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Mirena (levonorgestrel) for about 6 months night I feel like my heart is racing and it's hard for me to fall asleep,and feeling nausea, dizzy night sweats?

1.I feel dizzy and feeling nervous but my BP is normal 2.pain in my eyes and dizzy and wanting to vomit. I use to work on computer everyday.thank you?

18 year old female, tremors, tierd all the time, feel faint , have black outs sometimes.... What could cause this?

1wk ago, had strange turn, Brief dizzy spell, lost balance.left me feeling sick that day. And generally tired and headaches for 1wk.dizzy spell again.

24 y/o female feeling faint spells- normal echo ?

31 weeks pregnant and having dizzy spells, blurry vision, clammy and cold hands and feet, feeling weak and very bloated just right after eating.

A dr told me my unsteady/dizzy feeling I've been having for 5 months is from migraines, could this be true?

About 2 to 3 times a week i feel: 1. Heart racing 2. Feeling as though blood is rushing from my face 3. Very faint 4. Disoriented 5. Shakey 6. Clammy?

Acid feeling and nausea in pit of stomach. Was walking and suddenly I got real nauseated, dizzy, and faint feeling and racing heart as well as gagging?

After 6 yrs of having a weird lightheaded feeling daily n sometimes a swaying feeling wouldn't my drs Ent notice if inner ear or neuro.what could it b?

After having an anxiety/panic attack I feel rough for the rest of the day.Why is this and how can I feel better. Head pressure and lightheaded after 2?

Almost constant dizziness,weird feeling around forhead and getting sleepy 10 hours after waking up while doing nothing basically. causes?

Am 9 weeks pregnant and i've been having dizziness, weakness.And light headed feeling. Is this normal? It feels like my whole body's weak

Anxiety symptoms 24/7 yrs is this normal or serious lightheaded sometimes swaying funny vision nervous head funny all drs n Ent say anxiety

Anxiety, feeling down and out, feeling unreal, and like my memory is slipping. Then I started getting a little bit of a headache plus I'm tired. What could this be?

Any ideas why I am feeling low at the moment?

As I was shopping today I became very dizzy, nausea, and had a faint feeling. Is this a sign of diabetes?

Been 4 days and stay dizzy been to doctor for it but my question is is it ok to workout while feeling like this? Dizziness is all the time.

Been dizzy for 5 months. not a vertigo feeling but a feeling of small amounts of swaying from side 2 side and sometimes lightheadedness. suggestions?

Been feeling dizzy and trouble with balance. Also tired. Any idea what this might be? Had my heart tested a year ago and all was normal.

Been feeling dizzy like off balance for the past week what could it be f, 22, 120lbs.

Been feeling faint and fatigue in the past few days. Get dizzy wen i stand up. Excessive yawning. And always have a feeling something bad will happen?

Been feeling lightheaded and flighty dizzy more fatigued and cloudy thinking. Is it my heart ?

Been feeling off balance lately especially when walking. Blood pressure normal. Also, felt a mini second episode of feeling blackout. What cud it be?

Been feeling pressure,light headed and anxiety for about 5 months can't do things as before with out feeling this symptoms daily what can it be? Help!

Been having a lightheaded feeling not like u pass out but weird n weird vision 6 yrs would this be inner ear neuro my drs say anx sym 24/7?

Been lightheaded almost daily 6 yrs swaying feeling sometimes could this be allergies drs say anxiety but idk?

Been lightheaded daily 6 yrs but not the lightheaded u get when stand up to fast n sometimes swaying motion could this be just anxiety or neuro scared?

Been to Ent dr a lot over this weird lightheaded feeling n swaying motion the lightheaded is daily he said not inner ear no reason to do testing ?

Brain Fog or Depersonalization? Alway Tired, feel unattached, headache, dizzy, blah feeling, anxious.ido get lack of sleep also have panic disorder.

