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@time of fitting front temp (#9) on post (w/++grafts), Dr saw no contact w/lower bite. But I can feel lower tooth contact temp. Will this harm implant?

2 cavity fill last Sat.No pain initially, pain returned,now teeth r extremely sensitive esp 2 cold liquids. Rtn visit: Xrays and bite fine. What next?

2 sores(white)on tongue.difficult to speak properly. been there around 2 weeks. wut treatments r available?andwhich see(not dentist)

2 year old, face half swollen. Does this mean she has dental issues?

27/m: i bit my lip while i was eating now I have a thrush-like symptom as a result. What would be the best treatment?

29 year-old woman who has been suffering malocclusion and tinnitus since a facial fracture 5 years ago, is now looking for her first surgical.....?

3 days ago I received a very bad news which caused a spasm in my hands and my face which I couldn't talk I though tit was a stroke and mouth dryness?

3 months ago I woke up to my lips bigger to a point of deformity. Could it be due to oral hygiene. What could be the cause and how do I reverse it?

43yo with old gum loss, new occlusion problems TMD -like jaw disfunction, but am worried that braces will increase gum loss. Any non-brace options?

5 mo. Dysarthria w tongue elevated in back like slide w horzntl indention&dip in indention. No tongue protrusion passed teeth. Dr/therapist no idea. ?

52f-have 2 small painless tubular bumps in mouth @ bottom jaw. Dental appt in 3 weeks. Gargling w/warm salt walter daily. Welcome input while waiting.

5yrold cousin has a swollen upper lip for 2 years.No dental problem nor pain. A doctor found a blockage in a vein like i understood.Is there a cure?

60 yr old male. Ringing began 1.5 yrs ago.Hearing above average. Also rings loud when i bite or open mouth wide. Improved by mouth opening exercises.

6mo old cutting front four teeth and just treated for double ear infections..could shaking head side to side be considered a normal reaction to either?

6yo son diag with mucocele on bottom of tongue. Referred to ENT for surg extraction in 10 days. Would it hurt to try salt water, etc, while waiting?

8 months old boy with drooping lower lip and a vacant look (from birth). No problem in smiling (mouth always open) if you play with him. Causes?

A fracture in the upper palate or skull base was suspected due to the oral surgery. Instead of looking at the inferior view of the mandilble, the ER took panoramic X-ray of the teeth. Is this right?

A fracture in the upper palate or the skull base was suspected due to the oral surgery. Instead of getting inferior view of the mandilble, the ER took panoramic X-ray of the teeth. Is this right?

A lump in my mouth have showed ot to mu ENT and detist and both say nothing to worry it is just a wosdom tooth whicj is cteating the problem?

According to a swallow study my 5 month old aspirates when she arches her back with feedings. Any suggestions why? Seeing specialist in a month.

Actual outside or enamel of a couple of teeth feel soft. No pain. Have never had a cavity. On plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) for SLE. Is this a problem ? 21 yrs old

Advice needed, please help. I have difficulty opening mouth enough for dental work. What can I take ?

After brushing my teeth, what is causing a slimy film all over the inside of my mouth. Usually appears within an hour I have used numerous different toothpastes and nothing helps. My father is experiencing same problem.

After having uppers teeth pulled yesterday, 2 surgically. I have a headache and a rapid heart rate between 95-102. Does this mean I've developed an infection?

After having uppers teeth pulled yesterday, 2 surgically. I have a headache and a rapid heart rate between 95-102. Does this mean I've developed an infection?

After having uppers teeth pulled yesterday, 2 surgically. I have a headache and a rapid heart rate between 95-102. Does this mean I've developed an infection?

After having uppers teeth pulled yesterday, 2 surgically. I have a headache and a rapid heart rate between 95-102. Does this mean I've developed an infection?

After having uppers teeth pulled yesterday, 2 surgically. I have a headache and a rapid heart rate between 95-102. Does this mean I've developed an infection?

After tongue biopsy 5days ago, bit my tongue on the 3rd day, and have had pain eating (only), and jaw neuralgia since. Could I have damaged a nerve?

Also with a little big zygomatic bone I have issue to say some words. I can't speak well cause I have stutter, but that is okay! problem is with bone.

Aluminum oxide from a cutting disk is coming out of my husbands jaw about a month after surgery. What should I do?

An 82 year old friend possibly has adult onset tics. Been getting botox shots in one eye area, now jaw is jerking. What kind of dr to see?

