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I Keep getting dizzy and blackouts when i stand up or move to quick, but i also get dizzy when moving to quick... what does this mean?

19.When I stand up I get lightheaded, start shaking can't control it and last about 1-2 min. Feel like I will pass out of fall down. What could it be?

30 weeks pregnant randomly get light headed and feel weak in knees to the point I can't walk what could it be?

3months & 1week pregnant with twins. Everytime i stand up i get light headed & dizzy I have eaten food n i just lay down . What could it be that making me dizzy?

About every 2 weeks i feel off balance and dizzy for about 2 minutes and then goes away, any ideas what could be ?

Always feel light headed and dizzy. It's worse when i get up and move around. Even worse riding in a vehicle. Feel like my head is wobbling backnforth?

Any explanation for why i get lightheaded while standing up?

At work I have to squat to the ground to sweep up crumbs and sometimes when I stand up I get Dizzy and if I go back down I get a heart palpitation?

Been feeling dizzy and nausea during this fasting month. It gets worst when I stand/sit for some time, even after I break my fast.What could this be?

Been feeling lightheaded for 2 months. Often get headaches and feel like I'm losing my balance when I stand/sit still. I'm always tired. Any advice?

Been on bed rest for few months. When standing still im ok but walking I get dizzy/lightheaded especially turning around/looking down. Normal?

Bent over while seated or turning head. I get lightheaded, sweaty, and nauseous. Is this something to be concerned about? What could be causing this?

Can a inner ear problem make you feel lightheaded and faint every time you stand up keeping it hard to stand up but for more than a few minutes?

Can having a cold make you feel dizzy when you bend over or lay flat? I don't think it's bppv? What could it be?

Can laying down to much cause you to feel dizzy light headed when u get up n walk around. Doing a lot of bed rest. C diff?

Can you tell me about vertigo, I'm 23 F and I get dizzy spells a lot when I stand up after sitting for a bit and a bit neausea?

Can you tell me when i stand up too fast i get dizzy and my head hurts..Why?

Can you tell me why when i stand up, i go lightheaded, dizzy and my eyesight goes strange?

Causes dizziness? I get dizzy and nausic when i move around and if i look up or even if something is moving fast in front of me.I feel its worsening

Could there be a reason why every time i get up from bendin over i feel like extremley lightheadead/dizzy? Everytime

Do I have to worry if I feel giddy when I stand up after squatting down for 30 secs?

Every time I bend over and stand up I get really lite headed?

Every time I bend over to pick somthing up and stand back up I get really lite headed?

Every time i stand up after sitting down (even for only a couple of minutes) i get intense head rush & dizzyness &cant see for 15 seconds.Why is this?

Every time I stand up I get dizzy, feel pressure in my head & eyes, body gets weak, & I loose my vision for about 30 or less seconds. Bad? Unhealthy?

Every time I stand up I'm so dizzy and my legs feel like there going to give out...

Every time i stand up my head hurts, i get really dizzy, and have trouble seeing. What could be wrong?

Every time I stand up my vision blurs and gets dark, I feel weak everywhere and my head starts heating up, I get very dizzy as well, why is this?

Every time I touch my chin to my chest, I get very dizzy and see stars. It happens when I sit or stand. ?

Everytime i go from standing to laying down i get dizzy or from standing to squatting. I be feeling like im bout to pass out. What causing it.?

Everytime I stand up (fast or not) I get extremely dizzy and black out for almost 8 seconds. I fell to the floor last time. Should I be worried?

Everytime I stand, sit or lie down, I feel dizzy or sometimes "blind". Is this part of growing up or something is wrong with me. Im 17 by the way. ?

Feel dizzy without being dizzy, feel like I'm being pulled to the right side also especially when I'm standing and walking. ?

Feel like I'm going to fall down when standing.Really light headed and weird numb feeling all over body when standing up or walking.Extremely stressed?

Feel off balance after standing for a few minutes. Like i need to move again so not to get lightheaded. What could it be?

Feeling dizzy when I stand up so I close my eyes and sit down cause my legs and hands start shaking. Whats going with me?

Feeling like i'm going to faint almost everytime when i stand right after i lay down. What should I do to get rid of this?

Feeling like I'm going to faint when I stand up ?

For many years sometimes when i stand i get dizzy my vision goes and i get a tingling feeling in my head which last about 1-3 minutes should I be worried?

For the past 7 months I have had episodes through out the days if i move to quickly or my head moves to fast i kinda get dizzy lightheaded?

For the past month or two, every time I stand or I sit I get lightheaded and dizzy for a few seconds bs it goes away. I have no clue what it is, help?

For the past two days, I have been feeling dizzy and weak when I stand from a sitting or lying down position. It feels like I'm faint and nauseaus?

From last 5-6 days dizzy all day long, feels like swaying whenever on feet.

From my neck up hurts i feel dizzy & im laying down, when i try to get up i feel the need to ease myself to the floor so i wont fall should i go to ER

Have been passing out when I stand. Like weak in knees. What can I do to not pass out?

He feels dizzy and his neck hurts. He feels like he needs to sit down? N his blood pressure drops. This happens if he is standing for even few minutes

Head-spinning whoozy feeling whenever I get up or lay down - why?

