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12 days after dental implant and bone graft and my gums are white and slimy? Is this normal? Swelling has decreased and on z-pack.

4 months ago i had a molar extracted and developed a sequestration through a mandibular tori. The ulcer where the bone was exposed still hasn't healed?

7 days post gum grafting surgery, what should my gums look like?

A 5yr old have erupting perm mand molar. But the gum behind E is overgrown &pocketed on E-dista aspect. Would brushing&irrig or Surg remov flap?

A dental implant healing cap is normally submerged under the gum. Mine shows a very small visible cap above the gum.Is this called a 1 stage implant?

About how many millimeters would a sulcus have to be to show the need for gum flap surgery (vs. Wait & see) by a dental specialist?

After having alloderm gum graft when does white disappear?

After injury & scarring to the front of my chin and having four teeth removed, my gums are receding at a race pace. Help. Will steroids allow growth?

After oral surgery i noticed my gum line over one tooth is receding. I'm desperate for help! what should I do?

After seeing three periodontists, and being honest to them, they do not know the cause of my bone loss. At 39 y/o, how do I find the root cause?

Alloderm gum graft feels squishy, is this normal?

Alloderm gum graft looks like its not attached, what to do?

Are gum grafts, when healed, as tight around the tooth as "normal" gingiva attachment?

Are the gums usually sutured back for better attachment following a periodontal pocket reduction procedure using a gum flap?

Are there any dental surgical procedures to cure overflowing gums?

Are there prescriptions that will decrease swelling of the face after dental gum grafting?

At 10 am i had a gum graft. Since the numbness paintballing but of what could happen to my gums, what to do?

Can a dentist tell me the benefits of rpe (regenerative periodontal endoscopy) and if it applies in any way to dental abscess intervention.

Can a gingival graft of the incisors that is detached at the neck be reattached by laser treatment?

Can a gum graft be done in behind a front tooth?

Can a gum graft on the lingual side of my gums be successful? Or does the tongue prevent healing? Two periodontists disagree on the potential result

Can a periodontist bone graft to stabilize a tooth that has a deep sulcus without always extracting teeth?

Can a periodontist check the margin where a crown meets a tooth root to check for decay that has caused a fistula? Or, they do not do this--only pull?

Can a radiograph show dental gum infection without the need to probe the gum area?

Can a soft tissue laser be used to vaporize the top gum tissue, in order to reduce sulcus depths, as part of periodontal treatment?

Can dentures help reduce bone loss in areas where teeth have been extracted?

Can fillings in molars be high/painful - and cause gum recession - even if my bite has been checked with articulating paper?

Can gum recession caused by braces be fixed or healed without grafting?

Can I see an endodontist for a consult (vs. periodontist) if a fistula is a result of tooth decay at/ inside the margin of a permanent crown?

Can it happen to many people who have advanced gum recession that any type of soft tissue grafting just would not help? Where do the gums go to?

Can one expect deeper gum pocketing after an allograft is properly placed and healed between teeth and gums (now 1-2 mm pocket but with recession)?

Can someone with moderate gum recession around some teeth actually present with minimal bone reduction?

Can the operculum be used as gum graft?

Can tooth be lengthen by removing gum tissues?

Can you get a dental skin graft?

Can you have calculus on your teeth and it not show up on the films especially if it's on the lingual surface? On the films can you only see it distal and mesial and not facial or lingual?

Can you please tell me about skin grafting done on their gums, and how bad does it hurt?

Can you tell me how to get a laser gum regeneration at the dentist does it hurt?

Can you tell me the ADA codes for the use of an allograft to do tooth root coverage? This is not a connective graft nor a free gingival tissue graft.

Cavity near the gum line. Why would a rubber dam be used?

Could a dentist delay bone shrinkage on 3rd molar area that had a tooth break in pieces?

Could post and core for a full arch be done for broken tooth below gum line?

Could your gums be white from scar tissue after having oral surgery to remove teeth a few years back? If not, what could cause it. Tested neg for hiv

Dds: specialist charged $95 consult., 25 for x-ray, 450 for gum flap sugery that failed and 450 for extracted tooth. Put time into flap...But really. ?

Dds: what are the likely causes of a molar extraction leading to the collapse or breaking of the buccal wall?

Dds: why is it that my gums do not bleed upon flossing, are not red/inflamed but i still have deep enough pockets for flap surgery? Loosing teeth!

Dds/dmd: when I have the buccal side of an upper molar rebuilt, am i having "bone grafting"? Or, is it called something else? Thank you all in advance

Dental implants - what can it mean for the periodontist says that the site looks solid?

Dental inlay pain - will time heal it, what to do?

Dental specialists: what do you think of Pinhole Surgical Rejuvenation for recessed gums (no sutures needed)?