Any help for recurrent laryngeal nerve palsey unhealed 2yr post fna? Why would laryngoscope &/or numbing seem to worsen symptoms (done 1yr after fna)?

Are there exercises to help loose hyoid bone & clicking when swallow spit symptoms? Or leave it alone? Its discomfort. My ENT said Ibupro & wait. :-(

Been diagnosed with sscc dehiscence and wondering if wearing an in ear plug on the worse side exacerbate the condition or create additional problems?

Been having tooth ache on multiple teach and mouth for a week or so, breathing causes irritation i'm traveling atm is 2weeks 2long to wait to see dent?

Began experiencing lupus symptoms following double root canal surgery. Considering having them removed by a biological dentist. Thoughts?

Being over 25y do i have any other option except than 4X extraction for my protruded jaws like dna appliance?will it be good?

Blood in sputum, have done head, neck test, done x-ray, my doctor said it may be result of tear of capillarie at base of the tongue.He prescribed mouth w?

Both sides of cheeks, swelling inside mouth, fall over my teeth and make it difficult to chew. I've seen a plethora of doctors; no answers. ?

Breathing problem of 6 year daughter, she claims problem in the throat. X-ray found an extended soft tissue. What do we do next?

Can a fissured tongue in an adult have anything to do with diarrhea that is difficult to control? How to solve this?

Can a frenectomy help improve how a child speaks? Our 12 year old son is going to have a frenectomy performed on hi supper lip per his orthodontist's instructions. He's also always had a bit of a lisp, and i've been wondering if there's any chance this ki

Can a potatoe take away a black eye due to dental pain and facial edema?

Can anyone tell me what could be the cause of blood coming from the palate after oral surgery?

Can anything be done to repair teeth ground down by bruxism? I have been diagnosed with bruxism that had gone undiagnosed for years. As a result, the front teeth on the bottom of my mouth are maybe half as tall as they should be. Is there anything that ca

Can bad teeth cause problems with your ears like congestion, ringing etc..?. I asked my dentist and she said no. Maybe I should find another dentist?

Can cipro/floroquinolones cause tooth pain? I read they get into every part of the body including the teeth and i've been on cipro for about two weeks and have some tooth pain. Could this be related? I also read that it can cause calcification of the teet

Can feel two balloon type objects in nasal cavity with my tongue. They are simlilar in size and one on each side. Wondering what may be.?

Can having thyroid nodules affect your teeth? Like chips or cracking in half when had no issues in the past before diagnosis

Can herpes type 1 on gums cause facial pain?

Can I be experiencing intermittent allergic reactions -hives, tender lymph nodesto a cemented on dental splint that was put in a year ago?

Can poor oral hygiene/dental care cause ear infections, elevated bp, reduced feeling in the feet, and choking sensations?

Can retrognathism have negative after-effects? For example, your 20, then when your 40 years old, your jaw gets messed up with time, and needs fixing.

Can stress cause soreness in palate & neck. Ongoing for a few weeks. Gp & dentist couldn't find anything obvious? Took antibiotics and had 2 fillings?

Can unilateral spots&blackheads on cheek be caused by TMJ disorder, associated problems with ACL rupture/reconstruct', flat feet or something else?

Can you get oral surgery for a very small lower jaw on child?

Can you give any guess as to what is causing my horizontal bone loss in parts of my mouth? Non-smoker, per visits 4 x's year, good oral hygiene.

Can you take iodine oral contrast solution for abdomen CT scan when u have a chronic sore throat, lumpy taste buds, web like veins&yellowness in mouth?

Canker sore caused by intubation equipment causing trauma under tounge on back right gum near back tooth. Normal? Treatment? It's been over 2 wks

Concern over white/red patch on gums that bleeds easily. Current dentist wants to delay investigating until I deliver baby. Another opinion?

Constant problem with oral fixations. How can I wean myself off?

Continued she has a wiggly tongue. When pictures are being taken she has to bite down on her tongue to control it.

Could chemo and radiation cause calcium deffi.(it did at the time yr.S ago) which is now causing cracks in my teeth? Will insurance maybe cover this?

Could not having full contact on every teeth lead to tmj, tightness, or not a feeling of mouth closure. Right side has teeth not making contact?

Could you please tell me the best medication 4 aytipical facial pain of the palate so i can suggest 2 my gp i'm in so much pain, giving up the wil I am ?

Dental implant was great for several years, 2nd molar from the back lower left, now vry painful esp. when chewing, 360 degree ray looks fine, help!

