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3 weeks pregnant, have an abcessed tooth need help what should I do?

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Can my tooth be saved if I have an abscessed tooth? I have a very sore tooth that i fear might be abscessed, and am wondering if i can keep the tooth, or will it have to be removed for sure? .

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Hello I have had this raging toothache for a month now, 3 infected teeth but dentist says I have to wait 3 more months for extractions please help!!

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I am on antibiotics for an abscesses in a tooth. I think its in the root of my tooth as it has no head, how/will this drain on its own?

I had had tooth extracted twice now third tooth am coming in without roots for the second time. Does anyone know a name for that condition?

I have a bad toothache & the wisdom tooth it's decayed and broken which is better to get root canal or extraction? Dentist gave me those 2 options

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I'm on amoxiciline, infection under a crown, 3 teeth swollen, don't know 100% which is infected, will extract wisdom tooth, can the others be saved?

I'm on amoxicillin but have abscessed tooth for over a month. How much longer can I delay to fix tooth?

I've had a wisdom tooth removed and the root of the tooth broke. The dentist left it in. Is that normal?