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Do I need braces if my teeth are straight, but the problem is that I don't like how I have some gaps around my teeth? Can I still get braces?

2 years old with 2 baby teeth braces, is that normal?

Advice? I am having teeth pulled, exposed and braces.

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Calling all dentists! could i whiten my teeth before i get them straightened?

Can a dentist fix crowed or crooked teeth without the need to see an orthadontist? My wisdom teeth pulled up 6 months ago and I have now 2 crooked bottom teeth due to crowding. Can my dentist fix this problem in any way because i will not be able to see a

Can a dentist fix missing teeth?

Can a retainer be used to reposition my teeth once they have shifted slightly?

Can a retainer fix shifted teeth?

Can an adult with crowns get braces to straighten teeth?

Can an old retainer mess up your teeth?

Can anterior teeth intrude into the gums with modified retainers (cutting off molar parts) the same way molars intrude with Invisalign retainers?

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Can braces be put on crowned teeth?

Can braces fix protruding teeth without extraction of premolars/molars? Help please?

Can braces work without molar teeth?

Can crooked teeth and spacing issues with teeth cause ear pain?

Can crowded canine teeth be fixed with a palatal expander?

Can damaged canine teeth be removed and later be replaced with bridge after wearing braces for other crooked teeth?

Can false teeth fit on top of your permanent teeth?

Can i get a retainer instead of braces? I have some gaps in my teeth and i read that sometimes a retainer can shift the teeth into the right place without braces. .

Can I get braces even if I have a missing front tooth?

Can i get braces with teeth missing?

Can i get my overbite teeth fixed?

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Can I have stains on my teeth from my braces? How can I prevent this?

Can i keep my 1denture in my mouth as its in the front, while having braces.

Can i still get invisalign if my teeth aren't that crooked?

Can i still have braces even though I have 2 fake teeth in front?

Can i still have braces without molar?

Can I use braces to cover up huge gap on my teeth because of tooth loss? Does brace work on this? Ps: my wisdom teeth not growing yet.

Can invisalign braces straighten adult crooked and crowded teeth?

Can Invisalign intrude and extrude teeth or only align them? I'd don't want to wear wire braces, but I need intrusion of my front teeth.

Can just a retainer make my teeth straight?

Can porcelain veneers be put on just a few teeth, or do all your teeth need them? I have a few teeth that i'm not happy with, and am thinking about porcelain veneers. I'm worried that those teeth will then look way different from all the rest of my teeth.

Can prosthetic teeth keep your natural teeth from 'shifting'?

Can removing an essix retainer the wrong way cause craze lines in teeth?

Can someone tell me how long will my teeth hurt from my retainer?

Can someone tell me how to get my tooth fixed without braces?

Can teeth continue to shift?

Can there be a way to straighten your teeth at home?

Can TMJ be fixed through perfect teeth? I feel TMJ erupted after when dentist grinded a chipped tooth, put bonding on it and leveled 4 teeth total

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Can you explain how do orthodontist treat teeth crowding with braces; besides extracting teeth?

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Can You Get Braces If You Have Bridge In Your Front Teeth?

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Can you still get your teeth whitened if you have two missing teeth?

Can you straighten your teeth in 12 months?

Can you suggest where i can buy toothbrush for teeth with braces?

Can you tell me about jaw surgery and then i heard about using dental floss to straighten your teeth, does any of this work?

Can you tell me about teeth levelled?

Can you tell me about the fastest way to straighten teeth?

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Can you tell me how I could remove glue from my tooth from a brace?

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Dentist wants to pull child's canine teeth due to crowding?

Discolored teeth after braces common?

Do all orthodontists take molds of your teeth? Is it necessary?

Do all types of braces do the same job to straighten teeth ? I need them but I don't want to get the ones with brackets

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Do i need braces for crowded teeth?

Do i need braces if I have an impacted canine tooth and willit hurt?

Do i need braces? I have an overbite, jaw misalignment, and an out-of-place tooth here and there. I haven't been referred to ortho but i hate my smile

Do i need braces? My teeth are not align some of them cave in.... I don't like my smile so usually i don't show my teeth.

Do i still have to floss where my permanent retainers are?