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2 weeks ago my son had fever and today again what can I do?

At what age is it appropriate for me to talk to my son and daughter about sex?

At what age should you let your daughter babysit?

Can i give a be syrup to my 4 moths daughter ?

Can I give apetamin to my son, 18monthold?

Can my 3 year old son get sick from my 1 year old son who has 2 ear infections?

Can my 4 yr old son know that I'm pregnant even before I know?

Can my daughter's pediatrician diagnose or recommend someone to test my daughter for autism?

Can you sign something for my son to work?

Daughter almost 2 and weighs 16 pounds?

Daughter on methotrexate and my son has bronchitis and croup. Dr says he is contagious so should I find someone to keep my daughter overnight?

Good day my son sweats a lot when feeding is this normal ?

Help docs! my 5 month old daughter has a hemangioma?

Hi doctors my son is 11month old what should I feed him?

Hi I have a son who is now 12 and he has austim, adhd. I have a daughter who is 5 and she doesn't have it. I'm trying for a baby but will it have it?

Hi I think my son has scabies but I'm not sure. My roommates son has it?

Hi, my 2 week and 3 day old baby boy is very snotty and coughing, my 2 year old daughter is the same and has been since yesterday..... My daughter was?

How can I get my 11 month old daughter to feed herself?

How can I help my 4 year old daughter like school again?

How can I introtuce my son to his dad for the first time without my son freaking out he's gonna be 1 yr old?

How can I tell if my son is going through puberty?

How can I wee my daughter off a sippy at night?

How do I explain epilepsy to my girlfriends 6 year old son ?

How do I handle my 8 year daughter shes as adhd?

How do I know if my daughter is going through puberty?

How do I know if my son has thrush?

How do I know my 27 weeks old premie son can hear?

How much children's acetametiphen can I give my 18 pound 9month old?

How old can a grandma be to have her daughters kids?

How to help son with mouthsores?

How to make a son?

How would me and my son be checked for toxocirious? And what immunizations would they give him and me? My son is 6 months old.

I have 2 daughters with operation, i need son can I have test tube for twins son?

I have a two-month son. He is coughing for 4 days. He does not have temperature. What should I do?

I think my 8year old son has measles.., Wat should I do?

I think my son might have thrush?

I was wondering when I should have the sex talk with my kids. My son is 9 and is special needs and my daughter is 6?

I worry about my son nutrition?

I'm worried because my daughter is 6years old..She's been having this cough for years..I don't know what to do.., what do you suggest?

If my son (17 years old) and my daughter (11 years old) benefit on omega , can I give them always or I should stop every few months ?

Im worried about my college son. Never calls or emails. Please help need answers?

Is being a pediatrician hard?

Is hypospadias always passed on to your sons?

Is it normal for my 6-month-old to babble?

Is it ok for my son to be around another child who's sister has RSV my 1 yr old niece has RSV and want to know if it is ok for my son to be around the 1 yr old's siblings

Is it ok if my 8month old daughter have some breat that is kind of sweet?

Is it ok to give my 8 month old daughter yo-baby yogurt?

Is my 17 year old son small because he eats too much?

Is there a way to help my daughter with ms?

Megacolon.! please help.! my son has it?

My 1 almost 2 month daughter has a cold from the time she was born and it won't go away what should I give to her for it?

My 11 year old son has fainted twice in the last month should I take him to a doc?

My 11month old daughter almost always sticks he tongue out.Is this normal?Shes teething too. Thank you

My 12 yr old son has had hayfever suffered badly last three summers, what to do?

My 13months old son have only 4 this normal.

My 16 month daughter won't walk or talk?

My 16 year old son is working out is that ok ?

My 17 month old son is having nosebleeds. Should I be worried?

My 19-month old son throws up every time he coughs. Please help!?

My 2 year old son had a toothache what can do?

My 20 month old son is musty what should I do?

My 3 wk old daughter wheezes when she sleeps .. my mom says its normal.. is it normal?

My 3 year old son had to be reminded to swallow do he doesn't drool. Is this normal for a 3yo?

My 30 month old son isn't really talking, should I be concerned?

My 3month old son has not pooped since last three days. What to do?

My 3year old son hasn't pooped in 2 days. What can I do to help?

My 3years old son is having constipation. What do I do?

My 4 year old son has no appipte what so ever?

My 4 year old autistic son constantly pushes his 10 month old sister. What causes him to do this?

My 4 year old daughter drools all the time what can this be?

My 5 year old son said he swallowed a pennie at school! what should I do?

My 5 year old son was around my girlfriends daughter of 4 on saturday. She now has bacterial pneumonia. Should i be concerned for my son's health?

My 6 year old son is pale?

My 6 year old son still walks on his tiptoes. Will he outgrow this?

My 9 yo son has really smelly feet. What can I do about it?

My child is vomating what shall i do?

My daughter and my grand daughter both have directorial dyspepsia how does it come about and how does no one else have it?

My daughter has 5years and have flu and some cough. What shall i give her?

My daughter has a fever but refuses medication. How can I help her? Shes almost3 years old.

My daughter has a hemangioma. What did I do wrong?

My daughter has a rash all over 8months old. What could this be?

My daughter has lump on leg don't know what to do this my first child?

My daughter has s 14 month old can peanutbutter hurt baby?

My daughter have been 5 days off her pacifier and i noticed since its been gone she cry when i drop her off to daycare.

My daughter is 11 and she just started hers. Is that normal?

My daughter is 14 months and doesn't talk a lot or walk what is wrong?

My daughter is 15 and she doesn't have her "time of the month" yet. Is this normal?

My daughter is 24 and tired all the time. What could be wrong?

My daughter is 4 months 2 weeks old and still not rolling over. Is this okay?

My daughter is 4mths what age can I give her water and how much?

My daughter is 7 month old and she cries more with me than when she's with anyone else. Why?

My daughter is now 18 months and she still isn't walking. Should I be concerned?

My daughter just recovered from common cold. Now myself and my younger daughter are down with it. Is it possible for my elder daughter to have relapse?

My daughter just turned 3 and she has been studering for a year off & on should I be worried?

My daughter was at dr today they said she had a cold. Would that explain why she has been drooling? Shes 5.

My daughters doctor says she has HSP what should I do now?

My doctor thinks our son might have cat-like cry. What is it?

My dog has kennel cough is it contagious for me or my 2 children? My son is 11 & my daughter is 8........

My four-year-old son sometimes drools when he talks is this normal? What could be done about it?

My friends son hasnt had a poo in 4 weeks?