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2.5y/o with noisy breathing, snoring, short pauses in breathing during sleep. Tonsillar hypertrophy= 2-3+. Does this indicate tonsillectomy?

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During an anxiety attack do you have to necessarily be breathing hard and out of breath to be hyper ventilating?

Every MS relapse brings on vertigo & tightness/trouble breathing. Oxygen % always fine. Can my MS ever cause me to lose conciousness or stop breathing?

Every time shortness breathing no when i sleep.I don't smoke or drink.Or drugs.

Hard time breathing but pulse oximetry is normal?

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Hyperthyroid can it cause a restriction of breathing on one side and the need to gasp for air here and there. And nervouness?

I am having anxiety about breathing ?

I can't exhale fully and am so scared. I've been thinking i had anxiety for months and that was restricting my breathing. When exhaling it just stops.

I have new rapid heart rate and difficulty breathing. Should I go to the e.R.?

I just had a septoplasty two weeks ago. My breathing has not improved. Is this normal?

I keep focusing on my heartbeat and my breathing. I don't know why but it makes me panicky and nervous as if i need to control my breathing. Causes? :/

I know breathing is a invol \ vol action but when peoples say they can't breath can you really stop breathing and die? Helpppp

I lived in central valley of california, sick and difficulty breathing a lot. Why?

I was wondering what would cause unexplained rapid breathing during sleep?

I would like help controlling my breathing please?

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If a patient with a hemothorax stops breathing, what should you do?

If an unresponsive victim is not breathing or only gasping, what should be the first aid response?

If I have copd, why does one cocktail (alcohol) seem to relax my breathing?

If i knock myself unconscious a few times with the breathing thing will it really damage me?

If the victim is unconscious and has a faint pulse but is breathing what should I do?

If your breathing muscles are compromised and you are having difficulty breathing will your spo2 saturation be normal or low?

Im having a difficulty of breathing or somewhat painful breathing after doing the sprinting during interval training?

Is breathing invol or vol? Can person just stop breathing for no reason

Is breathing involuntary or voluntary, can you stop breathing at anytime???

Is cheyne stokes respiration , a irregular breathing or a rhythmic breathing?

Is deep sighing and deep breathing signs of chronic fatigue syndrome...Or perhaps boredom?

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