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I am getting my braces off and wanted to get my teeth laser whitened I was just wondering if this is a safe procedure or would it ruin my teeth?

16 weeks pregnant, is it ok to get braces? The braces I am planning to get are called fastbraces... There are different from traditional.

A couple of years ago I had a brace and the all of the top teeth moved, if I had another one how long would I have to wear it for?

A week from now i'm getting my braces and i just want to know is there anything i can do now to prepare?

Advice? I am having my braces off tomorrow..?

After a lower lip frenectomy will i get retainer for the rest of my life? To keep my gap closed !! Im already bored of my upper teeth retainer

After braces come off -- are retainers going to be really annoying?

After getting teeth pulled, how quickly can you get braces?

Am i allowed to get invisalign with my teeth problems?

Any advice? I have had my braces on for a month and a half and i still can't talk, my speech or very bad , is that normal?

Any insights for why can't teeth stay in place after you get your braces removed? Why do you need a retainer?

Any way to make your braces treatment work faster?

Anyone who got clear retainers after braces: do they work for small teeth?

Anything i can do to lessen the pain of braces? I finally got my braces three days ago, with just the spacers and brackets, no wires yet. I find the pain to be really bad, and would like a way to lessen it. Is there a possibility that the orthodontist cou

Are crowns with braces safe to get?

Are there any way to get my teeth done on a tight budget?

Are triangle rubberbands the last step before getting braces off?

Are you able to get braces if you have cavities ?

At what age can a child get an anti-tounge thrust appliance?

Brace has broken (bracket coming loose) many suggested denture glue and I have tried it but it doesn't work, what to do?

Braces really hurt a month after getting them, please help?

Braces what's the different braces i could get? And what ones are less pain ful

Braces wire bent where tube and gap are while eating piece of fruit. Ortho office closed until Monday. Advice on what to do? It hurts

Braces, cut lips, pain. Do I call orthodontist?

Can adults get clear braces instead of metal braces?

Can anyone get braces?

Can anyone get invisalign?

Can braces get rid of the gap between my teeth?

Can braces help lengthen teeth? I have short teeth but noticed after i started wearing elastics they look longer!

Can braces make a lisp go away?

Can braces straighten teen just as easily when you are over 18 years?

Can getting lingual braces affect your overbite?

Can i get a gingivectomy with braces on?

Can I get a philtrum piercing if I have braces?

Can i get adult braces even if I have a few cavities?

Can I get braces even if I have small gaps but they are noticeable and they bug me

Can i get braces even if my teeth are small and not yet in?

Can i get braces if I have a cravity?

Can I get braces just because?

Can i get braces off 1 year early?

Can I get braces removed?

Can i get fillings while I have braces?

Can i get my teeth whitened while wearing braces? I have braces, but would also like to still have a regular whitening done. Is there any way i can do both at the same time? .

Can i get teeth removed and braces while i'm still pregnant?

Can i still get braces if I have missing teeth? I'm an adult who would like to get braces, but i'm also missing a few teeth in the back of my mouth. Will that affect my ability to wear braces of any sort? .

Can i still put braces even i lost few teeths already?

Can I still wear my four year old retainer? I have gotten my wisdom teeth removed and have to lightly push to get it to fit in again...

Can it be possible for you to get cavities under your braces?

Can it hurt to get braces removed?

Can it hurt to get braces tightened?

Can my singing get better when my braces come off?

Can my teeth blow out if i get a brain MRI with braces?

Can people with weak teeth still get braces?

Can someone with braces get an MRI? What about a lower jaw permanent retainer?

Can wearing your rubber bands for braces more then you were told to make things better or worse?

Can you advise me if getting braces off soon and teeth are moving?

Can you explain how do orthodontists put brackets back on? Whats the process?

Can you explain if it's possible to have the rest of my baby teeth and braces put on at the exact same time?

Can you explain what are the stages of getting braces?

Can you get a frenectomy after your braces are already removed?

Can you get braces if you have weak teeth?

Can you get braces even though you don't need them?

Can you get braces even though you need fillings?

Can you get braces that go on the inside of your teeth?

Can you get invisalign in college?

Can you get rhinoplasty while you have braces?

Can you give me suggestions on getting braces tomorrow?

Can you still get braces after having a broken tooth reattached? How about tightening the braces?

Can you still get braces even though you have a few baby teeth left?

Can you still get braces if you are missing a molar?

Can you suggest how to get food out of my new braces?

Can you tell me docs, is having braces on at 20 years old bad?

Can you tell me for my next orthodontics appointment I want to get my braces clear, is this possible?

Can you tell me how many baby teeth can remain in your mouth in order to get braces?

Can you tell me if I am likely to look nerdy if i get a removable brace?

Can you tell me what to do if i got braces.When are my teeth going to start moving?

Can you tell me what to do if i got my braces off and now?

Complications when getting my braces off?

Could i get an xray on one of my teeth ?

Could i get my braces removed from different orthodontist?

Could i still get clear braces if I have extractions and an overbite?

Could it hurt when you get your expander off?

Could it take 6 months to get braces?

Could my daughter need braces , how to know?

Could my teeth go back to the way they were faster with a second set of braces?

Could there be a reason to get teeth pulled to get braces?

Dentists, wanted to know if I can get palate expanders after wearing braces? Thanks!

Do doctors know of braces that can make your bite wider?

Do full mouth braces hurt a lot?

Do I have to get any cavities fixed before getting braces?

Do orthodontics take molds on the same day you get your braces?

Do teeth abrasions get bigger if you don't get it fixed?

Do you get new retainer when you go for a orthodontic retainer check?

Do you have a lisp when you get your braces on?

Do you have to be cavity free before getting braces?

Do you have to get novocaine when you get veneers?

Do you have to wait for all of your swollen gum to get better before you have a brace or invisalign ?

Do you think I should get anesthesia while i get my orthodontic appliance and top wire for my braces?

Docs can you explain, is it too late to get braces if over age 50?

Docs can you explain, is it worth getting braces as an adult?