Dental: What besides one's own palate tissue can be used to build up teeth gum coverage due to recession when a pedicle graft is not an option?

Dentist on vacation. Few days ago had a gum graft due to recession. There are some drops of blood at the tooth site. Very unusual?

Dentist says that there is little or no discomfort following a free gingival gum graft that he does. Very promising?

Dentist Specialists: Is the Pinhole Surgical Technique for gum recession a proven one or is it too new to know long term results?

Difference between periodontal pocket and loss of attachment?

Do dentists know how to treat wounds on the body that do not involve teeth and gums?

Docs, could a dentist delay bone shrinkage on 3rd molar area that had a tooth break in pieces?

Does acid reflux destroy the gum tissue as well a teeth. Like the gum tissue on maxilla will that be eroded?

Does periodontal surgery affect the appearance of your gums/teeth?

Does the roof of the mouth hurt post op after getting a sub tissue gum graft for one big tooth?

Dreading that tomorrow I'll have a subepithelial gum graft procedure to cover 1 recessed tooth (4mm). Thinking of cancelling appn't. Advice?

Even one dental implant means that , after healing, the patient needs periodic periodontal (vs general) cleanings since there is no gingival attachment?

For an abscessed tooth dentist recommends extraction due to bone loss, is this a good option?

For gum grafting, some periodontists recommend cadaver tissue, the roof of the patient's mouth, and lanap. Which of these three is the best?

Gingival recession vs abrasion lesion, what's the difference?

Gingivectomy or gingivoplasty problem, what's the difference?

Gingivoplasty - how normal do you look afterwards, if you had receding gums?

Growth in cheek - dentist or doctor?

Gum graft - alloderm vs palate tissue, what's the difference?

Gum graft - what works better, alloderm vs palate tissue?

Gum graft (man made or not): is there ever any gingival reattachment to the canine tooth or will there just be deep/long millimeter pocketing?

Gum graft question: how many months after the surgery until the gums look normal?

Gum graft tissue is brown. Normal?

Gum grafting with alloderm failure, how to fix it?

Gum pain near old graft site. Is this normal?

Gum recession: what do you think of dr. Chao's pinhole surgical technique that is incision and suture free for treating the "lost cells" around teeth?

Gum recession: Which hurts the most post op. A subepithelial connective tissue graft or a free gingival tissue graft also from the palate?

Gums cannot attach itself to any part of a dental implant but a gum can attach to a tooth root. Yes or no?

Had Alveoplasty today, dentist said my gums were tough, did not easily separate from bone. Is this good or bad?

Had an implant and bone graft and the gums on the teeth next to the implant are not touching the teeth and there is a gap. Due to bad stitches?

Had epicoectomy on stenosed tooth 45. Caused damage to gum around tooth 43. 2 weeks post op and 2 x clindamycin, gum very puffy and red by T43 - ok?

Had periodontal surgery, bone graft, tooth extraction, sinus lift and implants. Developed infection - have taken clindamycin 150, 300 mg and now on?

Have had a lot of gum and bone graft surgeries. An antibiotic was not prescribed at all. How does a dentist determine the decision?

Hello, I have a cavity in each o f my lower wisdom teeth at the gumline. Found a dentist that will fill them, I am 58 years old and would like it done?

Help plz! Can receding gums be reversed?

Help! need to know if there's a way to repair damaged teeth without having to see a dentist?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is gastrocnemius recession?

Hi, I was had a pinhole technique gum graft. how long does it last? if I brush correctly now.

How can I reduce soft tissue sweeling from a tooth abcess?

How come teeth do not have the same faculty as skin to regenerate themselves?

How do I stop teeth grinding (the cause) at night during the healing phase following allograft gum grafting?

How does the periodontist get rid of a collection of blood or pus after gum graft surgery? The gum grafts look okay. The swelling is in my cheek.

How fragile is the gingival attachment during the two month healing phase with the new pinhole surgical technique to correct gum recession?

How is bone grafting done when there is big recession in all my bottom teeth? You can't build height can you? Thanks.

How likely is it that a 1-3 mm furcation in a back tooth can be maintained by periodontal cleanings every 3 months in most people? Pocket depth = 5 mm

How many millimeters long, along the length of a tooth root, can alloderm and other types of gum grafts cover so that less of the root is shown?

How much does gum grafting with your own gum tissue cost?

How traumatic is allograft gum grafting to the patient-2 teeth first visit with other grafts after healed-in the hands of a capable dental specialist?

How would i know for certain the cause of my now missing molar buccal wall? Perio. Said nothing to me. Bacteria or extraction trauma? Did not fix it.

I am on day seven of healing and the sutures have begun coming out on their own. The gum line has receded a bit as well. How can I prevent failure?