Burping, fullness, light dizzy feeling & then went to physician & had high BP. Is it because of Anxiety? Many things going on in mind.

Cab anxiety make you feel spacey lightheaded and numbness in face head vision seems weird I'm panicky I've had lots of test go dr a lot?

Can 300 mg of topamax cause a quick feeling of fullness?

Can a bladder infection cause u to feel out of it as in dizzy and lightheaded and somewhat coenherent ? Really nauseas ?

Can a migraine cause you to faint or feel faint? Can it cause a "shaky feeling" in head? Can it cause seizures? I'm freaking out :(

Can a retracted ear cause lightheaded swaying motion nausea feeling n head funny Ent told me no it's anxiety but all internet says different who trust?

Can a ulcer cause constant headaches and a faint feeling? Also feeling lightheaded.

Can allergies cause dizziness and make you feel like fainting?

Can allergies cause you to feel cloudy headed? I've always had bad allergies which cause me to feel off balance with head movement. Also feel spacey?

Can anxiety cause constant headaches and dizziness? Feeling lightheaded and faint. Feeling like im gonna pass out at times?

Can anxiety cause dizziness, lightheaded-ness? Feeling kind of faint? Can a cold also bring on some of those feelings?

Can anxiety cause funny vision n swaying type feeling?

Can anxiety cause weird lightheaded funny vision sometimes swaying feeling daily 24/7 been Ent 30x eye dr bloodwork neuro exam all good lots of stress?

Can anxiety give you a swaying motion type feeling heart feels like beating fast head funny eyes funny been to drs a lot they say not vertigo anxiety ?

Can anxiety kinda make you feel nausea carsick feeling?

Can anxiety make u feel off balance but more in the head ?

Can anxiety make u feel off balance or unsteady daily?

Can anxiety make you dizzy of like fainting I have really bad anxiety i only feel dizzy when i'm worried of when i eat lots of sugar?

Can anxiety make you feel heavy headed n lightheaded worried it's more drs tell me anxiety?

Can anxiety make your head feel all funny n lightheaded motion feeling n funny vision n just not right shaky to?

Can anxiety or worrying make ur vision funny n lightheaded?

Can anxiety symptoms stay 24/7 for 5 yrs lightheaded funny vision but not the lightheaded u get when stand up to fast just weird really worried ?

Can constantly worrying about how you feel and symptoms bring them on I have anxiety lightheadedness off balance funny eyes heart up little shaky?24/7

Can doctors tell me what does the transition from fainting symptoms to unconsciousness feel like?

Can feeling lighthead most of the day be dangerous?

Can feeling shaky be a symptom of ssri withdrawal? Not actually shaking but my lakes feel like they are.

Can feelings of lightheaded spells and feeling like i'm going to pass out be connected with vertigo? Feeling both symptoms. Dr diagnosed vertigo.

Can fibromyalgia make you feel dizzy sometimes? Diagnosed- and I often feel some vertigo and my ears ring from time to time

Can having Generalized Anx Disorder make you lightheaded / off balance and dizzy spells constant for 3 months? ENT/NEURO gave me the "its anxiety".Ty!

Can insulin resistance cause feeling light headed, feeling faint, shakiness, and weakness?

Can low potassium cause a person to feel weird, kind of a surreal feeling? Also, can it cause anxiety?

Can maturbating cause weird head feelings if you have anxiety?

Can neck tension cause a constant weird lightheaded feeling for 24/7 for 5 yrs sometimes swaying feeling eyes funny drs tell me anxiety I worry it's m?

Can severe migraine cause to feel very weak, drunk feeling,feeling of not being oneself? Appt with neurologist next week but very worried

Can stress and anxiety make your vision feel unbalanced?Not dizzy. Just feel out of balance. Doctor has ruled out every other possible cause.

Car sickness all the time then, fatigue, dizziness upon standing, hungry, tired, and feeling like I'm missing something in my diet all the time. ?