Help please. When i sit and stand up, i feel dizzy and see black spots everywhere..Help?

Hi doc.Whenever I sit or lay down a period of time I always feel dizzy and a blurry vission. So may I ask what is it?

Hi doctors! just wondering if its normal for me to feel unbalanced, lightheaded, because whenever i move my head or walk i feel unbalanced. Fix it?

Hi i feel dizzy and headache all day long. Go toilet alot.Must the pain in my eyes.I feel like go to fell from dizzy it just for last month.Help me ?

Hi there my mum started getting dizzy whenever she moved her eyeballs like 3 weeks ago. She says that whenever she is standing up or sitting when she moves her eyeballs she gets dizzy for about 2 seconds. She has asthma and she says when she is lying down

Hi when i get up i feel very dizzy and unable to stand up for some time because i'm so dizzy.Im 37 and breastfeeding a 2 month old baby ?

How can I get myself to stand up straight?

How can I stop my head from spinning every time I get up or stand up?

How come I feel dizzy and black out for a second whenever I stand up too quickly?

How come I feel dizzy and vision fades out/blacks out when I stand up from laying down?

How come i get dizzy almost every time i stand up?

How come i get dizzy everytime i stand up after sitting or laying down?

How come i get dizzy whenever i stand up?

How come i get light headed when i stand?

How come if I skip breakfast, I feel faint when i'm standing?

How typical is it to get dizzy when i stand up?

I almost always get dizzy when i stand but this time my chest became tight and my head very heavy what is causing this?

I always feel light headed and blank for 10sec every time i stand up from laying down . Like blood left/entered my head. I try not to stand up quickly?

I always get dizzy and blurry eyes when im on a computer or standing up while my head is tilt down what can i do to make it better or who to go?

I am 30 yrs old and everytime I stand after sitting for awhile I get dizzy to the point of falling, I am in general good health. Should I be worried?

I am 5 months pregnant and standing for over 30 minutes at a time I get kind of dizzy or lightheaded?

I am dizzy when i walk for a few seconds from time to time. What could be the cause?

I been getting dizzy but im not getting up to fast or slow usually happens when im laying down head turned to the side and I'm hydrated

I constantly have blackouts.standing or sitting.i get dizzyness .also many times my arms go numb..what can these things be.

I eat because I am dizzy. I get more dizzy after I eat. I'm most dizzy when I'm sitting down. ?

I feel a little dizzy and eyes blackout when i get up from sitting or lying down. What can that be?

I feel bit dizzy when I lay down. Especially when I turn left. What could be the reason?

I feel dizzy & lightheaded for 4 days on & off. When i move my head, stand up or walking. I feel like my head is swaying and i can hardly concentrate.

I feel dizzy and have a headache everytime i get up from laying down what does that mean?

I feel dizzy if I sit at a place and suddenly get up on my feet. Dunno why is this happening. Need help.

I feel dizzy when I get up after i lay down for a while. Tell me what's wrong doc.

I feel dizzy when I get up from crouching on the floor for 5 minutes. And sometimes I feel I might faint I see black in my eyes. ?

I feel dizzy when i stand up and also when i exercise. Is there something wrong that i need to get tested?

I feel dizzy when lying down but gets normal when standing or sitting . What is the cause?

I feel dizzy while standing and looking at computer, hot feeling.?

I feel lightheaded,and get dizzy not to the point I faint but have trouble standin up for a second also at times from my kness as well. Is there a prb?

I feel really dizzy and lightheaded every time i stand up, and it's only been today, it's not a regular thing, what could that mean?

I feel so weak as if I have no energy to move i ate and slept well i feel dizzy when i stand up what should I do?And what's wrong ?My BP 123/70 normal

I feel very faint and my legs start shaking when i get up. ?

I fell down the stairs and feel confused and tired, what to do?

I get dizzy after sitting/laying down. Has been going on for a week now, but last 24 hours it is happening every time i move. Why

I get dizzy and feel like I am going to pass out. my legs become so weak and afterwards I have a pressure in my head.

I get dizzy and feel off balance if I stand up or sit down too quickly but don't know why. What should I do?

I get dizzy and light headed going down stairs when there is no bannister to hold. Feel like I am going to fall head first down them . What is the cau?

I get dizzy when i stand up and sometimes lightheaded with ringing in my ears. Any idea why this happens?

I get extremely dizzy and nauseous when i lay on my left side to the point if i wasn't laying down i would pass out. I have neurofibromatosis.

I get head rushes and dizziness when I stand up a lot... What is happening to me?

I get really bad headaches and feel light headed when I stand up from.... Should I be worried???

I get this weird tingly preasure in the front of my head between my eyes. Im tired all the time and I can't stand up very long before being out of breath or dizzy.?

I go dizzy head pounds and my legs tingle all at the same time everytime I stand. Even when I get up slow. And I go dizzy when I move my head sideways?

I got up and was very dizzy like i was on a carnival ride and very thing around me was wavy and i was spinning fast it lasted about 5 minutes and it happens when i lay down and get up. I feel week right now and a little dizzy still

I have a question,I was kicked in the stomach at work and now I feel nausous when I stand and my pulse is 100/minute is this normal?

I have been dizzy all day long what could be wrong?