Dental freeze & filling Wed. Taste change since Thurs & burning tongue. healthy gums,no sign of infection in mouth. Is this an allergy/intolerance?

Dental freeze,2 caps 2% lipocane. Reaction to freeze, burning tongue, change in taste. Confirmed by dentist. Likelihood of another reaction next time?

Dental problem. Teeth become fragile and crack, leaving a hole and sometime having inflammatory symptom causing toothache?

Dentist wants to prescribe occlusion for tension headaches but really tight on money. Does it make a big b/w a 30 dollar OTC or 400 RX?

Dentistry:I do not mind lidocaine injections in the lower mouth. At the same time, a palate shot could make me want to postpone an appn't. Any advice?

Didn't use jaw for a while including chewing, exercise due to dental procedures. I got a fright and it tensed up. Can this cause nerve damage?

Do I need to get wisdom teeth out? Oftn get jaw pain & headaches. dentist said I shud remove lower 6&7s instead see xray link pls

Do i need to go to a hospital with an allergic reaction to orajel? I am 38 yrs old, smoker, and i was having tooth pain. Tried orajel and my throat and face have progressively swollen. I basically used it one night and its been 2 days without it and the s

Do normal dentist help with treating and reducing lip fullness?

Do you see a lot of "gross" things as a dentist? If so, approx. How often?

Does accelerated orthodontics cause more pain that regular orthodontics? My daughter likes the idea of going with accelerated orthodontics, but i remember having some pain and tenderness when i had braces, and this seems like it would be worse to me. .

Does it mean anything when you continue to keep biting your tongue is that a sign of a stroke.

Does my son really need orthodontia? My dentist recently suggested that maybe my son seen an orthodontist, but we can't really figure out why. Our son doesn't think his teeth need to be straightened, and he doesn't seem to have any problem with crowding.

Does the facial X-ray suppose to show the floor of mouth/upper palate?

Dok,what is the best alternative ways to reduce inflamed palate?

Dr. Since the past 2 days I am sensing soreness on the roof of my upper jaw, usually the area which is used to speak <by the tongue>. what should i do?

Ent dr.Wrote that examination of my larynx revelaed interarytenoid pacydermia, please can u explain meaning of this ?Cant get hold of dr any more,

Fear of brain tumor is making me miserable. I have tmd, but dentist told me that it wouldn't account for mild pain around eyes. Seeing gp in 2 days.

Fistula, #14 (upper left molar), noticed 4 days ago, but have had sinus issues. Dentist said go to endo "in case", but I feel it is an ENT issue?

For months I've had a grainy white bump on my lower gum. The dentist referred me to an oral surgeon for MRI, etc.... Trying to avoid $$$ if it is common and not harmful. How common is this?

For several years i've had the problem of my lips sticking together, mostly on the corners which makes speaking difficult. I was prescribed propranolol but didn't help. It's been awful.

For sub-lingual medication, does is the target the deep lingual a. Or deep lingual n.? Does it matter if meds go into an artery rather than a vein?

Frequent moderate to severe tongue biting (bleeding) while eating.Some periodic trouble swallowing.Several months of bone chips from rear lingual gums?

Front of my teeth and gums tingle like they're asleep. It's been like this ever since a migraine i experienced 2 days ago. I had atia in 08. Pfo 09?

Full mouth debridement w/ irragation, what's the difference?

Galbladder remove May 2014. diagnose wit fatty liver.Eversince diagnosis,been havin sore gums bhind my top teeth and sore top gums.Is this related?

Gums slightly red around teeth. OBGYN mentioned it, but dentist didn't say anything last month at appt. No symptoms. Not pregnant. Should I worry?

Had a tooth extraction (#15).Right after surgery,felt some salty taste on the left side.48hrs after surgery until now(69hr),have felt some metallic taste in mouth&nauseous.Have also felt some light soreness.No swelling.Infection or different problem?

Had an angiogram 13 days ago and the mynx device was used. Now it is swollen (circular) and sore, is this an emergency? I've never had a mynx before.

Had Bell's palsy 3 months ago and face healed fine. I still have no reflex, sensitive hearing, numb tongue, reduce saliva. Will it go away or perm?

Had oral fibroma removed from lower lip 3 days ago.Area is still numb.Im just scared I wont be able to talk and lose my ability to speak down the road?

Had perodontal cyst surgery, 48 hours ago my face is extremely swollen all the way to my eye. Should i go see my normal dentist?

Had didn't see cavity.I insisted poke more.turned out huge cavity. how can it be missed on xray same day?can infection also be missed?