Chronic 2011 I had vertigo since then I feel weak sleepy fatigue and lightheaded balance problems..will dizzynes centre help me?

Consistent dizziness that doesn't go away, feeling faint, weak, numbness/tingling, blurred vision, headaches, and rapid heartbeat.

Constant heart fluttering, weak, shakiness, dizziness, wake up so hungry, feel like I have to make bowel movement. More in the am?

Constant off balance and feeling strange in my head kind of dream like. Is this a symptom of anxiety? Have had multiple test ran.

Constantly thirsty and weeing all the time. Also has dizzy spells about 3 times a day . Should we worry.

Could anxiety cause hot flashes, weak feeling, lightheadedness, brain tightening, heart feeling weird and a feeling like your going to faint butwont?

Could anxiety cause things to seem like it moving fast when up walking n feeling a weird lightheaded feeling ?

Could anxiety really cause lightheaded weird feeling n funny vision daily for 6 yrs been to dr bloodwork Ent basic neuro exam what else could it be?

Could body spray cause you to feel lightheaded or carsick feeling, or just the anxiety thinking it will I do have anx n lightheaded daily ?

Could wormy cause constant lightheaded?

Could you have a neuro issue for 6 yrs with mild symptoms a weird lightheaded not the passout feeling n weird head feelings drs only say anxiety?

Dealing with lupus an constatnly dealing with dizzy spells lately?

Disorientated, headache, hungry, nauseous. Feeling like i'm in a dream, feeling of blacking out.

Disoriented feeling, memory loss and neck pain. What does this sound like?

Dizziness and falling and feeling like legs are going to give out a sign if vertigo? Plz help

Dizziness the week after my period, sometimes with feeling really angry and fed up, also I have dizziness after sitting for a while?

Dizziness upon standing, thirst, pounding headaches, irregular periods, fatigue, feeling faint. What is going on? What do I need to have checked?

Dizziness, feeling faint, nausea, legs and arm s feeling weak.....Mainly in the morning. It doesn't happen every morning though. Just random spells. ?

Dizziness, loss of balance, dilating pupils, feeling anxious, mood swings, arms feel weak, doc says its migraine? what else could this be? frustrated

Dizzy and off balanced during the day, at nighy, dizzy wake up every couple of minutes feeling anxious, dizzy, like I'm dyin heart isn't racing though?

Dizzy feelings. All tests are normal. Can a person be dizzy with no diagnosis for it?

Dizzy spells (12 months), heart palpitations, numb/tingling lips. Faint feeling. Have had every possible blood test and no answers?

Dizzy spells, nausea and little short of breathe?

Dizzy, balance is off, numb feeling in the head, feels like I'm going to feel this way forever, irritable, distant from everyone and myself, anxious b?

Dizzy, feeling out of it, thoughts are numb or bad, sweating, feeling over heated, nauseated,restless, but tired. Anxiety?

Dizzy, shaky, lightheaded, headache, hot flashes, loose balance at times, spine hurts when I exhale. Feel like I'm going to pass out at times.

Do head rushes and dizziness and light headness then getting scared of it have anything to do with panic attacks or seizures?

Do headrushes that last a second and make you feel off balance have anything to do with any kinds of seizures?

Do I have anxiety I've been sick for 7 weeks i recovered but now i feel that my head is tight and pressure feeling i've been thinking alot?

Does a sinus infection cause dizziness and a lightheaded feeling when you walk?

Does dizzyness or falling feeling have anything to do with seizures coming on or is it more anxiety related. Sometimes i feel like im gonna fall over ?

Does lupus cause dizziness, lightheaded feeling, and numbness in the body?

Does stress cause lightheaded, feeling off balance, and dizzy when standing up? Suddenly, i felt like I was going to fall because I was so lightheaded

Every morning i wake up feeling extremely nervous. With "butterflies" in my stomach so bad i throw up. Is this anxiety? What do I do about this?