a way to straighten your teeth using dental floss?

Docs can you explain, is there any way to remove plaque without getting teeth cleaned at the dentist?

Doctors can you tell me how often should you have your teeth cleaned at the dentists?

Does a tongue ring lead to more dental plaque?

Does brushing my teeth too often make them fragile?

Does brushing your teach with lemon really remove stains?

Does brushing your teeth with baking soda and braces on cause your teeth to be discolored when you get your braces off later?

Does flossing more than 1x a day bad for your teeth? does it cause gum recession if you floss hard enough?

Does fluoride dental floss really have fluoride and better than regular dental floss?

Does mouthwash helps to reduce the teeth cavities?

Does tartar build up on teeth cause body odor?

During the day, is it a good idea to chew gum for a few minutes after snacks or to rinse out with a mouthwash in order to keep dental caries away?

Eating after brushing teeth at night, bad hygiene?

Enamel wearing away due to ehlers danlos syndrome. Some gum recession. Can anything be done? Brush twice a day, floss daily and use mouthwash.

Finished having teeth scaled.I do have pockets4 5 6 7 8s.Is it best to brush before waterpik or water pik first?Any other sugestions to lower numbers

Generally, when dentists say to brush teeth 2 times a day, do they mean brush AND floss twice a day?

Getting teeth scaling done now front tooth abbess.Good mouth wash to take to prep for this to loosen plaque up to make it easier for the dentist&me?

Had cleaning at dentis she told me to floss and my recding gums won't get no worse?

Have bad breath dentist say my oral hygiene is good and I don't have any cavities. I brush floss use mouthwash dentist are no help I am embarrassed ?

Help please! could brushing your teeth rid yellow teeth?

Help teeth problems! smelly floss. Is this normal?

Hi i sowwaloed a pecice of dental floss will i be ok ?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is in mouthwash that makes our teeth cleaner?

Hi, which is the best way to remove plaque from teeth at home ?

Hi. Do i have to use toothpaste every time i brush my teeth after meal? Also, do i have to floss them every time after my meal? (with braces)

How can a weak senior brush her teeth well?

How can dentist remove tartar?

How can I brush teeth after mucocele surgery?

How can I make flossing with braces easier?

How can I remove tartar from teeth at home?

How can I cope with the gagging reflex when brushing your teeth?

How can I get rid of swollen gums if my braces don't allow me to floss, and i don't have special tools to do it?

How can I make flossing more of a habit?

How can I make my teeth stronger? I brush twice daily, i floss once daily, I use mouthwash. What else can I do to improve my dental health?

How can I properly brush my tongue?

How can I remove plaque or tartar?

How can I set aside time to floss, brush, rinse, and chew sugar free gum?

How can I teach my 1 year old to brush her teeth without her biting and screaming?

How can tartar/calculus form on teeth?

How can you avoid tartar build-up?