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After a wet dream i always feel dull and less energetic. What should I do?

After feeling down and anxious.. I hung out w/friends and feel better (physically&mentally) but its almost a mild uncomfortable happiness.. Normal ?

After going in for a job interview i feel very weak and shaky. What should I do?

All my reports are normal.i still feel im health anxiety.i feel i will depressed and feel scared and i cannot explain it ok?

Always feel constipated lately, any suggestions, i would appreciate an answer?

An addict did this to themselves, should I feel sorry for them?

Any explanation for why i feel so empty and numb?

Because I feel unhealthy for my age and heighth ?

Can anxiety cause feeling I'll when I wake up an then I will feel better as the day goes on?

Can i tell me how i can feel happy about being left-out?

Can you tell me how i can feel happy and alive again?

Can you tell me how i can get friends and feel less anxious?

Can you tell me how i can let go something i feel very guilty about?

Could it be healthy to feel randomly depressed?

Could it be right that if u don't eat for days , you feel euphoria?

Could you explain why do I feel so emotionless, lonely, and empty inside?

Cried for first time in 10 years. cried hard &felt so many overwhelming emotions I've never had before. Body still feels weird hours later, is normal?

Do you feel more mentally sharp when you don't drink?

Feeling as if I am losing my mind, do not know what is happening? Feel desperate, confused. Cant even explain why? No idea what to do?

Feeling so scared of going to the dentist i feel suicidial...What can I do?

Hello doctor : why we feel nervous , our body will feel uncomfortable ?

Hello, i feel really stressed out and feel left out and lonely. Can't sleep properly and do not feel like doing anything .Please help?

Hello, I'm just a 15-year-old boy, and I'm suffering from an anxiousness. Everytime I feel anxious, my body feels cold and sick, I feel so weak. help

Hi, I feel anxious a lot and down, I get angry with my boyfriend all the time, i don't know if it's just something wrong with me...

How can I express what I feel without getting boring?

How can I feel happy?

How can I get my girlfriend to feel more comfortable expressing her feelings?

How come i feel depressed at times, and then i feel angry the next minute?

How come i feel no emotions?

How do you feel "frisky" if you don't want to feel that way?

How to feel confident about my nose?

How to feel good about your self?

How to feel less depressed and feel happier?

How to tell my parents how i feel?

I always feel bored with everything I do, have felt like this for a while. I know it's not depression as I've had it before so what could it be?

I always feel panicky and a bit foggy out if I have had lots to drink?

I am excrucatingly insecure, constantly, what should I do?

I am feel lazy in every moment?

I am feeling very empty inside.I don't know how to be happy.?

I am having happy feelings on ibuprofen. Is this normal?

I am unable to relax because i constantly feel dehydrated. What should I do?

I been feeling anxuety and it makes me feel detached and our of it. Its been almost a week so is this something i can get over?

I can't feel time perception ?

I can't feel time perception ?

I did meth 2 days ago and don't feel good what can I do?

I don't feel rested in the morning ... What to do ?

I don't think i feel emotion anymore. Why have i become so numb?

I feel a bit unwell; what kinds of therapy could help me feel better?

I feel a sense of eagerness all the time , what can I do?

I feel all weird and unreal.. What should I do?

I feel angry easily, and i feel angry for no reason , sometime i feel like sluice why?

I feel anxious every day no matter what it is i'm doing, why?

I feel closer to death each day, is this normal? I feel scared at times.

I feel confused, what should I do?

I feel depressed and scared what can I do for this?

I feel depressed like i shouldn't be here why is at?

I feel disgusting after doing weed. Is this normal?

I feel expired and unenergized all the time, any advice?

I feel I need to do some things perfectly, if not I feel uncomfortable. I also feel things I messed up before are worthless now. Am I a perfectionist?

I feel ill all the with my pvcs, like and uneasy feeling, strange. What could cause this?

I feel it's been for a week

I feel lazy all time ...I am 19 yrs old.....Everytime feels yawning....What can I do......

I feel like I'm insane, I am always stressed from work, feel detached, feel like I'm floating around and sometimes unresponsive as I feel anxious?

I feel like someone is always watching me. Am I just anxious?

I feel like there's something mentally wrong with me. What can I do?

I feel lonely after break up?

I feel lonley...Allways......What i can do for this...?

I feel nervous when i wake up in the morning. Any ideas what might be wrong?

I feel numb all over my body. I am severely depressed and anxious I don't feel real anymore everything is like a dream. What I Do?? Am too tired

I feel really pathetic. How can I feel good about myself?

I feel scared that its all over now. I can't find my way back. All i want to do is lie on my bed. I feel angry, irritated all the time.

I feel so disgusting. Help?

I feel so stressed out with life. What should I do?

I feel strange, and I feel my mind is empty and so disconnected, and I feel lost and unwilling to do anything. what's wrong with me?

I feel stressed all the time, any tips on how to cope?

I feel the need to self harm to feel normal, why?

I feel very depressed. I feel very lonely. I am getting very emotional while I write this. Feels like every one ignores me. I feel I am helpless.

I feeling depressed again, but it feels like I can't tell my mom. What can I do?

I find that after working out i feel really anxious and uneasy, why would this happen?

I got nits from some friends. Feeling uncomfortable and really annoyed?

I have a nervous feeling in my stomach, I sometimes becoming uninterested & I feel sad. And yet, sometimes I feel fine. What's wrong with me??

I have an embarrassing question to ask...Why i can't feel my cum?What should I do to feel it?I don't know what it feels like

I have not masturbated in a week and i feel really jumpy; is this normal?

I have pelvic fluttering feelings they are quiet strong others can feel them , and constantly tired, and feeling run down, what can it be, ?

I have these weird/amazing feelings that something good will happen. What causes this feeling of euphoria?

I have this weird feeling in my throat I can't explain it, it makes me feel really scared as I don't know what it is? I'm conscious of it most of time

I just went through a period where i was depressed. Now i feel as if i don't feel a thing at all. What could this be ?

I need help getting over this weird feeling of unreality?

I now I have anxity it's geting to the point that it is bothering me i always feel that something is wrong with me i worry all the time and feel dizzy?

I sometimes cut myself when i'm angry. Why does it feel so good?

I tend to shake internally and feel weak at the same time. Sometimes feel giddy too. What could it be?

I think i'm bottling up too much feelings. Will I explode?

I think i'm depressed , i feel that i'm sad most of the time and feel like i want to live but have nothing to live for. I feel empty inside .

I was drugged 4 days ago and i still feel awful?

I'm feeling like i need to talk to someone and i'm feeling trapped. I want to know what's wrong with me. Help?

I'm feeling super tired, mentally, emotionally and physically. I don't know how to feel better. Please doc help me.

I'm not sure what's wrong with me. Last month i felt so amazing, now i can't even get out of bed. I just feel emotionally numb and i feel hopeless.

I've been feeling more anxious lately and I am always feeling like i'm about to panic and i feel like i need to scream or something! what can I do?

I've been through a lot of stress and i just don't feel hungry anymore. Is this normal?

If i don't feel well should I still work out?